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Valley Heat Records

Valley Heat Records is an independent Brisbane-based record label, formed in 2016
by two guys with wild tastes and even wilder beards that specialise in small run
cassette and 7" vinyl releases, as well as hosting select events.

Champions of the local scene and lovers of both familiar and faraway sounds, VHR
bring you tasty musical nuggets from surf to swamp, hip hop to noir, garage to
funk and everything in between.

Official Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Spotify // Instagram // Youtube // Facebook

Valley Heat Records

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The Holy Rollercoasters - Bathe In The Blood Of The Lamb     Funk/Soul, Soul, Funk, Pop 09/08/2019
Inspired by the masters of rhythm and blues, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible. Performed by non-religious soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
'Bathe' breathes heavy soul into its opening bars, with drummer Chris Evans introducing a backbeat that does not let up. It's the story of the relationship between an increasingly agnostic young man and his pious mother, in a time of war. Whilst thematically not your typical soul fare, it's packs one hell of a funky punch!

Other tracks by The Holy Rollercoasters:  Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  -  Song Of Offering
Fingerless - Tambourine Addict Who Plays The Drugs     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Folk 06/07/2019
Fingerless is a psychedelic rock and heavy folk quartet. Initially a vehicle for Marc Cheeseman's woozy meanderings, the solo project expanded to bring the evolving songwriting its due justice.
A far-out melding of 70s heavy psych and contemporary folk-rock, ‘Tambourine Addict Who Plays The Drugs’ explores the themes of loneliness and giving emotions room to breathe. The song is a homage to the tambourine player for TBJM, Joel Gion.

Marmaleene and The Moondusters - Marms Visits The Moon     Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental, Retro 12/06/2019
A trio of outer space surfin' Brisbanes playing a swingin' cacophony of ravaged Tiki SurfBeat, under a blue Margarita Moon.
Brisbane psychedelic surf trio Marmaleene and the Moondusters have embarked on their first recorded voyage with 'Marms Visits The Moon'. Blasting off with an interstellar dub beat, it quickly builds to a crescendo, launching into an uptempo quasi-reggae surfbeat adventure. Reverb drenched wah-wah drips above popping and swirling hammond organ and pounding voodoo drums then bring you back into orbit.

Syrup, Go On - Dreams     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 06/06/2019
Gold Coast-based, psychedelic dream pop outfit, Syrup, Go On boast luscious, orchestral soundwaves, providing a wall of sound that Phil Spector would approve of. 
'Dreams' brings Syrup, Go On’s early post-punk influences to the fore. The theme of one's inability to move on despite its necessity is as prevalent musically as it is lyrically. Ethereal pads interplay between swirling synthesizers and dreamy guitars, along with haunting backing vocals to create a melancholic yet hopeful atmosphere.

Syrup, Go On - I Never Wanted You To Care     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Atmospheric 20/05/2019
Based on the Gold Coast, SYRUP, GO ON developed in the shoegaze mold, utilising male and female vocals and evolving out of the genre's conventions to explore new sonic pathways.
The sophomore single from Syrup, Go On’s debut album sounds like a collaboration between a female fronted The Smiths and ‘A Soft Bulletin’ era The Flaming Lips. Featuring a melodica solo, sleigh bells, and Phil Spector-style production, the song transports listeners to a wintery New York scene.

Cloud Tangle - Carousel Composition     Rock, Atmospheric, Ambience, Goth 16/05/2019
Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay, which combines video art and composition to evoke a mood equally devastating and beautiful.
The idea of going around in circles on a theme park ride is a timeless experience of both adrenaline and regret, much like many things in life. I wanted to create that but in a more lost, dark way. Like when young people of yore would attend theme parks for fun, but also lived in a more naive reality. 

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Other tracks by Cloud Tangle:  Falling Asleep  -  Still
Local Authority - Oil Rigs     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Goth 29/04/2019
From Brisbane’s scorched underground, tropical goth visionaries Local Authority deliver luscious new ways to be sad with their new single, 'Oil Rigs'.
'Oil Rigs' casts visions of hazy sunsets on rugged coastlines with its cacophonous layers of guitar, all while the enormous choir like vocals hover barely above the track like an ancient chant, implying something more menacing. A brooding pop song structure underpinned with a driving forward momentum and dream-like chorus, 'Oil Rigs' only gets more rewarding the deeper you dive.

Syrup, Go On - Don't Go (Riding Down The Cosmic Drain)     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Pop 16/04/2019
Syrup, Go On is based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Luscious, luminous, and explosive pop songs that unravel more with each listen define the band.
Don’t Go (Riding Down the Cosmic Drain) is a dare, a warning, and a celebration all wrapped up into a four and half minute hallucinogenic pocket symphony. Lyrical themes delve into the band’s inner space while the instrumentals will lift you to outer space.

Local Authority - No Joy     Rock, Atmospheric, Goth, Psychedelic 16/04/2019
From Brisbane’s scorched underground, tropical goth visionaries Local Authority deliver luscious new ways to be sad.
No Joy is a yearning for more, being stuck between two places without a way out, about letting go. The softly spoken vocals set an intimate tone whilst the cavernous guitar sounds flood the track with emotion. A shoegaze formula with an aura of darkness and despair.

Edith Thomas Furey - Wednesday     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Garage, Atmospheric 13/12/2018
Emerging from the always nebulous fringe-fringe scene of Brisbane’s post-punk/shoegaze underground during 2013, Edith Thomas Furey is the solo experiment of Joel Glazebrook.
A relentless barrage of lo-fi incoherence, Wednesday pulses towards a climax that becomes a meditation on the concept of nothingness. Recorded by the artist on four-track tape machine, Wednesday mates the rollicking fuzz of early Joy Division with the anthemic elation (somewhat misplaced) of The Boss.

Other tracks by Edith Thomas Furey:  Saturday  -  Tuesday
The Holy Rollercoasters - Crying At Christmas     Funk/Soul, Soul, Pop, Blues 30/11/2018
Inspired by the masters of rhythm and blues, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible. Performed by non-religious soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
Dance floor smashers and posterior wiggle inducers The Holy Rollercoasters follow up their debut double single with a down-home holiday soul jam about trying to get through the trials of the first family Christmas since your lover left. The track features a funky backbeat and signature punchy horns whilst delivering a somewhat sombre tale.

The Holy Rollercoasters - Out Jumped The Devil     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul, Blues 25/09/2018
Take seven jazz cats and add a bluesman up front and you got yourself a stew on. Their debut exudes that down-home gospel sound with a fresh funk kick.
‘Out Jumped The Devil’ is a heavy funk, Rhodes-driven tale of evil and right-wing Christianity that explodes in the chorus and gets spooky in the break down. A slow burner that finishes hot. Featuring Asha Jefferies on backing vocals!

Other tracks by The Holy Rollercoasters:  Set Me Free
Fingerless - Out There     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Psychedelic 11/05/2018
Brisbane alt. folk and psych rock band Fingerless weave hazy tales of cosmic discovery and every day whimsy into crunchy musical nuggets for everyone to enjoy.
As clouds of sunlight float by, this cosmodelic hymn will make you sway those little legs.

Soul Mechanics - How We Jam (featuring Master Wolf)     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Soul 20/03/2018
Soul Mechanics are a funk, soul and jazz jam band who frequently collaborate with local MCs, in particular, Master Wolf.
This is the genesis story of Soul Mechanics' collaboration with Master Wolf. Underpinned by break beats and down-home hooks that are all played live - 'That’s How We Jam' tips it’s hat to the hip hop of old that heavily relies on jazz and funk to tell its story...

Other tracks by Soul Mechanics:  Know What I'm Doin' (featuring Master Wolf)  -  No Hate [Instrumental]
Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. - Come Dance Early     Rock, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Alternative Country 11/03/2018
Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. is a small group who perform Americana-style Drone music and are based in Ipswich, Queensland.
The bands favourite to play live, each instrument gently arrives before the song eventually departs with full sails. Each member performs with deep knowledge of the whole and never strays far from the trail, instead, working in unity to perfectly deliver what the song needs.

Other tracks by Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts.:  Every Man Grieves Alone
The Double Happiness - City     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Pop 11/03/2018
The Double Happiness is a spooky indie pop guitar band, high on reverb, surfing the City Cat waves, creating original soundscapes influenced by skylines, highways, islands and low tides.
Cities are living, breathing organisms which attract the lost, the lonely and the brave. This song is a reverb-guitar-driven journey of a young seeker, where we're taken on a dramatic ride as it builds to its climax.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Other tracks by The Double Happiness:  Nanna  -  Double Happiness (I Want My)
Fingerless - Don't Go     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Garage 03/03/2018
Psychedelic rock/folk, shoegaze.We're putting our best foot forward.
"With a forlorn ambience that speaks to the vulnerabilities of the human mind, Brisbane lo-fi folk shoegazers, Fingerless, have created a moving piece akin to an adult lullaby in new single Don’t Go." —Music Is My Muse Brisbane, 20/02/18

Other tracks by Fingerless:  Take
The Plastic Fangs - Never Liked That Dog     Rock, Garage, Punk, Psychedelic 14/12/2017
The Plastic Fangs are an explosive Brisbane act who create sounds inspired by surf guitar, punk rock, psychedelia, grunge, shoegaze and psychobilly.
Never Liked That Dog is a surf-soaked, 100kms an hour reversed fuzziest! It’s a tale of bitterness and regret over the usual villains; work, money and love.

Other tracks by The Plastic Fangs:  Kickback  -  Dingo Moon
The New Buzz - Valley of Silence (feat. Karl S. Williams)     Funk/Soul, Soul, Blues, Alternative Country 09/08/2017
The New Buzz are West End's hottest deep soul, feel good, party band! A fresh collective bringing the grit of the streets to their heavy soul and raw funk stylings.
Brisbane's downhome funk and soul collective return with a soulful slow jam featuring the alt. country styling’s of crooner Karl S. Williams. Valley Of Silence is equal parts heartbreak and elation, with the band laying down a deep, sombre groove for Karl to tell his tale of weariness by.

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Other tracks by The New Buzz:  Brisket Bits
Cloud Tangle - Always Falling     Electronic, Downbeat, Atmospheric, Ambience 13/03/2017
Cloud Tangle makes music that is as devastating as it is beautiful. These are intricate bedroom recordings that feature ethereal vocals, guitar, organ and layered synths to create melancholic ambiance.
The opening track of Cloud Tangle's debut EP, 'Always Falling' is a short burst of tension amongst dark melodic ambience. Subtle organ and guitar trickle away to a soft climax of raindrop percussion and swirling reverb-drenched licks.

Other tracks by Cloud Tangle:  Pocket  -  Almost Close To You