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Unleashed Music

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Mud to Marble - I Am Yours     Christian, Pop, Rock 01/02/2019
Deeply in touch with the power of music to heal and inspire, these Victoria-based musicians have discovered, through their art, they can make a difference in lives of their fans.
‘I Am Yours’, a prayer of devotion - it mesmerises listeners with its soaring melody, steady, relaxed beat, and uplifting words. The product of a Spirit-led collaboration, Jimmy points out, the song’s bridge was inspired by “a moment of free worship” one Sunday. An easily singable yet entrancing worship song, ‘I Am Yours’ is destined to become a worship classic.

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BRB - Hard Times (Sundance x DJ Sean P Mix)     Hip Hop, Funk, Rap, Christian 20/09/2018
Music has always been a major part of BRB's life. Over the past decade, he has evolved into a well-established and respected musician with great depth.
A bright, funk-inspired beat with clever cuts breathes new life into a track about challenges and overcoming a death sentence. What was a slow and emotional track now takes the listener on a walk along a sunset beach reflecting on challenges overcome.

NoiseArt Collective - Spiral Down Together     Electronic, Experimental, Downbeat, Ambience 03/09/2018
NoiseArt Collective has emerged as one of the more interesting acts in the Australian music scene. The sound combines a variety of styles and beats with very personal themes.
“Spiral Down Together” contains a deceptively light sounding arrangement for a song about love and dysfunction. The contrast highlights the lyrics, which describe two very lonely and unhappy individuals only finding solace in each other.As the song progresses, the melody itself seems to invite the listener to join the spiral with the characters.

NoiseArt Collective - Solving A Murder     Rock, Experimental 19/08/2018
NoiseArt Collective has emerged as one of the more interesting acts in the Australian music scene. The sound combines a variety of styles and beats with very personal themes.
This piece starts with a more modern electronic sound than the rest, quickly joined by a guitar, violin, and drums. As the catchy beat progresses, the listeners find that the music overlays an imperceptible interchange between a child and an adult. Again, NoiseArt Collective has created a contrast between the upbeat melody and instrumentation and the soft voices hidden within.

NoiseArt Collective - Cyclops Turning     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Christian 31/07/2018
A one-man show, NoiseArt Collective delivers a variety of grunge rock, synth pop and toned-down harmonies that leave the listener entering a new sonic realm.
“Cyclops Turning,” commences with a great guitar centered hook, somewhat reminiscent of classic late 80s rock. It then forms a relentless beat underlying the lyrics. The song narrator likens Cyclops to a woman’s gaze upon him, making him wonder just what thoughts she has of him. NoiseArt Collective smartly provides no resolution to the question, leaving the listener wondering.

BRB - Kings of Old     Hip Hop, Christian, RnB 15/07/2018
Music has always been a major part of BRB's life. Over the past decade, he has evolved into a well-established and respected musician with great depth.
"If they were still in the old books, then there is hope for us yet". BRB returns with a well-crafted track with a huge focus on spiritual history and philosophy. Kings of Old is about taking your queues from your ancestors and those who came before you. A smooth beat with unique production, don't miss this one!

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Riordan Stewart-McDougall - Take Me     Country, Pop, Christian, Alternative Country 17/06/2018
A clever fusion of country, rock and pop - Riordan Stewart-McDougall uses storytelling to make her music unfold like a movie before her audiences eyes.
A beautiful fusion of country and pop, Take Me is about journeys with God through struggles. The song describes a journey with having God by your side, and being thankful that you are never alone.

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Other tracks by Riordan Stewart-McDougall:  Give Me My Heart
Ænon - Prodigal     Metal/Punk 20/04/2018
A raw and emotional experience, with the addition of sung harmonies and keyboards, Ænon delivers tracks that find their way from headbanging to haunting in a single beat.
“Prodigal” starts off with the haunting sound of keys, which are joined by an urgent beat and a pounding drumroll, with guttural vocals accompanied by driving guitar riffs. The song takes a more restrained turn, with male and female vocals working in tandem, in contrast, culminating in a unique duet.

Ellery Cohen - Far Too Long     Pop, Rock 13/03/2018
Ellery Cohen is a Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Pop/Rock artist from Melbourne, Australia, who is ready to take his music to new audiences and ears.
Sometimes we drift apart from each other, and sometimes we don't see people as we should. Far Too Long is about reestablishing that connection, and even though distance may separate us, friendship never fails.

The Quick & The Dead - Saint [Andrew Potts Remix]     Electronic, Dance 06/03/2018
The working collective of two brothers, Rhys & Kai are joined by a third spiritual brother, Isaac. They combine elements of hard rock with blues to deliver a musical fusion.
Saint is about the heart. Where you are, what you do, who are you matters. Andrew Potts has taken the folk sensibility of the original and given it a new twist. Synthesized riffs, rapid beats and well crafted vocals turn this ballad into aural adventure.

The Quick & The Dead - Chapter I     Rock, Rockabilly, Country, Alternative Country 25/11/2017
The Quick & The Dead combine elements of hard rock with a blues sound to deliver a masterpiece musical fusion. This is an act unlike any other in Australia.
Chapter I sends you back to the old west. A time when violence became intertwined with love, faith &alcohol. The country-inspired hooks roll off the riffs like whiskey from a tumbler as the vocals set the scene for our hero. It produces a fusion as exciting as the west itself.

Mud to Marble - Kingdom Song     Christian, Pop 18/11/2017
Their soulful in style and powerful-yet-humble music bring out something special in the hearts of Mud to Marble's listeners.
Kingdom Song is a song to inspire. It's soft, light vocals and lyrics give a happy feel while the acoustic guitar and banjo help build the melody to a pleasant crescendo.

BRB - Sharks In The Water     Hip Hop, Pop, Christian 03/10/2017
BRB uses Hip Hop to inspire, encourage and uplift his listeners. He will often shock and entertain a crowd by incorporating his immediate surroundings into freestyle raps.
A metaphorically rich, triple entendre track on the theme of hidden predators beneath the surface. The lyrics refer to jumping in at the deep end, judging others for being in over their head and hidden dangers. With a powerful sung chorus, the song is catchy and powerful.

The Quick & The Dead - Fighter (Water From Stone)     Rock, Blues, Rockabilly 09/09/2017
The Quick & The Dead combine elements of hard rock with a blues sound to deliver a masterpiece musical fusion. This is an act unlike any other in Australia.
Fighter is the third single from The Quick & The Dead's self-titled album. Fighter (Water From Stone) tells the story of a girl who is wrestling with change and wanting to stay true to her convictions. The song showcases the bands' storytelling and songwriting.


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We Are Servants - Anything Matters     Metal/Punk, Rock, Christian 21/06/2017
An infectious pop-punk sound with a heavy twinge, We Are Servants are one of the stalwarts of the Brisbane scene.
Anything Matters dances between a hard rock influenced verse and pop-punk chorus. Infectious riffs and a strong vocals give this song a powerful hook. The lyrics were inspired by the bands' own battles with mental health and a desire to fight through the dark fog to a brighter future.

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The McClymonts - Don't Wish It All Away     Country, Acoustic 25/04/2017
The McClymonts are acknowledged as Australia’s #1 Country Group, achieving 2x Gold Accreditations, 10x Golden Guitar Awards, an APRA, CMA Award for Global Artist of the Year & CMC Award.
The single reflects on how quickly time passes and is a reminder to cherish each moment. Inspired by how quickly their children are growing up, Brooke, Sam and Mollie all contributed to the writing of the song along with Lindsey Jackson.

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Endless'

2018 APRA MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE: Country Work Of The Year

Another Language - Soul Doctor     Funk/Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock 21/11/2016
Brisbane-based Another Language are a pop-rock band whose smooth guitar, funky beats and powerful vocals are whipping Queensland up into a frenzy.
Soul Doctor is a crowd favourite - with a ska-inspired guitar intro, fused with a funk rhythm section and hip-hop inspired vocals. Soul Doctor gets heads nodding, feet tapping and hips swinging.

Other tracks by Another Language:  Eye See A Rainbow
Those Who Endure - The Sweetest Poison     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 17/10/2016
Gold Coast-based metal band Those Who Endure straddles the boundaries of the metal sub-genres, from metalcore to progressive black metal.
The Sweetest Poison is a story of how man often struggles being bombarded with images. Images of women. Images of what he should look like. Images of what he should do with his body. This is a story of how a man rejects those images.

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One Kingdom - The Adversary     Rock, Metal 25/01/2016
One Kingdom is a heavy rock band from Melbourne, Australia ready to hit the scene with full force early 2013 with live shows, punchy tracks to wake your neighbours.
The Adversary is about facing and overcoming those who seek to oppress you. The hard-hitting guitar riffs serve as a marching beat and the vocals as a battle cry.

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We Are Servants - Spectator     Rock, Pop 09/11/2015
A pop-rock indie band based in Brisbane. We Are Servants deliver high energy music with powerful hooks and lyrics.
In “Spectator,” Almond and Stevens help the troubled soul find his or her stride after stumbling by brilliantly persuading them to never look back on the path toward spiritual greatness. We Are Servants possesses a brand of music that has put the group in a favourable and upward position today