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Bag Raiders - Checkmate Feat. Benjamin Joseph     Electronic, Pop, Funk, House 24/02/2016
LA-based Australian electronic duo Bag Raiders - Jack Glass and Chris Stracey - are back with the release of their third EP of premium cuts, the Checkmate EP.
The LA transplants Bag Raiders are back,releasing their third EP, Checkmate. Lead single Checkmate features Benjamin Joseph (Safia); a softly spoken and understated song, the light at the end of the tunnel grows ever bigger as the subtly unfolding arpeggio finally culminates in a kind of quiet, personal triumph.

Nathan Hawes - I'll Remember     Folk, Acoustic 01/03/2016
Hailing from Central Coast, acoustic-folk singer/songwriter Nathan Hawes' 2015 debut EP hit #1 on iTunes, known for amassing hundreds of thousands of hits online for his covers and original songs.
“I started writing ‘I’ll Remember’ when I was living in Sydney and spending a lot of time away from my family. I wrote it as a reminder to myself to remember who you are and the people who have given up a lot of their time for me.” - Hawes.

Other tracks by Nathan Hawes:  Left With The Wolves
Mustered Courage - Same Old Thing     Country, Alternative Country 01/03/2016
Mustered Courage - Nick Keeling, Julian Abrahams, Josh Bridges - breathe new life into the Australian roots music scene, with a diverse sound that appeals to traditionalists and newcomers alike.
Mustered Courage are back with the third single from their third and critically acclaimed album White Lies & Melodies, “Same Old Thing Again”. Replete with crisp banjo rolls, liberal solo breaks for mandolin, fiddle, dobro and guitar, and polished four part harmonies…MC carry it all off with hooky appeal.

Other tracks by Mustered Courage:  The Future (Feat. Audra Mae)  -  Honesty
William Crighton - Priest     Folk, Roots, Rock 04/03/2016
Beneath each of William Crighton's tracks are thousands of kilometres, and within are stories wrought of trees and roads and dust, soaked in the essence of our ancient continent.
‘Priest’, the first single from the album, touches on a heavy and highly relevant subject, set to a tune that draws you into a vivid tale. The single was produced and mixed by Matt Sherrod (Crowded House, Beck) plus, features backing vocals from wife, Julieanne and brother, Luke (bass).

Sinead Burgess - Outlaw     Pop, Industrial 22/03/2016
Brisbane-based singer songwriter Sinead Burgess has been poised to be an overnight success in the Alt Pop world after almost a decade of blood, sweat and hard work.
“I wrote this song about being so immersed in an electrifying love that you know is wrong for you in every way. When all logical signs point to waking away but you can't. You become magnetized, partners in crime”. – Sinead Burgess

Other tracks by Sinead Burgess:  Wolf
St. Albion - Hold On Feat. Teischa     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 18/05/2016
Headed by Australian producer/songwriter Thomas Honeywill, St Albion combines an eclectic group of vocalists, songwriters & producers, in sessions from Tokyo, Seoul to hometown Sydney, to bring Thomas’ vision alive.
St. Albion pulls together influences of future bass, trap, and pop to create this sonic convergence of sound that is impressive as it is addictive. He showcases the smoky vocals of rising Australian artist Teischa by accenting them with this dark and bewitching melodies and percussion, leaving your mouth ajar.

Winterbourne - Shape     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 18/05/2016
Winterbourne is Central Coast duo James Draper and Jordan Brady who met at the age of 12 and bonded over rock music.
Shape is the lead single from their forthcoming Pendulum EP (released 27th May) and casts the band’s familiar harmonies against a driving, urgent backbeat, with their love of the Beatles filtering through a kaleidoscope of modern influences to create something at once familiar and fresh.

Just A Gent - Loaded Feat. Melissa Ramsay     Electronic, Pop, Dance 20/05/2016
18-year-old electronic DJ/producer Just A Gent boasts over 31 million streams worldwide and 101K Soundcloud followers, producing remixes for the likes of Peking Duk, ZHU, The Ashton Shuffle etc.
Featuring Melbourne singer/songwriter Melissa Ramsay, ‘Loaded’ sees Just A Gent looking ahead: "I tried to pluck this from the future. I went into this track with future beats on my mind, it took a few minutes and I had that lead synth down and it all worked from there."

Matt Corby - Oh, Oh, Oh     Rock, Blues, Acoustic 20/05/2016
Australian singer/songwriter Matt Corby is an ARIA award winning musician, whose previous hit singles include ‘Brother’ (6x platinum/ARIA song of the year) and ‘Resolution’ (4x platinum/ARIA song of the year).
Matt Corby releases the next song from his ARIA #1 charting critically acclaimed debut album Telluric, 'Oh Oh Oh'. The track follows on from previous singles Knife Edge, first single Monday and album taster Sooth Lady Wine.

Other tracks by Matt Corby:  Wrong Man
Dan Kelly - Haters     Rock, Roots 25/05/2016
Highly regarded Australian singer songwriter Dan Kelly
"My attempt at a Curtis Mayfield style ballad mixed with late seventies Stones and a sprinkle of Donnie and Joe Emerson. Nominally about working as a politically open minded gigolo at a Republican Wives convention. But also just about not freaking out at the news."

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Vera Blue - Fingertips     Folk, Electronic, Atmospheric 27/05/2016
Cutting her teeth as a folk artist in the small town of Forbes, Vera Blue has now found her sound, mixing the music she’s long loved with lush, sultry electronica.
Rising Australian talent Vera Blue releases the third single ‘Fingertips’ from her much-anticipated EP of the same name; of which peaked at #3 on the iTunes album chart. ‘Fingertips’ follows 2 x much-loved singles ‘Hold’ (5 million streams worldwide) & ‘Settle’ (1 million streams worldwide), both recieving high-rotation Triple J.

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: Live Voice of the Year (NSW) , Live Voice of the Year: The People’s Choice

Jason Walker - Borrowed Tunes     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 01/06/2016
A veteran guitarist and steel guitar player, Walker arrived on Australian shores on his 18th birthday and has spent the ensuing decades ensconced in Sydney’s immortal live and recording scenes.
“Borrowed Tunes” – a gauzy, sun-dappled missive from the dusty quarters of an unfamiliar town – finds Walker jostling shoulder to shoulder with inimitable peers from Justin Townes Earle to Ryan Adams to strange country pater familias Clarence White. The track is a beautiful introduction to All-Night Ghost Town.

Winterbourne - But I Do     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 16/06/2016
Winterbourne is Central Coast duo James Draper and Jordan Brady who met at the age of 12 and bonded over rock music.
New single But I Do is a stomping, psychedelic rock & roll track.
“But I Do is essentially based on a relationship between two people who have a history of some kind, and the way in which people's perspectives change the way things are felt and observed.”

Ellie Drennan - Hard Love     Pop 29/06/2016
Ellie Drennan was crowned winner of The Voice Australia 2015 - the youngest winner ever at 16 - with debut album 'Close Your Eyes' reaching #7 on iTunes' album chart.
“Hard Love”, written by Drennan herself with producers Andy Mak & Thom Maken, is a song about knowing that loving someone is not always easy, but it’s worth it. “‘Real love’ is ‘hard love’” says Drennan. Drennan will be performing the track live on The Voice Australia this coming Sunday.

Running Touch - Levitate (It’s All Too Perfect)     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 06/07/2016
The mysterious artist from Melbourne has grown from an industry whisper to one of the most esteemed and talented new acts to hit the Australian dance music circuit.
“Levitate is what I’d consider the most passive approach to talking about obsession. Love is incredible, attraction is timeless. But nothing comes close to the uneasy sensation of obsession. It’s almost taboo to touch on, but I think that something that powerful and that unspoken is absolutely fascinating.”- Running Touch

Drew McAlister - Last Night On Earth     Country 08/07/2016
Drew McAlister has long been recognised as one of the nation’s premier songwriters and performers. McAlister is also one half of McAlister Kemp.
‘Last Night on Earth’ is Drew’s latest single release and showcases his strengths as a singer/songwriter.

William Crighton - 2000 Clicks     Blues/Roots, Folk, Country 08/07/2016
William Crighton is a voice crying from the wilderness of south western NSW.
Ahead of his extensive Australian tour with fellow songwriter Claire Anne Taylor, William Crighton releases ‘2000 Clicks’ today. It's the second single from his acclaimed self-titled debut record.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Country Album

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Other tracks by William Crighton:  Jesus Blues
Thundamentals - Late Nights     Hip Hop 15/07/2016
Since forming in the Blue Mountains, Australian hip-hop artists Thundamentals (DJ Morgs, Tuka, PonCho and Jeswon) have built a solid fan base across the country, renowned for their live performances
'Late Nights' isn't just a nod to partying, it's an acknowledgement of all the late nights spent working on your craft. This song is about that epiphany where you realise you are better taking risks rather than trying to conform. It's about celebrating the process rather than the finish line”-Tuka.

Joe Moore - Easy For You     Pop 26/07/2016
Joe Moore returns with new material to follow up his 2015 ARIA Top 5 breakout album, A Thousand Lifetimes, an album consisting completely of original material.
‘”Easy For You” is a track that just 'happened'. I was in the studio working on other tracks, and this song just sprung out of nowhere in about 20 minutes. It's a new sound for me... a new direction that I am very excited about', Joe says of the track.

The Preatures - I Know A Girl     Rock, Pop 03/08/2016
With two acclaimed EPs to their name, The Preatures - Isabella Manfredi (vocals/keys), Jack Moffitt (lead guitar), Thomas Champion (bass) and Luke Davison (drums/percussion) - are Australia’s freshest music export.
"I Know A Girl is about sisterhood, girls' relationships and how they talk about each other" said Isabella, co-writer of the track, alongside lead guitarist Jack Moffitt. Also produced and mixed by Moffitt, the track tilts its hat to the 80’s & 90’s while landing firmly in the now.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Rock Album 'Girlhood'