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Busby Marou - Lonesome But Free     Funk/Soul, Soul 09/07/2019
Australian duo originally from Rockhampton, Queensland. The duo are characterised by their melodic guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics. The band primarily consists of Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou.
(Original performed by Troy Cassar-Daly)

"Both Troy and Paul Kelly have been instrumental in our career and brilliant role models not only to inspiring artists like us, but to an entire country. Having had the privilege of singing this song alongside Troy we instantly fell in love with it"

Angus Gill - Welcome To My Heart     Country, Country, Country 16/07/2019
Angus Gill is a brilliant young singer/songwriter
Welcome To My Heart

Paul Kelly & James Ledger - The Windhover (Radio Edit) (Ft. Alice Keath & Seraphim Trio)     Contemporary Classical, Blues, Rock 27/09/2019
Paul Kelly and James Ledger have teamed up with a a group of prominent musicians to bring bird inspired poetry to life in Thirteen Ways To Look At Birds.
‘The Windhover’ is a poem by Catholic priest Gerard Manley Hopkins which Paul Kelly and James Ledger wrote music for. Kelly’s vocals soar through the song which is accompanied by Alice Keith who provides haunting backing vocals.

Angus Gill - Welcome To My Heart     Country 30/10/2019
Award-winning, singer-songwriter
A song about all the things that we do on a perfect Sunday, at home with the family.

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