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KESMAR - Feel It Again     Electronic, Pop, Funk 28/09/2018
KESMAR is a new chapter for Sydney musician Nathan Hawes. He's dropped the acoustic guitar for swirling synths, introducing a more disco, indie electronic-oriented chapter of his career.
Fellow single 'Feel It Again' explores the darker side of romance. "After a relationship ends, I think a lot of us question ourselves, Will I feel it again? Will I feel the same way I felt when we together?" The track was written with LANKS in his living room in Sydney, and co-produced with Tobias Priddle in Melbourne.

Eliott - Close To Me     Pop, Electronic, Chill 21/09/2018
Introducing Eliott: the 21-year old songwriter and singer whose gut-wrenching lyrics and arresting vocals will leave you enamored. Her music acutely captures feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.
Close To Me is a beautiful, dark emotional track recorded by Eliott and multi-instrumentalist, Jack Grace. The track is off her debut 6-track EP 'Bold Enough'.

Close To Me identifies Eliott's astonishing soul-tinged vocals, emotive centrepiece, with each inflection acutely capturing feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.

XIII - Lawyer     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Metal 12/09/2018
XIII is Dan Sanders. Best known as the lead singer and guitarist of WA Perth alt-rock band, Gyroscope.
Lawyer is the and abrasive punk rock song from XIII's new album 'Bloody Banks of The Swan'. This 2 minute song is punchy and hard hitting. Recorded at his personal recording studio, The Cabin.

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NOT A BOYS NAME - Hazard Perception Test     Rock, Pop, Rock 22/08/2018
Introducing NOT A BOYS NAME, the new, exciting indie-rock project from Sydney songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Jenkins Jr. Well known for being the session-muso for Vera Blue and Daniel Johns.
“Hazard Perception Test”, an anthemic, catchy track about strength and freedom, expressed through distorted vocals, punchy, sharp guitar hooks and a strong bass line that recalls indie-rock luminaries such as Ariel Pink and The Strokes.

MOZA - Right Words     Electronic, Pop 10/08/2018
Sydney electronic duo MOZA have become absolute weapons when it comes to writing golden electro-pop tracks. It’s time to get acquainted with MOZA, one of Australia’s exciting upcoming electronic duo's.
Right Words - an upbeat, driven electronic track with a decent nod to their pop rock past that delves into overthinking, regret and a willingness to deal with s**t or let it go.

Dean Lewis - Be Alright     Pop, Acoustic 04/07/2018
Sydney singer-songwriter Dean Lewis has unveiled a gut-wrenching new single with ‘Be Alright’. A frank and fairly candid meditation on romantic betrayal.
“Be Alright is actually written about a few different relationships, some were mine and some from friends,” says Lewis of the track. “I took little bits and pieces from each experience and combined them into one song.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Song Of The Year, Best Male Artist, Best Pop Release,

XIII - (Don't) Leave Me ALone     Rock, Garage, Punk, Rock 04/07/2018
XIII is the new side-project from the lead singer and songwriter of Gyroscope, Dan Sanders.
(Don't) Leave Me Alone is just the beginning of XIII. The first single from his Double-A release.

Other tracks by XIII:  Hell Mary
Cloves - Wasted Time     Pop, Chill, Pop 03/07/2018
CLOVES, the London via-Melbourne singer/songwriter releases her new track “Wasted Time”.The moody, haunting song is written by CLOVES and Justin Parker (Rihanna, Lana Del Rey).
CLOVES explains, "'Wasted Time’ is about that inner voice that tells you mid-conversation with someone that maybe you’re boring them or they don’t like you. ‘The only place I wanna go is anywhere there’s people I don’t know’ is one of my favorite lyrics. To truly find self-confidence and self-esteem is difficult for many people, myself included."

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Born Lion - Old Days     Metal/Punk, Rock 23/05/2018
Born Lion - a searing blend of razor-sharp punk’n’roll and monstrous pop hooks
Lead singer John Bowker said this of the new single;

“Lyrically 'Old Days' is a personal reflection about where I was at that point in my life. I'd been through some pretty heavy events and was starting to come out the other side of all that.”

Luke Howard - Hymn     Classical 18/05/2018
Luke Howard is an Australian Music Prize nominated composer and pianist from Melbourne. Luke will be releasing his new album 'Open Heart Story' on May 25th, out via Mercury KX.
23 piece-string orchestra arrangement, Throughout its almost-six-minute journey, Hymn rises and falls through orchestral landscapes that feel as bold and impactful as they are intricate and delicate, increasing and decreasing in intensity as it draws longer. It’s based around a meditative two-bar pattern, increasing and then decreasing in density.

Other tracks by Luke Howard:  Bear Story II  -  In Metaphor, Solace
Imogen Clark - Your Anything At All     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 16/04/2018
In the last few years, Imogen Clark has been touted as one of the most promising emerging singer/songwriters in Australia. Her new album is produced by Mark Lizotte (Diesel).
‘Your Anything At All’ was written as a confident, defiant rebuke to ‘a recently ended, almost relationship.’ Pushing heartbroken subject matter aside, director Jeremy Dylan - collaborator on all of Imogen’s music video releases to date – has delivered an infectious, quirky narrative.

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Other tracks by Imogen Clark:  Collide
Eliott - Over & Over     Pop, Electronic, Chill 21/03/2018
While music has been such a huge part of her life. Eliott is yet to share her talent. The Melbourne based singer songwriter is a brand new artist to watch.
A documentation of youth, Over & Over is light weighted and consistent with bleeding honesty, nostalgia and emotion into her music.

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Cloves - Bringing The House Down     Pop, Rock, Blues 07/03/2018
Australian singer/songwriter CLOVES with a smoky sound reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and Adele.
Bringing the House Down is about being in a relationship that isn't giving you enough emotion. Half the problem we had was we would never argue, there wasn't enough fire to force anything to happen. Everything about the relationship was placid and that was extremely frustrating and uncomfortable for me.

Ruby Boots - Don't Talk About It     Country, Blues, Alternative Country 02/03/2018
Ruby Boots is an Australia singer-songwriter who possesses just the right blend of sass and savvy with her own take on Americana music.
Don’t Talk About It charts this drifter’s odyssey, tattered passport in hand. Her commanding and versatile voice, sharp guitar playing and adept songwriting.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Blues & Roots Album

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Tim Hart - A Long Way     Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 02/03/2018
Tim Hart is a folk singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. He is a member of Australian band Boy & Bear.
A long way is about relationships. People getting bored and complacent and disconnected. I think a lot gets written about the good and the bad but never much about the in-between.

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Tori Forsyth - In The Morning     Country, Alternative Country 02/03/2018
She's more than sweet love songs. She's real and gritty. .She's gentle but she's tough, with a love for singing whenever and wherever she can.
The song has a few different meanings to me, it was a written in a darker time of my life, but I think it's also a song that basically rides on gender equality, the idea that a woman can do everything a man can.

Adam & Brooke - Train Wreck     Country, Alternative Country 01/03/2018
Two of Australia's best country songwriters join forces on an album of lighthearted, glass-half-full love songs. It's the husband-and-wife duo's first collaborative full-length!
Adam & Brooke – who, between them have twelve Golden Guitars, two APRA Awards and two ARIAs – showcase both halves of the duo with the first single “Train Wreck”. A swaggering, soulful country rocker, “Train Wreck” delivers a hard-hitting, endearingly honest account of love at full throttle.

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The Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen It Yet     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 14/02/2018
The Wolfe Brothers - one of the most exciting country rock bands to emerge out of Australia
The video for Ain’t Seen It Yet was filmed in the band’s hometown of Tasmania on the ‘Wolfe Brothers Berry Farm’ – the family farm of over 120 years – and is available to view now.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album

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Ruby Boots - It's So Cruel     Rock 08/12/2017
At 14-years-old, Ruby Boots - Bex Chilcott - escaped a conflict-ridden home life in Perth, to a nomadic migration that has taken her to Europe, England, and eventually Nashville, TN.
‘It’s So Cruel’ struts through the door with split harmonic, bawdy, fuzzed-out guitars, reminiscent of a glammy, Southern-soaked Queens of the Stone Age. It all captures the meteoric emotional flares of an adulterous relationship destined to fail.

Other tracks by Ruby Boots:  Don't Talk About It
Henry Wagons - Tower of Song     Country, Alternative Country, Cover Version 22/11/2017
Henry Wagons is an Australian singer/songwriter, musician, radio & TV personality and front-man of the outlaw country rock band, Wagons who have released six albums in Australia.
Fresh from his AIR Award win for ‘Best Independent Country Album’ for his album “After What I Did Last Night’, Henry Wagons drops captivating rendition of Leonard Cohen classic ‘Tower of Song’.