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Kwame - schleep.     Hip Hop 14/03/2020
At just 22 years of age, Western Sydney producer and emcee Kwame is continuing to dominate the Australian hip-hop scene with his prolific songwriting ability and commanding live show.
‘schleep.’ is a new release that will not feature on Kwame’s third extended play.

The track come as a sharp left turn from the sound that’s been presented so far for Kwame’s upcoming EP, and a part of a wider idea he’s keen to replicate on future release cycles - break from the norm and keep fans guessing.

Angus Gill - Welcome To My Heart     Country 30/10/2019
Award-winning, singer-songwriter
A song about all the things that we do on a perfect Sunday, at home with the family.

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Paul Kelly & James Ledger - The Windhover (Radio Edit) (Ft. Alice Keath & Seraphim Trio)     Contemporary Classical, Blues, Rock 27/09/2019
Paul Kelly and James Ledger have teamed up with a a group of prominent musicians to bring bird inspired poetry to life in Thirteen Ways To Look At Birds.
‘The Windhover’ is a poem by Catholic priest Gerard Manley Hopkins which Paul Kelly and James Ledger wrote music for. Kelly’s vocals soar through the song which is accompanied by Alice Keith who provides haunting backing vocals.

Angus Gill - Welcome To My Heart     Country, Country, Country 16/07/2019
Angus Gill is a brilliant young singer/songwriter
Welcome To My Heart

Alice Skye - Speak Your Language     Funk/Soul, Soul 09/07/2019
22 year old Alice Skye is a singer-songwriter, Wergaia woman and universal little sister. Now living in Melbourne, home to Alice Skye is country Victoria.
(Original performed by Leah Flanaghan)

"First Nations people are so multi-faceted and diverse but sometimes I feel this outside pressure to fit an archetype and tackle huge political topics via song - but it is just as powerful for us to be singing whatever it is that we are feeling, and existing as who we are." - Alice Skye

Busby Marou - Lonesome But Free     Funk/Soul, Soul 09/07/2019
Australian duo originally from Rockhampton, Queensland. The duo are characterised by their melodic guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics. The band primarily consists of Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou.
(Original performed by Troy Cassar-Daly)

"Both Troy and Paul Kelly have been instrumental in our career and brilliant role models not only to inspiring artists like us, but to an entire country. Having had the privilege of singing this song alongside Troy we instantly fell in love with it"

Electric Fields - Vision     Indigenous, Soul 25/06/2019
Electric Fields are an Aboriginal Australian electronic music duo made up of vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboard player and producer Michael Ross.
Vision (Original performed by Lajamanu Teenage Band)

"I grew up listening to Lajamanu Teenage Band - their music was part of the soundtrack of my childhood." - Zaachariaha

Nooky - Blackfellas     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 25/06/2019
Nooky burst into the Sydney Hip Hop scene in 2010, his technical rap style and thought provoking lyrics propelled him forward.
(Original performed by Local Knowledge)

"‘Blackfellas’ was an early 2000’s anthem! All the boys from Local Knowledge helped me out a lot during the early stages of my career, and still today. Everyone was singing this joint back in the day, so to put it quite simply I chose Local Knowledge ‘Blackfellas’ because it is a F*#king BANGER!!!" - Nooky

Winterbourne - Too Many     Rock, Pop 19/06/2019
Winterbourne are known for their energetic and charismatic stage presence, their melodic and elegant harmonies and their ability to cultivate strong connections with their fans.
“'s a slow build from one point to another with ramblings. Much like when you’re staring out into the distance and all the things that are making you feel overwhelmed are adding up in your head but then some thought or chemical brings you comfort, and you revel in that while you walk home listening to music...”

Bag Raiders - Lightning Ft. The Kite String Tangle     Electronic, Dance, Pop 28/05/2019
The story of Bag Raiders is already the stuff of legend but in 2019, the Sydney duo will prove that their best has only just begun.
Bag Raiders are joined by The Kite String Tangle on their second single for their upcoming album Horizons. The track is about becoming overcome with new affections.

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Bag Raiders - Wild At Heart ft. Mickey Kojak     Electronic, Dance, Pop 28/05/2019
The story of Bag Raiders is already the stuff of legend but in 2019, the Sydney duo will prove that their best has only just begun.
"Wild At Heart" is about being free, exuberant and full of life - feeling as though you have the whole world at your feet. It’s less about love and relationships, and more about the high of being young and untouchable. The track evokes the nostalgia once felt at the beginning of summer holidays or on your last day of school.

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Washington - Dirty Churches     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 20/05/2019
Worship at the house of Washington with new single, Dirty Churches. The darkly-toned pop song with hidden depths flaunts the iconic Australian artist’s trademark velveteen vocals
Reunited with Saint Lo producer Dave Hammer (Thundamentals, Lime Cordiale, Baker Boy), Dirty Churches is a hymn to the imperfection, clash and surrender of a relationship.

Ruby Boots - Might Be Losing My Mind     Blues/Roots, Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 10/05/2019
Ruby Boots—real name Bex Chilcott— is Australia’s flame-haired, truth-soaked alt-country troubadour.
Ruby Boots is launching a collaborative single “Might Be Losing My Mind” with Nashville group Indianola. The track comes just in time for Ruby’s debut performance at Stagecoach Festival on Sunday, April 28 and in advance of a joint Ruby Boots-Indianola May tour across the US Midwest and East Coast.

KESMAR - Crushing     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Funk 17/04/2019
KESMAR is the new chapter for Nathan Hawes who has dropped the acoustic guitar and is now Sydney's multi-instrumentalist and nu-disco enthusiast.
Crushing is filled with dance, disco and blissful moments of indie-pop. Driven by slick basslines and throwback synths, the track revives the old soul of disco in a contemporary setting, tugging on influences from the past and present.

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Other tracks by KESMAR:  Mistake  -  Collide
Washington - American Spirit (Julian Hamilton Acid Rework)     Electronic, Dance, Techno 17/04/2019
Washington is a platinum-selling and ARIA award winning musician.
Julian Hamilton (The Presets) emailed WASHINGTON asking if he could do a remix of her single “American Spirit” – and the result was his “Acid Rework”.

Washington, Japanese Wallpaper - Claws (Rework)     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 11/04/2019
WASHINGTON has never had a remix for any of her music. She has teamed up with Japanese Wallpaper to release a rework of her recent single, 'Claws'.
The rework took place when Japanese Wallpaper asked WASHINGTON to sing BV’s on his latest single and in return, would do a rework on the track. The delicate but triumphant indie-pop song 'Claws' explores sex and intimacy from the female perspective.

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Polish Club - We Don't Care     Rock, Garage 09/04/2019
There are two of them. They are called Novak and John-Henry and are the loudest goddamn soul outfit you’ve ever heard. (And yes, they are both sort of Polish.)
'We Don’t Care’ marks a definitive moment for the band. The track boasts enough emotional wallop to stop Alan Jones mid-sentence, somehow still managing the trick of sounding exactly like Polish Club. The song is about how when your life is going to shit, the things you do to try and escape, can often makes it worse.

KESMAR - Up To You (Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Funk 25/03/2019
KESMAR is the new chapter for Central Coast singer-songwriter, Nathan Hawes. Trading his acoustic guitar for swirling synths, introducing a more disco-oriented chapter of his career.
The track was co-written with Tim Ayre and Tobias Priddle and plays between down-tempo verses and irresistible sing-along refrains. When creating the remix, KESMAR says, “I love remixing, there’s something about not having to write lyrics and themes that can free up a lot of creativity for me, solely just thinking about the music and production!"

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Eliott - Shaking My Hips     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 14/03/2019
Introducing Eliott: the 21-year old songwriter and singer whose gut-wrenching lyrics and arresting vocals will leave you enamored. Her music acutely captures feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.
Eliott returns with her open and honest songwriting to deliver a vocally charged track written about losing one’s confidence and self, then finally regaining it.

Produced by Jack Grace, Eliott explains, “Written in my cousin’s garage at about 2am, to put it simply, Shaking My Hips is about the first time I saw an ex out with his new “fling”.

NOT A BOYS NAME - Cut It Off     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
NOT A BOYS NAME is the indie-rock project from Dave Jenkins Jr.
‘Cut It Off’ was written and produced by NOT A BOYS NAME, with additional recording from Simon Berkelman (Philadelphia Grand Jury) and Chris Collins (Tigertown, Gang Of Youths) on mix. A well-known and sort multi-instrumentalist, Dave recorded all the instruments on his single with lead guitar performed by Kirin J Callinan and Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) on backing vocals.

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