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Slowly Slowly - Creature Of Habit Pt. 2     Rock 22/08/2019
There’s an unshakable sense of comfort and resonance that comes with listening to Slowly Slowly. Through vivid and emotionally-charged lyricism and soaring instrumentals, the four-piece are nothing short of striking.
Described as a cheeky exploration of emo sub-culture, 'Creature Of Habit Pt. 2' emerged when frontman Ben Stewart was questioning the mentality behind his creativity. Built on the soaring choruses and vivid lyricism that have defined the Melbourne favourites with every output, it continues their reign as one of the most intriguing and endearing punk rock acts in the country.

Thornhill - Nurture     Metal 30/08/2019
Melbourne metalcore five-piece Thornhill are once of the country's most refreshing and unrelenting young heavy acts on the scene. 'The Dark Pool', due in October, marks their debut full-length release.
Built on unrelenting riffage and sweltering choruses, 'Nurture' is the ultimate showcase of everything Thornhill can do. Thematically, it is an exploration of what idolising someone/something and losing yourself in the middle of that can do.

Void Of Vision - Babylon     Metal 03/09/2019
Void Of Vision are a four-piece metalcore act from Melbourne who emphasise the darker side of life through their music.
Soaking in bleak and blistering lines such as “there is no God, we were all born to rot, we all die the fucking same”, 'Babylon' is the ultimate parcel of rancour. A purposeful and direct anarchist anthem, it is a response to the state of society at present.

Void Of Vision - If Only     Metal 10/09/2019
Void Of Vision are a four-piece metalcore act from Melbourne who emphasise the darker side of life through their music.
'If Only' is taken from Void Of Vision's record 'Hyperdaze', due September 13, 2019. Though musically 'If Only' marks one of the lighter moments on 'Hyperdaze', it hasn't been spared in the way of bleak themes and lyrics (see the lines like “don’t pity me, I’m dead already” and "this overwhelming misfortune, let it consume you, let this destroy you").

Congrats - Antidote     Pop 12/09/2019
Congrats is pop music by Melbourne singer-songwriter Ben Stewart.
'Antidote' is a moody, compelling and downright hypnotic effort from Congrats.

Painting a picture of pure bedroom-pop, Ben Stewart explains that the track was crafted on the floor at his old house in Preston. Sitting among strewn instruments and partial verses, Stewart says he tried to capture that celebratory freedom of knowing your faults inside and out.

BATTS - Waste Of My Time     Rock, Folk, Alternative, Indie 19/09/2019
BATTS is the project of Melbourne based musician and space enthusiast Tanya Batt. Creating a blend of folk and rock and blending samples collected from space missions courtesy of NASA.
A fitting final song on the album 'Waste Of My Time' which ends with the sound captured and sent back from Voyager 1 as it crossed into Interstellar Space. To tie in with this, BATTS is currently collaborating with Scienceworks building a visual experience to be viewed at the Planetarium on November 16th as part of Party Beyond.

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Jack Botts - Northern Rivers     Indie, Folk, Roots 04/10/2019
Jack Botts is a Byron Bay-based singer-songwriter and busker laced with coastal charm and an endearing knack for storytelling.
On 'Northern Rivers' Jack Botts offers a touching depiction of a meaningful interaction during his time on the road busking.

LOSER - Get It All Out     Rock, Indie, Garage 24/10/2019
Having only formed a few months prior, LOSER made a whopping impression on the Australian rock landscape with release of their five-track debut EP 'Restless Noise' in October 2018.
'Get It All Out' explores the feeling that comes after purging your darkest emotions. LOSER frontman Tim Maxwell says the track rolled together almost effortlessly one night. "I locked myself in my room with a bottle of wine and cigarettes and churned out the whole song by midnight. I feel like it’s one of our strongest songs to date."

Thornhill - In My Skin     Metal, Alternative 24/10/2019
Thornhill are a five-piece metalcore outfit from Melbourne. They've toured with Northlane, Architects, Parkway Drive and Polaris and will release their debut album 'The Dark Pool' on 25/10 via UNFD.
'In My Skin' discusses issue of body image and self-acceptance, wrapped around Thornhill's signature brand of alternative metalcore.

Ocean Grove - Junkie$     Metal, Punk, Rock 30/10/2019
Ocean Grove are a four-piece nu-metal band from Melbourne.
'Junkie$" is Ocean Grove at their frenetic, unapologetic best.

Introvert - Somewhere Else     Rock, Alternative, Punk 31/10/2019
Introvert are an alt rock/punk outfit out of Newcastle.
Tinged with punk flair, pained vocals and a sing-a-long quality, 'Somewhere Else' reflects on self esteem, snatching attention with crying lyrics like: "I'm slowly learning how to trust myself, 'til then just give me some room to breathe".