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Slowly Slowly - Creature Of Habit Pt. 2     Rock 22/08/2019
There’s an unshakable sense of comfort and resonance that comes with listening to Slowly Slowly. Through vivid and emotionally-charged lyricism and soaring instrumentals, the four-piece are nothing short of striking.
Described as a cheeky exploration of emo sub-culture, 'Creature Of Habit Pt. 2' emerged when frontman Ben Stewart was questioning the mentality behind his creativity. Built on the soaring choruses and vivid lyricism that have defined the Melbourne favourites with every output, it continues their reign as one of the most intriguing and endearing punk rock acts in the country.

LOSER - Out Of Luck     Rock, Garage, Punk 09/08/2019
Straight-forward, slap-in-the-face, sing-along alt-rock out of Melbourne.
"'Out of Luck' totally encapsulates the essence of being a Loser," explains LOSER frontman Tim Maxwell. "It's about growing up in this modern world and realising that nothing comes easy. You're always going to find yourself in tough situations and most of the time you are going to be out of luck whether you like it or not."

Void Of Vision - Hole In Me     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore 23/07/2019
Melbourne-based four-piece Void Of Vision cement their status as one of the country's most inspired metalcore outfits on their forthcoming sophomore release 'Hyperdaze'.
'Hole In Me' is a gut-wreching slice of metalcore from Melbourne's Void of Vision. It traces a lost, apathetic mind that feels dead before it has died, screaming "I'm dead behind the eyes, no one, no life".

Congrats - Cut Down The Middle     Pop, Electronic 16/07/2019
Congrats is the solo pop venture of Ben Stewart. Though best known as part of rock act Slowly Slowly, Congrats is his infectious branch out into the pop sphere.
'Cut Down The Middle' is infectious, unbridled and vulnerable pop. With lines like "I'm still chasing that balcony view of you", Congrats invites us in to his yearning through his lyrics, all the while wrapping them up in gorgeous, quivering vocals and delicious pop sensibilities.

Drown This City - Null     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 05/07/2019
Drown This City are a post-hardcore five-piece who have staked their claim as one of the fiercest, most determined heavy acts in the country.
‘Null’ is arguably the most brooding track found on 'Alpha // Survivor', and captures Reade begging herself to uncover her internal pain, its lyrics crying “Show me why I can’t be loved / show me what happened to me.”

Other tracks by Drown This City:  Void  -  Stay Broken
Drown This City - In Your Image     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 21/06/2019
Drown This City are a post-hardcore five-piece who have staked their claim as one of the fiercest, most determined heavy acts in the country.
'In Your image' is the lead single from Drown This City's forthcoming EP, 'Alpha // Survivor', out July 5 via UNFD. It captures the paradigm shift of lead vocalist Reade ascending from a broken, controlled victim into a self-assured, fiery and powerful hero.

Cursed Earth - Tyranny Forever     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 13/06/2019
Perth-natives Cursed Earth are one of the bleakest, most rage-filled metal outfits to come out of Australia of late. Their upcoming mixtape highlights the potency of their sound beyond doubt.
'Tyranny Forever' is a sharp rebuke at British colonisation in Western Australia, which resulted in atrocities including the Pinjarra Massacre and Rottnest Concentration Camp. It features vicious guest vocals from Venom Prison's Larissa Stupar.

Cursed Earth - Torch     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 10/05/2019
Perth-natives Cursed Earth are one of the bleakest, most rage-filled metal outfits to come out of Australia of late. Their upcoming mixtape highlights the potency of their sound beyond doubt.
'Torch' is the most brutal track on 'The Deathbed Sessions' of all. Guest vocalist Joel Birch (The Amity Affliction) spits scathing lyrics, while Cursed Earth's signature brand of raging metal incites a hell-bound experience.

Slowly Slowly - Jellyfish     Rock, Punk, Pop 17/04/2019
In just a few short years, Melbourne four-piece Slowly Slowly have marked themselves as one of the most adored anthemic rock purveyors the country has ever seen.
Frontman Ben Stewart describes 'Jellyfish' as being about that all-too-common human feeling of existential dread. "Sometimes everything just seems so ridiculous," he says. "The concept of existing, being in a body, our interactions with feelings and emotions and this wacky 3D landscape we tell ourselves is normal." Though sonically light-hearted, 'Jellyfish' ultimately toys with some heavy concepts in expert fashion.

Cursed Earth - Fear     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/04/2019
Perth-natives Cursed Earth are one of the bleakest, most rage-filled metal outfits to come out of Australia of late. Their upcoming mixtape highlights the potency of their sound beyond doubt.
'Fear' is a track that incites exactly that. From its scathing lyrics to raging metal instrumentation, this is Cursed Earth at their angriest, most violent yet.

Sleep Talk - Slowfade     Rock, Hardcore, Metal 16/04/2019
Sleep Talk are an Adelaide-based alternative/post-hardcore act on the brink of thoroughly breaking out. Their debut full-length album 'Everything In Colour' is due on May 3.
Taken from their forthcoming debut full-length 'Everything In Colour', 'Slowfade' kicks things up a notch following the reveal of the album's title track last month. While 'Everything In Colour' marked a punchy and energetic introduction to the record, 'Slowfade' darkens the mood and ups the angst in three-and-a-half minutes of pure bite.

Other tracks by Sleep Talk:  Everything In Colour
The Brave - Burn     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/04/2019
Brisbane metallers The Brave just released their sophomore full-length 'Aura' and sold-out headliners in Sydney and Brisbane in its wake.
'Burn' has proven one of the most adored tracks on 'Aura' since its release in early April. The track is emotional and commanding lyrically and tight and soaring musically.

Other tracks by The Brave:  Technicolor  -  Desolation
Thornhill - Coven     Metal/Punk 16/04/2019
Thornhill are an utterly impressive Melbourne metal five-piece. They hold impressive supports under their belt including Northlane and Architects and have the world watching atop new single 'Coven'.
As told by lead singer Jacob Charlton, 'Coven' is about identifying anxiety and realising how much control it can have over your life. He says it will be a reminder every time the band play it live that it’s all in his head.

Yours Truly - Circles     Pop, Punk 16/04/2019
Often likened to such to such luminaries as Paramore and Tonight Alive, Yours Truly offer an infectious brand of clever, passionate pop-punk that has garnered massive critical and fan praise.
Front woman Mikaila Delgado describes 'Circles' as being an open letter to men who don't treat women as equal or hold themselves superior. The track is an empowering anthem for women and anyone who has felt discriminated against for who they are.

Other tracks by Yours Truly:  I Can't Feel  -  High Hopes
Cool Out Sun - Fire For     Hip Hop, African 12/12/2018
Cool Out Sun, afro-beat hip hop from Melbourne. Justin Smith (REMI, Sampa the Great), N'fa Jones (1200 techniques), Lamine Sonko (African Intelligence), Nui Moon (Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Digital Afrika)
Fire For in a 5/4 rhythm with fast flowing vocals from N'fa Jones over an uptempo percussive beat.

Remi and Raiza Biza - Jiggy ft. Sampa the Great     Hip Hop, Rap 29/11/2018
REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J are one of the fastest-rising hip-hop acts in Australia.
Produced by the legend Black Milk. Mixed by Sensible J.

Dynamic production, hip hop joint. Flowing track featuring Sampa the Great with guest verses.

Other tracks by Remi and Raiza Biza:  Genesis ft. Sampa the Great  -  Freeman ft. Black Milk
LANKS - Spiritual Man     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 17/11/2018
LANKS is the moniker of Australian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Cuming. LANKS draws influences from artists such as MØ, Mura Masa, The xx, Justin Vernon and Radiohead.
Catchy pop song with hooks throughout, and a chorus that you can't get out of your head in a great way.

A song by LANKS inspired by time recently spent with a friend who is sick.

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Remi and Raiza Biza - Runner     Hip Hop, Rap 06/10/2018
Melbourne artist REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J are one of the fastest-rising Hip Hop acts in Australia and are quickly gaining the attention of international tastemakers.
"Runner" is a high tempo beat driven out an out hip hop track with dynamic production and hooks throughout, and shows why Black Milk is one of hip hops most respected producers, and why Remi and Raiza Biza are two of the most exciting emcees coming out of the Southern Hemisphere.

Dear Seattle - Maybe     Rock, Grunge, Punk 04/09/2018
Dear Seattle are the melodic, singalong, beer-in-the-air, headbanging-with-heart rock band you’ve been waiting for. One part mosh pit, one part love letter, the band have created a truly unique sound.
“Maybe” is a slice of genuine Australian alternative rock that nostalgically throws back to Kisschasy. A slacker anthem of sorts, “Maybe” is the soundtrack to life on a loop: long unemployed days, hanging for the weekend for another cheap round, and even though you know you should get your act together, maybe – just maybe – something will happen instead.

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Hellions - Smile     Rock, Punk 04/09/2018
ARIA nominated Australian genre-melding quartet that marry theatrical dynamics and thoughtful lyricism into a riotous burst of colour and grandeur that has been compared to Queen.
Smile was born late in the creation process and is a dynamic, upbeat tune built around the refrain ‘I’m ready to run, are you ready?’ that provides a tongue-in-cheek look at the depth of our interactions in the digital age.