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Underfoot Records

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Seeder - Testimony     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk, Country 13/04/2018
A timely blending of musical gene pools, creating a punchy 3-piece outfit, fashioned around the song writing of vocalist Mic. Hardwick. Rock that Grooves With Grooves that Rock.
A love song was penned at the time of courtship with my now wife, De. Utterly personal, frank and uplifting. If one’s word is one's bond, then the testimony of one's heart is the measure of one’s soul. A new release of the acoustic version recorded 30 years back.

Dave Blennerhassett - Happiness     Blues/Roots, Pop, RnB, Easy Listening 06/01/2016
Dave Blennerhassett's songs deliver a potent package of humour and pathos, crafting accessible melodic hooks on a bed of carefully executed rhythms. Journeying across life, love and that precarious quality-happiness.
This first taste from the much awaited album release, is a bouncy joyful love romp. Dave Blennerhassett's smooth sliding vocals and guitar, with the hip swaying rhythm conjure memories of the heady days of carefree love. Gorgeous harmonies, with evocative lyrics create the desired feeling - Happiness.

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