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Auguste - Kingdom     Pop, Electronic, Chill 17/06/2016
Reminiscent of London Grammar, Auguste are Adelaide Step-Sister duo Beth & Skye. Previously 'Echo & The Empress', Auguste are a synth pop lovers dream.
Kingdom is about personal space and the challenges we face when others are invading that space in a negative way…it’s really a bit of a ‘eff you’ to anyone who has ever tried to control you or tell you what to do.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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Other tracks by Auguste:  Slow Motion
Pines - Fate     Electronic, House, Easy Listening 10/11/2015
Described as a combination of electronic future beats and tropical chilltrap, previous single ‘All You Need’ was a female vocal led, feel-good night out that was peppered with textures.
Beginning its electronic life as a simple and wispy chord progression, peppered with blissed out shimmering textures; latest single ‘Fate’ from Adelaide electronic duo Pines, quickly evolved into a euphoric and summer centric track, laden with drums and synth chords.

Lily & The Bellows - White Lies     Pop, Folk, Soul 22/10/2015
Lily & The Bellows embody a sonic hybrid that lands somewhere between the instrumental stylings of T​he Beach Boys & ​the vocal prowess of Amy Winehouse.
A no brainer for fans of both the Orbison era and the current indie landscape, latest single ‘W​hite ​L​ies’ ​from Lily & The Bellows is about the realities one encounters when striving for an idyllic new beginning, crafted on a foundation of deception.

North Arm - Afternoon Sky     Folk, Easy Listening 16/10/2015
An homage to growing up in the coastal town of North Arm Cove (NSW), North Arm is a lyrical representation of young adulthood in an idyllic bayside town.
Latest single ‘Afternoon Sky’ celebrates the release of North Arms’ debut album with signature washed North Arm vocals and stirring summer inspired textures.

North Arm - The Boys     Folk, Atmospheric, Chill, Easy Listening 09/09/2015
North Arm possess the charm of a dreamy Sunday morning with the nostalgic glow of a midday Bloody Mary
‘The Boys’ is a fast-paced ode to the summers of the late 90’s that belongs to the children of the 80’s. Peppered with excitement and nostalgia, ‘The Boys’ is reminiscent of the soundtracks for cult classics ‘Cruel Intentions’, ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ & ‘Disturbing Behaviour’.

Jack Grace - Hills     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 01/07/2015
An audible hurricane of poignant reflection peppered with slivers of Thom Yorke, Kanye West & James Blake, debut single ‘Hills’ is a remarkably succinct introduction from the newcomer.
a feeling of surreal transience as Jack traverses borders and delivers his unique take on Trip Hop, Footwork, Post-Dub, House, Folk & Gospel.

Bree Tranter - More Sex & Love     Electronic, Atmospheric, Folk 20/06/2015
A window into Bree Tranter's world, 'More Sex & Love' is a sentimental snapshot of some of the themes and tones expected from the forthcoming record.
It's an underwater R&B love jam, like how I imagine Ariel from The Little Mermaid would sound if she had a laptop and a drum machine and starting writing songs about Prince Eric.
- Dom Alessio, triple j

Vigilantes - Elasticity     Electronic, Retro, Pop 20/06/2015
Comprised of multi-instrumentalist Dave Jenkins Jr (Daniel Johns, Kirin J Callinan, Eves The Behavior) and newcomer Angela Ford.
"Blending a retro sentimentality with super fresh production.. The track bathes is a smooth, summery atmosphere, equal parts angelic innocence and late night cheek..” - Indie Shuffle

North Arm - Careless     Pop, Rock 21/05/2015
Uplifting, feel good indie film soundtrack vibes with a warm washy guitar feel. This band and tracks sounds like summer, peppered with a beach lifestyle nostalgia.
Uplifting, feel good indie film soundtrack vibes with a warm washy guitar feel. This track sounds like summer / beach nostalgia. The kind of track you'd expect to hear in a consumer focused appreciation Coca Cola commercial.

Au.Ra - Talk Show     Rock, Experimental, Garage, Pop 24/01/2015
Having released a handful of tracks in various forms over the past two years Sydney duo AuRa have already found a home on international tastemaker blogs for their psychedelic pop.
“[Talk Show] has the melodic but droning guitar sound that brings to mind the long-sleeve t-shirted feel of 1992 British shoegaze backed with the bright short sleeve t-shirted feel of a 2015 Sydney summer.” Noisey

Left. - Lay With Me     Electronic 21/01/2015
Comprised of vocalist Sarah Corry and guitarist/producer Jono Graham, Left. fuse elements of pop, electronica and hip hop to create a distinct, nuanced style of pop-electronica.
An up-tempo, pulsing song with haunting guitar picking and explosive chorus. It deals with being forced into an arranged marriage, despite being in love with somebody else.


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Other tracks by Left.:  Freedom  -  This Time
Au.Ra - Morning     Rock, Atmospheric, Experimental, Psychedelic 17/12/2014
Au.Ra is a duo comprised of Tim Jenkins (Parades) and Tom Crandles (Colours/Ghostwood) who will release their debut LP Jane's Lament on felte records.
Au.Ra's “emotive soundscapes” perfectly encase their non-traditional pop song writing, like on highlight
“Morning,” where shimmering guitar riffs transport you to a serene, meditative realm.

Other tracks by Au.Ra:  Sun  -  Pryamid
Nite Fields - You I Never Knew     Rock, Garage 26/11/2014
Originally hailing from Brisbane, Nite Fields now split their time between there and Sydney. As a four piece they are known for their D.I.Y garage sound,
You I Never Knew is a song about regret. Jangly guitars and hypnotic synthesisers usher in a mood of sorrowful introspection that permeates throughout the entire song. Venzin's vocal delivery, often understated and unsettling, tells a story of lost love and the disorientation of self that follows.

Eleanor Dunlop - Rollin' On     Pop 22/11/2014
Sydney based artist Eleanor Dunlop will captivate audiences with her warm vocals built on beautiful melodies and well crafted pop sensibilities.
Rollin’ On is a feel good, surf-rock track built on a catchy guitar riff and Dunlop's unmistakable smouldering voice. The track grows into a celebration of good times to soundtrack the summer.

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Jane Tyrrell - The Rush     Pop, Electronic 06/09/2014
Jane Tyrrell is a dynamic vocalist, songwriter and performer. A multi-faceted artist her cinematic songwriting and performances prove a refreshing approach to musical tone and texture.
‘The Rush’ is a heart-wrenching tale of incompatible love coming into full clarity after the initial thrill wears off. Jane paints a picture that reflects the dramatic whirlwind of addictive love, alluring yet destructive leaving a dishevelled thought: ‘isn’t the rush enough?’

Morning Harvey - T.I.D.E     Rock, Britpop 27/08/2014
Equal parts ominous and engaging, Brisbane five-piece Morning Harvey create a formidable brand of mood-rock.
“T.I.D.E was one of the first things I’ve written based on experiences. If you go in with the intention of writing a song based on personal experience it restricts the creativity because your constantly thinking ‘how am I going to incorporate these experiences into the melody.’" - Spencer White

Favored Nations - Amazon     Pop, Dance, House 13/08/2014
Favored Nations is an eclectic, trans-Pacific three-piece band bridging land and sea, creating entrancing music from studio bases in both Los Angeles and Australia.
An energetic track, Amazon is built on frantic rhythms and soaked in catchy guitar riffs. The song blazes it's way through the fun filled three minutes fifty leaving you no choice than to play it again.

Other tracks by Favored Nations:  That's Not Who We Are  -  The Setup
Cairns Murri Crew & Desert Pea Media - Built To Last     Hip Hop 13/06/2014
Desert Pea Media is a not-for-profit organisation established with the aim of identifying & breaking down social issues through collaborative storytelling, music & film-empowering Indigenous youth through truth & positivity.
A captivating HipHop beat layered by enchanting female vocals. Written as part of a collaborative process with DPM & young people from CairnsHighSchool (QLD) a.k.a Cairns Murri Crew it pays homage to Gimuy Walabura Yidinji people and the many elders & community leaders who fought for Indigenous rights for decades.

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The Furrs - Little Boy     Rock, Country, Blues 05/05/2014
We are a 5-piece band that blend lively rock n roll with ghetto blues- we just wanna make you feel
Little Boy is about the fleeting, heady liberation you get when in the passenger seat of a car rolling down the highway and for one split moment everything's alright.

Slumberhaze - Cool Don't Stop     Rock, Pop 11/03/2014
Slumberhaze create music on the spectrum of post-rock and hip hop, layered with catchy and beautiful harmonies, spacey guitars and piano progressions.
'Cool Don't Stop' is genre-hopping, moulding twisted lyrical attack, sub basslines, with a familiar 90's guitar sound. It's a love story of two rebels trying to be accepted; a tune for anyone in a dream to spin and spin until they can unravel the game.

Other tracks by Slumberhaze:  Dancing With The Hollows  -  I Lose Control