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The Upskirts - WHERE     Rock, Grunge 20/10/2014
"Sydney's best kept secret" - Groupie Magazine
Building on elements from their standalone 2013 single “We Could Be A Team”, “WHERE” is blistering shoegazey rock, with nods to the likes of MBV and Slowdive, and a good dose of wig-out psych and grunge. The track was built from the ground up around a demo and synth-fuzz guitar.

The Upskirts - Minds A Burden     Rock, Psychedelic, Britpop 14/03/2014
"Sydney's best kept secret" - Groupie Magazine“With flecks of Joy Division & Nirvana, they are a fine example of energetic crazy” - TimeOut Dubai’s ‘10 Bands To Watch’
Exploring a different sonic direction with award winning producer Tim Carr at the helm, this song channels a delicate mix between Psychedelica, Punk & Dance.
Featuring soaring guitar riffs, pulsing rhythm and very catchy elements. A mix between Jagwar Ma, MBV & Tame Impala

Paul Conrad - Heresy Baby     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop 29/11/2013
Likened to Jeff Buckley, Beach House & Grizzly Bear, Paul Conrad's music is dark, beautiful and refreshing.
Heresy Baby expands Paul Conrad's already dark and deep sound.

“Beautiful & Refreshing” – BlahBlahBlah Science
“Loaded with hooks and heart” – Pop Matters
“Draws recollections of Jeff Buckley & Grizzly Bear” – Indie Shuffle

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Other tracks by Paul Conrad:  Thanks For Nothing
The Upskirts - We Could Be A Team     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Garage 20/11/2013
The Upskirts return with a brand new single after an adventure to Europe where they sold-out rooms and blew up amps in London & The Great Escape in Brighton.
We Could Be A Team is the first song that sees drummer Tom Kell taking over vocal duties and the result is a love child of My Bloody Valentine and Tame Impala in a lush sound-scape. Produced by Woody Annison


Rockets - Hallways     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 15/02/2013
Rockets closed 2013 by touring with great local talent in The Preatures, Glass Towers, Sures & The Cairos, play their first festival slot at Peats Ridge Festival.
‘Hallways’ is about being an outsider. It is a song about not fitting in with what’s trendy or what is hot. The feeling of not being accepted by the ‘cool kids’ is familiar to a lot of people and this song creates it’s own swagger and charm by not conforming.

The Upskirts - Disconnection     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 01/10/2012
Nuggets, house parties, shotguns, facepaint, milkmaid, get paid, air raid, homemade, VCR, ashblunting, growthstunting.
Disconnection is a perfect blend of The Stone Roses, Joy Division and 70's Aussie rock. A love story that never works itself out and leaves the protagonist in a state of Disconnection

The Upskirts - Wrecking Ball     Rock, Garage, Punk, Grunge 13/07/2012
Nuggets, party, shotguns, facepaint, milkmaid, get paid, air raid, homemade, VCR, ashblunting, growthstunting.
This song was fueled by the gut-wrenching liminality that i like to think applies to most people around the age of 21. Despite finishing the lyrics while we were recording it, it was always about being aggressive and scared, simultaneously.


Rockets - The Night Off     Rock, Pop 30/04/2012
Rockets are a four piece rock band from Sydney.Blending a love of gangster rap and bands like The Strokes make them the unique beast they are.
The best track they've written, 'The Night Off' explores a yearning for solitude and a desire for peace and quiet whilst on an alcohol fueled night out.

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Rockets - Cools J'Tard     Rock, Pop 23/01/2012
Sydney's Rockets toured extensively through 2011 playing with Jinja Safari, Faker & Loon Lake and with another record ready to be released they'll be on the road again soon.
This song is about the Cotard Delusion and walking ghosts and is sparked by an interest in the macabre and the looming prospect of death.

It attempts to capture the imminent thought of a world beyond ours based on French neurologist Jules Cotard's theory, hence the song title.

Rockets - Toad     Rock, Pop 15/12/2011
This is Rockets debut EP featuring singles Toad & Madeline. FBi Radio's unsigned artist of the week.
Toad has been described as an upbeat indie anthem and caught the attention of Richard Kingsmill and other radio people.

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Other tracks by Rockets:  Madeline  -  San Francisco
Rockets - McBird     Rock, Pop 13/12/2011
Rockets are a four piece indie rock n roll band. They make music best listened to whilst consuming Magners Cider or coffee
2011 has been a hard-working year for indie-rock four-piece Rockets. After releasing an EP, converting a loyal following in their hometown of Sydney and testing their musical wares interstate, the time has come for their latest offering in new single ‘McBird’