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Trickster Music

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Toys Went Berserk - Worlds Away     Rock 24/03/2018
Seminal female-fronted, guitar-driven, indie rock outfit - one of the unsung heroes of the late 80s Sydney scene.
Worlds Away is a thunderous and infectious melodic delight, that’s lost none of its sting and vitality over the years. A “world away” in name only! The EP features highlights from the Rob Younger produced album “The Smiler With A Knife”, cut in 1989 at the band's peak.

Catzilla - Boy From Another Time     Rock, Garage, Pop, Psychedelic 05/09/2017
CATZILLA stomps into town with an infectious, 60s-inspired soundtrack! Upbeat, garage rock n roll with fuzz guitar, keys and girl vocals - perfect party music for interstellar go-go gals!
The opening salvo from CATZILLA’s debut album, ‘Boy From Another Time’ is upbeat, catchy story of girl-meets-boy and features the band’s signature fuzz guitar, keys and girl vocals. It's fun, 60s-inspired garage rock/pop and perfect for your next gogo party!

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Other tracks by Catzilla:  In The Fuzztime  -  Catzilla
Catzilla - On The Outside     Rock, Garage 09/05/2016
Shake! Shout! Stomp! Catzilla is here with an upbeat, infectious sound! Inspired by Japanese B-movies and 60s garage rock, it's perfect party music for interstellar go-go gals and giant monsters.
An infectious foot-tapper, with strong hooks and catchy chorus. Featuring Coo Jarvis' distinctive vocals and a fuzzed-up guitar solo - this is classic 60s-inspired garage rock/pop a-gogo!

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Other tracks by Catzilla:  Going Wild  -  Shout! Shimmy! Shake!
Bang Bang Betty & the H-Bombs - He's The One     Blues/Roots, Pop, Swing 28/01/2016
Infectious 1950s-style rock n roll with a sassy female lead, honking sax, stinging guitar, double bass and drums... rock n roll to blow a hole in every dance floor!
An original song from the band's debut release, "He's The One" is upbeat with a relaxed Summery groove that almost gives it a vintage Caribbean flavour. A delightful boy-meets-girl lyric, with a catchy melody that you'll be humming for days! Classic rock n roll.

Other tracks by Bang Bang Betty & the H-Bombs:  I Wanna Rock (Some More)  -  Love Eyes
Voudou Zazou - Time To Swing     Jazz, Acoustic, Swing 15/01/2016
Voudou Zazou's Gypsy Swing is infectious and fun. Featuring acoustic guitar, double bass, accordion and sparkling female vocals, the band's debut "Time To Swing" is an upbeat and finger-snapping delight!
A joyous, finger-snappin' romp with a catchy beat and a happy sound. "Time To Swing" is an original tune with hot solos on guitar and accordion - and a memorable vocal hook that will stay with you for days.

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Other tracks by Voudou Zazou:  Zoot Suit Strut  -  Coucou
Rocket To Memphis - Go Go     Rock, Garage, Rockabilly 08/03/2013
Rocket To Memphis spice up the primal essence of real rock n roll with wild echo-laden guitar, sexy vocals and infectious voodoo rhythms.
The irresistible opener to Rocket's 4th album conjures the wild energy of a 60s gogo gal and explodes into a 3 min pop classic! Mixed in New York by Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash) and also available as a limited blue vinyl platter. Fun, infectious and rockin!

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Other tracks by Rocket To Memphis:  Do The Crawl
Rocket to Memphis - No Kissing at the Hop     Rock, Rockabilly, Garage, Blues 12/11/2009
Off-kilter sounds, hip-shakin' rhythms, infectious tunes and seductive vocals... This is the real voodoo, and Rocket to Memphis are in a class of their own.
An up-tempo swampabilly romp which spices up the primal essence of real rock n roll
with wild sounds, sexy vocals and the band's trademark voodoo rhythms. This dance-floor filler is a 2 minute 20 second stompin', hip-shakin' monster!

Other tracks by Rocket to Memphis:  Gator Stomp  -  Bad Girl