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Good Doogs - How I Feel     Rock, Garage, Punk 10/05/2019
A fast, fun rock band with feelings.
“How I Feel” is about losing an important person in your life, and it’s completely your fault, and you find yourself overwhelmed with feeling everything and nothing at the same time.

Hein Cooper - Like That     Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Hein Cooper is back again with latest single "Like That" – a taste of what will be the singer-songwriter’s just-announced second album ‘Underneath It All’ (set for release June 14).
"Like That" offers another uniquely sounding taste off Hein Cooper's just-announce second album. Recognising layers of acoustic guitar, a smooth synth, a crisp backbeat, and his soaring vocals, but this is something new. Showcasing his ability to craft music that draws from sounds and experiences around him as he travels the world into an emotive and melodic moment in time.

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Approachable Members Of Your Local Community - One I Need (feat Heaps Good Friends)     Pop, Electronic, Funk 14/03/2019
Approachable Members of Your Local Community make music that’s a gently heaving wave of team spirit and pop melodies; generously glazed in extra servings of groove and charisma.
“One I Need” features Heaps Good Friends, and is about the people you feel you want in your life, but maybe you don’t actually need them. Produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy) and Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper), the track ponders the moment when you have to decide to take the leap into a relationship or give up on love.

Good Doogs - Nobody/Alone     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 12/02/2019
Rollicking surf-pop-punk trio from WA
a jangly surf punk bop about anxiety and how it can overwhelm you. Sometimes you don’t even want to leave the house.

The Spring Peaks - Sports     Rock, Garage 26/10/2018
Forming after a late-night conversation in a carport in 2016, The Spring Peaks have consistently been dropping jangly garage indie pop tunes from their hometown of Perth WA.
One part Australiana, one part nostalgia, and one part “grab me a fresh tinnie out of the eski”, The Spring Peaks new single “Sports” is an ode to figuring out your place in the world while throwing a ball around the backyard on a hot day.

Cub Sport - Sometimes     Pop 09/10/2018
4 piece indie pop band from Brisbane
Written in the midst of the BATS album campaign, “Sometimes” was inspired by a culmination of the highs of having their music connect with people whilst Tim adjusted to making himself so open about his identity.

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Ro - F**ked Up Over You     Pop, Folk 02/10/2018
Hailing originally from Margaret River (WA), Ro is a Melbourne-based songwriter with a voice that can caress you in one breath and carve you apart in the next.
A track about playing the player, and deflating the ego of an ex-lover.

Keelan Mak - Flicker     Electronic, Pop 24/09/2018
The music of Keelan Mak – a singer, songwriter, and producer from Brisbane – is a smoky, sultry mix of himself and late nights in the inner city.
Written about a high school crush and a broken heart, “Flicker” is about unrequited love. It’s not just the pining for someone, it’s also about being petty and admitting years later that you want them to think about you even though you don’t want to admit it.

Pinkish Blu - Capricorn     Electronic, Pop 29/08/2018
Adelaide-based alternative sad-pop quartet channeling their emotional, 80’s inspired, post-punk, happy-sad vibes
Adelaide-based alternative sad-pop quartet Pinkish Blu now give you their highly anticipated second single “Capricorn”.

Still channeling their emotional, 80’s inspired, post-punk, happy-sad vibes “Capricorn” delivers a sonically energetic punch. A creatively mature step in the direction of owning their unique sound, the new single is filled with synth hooks and signature guitar tone, complimented with inventive songwriting and lyricism.

Greta Stanley - Come Undone     Folk, Pop 25/08/2018
A singer songwriter from far Nth Qld with a penchant for writing beautiful songs about growing up.
"Come Undone” is about the process of knowing something will inevitably be over and it’s out of your control. The way the song is shaped in production follows in line with the waves of an anxious thought pattern, quiet, loud, rational, irrational but in conclusion going back to the start, silencing the rest, and knowing what will be will be.

Ziggy Alberts - Laps Around The Sun     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 10/08/2018
Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia.
A classic Ziggy-style tune, "Laps Around The Sun" references environmental issues while simultaneously carrying motivational messages.

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Nat Vazer - You're Winning Me Over     Pop, Rock 03/07/2018
Nat Vazer is an Australian songwriter from Melbourne. She likes popcorn, defying stereotypes and recording music in unorthodox places.
“You’re Winning Me Over” is about the warm fuzzy memory of getting back together with someone after a long break and seeing that person and the relationship in a whole new light.

Ro - Diary     Pop, Rock 03/07/2018
I write songs and jokes. The jokes I write are so bad that everyone around me bonds over how bad they are. Watching them bond is fuel for songwriting.
With an understated vocal delivery, and the strum of a one-of-a-kind Wise custom guitar, debut single “Diary” is a conversational confession. It’s about coming clean. It’s about realising the danger of pretending you’re perfect, especially in a relationship.

Good Doogs - So Dumb     Rock, Punk, Garage 05/06/2018
A Surf Rock band from WA
“So Dumb” is a track about "making bad decisions without thinking them through or without realising how they’re going to affect other people, and the consequences that come with making those dumb decisions."

Didirri - I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head     Folk, Pop 12/05/2018
Music for lovers and over thinkers.
Written just before leaving for UK, after rekindling a recent flame, the song came from contemplating a taboo of talking about sex - through any complication and confusion. Having just overcome illness that impacted the relationship physically, Didirri illustrates the value of human contact combined with the reunion of love.

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Keelan Mak - Weigh You Down     Electronic, Pop 27/04/2018
Keelan Mak – a 20 year old singer, songwriter, and producer from Brisbane – is a smoky, sultry mix of himself and late nights in the inner city.
“Weigh You Down” is written about the moments in a relationship when you find yourself doing something because your significant other wants to – sometimes it’s picking where to eat, sometimes it’s what movie to watch, but sometimes it’s ending a relationship “if you want to”.

Muki - Gold Oxygen     Pop, Electronic, Dance 20/04/2018
An explosion of pastel pink bubblegum, MUKI’s sound is the sonic version of a bath in cream soda pop while cotton candy bubbles detonate on your face.
Gold Oxygen is an anthem for 'blocking the haters’. It is about believing in yourself and drowning out other people’s negativity by being your own supporter. It is about having the attitude that if people don’t accept you or support you then they aren’t worth your energy.

Hein Cooper - Hear My Voice     Folk, Pop 10/04/2018
Singer songwriter with an incredible falsetto voice, and and ability to mesh acoustic with electronic to create both lush and stripped back moments
Hein's new single, “Hear My Voice” is a song about falsehoods and self-constructed versions of ourselves. Co-Produced by Hein and Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, James Hersey), the foundations of Hein’s indie-pop and folk styles are still present, now with a newfound exploration of other genres such as electronic and RnB.

Didirri - Formaldehyde     Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Pop 22/02/2018
Simultaneously heartbreaking and healing, and approaching real issues with smile and charm, Didirri is an artist with something to say.
single “Formaldehyde” is dedicated to all the inspiring strong women in life, and all the unique experiences they have.

At some point in life we all feel a loss of control, and this song is about embracing that feeling.

Good Doogs - Nothing To Do     Rock, Punk, Garage 15/02/2018
The Doogs are shaping up to be a major player in the surf-rock movement in Australia, jump aboard the ground swell of fun. Don't kook it.
New single “Nothing To Do” is an anthem for hot summer days when school is out and the surf is weak. It’s about hanging out with your mates and wasting time.