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Title Track

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Didirri - Don't fight with what you're fighting for     Indie, Folk, Pop 26/03/2020
Music for lovers and overthinkers.
The song serves as a comment, but also a reminder, that positive change has to first come from yourself. Hold yourself accountable before you do those around you.

Or as Didirri explains, “There is no point trying to tackle something on a big scale, if you can’t stick to your morals and lead by example.”

BoomChild - Cold Shoulder     Indie, Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 23/03/2020
With touches of RnB, electronic, hip hop, soul and funk infused in their sound – this unstoppable new collaborative group is just getting started.
The track features the vocal harmonies of future superstars Maina Doe, RISSA and Ms Thandi, along with the infectious horn lines from some of the best session artists in Sydney. Tying this together is the smokey vocals from Rico, smooth bars from Charbel, and auteur arrangements from Sumatra.

Hope D - Second     Indie, Pop, Rock 14/03/2020
Inspired by the stories and feelings she experiences, and the stories of those around her, her relatable and personal tales are indie-pop-rock bangers that cut straight to the heart.
New single “Second” gives you an edgy and pulsing track from this exciting artist on the cusp of something new.

Filled with driving guitars, whirling synth, angsty vocals and charm-filled lyricism, “Second” is about a period of time in her life where I was going out partying too frequently and not being able to recall much from the night before.

Stellie - How Do We Look So Good?     Pop, Indie 11/03/2020
Sparkling and sexy pop ballad filled with hypnotic melodies and charm-filled lyricism
New single "How Do We Look So Good?" gives you a sparkling and sexy pop ballad filled with hypnotic melodies and charm-filled lyricism reminiscent of the romantic nostalgia of Lana Del Rey or the youthful insight of Lorde.

Dylan Joel - Snow     Pop, Indie, Hip Hop 07/02/2020
Melbourne based singer songwriter who weaves effortlessly between acoustic guitar, a belting emotional vocal delivery, highlights of falsetto, and the melody-driven rap flow he is known for.
Inspired by a family member’s ongoing battle with mental health, Dylan’s lyrics in “Snow” speak of struggle, acceptance, support and above all, stress the importance of showing consistent love, even when love feels hopeless’

Didirri - Raw Stuff     Indie, Folk, Pop 31/01/2020
True to his mission to make music for ‘Lovers & Overthinkers’, Didirri’s approaches complex thoughts and feelings with charm and raw power - captivating listeners to feel, move, think, heal.
Raw Stuff was written and recorded in Johanna, Victoria. In November, Didirri was drawn to return to the same space once more to shoot the music video. The stunning landscape provides a poignant depiction of the beauty of nature, the complexity of returning home, and the rawness we feel when landscapes and relationships once familiar are no longer the same.

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Sametime - Typical     Indie, Pop 13/12/2019
Sunshine Coast brothers who make sparkling indie pop with undeniably catchy choruses.
A huge artistic leap forward for the band, ‘Typical’ combines glimpses of the melodic magic of Boy and Bear and the catchy summer vibes of Lime Cordiale.

Ro - To Pretend     Pop, Indie, Folk 21/11/2019
A storyteller with the wry disposition of a charismatic introvert, Ro writes 'love songs for those who don't like love songs'
“To Pretend” – a musing on ‘the birds and the bees’, and learning to ditch bedroom expectations and stop pretending.

Aila Fei - Marmalade     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B 24/10/2019
Melbourne’s Aila Fei is a self-taught singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalists and producer and has been crafting her fusion of electronic/R&B/pop for years.
‘Marmalade’ is about Aila recognizing her own previous poor actions and coping mechanisms in another person, knowing the consequences of those decisions because she had lived through something similar, but trying not to interfere with their situation because she herself needed to live through it to grow from it.

KONNIE - Hide & Seek     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/10/2019
Melbourne-based KONNIE is a voice to be reckoned, with powerful soaring vocals, dramatic builds, and intimately personal lyrics
Infused with Moombahton-style beats, earthy tones, and an epic chorus, the single draws on tropical influences, giving it a vibrancy and texture perfect for the impending Summer months.

“Hide & Seek” is her way of reaching out to people and sharing her struggle with mental health and battling insecurities, saying let’s talk, open up to me… ‘where are you hiding’.

Didirri - Blue Mood Rising     Indie, Folk 20/09/2019
Didirri’s song-writing approaches complex thoughts and feelings with charm and raw power - captivating listeners, magnifying important issues and engaging crowds to feel, move, think, heal and singalong.
Bigger, deeper, and more epic than ever before, “Blue Mood Rising” is a thunderstorm of lush guitar tones, slow building drums, and a harmony of backing vocals building to a crescendo led by Didirri’s soaring voice as it takes you on a journey of self-reflection.

Adrian Eagle - Caught Up     Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul 17/09/2019
An Artist who oozes in neo-soul traditions and classic hip-hop grooves layered under Adrian’s powerful emotive vocals and lyrical storytelling unlike anything else in this country right now.
Adrian’s life and experiences laid bare for the listener, an outlet to share his struggles with the world in the hope of helping others overcome whatever struggles they are facing in their lives too - carefully written and selected to reflect uplifting and important messages he wants to share within the community.

Other tracks by Adrian Eagle:  Housing Trust  -  Be The Love
Royal And The Southern Echo - Don't Think About Me     Pop, Atmospheric 21/08/2019
Royal And The Southern has reemerged this year with a new sound in his latest rhythmic pop ode "Don't Think About Me" just in time for his 2019 BIGSOUND showcase.
The latest narrative "Don’t Think About Me" might sound like a break-up track, but for Brisbane’s Bryce Schneider it’s all that and more - a hymn to ‘f**k you’s’, being comfortable in your own skin, and the sentiment of being happy going it alone. A fresh take on the songwriter story, with 1980’s pops of colour mixed with shoutable choruses.

BEACH PANIC! - Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed     Rock, Punk 09/08/2019
Melbourne’s BEACH PANIC! are loud, confident, full of charm and artistic flare, all with the shared urge to express themselves in a brighter, more colorful and positive way.
Following on from their previous release "Tsunami of Love", "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed" is about the desperate yearning for the intoxicating feeling of falling in love - a feeling sometimes so overwhelming that the only remedy there is, is to well... it’s all right there in the title.

Good Doogs - I'm Listening     Rock, Grunge, Punk 09/08/2019
From sold out tours, to a string of constantly catchy-but-meaningful singles, and hilarious music videos, Good Doogs just keep proving they are leading the wave of new surf-punk in Australia.
Still catchy AF - with sweet guitar licks, BIG drums, and more singalong moments than you can poke a stick at - the new single is a little heavier than their previous releases, and shows The Doogs have a lot more surprises hidden away.

Eleanor Jacks - Blue     Pop, Downbeat, Electronic, Folk 02/08/2019
21yo singer-songwriter Eleanor Jacks wears her heart on her sleeve. Her song-writing and performances have become an essential emotional outlet for a young girl who thinks about things a lot.
Her latest single “Blue” sums up a relationship on a knife edge – a relationship where boundaries are blurred and feelings swing between incredibly good and (self) destructively bad.

The song is Eleanor’s only outlet of expressing “the feelings you have when you know a relationship isn’t good for you but the alternative isn’t what you want either.”

Charlie Threads - Higher     Hip Hop, Downbeat, Electronic, Pop 09/07/2019
From his upbringing in the Dandenong Ranges, to stages right around the country, Charlie Threads has continuously demonstrated equal parts captivation and intrigue with his music.
“Higher” is Charlie tearing you out a page from his diary, giving you a snapshot of the dark edges of chasing your dreams. Bringing together a soundscape of classic hip-hop bars and soaring harmonies floating atop lush production and subtle layered beats, “Higher” is about sacrifice, struggle and what you sometimes have to lose when you chase something bigger.

Elli Schoen - Baby Face     Pop 09/07/2019
Fremantle rising star Elli Schoen is a dynamic pop songwriter inspired by her past to create music using raw emotionality and piercing lyrics that fans have come to love.
A dynamic pop ode to her beloved girlfriends and her former self. This summer-ready track is looped with vocals and heavier bass - but with the same raw emotionality and piercing lyrics fans have come to love.

Good Doogs - How I Feel     Rock, Garage, Punk 10/05/2019
A fast, fun rock band with feelings.
“How I Feel” is about losing an important person in your life, and it’s completely your fault, and you find yourself overwhelmed with feeling everything and nothing at the same time.

Hein Cooper - Like That     Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Hein Cooper is back again with latest single "Like That" – a taste of what will be the singer-songwriter’s just-announced second album ‘Underneath It All’ (set for release June 14).
"Like That" offers another uniquely sounding taste off Hein Cooper's just-announce second album. Recognising layers of acoustic guitar, a smooth synth, a crisp backbeat, and his soaring vocals, but this is something new. Showcasing his ability to craft music that draws from sounds and experiences around him as he travels the world into an emotive and melodic moment in time.

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