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Tiny Monster

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Alex The Astronaut - Waste of Time     Pop, Folk 31/07/2018
One of Australia’s most exciting and honest songwriters ALEX THE ASTRONAUT is thrilled to release her anticipated new single ‘Waste of Time’
Kicking off in true Alex the Astronaut fashion, with her now-signature, spritely acoustic strumming and conversational storytelling ‘Waste of Time’ bursts into handclaps, tambourine and wobbly blasts of Casio-synth towards a hook of a chorus that will earworm you for days. At the centre of Alex’s songs are her tumbling words that tell the real story.

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MID CITY - Dead Broke Blues     Pop, Rock 01/05/2018
MID CITY make direct as f**k incendiary indie guitar pop.
The modern indie pop song - fizzing guitar melodies over urgent rhythms with lyrics that flickernbetween aimless angst and cathartic joy.

Says Joel, "We make hard pop to exorcise that constant second-guessing of yourself and win back some faith in ourselves... if only for 3:00.”

Heaps Good Friends - I Could Eat A Full Packet of Yo Yo’s     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Dance 22/11/2017
Heaps Good Friends – Emma Fradd (vocals / guitar), Nick O’Connor (bass / vocals) and Dan Steinert (drums) – are the trio known for delivering lyrically playful, synth pop treats.
‘I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yo’s’ is fast moving, quick witted and a dancefloor pop banger, kicking off with driving bass lines and teasing arpeggios. And we have to say standing ovation, honourable mention - whatever you want to call it- the synth outro deservedly gets it.

Alex the Astronaut - Not Worth Hiding     Folk, Pop, Gay Alligned 12/09/2017
Sydney-based folk-indie singer and guitarist Alex the Astronaut is thrilled to announce her forthcoming second EP See You Soon, led by the incredibly moving new single ‘Not Worth Hiding’.
‘Not Worth Hiding’ is a coming of age song in its purest form. It documents a big realisation Alex had at aged 16 written into one of the catchiest songs you’ll hear bounded by thumping drums and simple chords. It’s a raw, deeply personal track about finding yourself.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Album or Ep (See You Soon)

Ben Wright Smith - Hellion Heeled     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
Ben Wright Smith returns with latest single ‘Hellion Heeled’. The APRA award nominated singer-songwriter from Melbourne has delivered yet again with the release of his debut album ‘The Great Divorce’.
I was at a party with these punk rockers who were just posing the whole time. The next day I was teaching my friend’s dog to 'heel' or 'follow us'. I thought of the punks who’d been forced to obey the very thing they were pretending to be rebelling against.

Alex The Astronaut - Rockstar City     Folk, Electronic, Acoustic, Pop 24/02/2017
Alex the Astronaut (Alex Lynn) is a 21 year-old Australian folktronica songstress who currently resides in New York. The wondrous storyteller has today released her brand new single ‘Rockstar City’.
'Rockstar City' is a postcard home to my Mum about my first gig in New York City. I signed up to play at the famous Bitter End, where all the folk stars started out in the 1960s. This song's about taking everything in and celebrating the little wins.

Castlecomer - If I Could Be Like You     Pop, Rock 03/02/2017
Castlecomer are a band from Sydney. They are 2 brothers, 2 cousins and a best friend who make alternative guitar pop ready made for huge dance parties and crowd sing-a-longs.
“The aim was to write a song that people would immediately dance to – I hope they do”. The band recorded the track at Forbes St Studios with JP Fung (Last Dinosaurs, Client Liaison), with Mastering by Joe LaPorta (The Weeknd, David Bowie, The Naked and Famous).

Alex L'Estrange - Nothing To Hide     Rock, Pop 03/12/2016
Exceptional young songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist Alex L’Estrange has today announced his new single Nothing To Hide, a gritty mystery of a track lifted from his debut EP, Auchenflower.
'Nothing To Hide' is hazy, evoking a nebulous feeling of early Tame Impala, or even The Beatles of Revolver times. L’Estrange’s voice sits defiantly atop an intoxicating, guitar-driven instrumental that pulls towards the magnetic, soaring chorus.

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Alex The Astronaut - Already Home     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 16/11/2016
Sydney-born, NYC-based singer and guitarist Alex The Astronaut is psyched to announce ‘Already Home’, her heart-warming new single which will be released via Minkowski Records on Friday November 18.
‘Already Home’ was produced/recorded by Benjamin McCarthy (Kate Miller-Heidke, Gordi, Nyck) in Melbourne earlier this year and showcases Alex the Astronaut’s enviable song-writing ability: observant lyrics drawn from personal experience, layered over clever melodies with sweeping strings, acoustic guitar and uplifting piano keeping you hooked from the very first listen.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

PLGRMS - Gemini     Electronic, Rock, Pop 30/09/2016
PLGRMS is the Sydney-based duo comprising of singer-songwriter Jacob Pearson and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Jonathan Bowden. They make a captivating brand of indie-tronica which has seen them support UK duo Oh Wonder.
Gemini. The man with two personalities, the twin, the alter ego. ‘Gemini’ stands up to its name in sound and lyrics, showing another side to the duo through a darker, more brooding sound compared to previous singles.


Alex L'Estrange - Favourite Star     Rock 23/08/2016
Part moon-tanned studio dweller, part world-weary troubadour, Brisbane-based songwriter and producer Alex L’Estrange is turning up on a fair few notable lists of 2016’s promising new artists to watch.
'Favourite Star' was written in an attempt to single-handedly channel the kind of live energy created by a crowd-working party band, the song prides itself on “not being too concerned with having dumb fun, even when you know it’s a little pathetic”, says Alex.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Castlecomer - Judy     Rock, Pop 22/08/2016
Castlecomer are one of the hardest working bands in Australia. Constantly touring built the band a dedicated fan base and turned their live show into a tight, electric, impressive experience.
I wrote 'Judy' as a way to release a big work week listening to really dark evidence in court. The groove and the hook had been in my head for weeks but I just needed something to sing about, and that’s where the character of Judy helped.

Other tracks by Castlecomer:  The Noise
Ben Wright Smith - Sand Grabber     Rock, Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 13/07/2016
Ben Wright Smith is back with a brand new single - ‘Sand Grabber’. To celebrate the release, he'll be touring to 35 regional and metro cities from July to October.
“Sand Grabber came from a jam with my buddy Nic. Whilst playing with synthesisers and 80's drums machines, I started playing the weird chords in the bridge. I've never written something so illogical or in such a backwards way but it sounded cool so I went with it.”

Alex The Astronaut - Holes In The Story     Folk, Electronic, Atmospheric 18/05/2016
Alex the Astronaut, who splits her time between Sydney & NYC, fell down the musical rabbit hole when she was gifted a drum kit at the age of three.
'Holes in the Story' - an upbeat and gleeful folktronica track that speaks volumes to Alex the Astronaut's optimistic and adventurous outlook. It's about people breaking the mould, with 'the bad guy' who smiles with his son, and a young couple who don't fit the fairytale image we're exposed to.

PLGRMS - Fools And Their Gold     Electronic, Pop, Rock, Atmospheric 18/05/2016
PLGRMS is the Sydney-based duo of singer-songwriter Jacob Pearson and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Jonathan Bowden. They make an infectious brand of indie pop that belies its deft musicality and control of energy
“Fools And Their Gold" speaks of someone denying the inevitable end of a relationship,” explains one half of the Australian duo Jonathan Bowden. “They can't – or won't – let go, despite knowing that it's not good for them.”

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Miles de Carteret - Honey     Electronic, Atmospheric, Downbeat, Rock 07/05/2016
Miles de Carteret is the Melbourne-based collaboration between singer/songwriter Miles de Carteret and producer/drummer Danny Barwick.
‘Honey’ is constructed on a bed of muted guitar playing, and fleshed with soft synthesiser pads, it's lulling and hypnotic. As Barwick says, ‘…we wanted to recreate the feeling of a diary entry, to try our best to connect directly with people and move them from place of honesty’.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Alex L'Estrange - Mr Mild     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 27/04/2016
Alex L’Estrange is a 24-year-old musician and producer (My Own Pet Radio, Mid Ayr) from Brisbane. He's now finally decided to release his own music as a solo artist.
Alex's latest single, Mr Mild, showcases his ability to let intrinsic, ethereal atmosphere shine through melodious indie pop.

Tales In Space - Stormy Eyes     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Atmospheric 27/04/2016
It’s been a while since we last heard from electro pop-rock act Tales In Space. The Sydney based band are now back with fresh new material, which is utterly mesmerising.
Tales in Space are excited to announce their new single 'Stormy Eyes', which is the first taste of new material from the band since debut LP 'Formula'. The track delivers a combination of colourful chords and upbeat grooves, while dusted with a dark undertone of lo-fi production.

Matt Black - Riot     Electronic, RnB, Soul 20/04/2016
Matt Black is a singer/songwriter from the inner west of Sydney who writes a lot of break ups songs and prefers the winter months.
Riot is the brilliant and entrancing second single from singer-songwriter Matt Black. The Sydney based artist describes his music as “moody, R&B-influenced, pop/soul with 808’s and a hint of Phil Collins. I want the music to soothe you and haunt you at the same time…”

Castlecomer - Escapism     Rock, Pop 26/11/2015
Castlecomer are a Sydney based 5-piece creating infectious indie rock/pop music, who have garnered a swathe of great reviews, huge support slots and reputation for an unforgettable live show.
Written while lead-singer Bede was working in a boarding house for men with schizophrenia, ‘Escapism’ is a reflection on the human necessity to find ways to escape every-day life.

"Escapism" - (noun) “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.”