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Tiny Monster

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JEFFE - Motionless     Pop 19/09/2019
Hailing from Sydney, JEFFE creates the sound of a day dream - half asleep, dusty, its unreliable narrator convinced only of soon having to descend back down into the haze.
An upbeat, breezy song on the surface, pulsating with a delicate staccato instrumentation, 'Motionless' has a much deeper and darker meaning in its concept. JEFFE sings with almost with morbid anticipation for embracing her inner turmoil. 'Motionless' reflects on the darker corners of the mind, the turbulence of emotions, the moments you think that maybe you’re too far gone.  

Fletcher Gull - Hypothermia     Pop, Indie, Folk, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/08/2019
Fletcher Gull has braved through salt and sun and the naked winter to deliver 'Hypothermia', a song that might have saved his life, ahead of BIGSOUND & a forthcoming EP.
Sleeping under canvas in the sub-zero Rocky Mountains of Canada, '’Hypothermia’ sees the Melbourne based musician reflect upon a glacial night where he sought warmth in song writing.

'Hypothermia' was produced and engineered by Gab Strum and Luke Bertoz, mixed by Gab Strum and is from the forthcoming debut EP by Fletcher Gull - Remember That You're Gone.

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Mila Nile - Mislead Me     Indie, Pop 27/08/2019
A Swede who calls Sydney home, breakout indie pop singer/songwriter Mila Nile is a musical hybrid.
"I wanted to create the feeling of letting go of social anxiety and succumbing to a crazy night out. Elements in the song represent that feeling – the weird, distorted hook in the instrumental breaks, surging pianos in the chorus, choir of claps in the bridge, they're different versions of myself that I become on nights out with new people.”

Alex The Astronaut - I Like To Dance     Folk, Pop 09/08/2019
One of Australia’s most exciting and honest songwriters Alex The Astronaut.
The new song from Sydney artist Alex The Astronaut, tells the story of an unnamed, hypothetical woman who experiences violence at the hands of her partner. This song isn't Alex's story: she wrote the song after a social encounter with a magistrate, who told Alex that he saw a devastating amount of cases of domestic violence each week.

MID CITY - Fake Friends Forever     Rock 02/08/2019
MID CITY are a force; their riffs are immediate, their choruses anthemic. Now they're back, and they’ve brought with them their most visceral and hard-hitting track yet -'Fake Friends Forever'.
Singer Joel Griffith elaborates on the lyrical inspiration, asking “When did the wider world become so full of bluster and bullsh*t? Anyone else seeing straight through the facade of false bravado and fake friends? These days it seems easier than ever to pretend your way to the top. I wonder what's left when you get there.”

Benfield - Morbid In the Morning     Pop, Rock 09/04/2019
Benfield makes a breath-taking return with latest track, Morbid in the Morning. The new single from Benfield continues to showcase his beautiful take on dreamy indie-pop-rock.
Benfield says of the track “I was trying to capture the conflict between the face we show to the world, and what we actually feel. The tug of war between the very real feeling of living with a deep sense of sadness, and the need to appear happy and together. It’s the struggle between authenticity and civility”.

MID CITY - No Surrender     Rock 14/03/2019
In the 12 months since their inception, MID CITY have already drummed up some serious attention from media, fans and industry both internationally and at home. Debut EP coming soon.
Hard-hitting single ‘No Surrender’, another almighty slice of punchy, passionate indie-rock.

Lead singer Joel Griffith expands on the track;
“’No Surrender’ is about the true impact of the digital age we find ourselves living in.. people become twisted, nightmarish versions of themselves catapulting through that rabbit hole."

JEFFE - Oh Dear     Electronic, Pop 22/02/2019
JEFFE shares her latest offering, 'Oh Dear', off her debut EP 'One Hundred Percent' - both of which are available to listen to now.
JEFFE says the new single Oh Dear “goes into the depth and darkness of what it’s really like to not be ready for a relationship and the sort of things you do when your head’s not in the right space. It’s a song for an ex - a half-arsed apology”. JEFFE worked closely with Dave Hammer (Baker Boy, Lime Cordiale)

Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever     Electronic, Australian Indigenous, Pop 31/01/2019
Multi-award winning Electric Fields are two feminine brothers who are uniting ancient Anangu culture with modern electronic music.
Brooding and bangin, this New Years anthem is a message stick to our current generation -sung in English and Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara. Its first ever performance was during the new year’s countdown to 2019 at the Woodford Amphitheatre to over 20,000 festival goers. It’s second performance will be on live television as a finalist for Australia’s next Eurovision entry in 2019.

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Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song (Shed Mix)     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 23/01/2019
Alex the Astronaut shares her the new mix for latest single 'Happy Song'.
Alex says: "I wrote this song at the start of the year about the awkward middle part of a breakup when you don't really know what you're doing. I recorded it with Sam (Cromack) and Dan (Hanson) from Ball Park Music."

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Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song     Pop, Folk, Rock 02/11/2018
Ahead of her forthcoming Space Tour this November, Alex the Astronaut shares her new single 'Happy Song'.
Alex says: "I wrote this song at the start of the year about the awkward middle part of a breakup when you don't really know what you're doing. I recorded it with Sam (Cromack) and Dan (Hanson) from Ball Park Music and it took us about nine months to get it right so it's pretty much a song baby.

Max Quinn - Serotonin     Rock, Punk 12/10/2018
Sydney based artist Max Quinn returns with his powerful and honest new single 'Serotonin'. "One of Australia's most exciting young voices" PILERATS
“’Serotonin’ is a song about depression. It’s about turning over every rock that you can find in search of a reason to continue, and over time, finding heaps of them. It’s about trying really hard to navigate out of that maze, and learning to take care of yourself in the process”

Benfield - Only When I'm Drunk     Pop, Electronic, Rock 29/08/2018
Sydney-based artist Benfield has released his latest single ‘Only When I’m Drunk’, demonstrating that he is one to keep your eye, and ear on.
‘Only When I’m Drunk’ is a dreamy electro-pop gem that expands on the sonic landscape that was laid out in Benfield’s debut. The cascading drums, suspended choruses, and emotive falsetto vocals all dance together to lead the listener to the track’s enthralling climax. He once again worked with Luke Bertoz on production duties (Tales in Space, Dappled Cities).

MID CITY - Old Habits     Rock, Punk, Pop 28/08/2018
Back when the cold months started approaching, Melbourne’s MID CITY burst onto the scene and into our ears to heat things up with their driving indie guitar sound.
Singer Joel Griffith said; “Old Habits is about the journey of rejection, resilience and rejuvenation. It's about a relationship I had that was all stars and Snickers bars for a while but went south because of some old habits I should have known would surface. Of course, hindsight’s 20/20 but that doesn't stop you kicking the crap out of yourself.

JEFFE - Undecided     Pop, Electronic 18/08/2018
Having grown up playing piano, sax, guitar and singing, JEFFE has taken time fleshing out her artistic vision. In early 2017, JEFFE was born.
The second single from JEFFE doesn’t so much play as shudder. Where her dreamy debut ‘Whoever You Love’ ascended gently from the depths, ‘Undecided’ is its flickering, moody sister, caught between spilling onto the dancefloor and shutting away in a bedroom. “Where’s my heart at?” sings JEFFE, sounding caught in a the small, nervous and neon-tinged world.

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Alex The Astronaut - Waste of Time     Pop, Folk 31/07/2018
One of Australia’s most exciting and honest songwriters ALEX THE ASTRONAUT is thrilled to release her anticipated new single ‘Waste of Time’
Kicking off in true Alex the Astronaut fashion, with her now-signature, spritely acoustic strumming and conversational storytelling ‘Waste of Time’ bursts into handclaps, tambourine and wobbly blasts of Casio-synth towards a hook of a chorus that will earworm you for days. At the centre of Alex’s songs are her tumbling words that tell the real story.

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MID CITY - Dead Broke Blues     Pop, Rock 01/05/2018
MID CITY make direct as f**k incendiary indie guitar pop.
The modern indie pop song - fizzing guitar melodies over urgent rhythms with lyrics that flickernbetween aimless angst and cathartic joy.

Says Joel, "We make hard pop to exorcise that constant second-guessing of yourself and win back some faith in ourselves... if only for 3:00.”

Heaps Good Friends - I Could Eat A Full Packet of Yo Yo’s     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Dance 22/11/2017
Heaps Good Friends – Emma Fradd (vocals / guitar), Nick O’Connor (bass / vocals) and Dan Steinert (drums) – are the trio known for delivering lyrically playful, synth pop treats.
‘I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yo’s’ is fast moving, quick witted and a dancefloor pop banger, kicking off with driving bass lines and teasing arpeggios. And we have to say standing ovation, honourable mention - whatever you want to call it- the synth outro deservedly gets it.

Alex the Astronaut - Not Worth Hiding     Folk, Pop, Gay Alligned 12/09/2017
Sydney-based folk-indie singer and guitarist Alex the Astronaut is thrilled to announce her forthcoming second EP See You Soon, led by the incredibly moving new single ‘Not Worth Hiding’.
‘Not Worth Hiding’ is a coming of age song in its purest form. It documents a big realisation Alex had at aged 16 written into one of the catchiest songs you’ll hear bounded by thumping drums and simple chords. It’s a raw, deeply personal track about finding yourself.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Album or Ep (See You Soon)

Ben Wright Smith - Hellion Heeled     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
Ben Wright Smith returns with latest single ‘Hellion Heeled’. The APRA award nominated singer-songwriter from Melbourne has delivered yet again with the release of his debut album ‘The Great Divorce’.
I was at a party with these punk rockers who were just posing the whole time. The next day I was teaching my friend’s dog to 'heel' or 'follow us'. I thought of the punks who’d been forced to obey the very thing they were pretending to be rebelling against.