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This Much Talent

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Laura Imbruglia - The Creeps     Rock, Punk 08/01/2019
Laura Imbruglia has been releasing records since the early noughties. A restless musician with broad music taste from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country, psychedelic rock and everything in between.
The Creeps is a simple song about being irritated that an ex-lover can still rattle you when you see them, no matter how many years have passed or how much water is under the bridge. An AC/DC channeling, full-blown pub rock banger complete with bellowing wails, power chords and room for some possible crowd-fueled, fist-pumping backing chants.

Sofala - In Touch     Rock, Psychedelic, Funk, Garage 15/01/2019
Sofala are seven-piece outfit that fuses sounds of psych rock with driving funk rhythms. They have become known for their wild, highly energetic and immersive live performances.
Recorded as an ode to ‘60s and ‘70s psych rock, and with some of the most endearing baritone vocals that ever did tickle your eardrums, ‘In Touch’ blends funk fuelled bass lines and synth-laden guitar hooks with bellowing drums to create a unique sound that'll tempt both Festival mosh pits and lounge room dance floors in an instant.

Chelsea Wilson - Breaking Down     Pop, Soul, Jazz 12/02/2019
Chelsea Wilson is a Melbourne based vocalist, songwriter, broadcaster and DJ. Her second album 'Chasing Gold' sees Chelsea move into rare-groove territory, fusing her love of disco, pop and jazz.
Taken from Chelsea's highly anticipated second album 'Chasing Gold', 'Breaking Down' sees Chelsea move into rare-groove territory, fusing her love of early disco, epic pop and jazz. Produced by ARIA nominated composer/ bassist Ross McHenry (The Shaolin Afronauts), 'Breaking Down' is a deeply personal song about an abusive domestic relationship, and sees Chelsea at her most heartfelt yet.

Monnone Alone - Do It Twice     Pop, Rock 12/02/2019
Monnone Alone are a pop group based around the songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) and featuring members of pop tinkerers Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps.
'Do It Twice’ is a vibrant slice of the outfit’s storied history and yet another exciting glimpse of their sophomore LP. Repurposed pop tropes and nuanced moments of surf-soaked doo-wop weave in and out of the track’s layered guitars and hearty percussion, driving home a fully realised indie-rock warble that has come to define the band’s sound.

On Diamond - Poison Blood     Pop, Experimental, Folk 12/02/2019
Combining pop with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act led by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
Produced by Lisa Salvo with assistance from Evelyn Ida Morris, ‘Poison Blood’, follows a raw path which the band has forged with previous releases and explores breaking the cycle of pain by way of Salvo’s powerful vocals, making it impossible to ignore the weight of the song’s lyrics. A much slower underlying tempo, allows the song to wash over listeners.

On Diamond - Poison Blood     Rock, Experimental, Pop 15/02/2019
Combining pop with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act lead by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
‘Poison Blood’ follows the raw and honest path which the band has forged with previous releases and explores breaking the cycle of pain. Salvo’s refined, yet powerful vocals, making it impossible to ignore the weight of the song’s lyrics. The much slower underlying tempo allows the song to wash over, leaving an empowering sentiment of ending a victim mentality.

Merpire - Lately     Pop, Rock 01/03/2019
The past 12 months has seen Merpire release her debut EP Endless Chatter, plus support artists including support slots with Angie McMahon, Olympia, Phantastic Ferniture, Oh Pep! Didirri and more.
An initial slow burner, ‘Lately’ quickly unfolds into a dense layering of organic and digital instrumentation that tinkers with elements of indie-rock and garage subtleties whilst maintaining Merpire’s signature pop sparkle. Aching vocal pleas and minimalist production implode into bursts of sonorous guitar breaks, driving percussion and fuzzed-out synths making for a cathartic play of restraint and release.

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Angie McMahon - Pasta     Folk, Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
Angie first drew the attention of the Australian music scene with her first single 'Slow Mover' which quickly connected to enthusiastic audiences.
A song about feeling really tired, trying anyway and wanting to rock out like Springsteen, 'Pasta' sees Angie liken eating too much gluten to feelings of loss and hope.

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Laura Imbruglia - Carry You Around     Rock, Pop, Garage, Folk 20/03/2019
Laura Imbruglia has been releasing records since the early noughties. With broad music taste, she has covered almost all genres from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country and psychedelic rock.
Carry You Around’ gives a nostalgic sound of 90s indie rock. Imbruglia showcases unique lyrical insights with punchy vocals backed by jangly guitars and bass player Kelly Dingeldei flawless harmonies. ‘Carry You Around’ is the perfect segway to the impending release of the forthcoming LP 'Scared Of You'.

Chelsea Wilson - Give You Up     Funk/Soul, Pop, Soul 05/04/2019
Melbourne based vocalist, songwriter, broadcaster and DJ, Chelsea Wilson is back with her highly anticipated second album 'Chasing Gold' which is out now via House of Valerie Joan.
Another featured track taken from the new album Chasing Gold, ‘Give You Up’\u2028is a heady disco track about an insatiable sexual relationship which sees Chelsea move away from her previous sound and move into the rare-groove territory, fusing her love of early disco, epic pop and jazz.

Brain Romance - Honest Words     Folk 24/04/2019
Melbourne artist Hannah Cameron and Canadian musician Brian Campeau have long shared a mutual admiration and nurturing of one another’s musical journeys.
‘Honest Words’ is an immediately arresting refrain and one that is sure to set the tone for what’s to come from this long-awaited dream partnership. With the single out Wednesday 1 May, Brain Romance is thrilled to announce some of their first-ever live shows, heading to Sydney, Melbourne, and Castlemaine at the changing of the seasons this May.

Clio - Silly Girls     Pop, Pop 24/04/2019
Clio Renner is a Melbourne born pianist, vocalist and songwriter who has made her name as the go-to keyboardist and session player for a roll-call of Australian rock royalty.
Written in response to the common trivialization of women in the music industry and beyond, ‘Silly Girls’ is an ode to all women who have been made to feel undermined. An unfurling pop ballad that builds to great heights the single was first imagined as a form of self-help but quickly evolved to become a motivational mantra.

Monnone Alone - Summer of the Mosquito     Pop, Rock, Garage 26/04/2019
Monnone Alone are a bona fide pop group based around the sagacious songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) and features members Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps.
‘Summer of the Mosquito’ is the titular opening track and latest single from the soon to be released LP. The band work up a vigorous power-pop lather, complete with jangling 12-string guitar and layered voices evoking a time long-gone but, as the song’s lyrics suggest, far from forgotten. Roll the windows down for this one, friend… “let’s do it again!”

Eaglemont - Hound     Rock, Pop 03/05/2019
Eaglemont not only invites listeners into her corner of the world but creates a sounding board relating to audiences through stories of heartbreak, love, friendship.
‘Hound’ reflects on mental health and the desire to protect your loved ones from your shortcomings. Brandishing a velvety tone with crashing drum beats, JEaglemont's distinct vocals are reminiscent of an androgynous tone. With music and lyrics written by Eaglemont herself, the compelling lyrics remind us all to respect that everyone has their own race to run.

Dana Gehrman - Hands Tied     Folk, Rock 10/05/2019
Dana Gehrman is a Brisbane based guitar-slinger and singer. She has shared the studio and toured nationally with Tim Rogers with her 70s 'west coast' inspired aesthetic.
‘Hands Tied’ follows on from its well-received title track of last year, and trades the no-fills charm of its predecessor for full blown boogie complete with Hammond solos and Fender bending like never before. To celebrate the release, Dana will play two special single launch shows at Brisbane’s The Grand on Stanley and Lulie’s Tavern, Melbourne this May.

Youthfire - Nice Boys     Electronic 20/05/2019
Youthfire is Melbourne based singer and producer, Stephen Carmichael. They share stories about their personal life through compositions influenced by futuristic perceptions of New Wave and 1980’s pop music.
Following from single ‘Emerging’, ‘Nice Boys’ sees Youthfire settling further into their own as an artist, producer, songwriter and person, pushing the boundaries of their sound with bold confidence and a strikingly beautiful sentiment. Working with local electronic artist Abraham Tilbury, ‘Nice Boys’ is a mellowed out trip that delves in and out of futuristic new wave and indie pop.

Birdsnake Featuring POOKIE, FL-Smiley and N’Fa Jones - Stationary     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, RnB 19/06/2019
Birdsnake is a singular entity made up of 6 diverse musical personalities, coming together to create a blend of jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythmic grooves that infect the mind, body and soul.
Settled atop the act’s signature jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythms, lies the punchy opening hook of Naarm-based MC POOKIE and the smooth, nonchalant verses of rapper FL-Smiley. Alongside the seasoned artist N’Fa Jones, the team-up makes for a sonic blend of R&B, hip-hop and soul. ‘Stationary’ is a mantric groove that delves into self-love, personal growth and spiritual guidance.

Angie McMahon - And I Am A Woman     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/06/2019
Angie McMahon is a musician who loves honest songwriting and romantic melodies. Angie loves to write and perform across the full dynamic spectrum, shifting between gravelly intimacy and pounding rock.
Angie’s intimate and powerful songwriting couples melancholy and solitude with anthemic guts, and truthful storytelling, which is connecting with audiences around the world. Latest single, ‘And I Am A Women’ Angie says “There are all these things that our society teaches us about bodies, spaces, choices, feelings, safety, that we have to question and unlearn and do better with."

Dana Gehrman - These Days     Folk 28/06/2019
A truly captivating live presence with a charisma like no other, it’s easy to see why artists such as The Teskey Brothers have picked Dana to open their shows.
Another superb track from Brisbane's Dana Gehrman, 'These Days' explores the feeling of being burnt out and letting the daily grind getting you down. Originally the new single was not a contender for the tracklist on Gehrman's up and coming album but the slide guitar courtesy of Danny (Widdicombe) made it irresistible.

The Attics - Instant Feed     Pop, Psychedelic 10/07/2019
Hailing from Colac, The Attics craft their own brand of high-contrast indie. Jangly guitars, ear worming bass hooks and percussive layers melt into a blend of dream-pop and psych-rock.
Drawing inspiration from society’s toxic relationship with social media, ‘Instant Feed’ explores the intent behind curating our lives for social media. A very topical concept in the modern age of technology with social media platforms on the rise. The Attics beautifully juxtapose the song’s sentiment with a warm fuzz sound mixed with jubilant vocals blending flawlessly together.