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This Much Talent

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Georgia State Line - Older Than I Am     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 08/05/2017
Georgia State Line banded together over that sweet sound of country twang. Like an Emmylou or Dolly song, their music exemplifies the essence of old time country innocence.
‘Older Than I Am’ is the first single taken from Georgia State Line's forthcoming EP. It's an upbeat Americana song written by band leader Georgia Delves about the tiresome exercise that becomes when you are tied to a preconceived idea of your age bracket.

Hannah Blackburn - With Rest     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country 11/05/2017
Melbourne's folk-pop musician, Hannah Blackburn, is transitioning from solo acoustic melancholy, to performing with her new band and electric guitar. A reminder that even sad things can sometimes be happy.
A song written in the winter of 2016, as a message to a sick family member. Sometimes there isn't a right time to tell someone how to feel, and certainly not to feel better, but encourage the idea of moving, even if it's just getting out of bed.

Thomas Oliver - Tenderly     Blues/Roots, RnB, Soul, Folk 22/05/2017
Singer-songwriter Thomas Oliver is internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading players of the Weissenborn lap-steel guitar helping him develop an international audience reputation as an artist to watch.
'Tenderly' is a song with a message reminding us that we need love, just as we need air and water. Featuring Thomas playing Weissenborn, the track has a deep, earthy groove and a reggae-style bassline with recurring themes throughout the lyrics of heat and water.

Other tracks by Thomas Oliver:  Losin  -  Shine Like The Sun
Miles and Simone - She and I     Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2017
Heartbreaker alt-country duo Miles and Simone weave their lonesome seaside lullabies and ballads with restraint - two sublime voices, catchy melodies, poetic lyrics and hilarious banter.
Simone Page Jones’ wistful and theatrical vocals alongside Miles O’Neil’s courteous charm as always, makes for the perfectly balanced blend of melancholy and nostalgia. ‘She And I’ was birthed on a backstory of whimsy and happenstance when Miles discovered a battered old classical guitar in Melbourne’s Basement Discs record store.

Merpire - Holding Breath     Electronic, Pop 25/05/2017
Merpire is the sound dreamed up by Sydney singer/song-writer Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt, who takes the typical mood of the ukulele, and warps it into new uncharted sounds.
'Holding Breath' is both an insight into Merpire's introspection and a violent exaggeration of what it can feel like to look for love in the same place you were hurt. The track features pitch-bending violins to match the ups and downs of that emotional process.


Dan Vogl - If I Die     Folk, Atmospheric 05/06/2017
Dan Vogl is an indie/folk artist born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Originally a self-taught singer/songwriter, Dan spent his early career recording and touring in various musical projects.
If I Die’ is the debut single from Dan Vogl. Produced and mixed by Guus Hoevenaars, the track is an uplifting journey of texture and harmony, featuring Dan’s unique vocals and story telling, about the internal battle around religion and the influence in which faith can have in our lives.

Georgia State Line - Way Back When     Country, Folk 19/07/2017
A seasoned six-piece of ole twang-loving musicians, lead by Georgia Delves, praised as one of Australia’s best up-and-coming Country/Americana acts.
A slow crooner, Way Back When is a story of love and woe; of a homesickness and lust for the simplicity and ease of times bygone.

Other tracks by Georgia State Line:  Heaven Knows
Patrick Wilson - Nobody     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Soul 28/07/2017
Rural-turned-suburban genre-bending country Americana artist Patrick Wilson writes music around the trials and tribulations of rural life, combining groove and soul, with both classic and alternative country lilts.
‘Nobody’ harnesses the pure story telling of traditional heart-on-your-sleeve style Americana with rockabilly tropes that are both playful and uplifting. A sing-along number that could just as likely have been lifted from a ‘60s ballroom dance floor as it could a modern day country folk festival set list.

Tinpan Orange - Wanderers     Folk 15/08/2017
Indie-folk darlings Tinpan Orange are one of Australia’s great brother-sister outfits made up of the ethereal and mesmerising Emily Lubitz, brother & guitarist Jesse Lubitz & violin virtuoso Alex Burkoy.
Composed by Harry Angus (The Cat Empire), ‘Wanderers’ holds in its grasp the effortless delicacies that have come to distinguish Tinpan Orange’s unique sound: highly stylised folk melodies of iridescent string arrangements, ethereal vocals and subtle guitar work of perfect refrain. A most breath-taking, feet-sweeping arrangement.


Youthfire - Puppet     Electronic, Pop 24/08/2017
Youthfire is the brainchild of Brisbane-born Melbourne-based bedroom producer Stephen Carmichael who weaves intimate stories of personal life with highly nuanced sounds of new wave, 80s nostalgia and indie electronica.
‘Puppet’ is a composition that blends vulnerability and raw emotion into a seamless soundscape of intimate honesty. Its restrained rhythms build with textural layers of James Blake-esque vocal hooks with Perfume Genius style dramatisation, to make for a dreamlike reflection of human fragility that is the epitome of Youthfire’s sound.

SO.Crates - Divide/ 30/70 Replay     Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul 19/09/2017
Hip hop traditionalists, producer Skomes and Californian born Australian resident MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O, AKA SO.Crates have already staked their claim as one of Melbourne's most sought after live acts.
SO.Crates have provided an early taste tester of the reissue with the newly reworked version of ‘Divide’, handled by Melbourne’s very own 30/70 Collective featuring the vocals of Allysha Joy showcasing her honest energy of love and light, that is channelled through Soul and Jazz music.

The Northern Folk - Get On     Blues/Roots, Pop, Folk, Rock 26/09/2017
Eleven-piece collective of multi-talented musos The Northern Folk have been taking Australia by storm, with their unique genre mash-up of brass-heavy, big sound anthems and intricate blues ballads.
Get On’ showcases The Northern Folk’s extensive musical prowess, with catchy pop undertones that cleverly and intently make for a nuanced blend of soaring highs and intimate lows. 'Get On's' multi-layered harmonies, driving percussion and horns galore, reaches further into more uncharted territories, navigating new styles.

Mo•Louie - I'll Call You     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz 28/09/2017
Mo•Louie lives in a world where the soul and the artificial are intertwined. Her electro-pop soul powered music comes from what she sees around her.
The 90’s inspired second single from the sexy Mo.louie, a soulful journey through heartbreak and growth of her debut EP ‘Fire Brick’. Electronic samples and slap bass blend with mo’s haunting harmonies of pain.

Jazz Party - Drowning     Jazz, Soul, RnB, Instrumental 29/09/2017
Late nights, flickering neon and beer fueled dance freak-outs over a gravely wailing saxophone - think New Orleans meets Twin Peaks. This is Jazz Party. Melbourne’s Monday night secret society.
‘Drowning’ plunges deep into a wild dash of careering percussion, epic horn sections and manic keys, making for a gospel take on retro swing and jump blues. Commanding vocalist Loretta Miller spills her woes of drowning sorrows and burning love with the deep baritones of the rest of the band.

Victory Lap - The Afterlife     Pop, Easy Listening, Rock 12/10/2017
Victory Lap is the low-key indie rock project from Melbourne musician and music video director Alex Badham, formerly of bands aleks & the ramps/Magic Hands.
'The Afterlife' is a song about the feeling of early summer, soaking in magic hour with a little G&T buzz going on. It’s a woozy summertime jam with undertones of melancholic weariness – a breezy pop number with upbeat energy and down-and-out vibes.

Patrick Wilson - Come Closer     Country, Soul, Acoustic 21/10/2017
Combining groove and soul, with classic and alternative country lilts, Patrick Wilson's eclectic sound is old twang and doo-wop, with subtle nods to ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll.
Kick back and enjoy the slow ballad of 'Come Closer' one of the only slower tracks from 'Anywhere With A Rooftop'. sees 'Come Closer' sees Patrick Wilson harnessing the pure story telling of traditional heart-on-your-sleeve style Americana.

Other tracks by Patrick Wilson:  One Single Moment
Youthfire - Lift Me Up     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 02/11/2017
Youthfire is the moniker of Melbourne based singer-songwriter and producer, Stephen Carmichael, who shares stories about his personal life through compositions that have a warped sense of New Wave nostalgia.
A song written by Youthfire two years ago when he first moved interstate to Melbourne, 'Lift Me Up' was born out of feeling of that Youthfire was moving past hurdles and barriers that he had created for myself and I was finally moving forward in his new hometown.

Mo•Louie - Dance Into The Sun     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Pop 09/11/2017
Mo•Louie is an emerging electro-pop artist hailing from Melbourne, with a voice balancing power and vulnerability merged with lush electronics.
'Dance Into The Sun' is a ballad on Mo•Louie's debut EP 'Fire Brick, that continues the story telling of the troubled, passionate and cluttered mind of a fiery woman with many strengths and struggles.

Other tracks by Mo•Louie:  Remember When
SO.Crates - Saltfish And Sinnerman (Skomes and Billy Davis Replay)     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 28/11/2017
Comprised of Melbourne producer Skomes and Californian born MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O, SO.Crates' sound is a culmination of jazz, soul and late 90s/early 2000s Rawkus era hip hop.
A mellow mind state transfusion that gives an idea of why the small California desert city I grew up in is so special to me. The heat, the space, the lifestyle, they're all in there as conscious images, packed into the music like magazine clippings stuffed into a little shoebox.

Youthfire - Wasting Away     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience 06/12/2017
Youthfire is the moniker of emerging indie electronic sensation Stephen Carmichael who produces textural soundscapes of cathartic euphoria that explore his own journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
'Wasting Away' I wrote after hearing D’Angelo's album “Voodoo” for the first time. To me, the album explores themes around love, spirituality and sexuality. I especially love how open and sexually expressive D’Angelo is. It is such a beautiful record, and soon after listening to it, I wrote 'Wasting Away'.