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This Much Talent

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FourPlay String Quartet - Wish     Rock, Classical, Pop 10/08/2018
FourPlay String Quartet defy convention and stereotyping. As much a band as a string quartet, they blur the boundaries between styles and genres while maintaining their own original true sound.
FourPlay put the ‘eclectic’ back into ‘electric string quartet’ with ‘Wish’, a powerful, haunting ballad about living in a climate-changed world. 'Wish' has tones of Not Drowning Waving and ‘70s folk protest songs, with powerful lyrics delivered passionately by Tim Hollo and Lara Goodridge, intricate viola lines from Shenzo Gregorio, and a soaring, poignant cello solo from Peter Hollo.

Josh The Cat - I'll Remember You     Electronic, Pop 26/07/2018
Josh The Cat is a place, a state of mind, a portal through which Melbourne singer, songwriter, producer Joshua Teicher travels to explore his personal musical galaxy.
I'll Remember You brings together his gentle and quirky personality with his bold and refined production and songwriting skills, creating an addictive, bittersweet earworm of shimmering nostalgic pop--as though Beck were fronting a Pharrell jam. From dreamy and sparse beginnings centred by Josh the Cat’s crisp voice and underpinned by super-funky bass guitar, the song blooms with each chorus.

Cookin' On 3 Burners - Warning featuring Kaiit     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB 20/07/2018
Cookin’ On 3 Burners are Australia’s hardest hitting Hammond Organ Trio – joining the dots between Deep Funk, Raw Soul, Organ Jazz & Boogaloo.
'Warning’ is the lead single from CO3B's forthcoming album Lab Experiments Vol. 2, and was co-written with PNG-born and Melbourne based vocalist and songwriter Kaiit. With honeyed vocals, fierce rhymes and a bold eclectic style to match, 19-year-old Kaiit is alluring audiences to her sweet sound of soul. Kaiit is running things on this punchy, hard-hitting vocal banger.

Ella Hooper - To The Bone     Pop, Dance 20/07/2018
Best known as the front-woman of rock pop outfit Killing Heidi, Ella Hooper is an established solo artist in her own right with a vibrant brand of spiky alternative pop.
Conjuring the healing energy of disco and the staunch grit of rock, ‘To The Bone’ is at once a liberating feminist anthem and a game changing moment for Ella. Much like the technicolour pop queen herself, the single packs its punch of both silliness and sexiness in a bombastic and deeply groovy indie banger, reimagined through an apocalyptic disco lens.

Georgia State Line - Dry My Tears     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 20/07/2018
Fronted by singer songwriter Georgia Delves, the group blend vintage and contemporary sounds to create songs that feel warmed and lived-in, with a nod to old-time traditions alongside introspective lyricism.
"This single was written after taking a trip back to my hometown and gaining perspective after a boozy night. It’s about navigating through old friends and passed times, celebrating an ending and feeling grateful for times changing. I don’t think we stop and give ourselves enough credit for constantly moving forward and adapting. We should celebrate our efforts more."

Angie McMahon - Keeping Time     Pop, Rock 19/07/2018
Angie's honest songwriting and romantic melodies cover the full dynamic spectrum, shifting between gravelly intimacy and pounding rock.
'​Keeping Time' is a love song for self-discipline.
“​Keeping Time is me yelling at myself to get off my arse and do some work... but in a loving way. You know what you want and you can either back yourself or keep bad habits, so take note of where you’re at and use it as fuel." - Angie McMahon

Thomas Keating - I'll Break Your Heart     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 09/07/2018
Thomas Keating is a Sydney-born Melbourne-based indie rock aficionado who crafts intimate tales of home and country life through honest storytelling and colourful songwriting.
Produced by Gordon Burke at Everland Studios Sydney, 'I'll Break Your Heart' was mastered by Nick Franklin (Polish Club, Buried Feather) and engineered by Dorny Mayes at Linear Studios. With catchy pop phrasing, driving bass hooks, and a peppering of twinkling keys ‘I’ll Break Your Heart’ is glimmering indie pop that demands sing-alongs long after the final strum.

Ben Panucci - Quite     Pop, Psychedelic, Electronic 03/07/2018
Ben Panucci - Think Mac Demarco meets Father John Misty and Jeff Buckley at the pub…where they proceed to laugh and cry over many beers.
A sardonic and honest journey into Panucci’s inner workings 'Quite' is a break up song that overcomes itself to realise that in the end everything’s pretty alright. The choral beginnings gives the song a church-like feel that soon transcends into lush synth and guitar hooks as the song changes and the band opens up into a dreamy groove.

The Attics - Ultramarine     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Experimental 26/06/2018
Hailing from Colac, in Victoria's West, The Attics craft their own brand of melt-in-your-mouth psych-pop built of jangly guitars and ear worming bass hooks.
Mixed by acclaimed engineer Steven Schram, ‘Ultramarine’ sees The Attics testing the elasticity of pre-established boundaries and stretching beyond any self-appointed limitations. Without denying their signature guitar jangle and catchy melodic charm, ‘Ultramarine’ slips away from the light and airy stream of pop consciousness that has served the outfit thus far and begins to plunge into thought-provoking depth.

Hannah Cameron - What Remains     Folk, Alternative Country 08/06/2018
Hannah Cameron’s voice is that of pure awe. The young alt-folk artist has been carefully crafting delicate refrains to match it for years, growing ever grander with each release.
"A song about forgiveness. It was written during a time when I was hurt pretty brutally by a close friend. I had this moment of realising that I could choose how I wanted to respond and that it’s easier to love and forgive than it is to hold onto hurt."

Gena Rose Bruce - Coming Down     Rock, Alternative Country, Psychedelic, Folk 27/05/2018
Emerging out of what seems like thin air, Melbourne’s newfound queen of husky tones and sultry vocals Gena Rose Bruce is beginning to conquer the local indie scene.
The punchy new slice of indie-pop from Bruce is a happy-go-lucky look into self-destruction and total upheaval, complete with ironic cheerfulness and introspective criticism. 'Coming Down' is a moody pop ballad with a hint of garage rock.

Field Maps - Cassavetes     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 14/05/2018
Field Maps is the solo recording project of Melbourne musician Daniel Moss. Since the dissolution of his previous band I a Man.
With a knack for pensive psychedelia and subtle earworms, Field Maps deliver their own brand of lazy guitar pop, with ‘Cassavetes’ following on from the pastoral nostalgia of previous recordings, and this time with an understated urgency and wave of shifting spaces.

James Milsom - Mission     Pop, Electronic, Pop 14/05/2018
Melbourne based producer James Milsom deals in carefully crafted, lyrically driven songs, floating with dreamy synthesizers, thoughtful measures of guitar and a delicious combo of acoustic and electronic drum sounds.
‘Mission’ is a sweeping arrangement of nuanced subtleties, with a dense layering of synths and samples, plus keys courtesy of Nate Gilkes and percussion from Mark Leahy making for a lush take on indie-pop, making it the perfect dreamy soundtrack to the ever-impending cold and cloudy Sundays to come.

Charlotte Roberts - Stay In Your Power     World, Experimental, Hip Hop 17/04/2018
An ever evolving creatrix, sound weaver, musician and explorer of the spirit of play, Charlotte Roberts has been described as the love child of the Mad Hatter and Alice.
A poetic slam of vocal gymnastics, ‘Stay In Your Power’ is a mantra about femininity and power, the gift of life and the strength of family bonds. Tapping into hip-hop, soul and pop while simultaneously rebelling against them all, it's an experimental layering of vocal loops and beat box hooks.

Merpire - Invitation     Pop, Electronic 16/04/2018
Merpire fashions soundscapes of macabre dream-pop that explore the fluidity of life, death, relationships and the human condition.
Invitation is about a time I was really fighting the need to be on my own. I struggled to be the one to provide the love I needed. It's about the confusion and the clarity, the frustration and the freedom, the loneliness and the longing that came along with that.

Baby Blue - I Like You     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 10/04/2018
Baby Blue's lead singer Rhea Caldwell performs with an ease few can claim to possess, tapping into sounds of 60s surf rock with a sprinkling of Americana and indie pop.
‘I Like You’ is a song about crushing on someone, and sees Rhea harnessing the storytelling of traditional heart-on-your-sleeve doo-wop with subtle nods to ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll, that is both playful and uplifting. The jangly guitars and the catchy pop melodies just beg you to sing along.

Ben Panucci - Come Over     Pop, Soul, Chill, Easy Listening 10/04/2018
Sydney based guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer Ben Panucci creates sounds of highly intricate yet uplifting production and personal lyrics.
The song is both whimsical and uplifting in its production as it is in its lyrical content. With a hooky synth bass line unfolding over lush synths and languid guitar lines, Ben’s vocal talks about the excitement of meeting a lover and the positive effects that can it can entail.

Fool Child - Dance On Your Own     Pop, Folk 10/04/2018
Blending the ethereal soundscapes of indie-folk with the lighthearted clutter of surf-rock, Fool Child’s dreamy tones are meaningful and playful. Think Angus Stone vocals splattered on a Foals-inspired backdrop.
‘Dance On Your Own' is a song about change and the inevitable transitions we all have to go through as travellers. More upbeat, than past songs by Fool Child, 'Dance On Your Own' still has that folky element at the root but shows the band's slight change in direction.

Mariah McCarthy - Hail Mary     Folk, Easy Listening 10/04/2018
Mariah McCarthy is a folk singer/songwriter, influenced by the story telling of Dylan and Young, with femininity reminiscent of Joni. Al these combined make her a unique captivating artist.
'Hail Mary' is an uptempo gentle folk song, showcasing Mariah's songwriting sympathetic vocals, and is about growing old and the heartbreak of having a loved one whose memory has faded, and while they are physically still here, mentally they are gone.

Hannah Cameron - What's It For     Folk, Alternative Country 26/03/2018
Singer-songwriter Hannah Cameron possesses a power within her music that is immediately arresting. Her evocative lyrics explore a range of themes and emotions, maintaining a voice both assured and insightful.
"We live in a world where there is this growing pressure to make our private lives public. It's become a bizarre way of validating our relationships and I suppose that this song was my way of trying to articulate the absurdity of it all." - Hannah Cameron

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)