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This Much Talent

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On Diamond - Poison Blood     Rock, Experimental, Pop 15/02/2019
Combining pop with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act lead by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
‘Poison Blood’ follows the raw and honest path which the band has forged with previous releases and explores breaking the cycle of pain. Salvo’s refined, yet powerful vocals, making it impossible to ignore the weight of the song’s lyrics. The much slower underlying tempo allows the song to wash over, leaving an empowering sentiment of ending a victim mentality.

Chelsea Wilson - Breaking Down     Pop, Soul, Jazz 12/02/2019
Chelsea Wilson is a Melbourne based vocalist, songwriter, broadcaster and DJ. Her second album 'Chasing Gold' sees Chelsea move into rare-groove territory, fusing her love of disco, pop and jazz.
Taken from Chelsea's highly anticipated second album 'Chasing Gold', 'Breaking Down' sees Chelsea move into rare-groove territory, fusing her love of early disco, epic pop and jazz. Produced by ARIA nominated composer/ bassist Ross McHenry (The Shaolin Afronauts), 'Breaking Down' is a deeply personal song about an abusive domestic relationship, and sees Chelsea at her most heartfelt yet.

Monnone Alone - Do It Twice     Pop, Rock 12/02/2019
Monnone Alone are a pop group based around the songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) and featuring members of pop tinkerers Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps.
'Do It Twice’ is a vibrant slice of the outfit’s storied history and yet another exciting glimpse of their sophomore LP. Repurposed pop tropes and nuanced moments of surf-soaked doo-wop weave in and out of the track’s layered guitars and hearty percussion, driving home a fully realised indie-rock warble that has come to define the band’s sound.

On Diamond - Poison Blood     Pop, Experimental, Folk 12/02/2019
Combining pop with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act led by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
Produced by Lisa Salvo with assistance from Evelyn Ida Morris, ‘Poison Blood’, follows a raw path which the band has forged with previous releases and explores breaking the cycle of pain by way of Salvo’s powerful vocals, making it impossible to ignore the weight of the song’s lyrics. A much slower underlying tempo, allows the song to wash over listeners.

Sofala - In Touch     Rock, Psychedelic, Funk, Garage 15/01/2019
Sofala are seven-piece outfit that fuses sounds of psych rock with driving funk rhythms. They have become known for their wild, highly energetic and immersive live performances.
Recorded as an ode to ‘60s and ‘70s psych rock, and with some of the most endearing baritone vocals that ever did tickle your eardrums, ‘In Touch’ blends funk fuelled bass lines and synth-laden guitar hooks with bellowing drums to create a unique sound that'll tempt both Festival mosh pits and lounge room dance floors in an instant.

Laura Imbruglia - The Creeps     Rock, Punk 08/01/2019
Laura Imbruglia has been releasing records since the early noughties. A restless musician with broad music taste from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country, psychedelic rock and everything in between.
The Creeps is a simple song about being irritated that an ex-lover can still rattle you when you see them, no matter how many years have passed or how much water is under the bridge. An AC/DC channeling, full-blown pub rock banger complete with bellowing wails, power chords and room for some possible crowd-fueled, fist-pumping backing chants.

Kay Proudlove - Gift Card     Folk, Alternative Country 07/12/2018
Engaging, emotional and witty, Kay Proudlove is an indie-folk singer-songwriter with a remarkably agile, engaging, honest, soul-bearing voice and a wry, dry-ice sense of humour.
The inspiration for 'Gift Card' came on a day when three separate people told me they couldn’t believe it was nearly Christmas. This was in October. It struck me that it’s something people say every year, which got me thinking about what people go through around Christmas - good and bad.

Youthfire - Emerging     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 19/11/2018
Melbourne based singer and producer, Stephen Carmichael aka Youthfire, shares stories about their personal life through compositions influenced by futuristic perceptions of New Wave and 1980’s pop music.
‘Emerging’ was inspired by the documentary ‘Chris and Don,’ which depicts the lifelong relationship between author Christopher Isherwood and his much younger lover, artist Don Bachardy. Featuring Melbourne rapper, Diemne plus backing vocals from Abraham Tilbury and Mo•Louie, 'Emerging' is the first release that shares Youthfire’s collaborative adventures with friends.

Field Maps - Somewhere Underground     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 17/11/2018
Field Maps is the recent solo endeavour from Melbourne musician Daniel Moss, known for lending his guitar wielding skills to psych outfit Sunbeam Sound Machine and previously I, A Man
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Caswell (Bad//Dreems, Flyying Colours) at The Alamo, 'Somewhere Underground' is classic Field Maps dream pop, with a subtle dose of waking lucidity. The result is an intelligent, poetic serenade that is at once captivating and hypnotising.

Victory Lap - I Knew That I’d Regret It But I Did It Anyway     Rock, Pop 09/11/2018
Victory Lap is the solo project from Melbourne musician and music video director Alex Badham (Aleks and The Ramps, Magic Hands).
Victory Lap, takes his aloof indie style to new lengths, in endearing and often danceable pop arrangements. ‘I Knew That I’d Regret It But I Did It Anyway’ is the complete epitome of this. Pitting groovy basslines and tropical guitar hooks against deep monotone vocals, this impulsive happy-go-lucky number is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny weekend spent disregarding responsibilities.

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Natasha Johanna - Belmont Park     Pop, Folk 31/10/2018
Natasha Johanna can sing light into any room. A multi-instrumentalist and no stranger to the music scene, Johanna experiments with influences ranging from Leonard Cohen to Kate Bush and Nico.
In its essence 'Belmont Park' is about being young and carefree but it’s also my adult self acknowledging that carefree girl… And reminding myself that even as we get older there’s still a child alive inside somewhere that knows how to enjoy those seemingly simple but beautiful things.

Cookin' On 3 Burners - One of the Ones feat. Kylie Auldist     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB 26/10/2018
Cookin’ On 3 Burners continue to evolve their 60′s/70′s inspired sound, blossoming from the trio’s experimental beginnings paying homage to artists on the Prestige, Blue Note & Groove Merchant labels.
Soul queen Kylie Auldist shines brightly on this melodic soul chugger. Kylie’s not one of the millions she’s One of the Ones stepping out and claiming what’s hers. The perfect blend of sweetness and heat.

The Northern Folk - Cold     Folk, Soul, Rock, Roots 26/10/2018
The Northern Folk are a collective of ten musical ambitionists who spread their unique brand of folk/pop/stomp/rock with two powerful vocalists, roaring horns, bashful bass and addictive percussion.
Cold is about the insecurities that keep us from being in love; the anxiety that ties us down for fear of the unknown, the worry that pushing for what we truly want might send it speeding away. It’s not a solution, but a warning of what we stand to lose when we are dishonest with ourselves.

On Diamond - How     Pop, Experimental 06/10/2018
Combining the pop song form with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act lead by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
The second taste of the outfit’s forthcoming debut album, ‘How’ manifests feelings of grief and disconnect in a compelling account of ties lost and independence gained. Sonic disarray makes way for moments of nuanced tenderness and drifting lucidity in this dark pop number of empowering lyricism and thoughtful songwriting.

Ben Panucci - Age of Consequence     Pop, Rock 24/09/2018
Ben Panucci's debut release as a solo artist, 'Age of Consequence', showcases his talents as a guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer. Ben writes highly personal lyrics coupled with intricate, uplifting production.
The title track from Ben Panucci's debut solo album of the same name 'Age of Consequence' is a carefully crafted, lyrically driven song with highly personal lyrics and uplifting production.

Cookin' On 3 Burners - Force of Nature     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Retro 24/09/2018
Cookin’ On 3 Burners are Australia’s hardest hitting Hammond Organ Trio – joining the dots between Deep Funk, Raw Soul, Organ Jazz & Boogaloo.
Smooth, slick and downright groovy as all hell, ‘Force Of Nature’ is danceable and features Fallon Williams’ impeccable rasp lifted to great heights throughout. A dark horse that builds and builds seemingly unnoticed until breaking out into a winning gallop, you best believe ‘Force Of Nature’ will have you moving to its feel good beat long beyond the finish line.

The Attics - Pastel Blues     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 24/09/2018
Hailing from Colac, in Victoria's West, The Attics craft their own brand of melt-in-your-mouth psych-pop built of jangly guitars and ear worming bass hooks.
Pastel Blues is a playful exploration of the phrase on repeat in the chorus, “wondering how it feels bad to be good all the time”. We’re exploring that with this kind of wandering commentary, reconfirming that life would be super bland if we only ever did what we were told we should.

Bri Clark - Giving Up     Pop 20/09/2018
Bri Clark’s voice has the ability to both shatter and heal. The rising Perth singer songwriter has garnered industry attention and fans alike with her haunting melodies and arresting vocals.
With a resonance that carries well beyond the final note, ‘Giving Up’ sees Bri Clark at her most heartfelt yet. Pouring equal parts pain and resolve into every phrase, 'Giving Up' is an exquisite taste of Bri Clark’s unique power to use her own ache as a comforting shoulder.

Monnone Alone - Cut Knuckle     Rock, Pop 18/08/2018
Monnone Alone are a bona fide pop group based around the sagacious songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) featuring members of Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps.
Weighing in at just over two and a half minutes, 'Cut Knuckle is a snappy indie-pop banger is a loaded amalgamation of the group’s broad stylistic influences from Hoodoo Gurus to The Kinks; Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls to Television Personalities, yet holds Monnone’s winsome turn-of-phrase and bruised-but-beautiful melody central to its unique core.

FourPlay String Quartet - Wish     Rock, Classical, Pop 10/08/2018
FourPlay String Quartet defy convention and stereotyping. As much a band as a string quartet, they blur the boundaries between styles and genres while maintaining their own original true sound.
FourPlay put the ‘eclectic’ back into ‘electric string quartet’ with ‘Wish’, a powerful, haunting ballad about living in a climate-changed world. 'Wish' has tones of Not Drowning Waving and ‘70s folk protest songs, with powerful lyrics delivered passionately by Tim Hollo and Lara Goodridge, intricate viola lines from Shenzo Gregorio, and a soaring, poignant cello solo from Peter Hollo.