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This Much Talent

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Tanaya Harper - Evan Keele     Pop, Indie, Rock, Folk 20/01/2020
Perth's leading lady of indie-pop, Tanaya Harper weaves silken melodies with insightful lyricism that dissect her own experiences living with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
Evan Keele is an angsty song about feeling bored with stability. I have Bipolar type 2 and happily take medication for it, but a few years ago when I was initially settling into a stable life I actually grieved the manic highs that I wasn't experiencing anymore. So writing a song was how I got that yearning out of my system.

The Bell Streets - Fragile     Indie, Rock, Pop 16/01/2020
The Bell Streets is a musical collaboration between Nick Batterham (Blindside, The Earthmen, Cordrazine) and Josh Meadows (The Sugargliders, The Steinbecks). Their album Monument is due for release in April.
Fans of Nick Batterham's signature moody melancholy and Josh Meadow's distinct pop sensibilities can revel in the first released material from the album on the first single ‘Fragile’. After writing the opening phrase and accompanying ascending piano line, Josh took his humble idea to Nick who quickly put the flesh to it adding loungey licks and melodic charm.

The Letter String Quartet - Momento Mori     Contemporary Classical, Folk, Pop, Experimental 26/11/2019
The Letter String Quartet is Steph O'Hara, Lizzy Welsh, Biddy Connor and Zoë Barry - an innovative ensemble who push the sonic possibilities of the string quartet into new realms.
Featuring the vocals of Marita Dyson (The Orbweavers), 'Momento Mori' was written about silkworms. The song title is a reference to the latin expression ‘memento mori’, a western artistic motif and theme, translating as ‘remember you will die’, substituting ‘momento’, Italian for moment, and retaining ‘mori’, latin for both death and the scientific name for the plant silkworms exclusively feed.

Clio - Slow Burn     Pop, Indie, Alternative 08/11/2019
Clio Renner is an accomplished Melbourne born pianist, vocalist and solo artist, renowned as the go-to keyboardist and session vocalist for a roll-call of Australian royalty.
Written from the perspective of a close friend who was struggling to let go. Knowing that forgiveness and acceptance takes time is one thing, it’s the waiting that kills us. For me it also coincided with a different sort of waiting, or my unwillingness to wait for that matter. Either way, life’s too short!

JIM ALXNDR - Slave feat. Angie McMahon     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Alternative 24/10/2019
Inspired by the likes of Jai Paul, Jon Hopkins and Tennyson, JIM ALXNDR creates his own unique blend of electro-acoustic sound collages, field recordings and hard hitting drums.
A truly kinetic production that unfolds in equal wells of intimacy and urgency, ‘Slave’ is an electro-acoustic epic and testament to the breadth of JIM ALXNDR’s artistry as a musician, writer, producer and collaborator. Subdued electronica makes way for bursting crescendos of hard-hitting percussion and intricately layered field recordings, leading Angie McMahon’s malleable voice on a journey of exquisite heights.

Tanaya Harper - Crash Pad     Rock, Pop 16/10/2019
Emerging from beloved indie-rock band Bells Rapids, Tanaya Harper’s solo project solidifies her as a leading lady of Perth’s original music scene. The multi-instrumentalist has returned with earworm ‘Crash Pad’.
‘Crash Pad’ was produced and mixed by Dave Parkin with mastering completed by William Bowden, and is certain to catapult Harper from promising artist-to-watch to a celebrated forerunner of modern Australian indie. Bookended by ‘90s reminiscent vocal hooks, ‘Crash Pad’ builds and retreats with edging crescendos of woozy guitar jams and heart-pulsing percussion, before imploding into an all-out fuzz fest..

Taylah Carroll - Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things     Indie, Rock, Pop, Folk 07/10/2019
Taylah Carroll is a folk artist with guts. Not afraid to lay it all on the table, Carroll’s lyrics are introspective, evocative and rich with observational wit.
Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things is a song about getting older and learning to forgive people… and myself. It was born out of the realisation that people are often at the mercy of their own fears and complicated histories – That often, everyone is doing the best they can, even when they f**k up.

Eaglemont - Heteronormative Nightmare     Pop, Rock 26/09/2019
Eaglemont to most is a leafy suburb situated in Melbourne’s inner north, but to Eaglmont, it is a symbol for home regardless of geographical realities.
‘Heteronormative Nightmare’ packs a punch of societal eye openers through self-discovery and hindsight, all wrapped up in a tightly sealed care package of steering wheel sing-a-longs and in your face fuzz. Eaglemont lends her signature tongue-in-cheek charm to this raw performance that blurs the line between stage and studio in a way we haven’t yet seen before from the artist.

ORCHA - Depths     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 12/09/2019
Violin isn’t something often associated with electronic music, but the work of Melbourne-based violinist Matt Sheers, who goes by ORCHA, will certainly challenge that assumption.
Depths is about sinking into a feeling or emotion that might at first seem uncomfortable or foreign, but then learning to use that feeling to grow stronger or more focused.

The Letter String Quartet - All The Stories     Contemporary Classical, Pop, Experimental, Folk 02/09/2019
The Letter String Quartet is Steph O'Hara, Lizzy Welsh, Biddy Connor and Zoë Barry - an innovative ensemble who push the sonic possibilities of the string quartet into new realms.
'All The Stories' features Marita Dyson (The Orbweavers) vocals with lyrics by poet Maria Zajkowski. The song explores the Abbotsford Convent grounds as a place of escape, where nature and the mind allow freedom. This freedom is always confined within our experience of it. Some freedoms have been lost and the stories of those who lost them are also lost.

Clear Tears - Seize     Blues 30/08/2019
Clear Tears play non-traditional, non-colonial country. Their debut single ‘Seize’ encapsulates the bands cross between country, punk, noise and roadhouse laced with the Hammond’s soft lament.
Seize represents a departure from bad habits. The song was written when, lead singer, Kane Anthony, encountered seizures for the first time in his life.

Danika Smith - Suit of Armour     Folk, Soul, Jazz 02/08/2019
Danika Smith performs a raw, timeless style of folk music with undertones of jazz and soul. She is known for her tender topics, honey stick melodies and charismatic satire.
Danika Smith's voice oozes with a matured husk that has as much to say about the artist’s own blossoming career. Smith’s perfected vocals and avant-garde songwriting carry a weight that can only be buoyed by such strength. The result is a refined display of an immense talent and an exciting first taste of so much more to come.

El Tee - How I Like It     Pop, Rock 30/07/2019
Having laid her roots in Melbourne, California artist El Tee writes honest songs about the perennial push and pull of holding space for yourself and giving it up for others.
Tinkering with deeply introspective pop, ‘How I Like It’ navigates the space between identity, self-fulfilment, love, and loss threatening the very existence of their distinctions at all. Blurring the lines of storytelling and journaling, El Tee’s honest refrains are embedded in warm, nostalgic, and punchy notes that listeners can just as easily be lost in as they can be found.

Laura Imbruglia - Give Boys Pink Toys     Rock, Grunge 23/07/2019
Since taking a five-year break, Laura Imbruglia is back on the scene traversing realms of pub rock, brooding indie pop, classic country, shoegaze, grunge and even yacht rock
The final single to be released from Laura Imbruglia's fourth album "Scared Of You" is a feminist call to arms for the men of the world, and the people who raise them. Laura calmly implores the listener to do better, against the juxtaposition of a relentless bulldozer riff pummelling all in its wake.

Louise Terra - Nature Calling     Electronic, Pop, Dance 23/07/2019
Producer and songwriter Louise Terra returns with her first material in three years with sonic new electronic dream-pop track ‘Nature Calling’ set for release Friday 2 August.
Louise Terra has birthed an alternate world of synths, beats, and eerie refrains that seem to be plucked from the most unearthly corners of the natural world. Self-produced layers of vocal hooks, pounding rhythms, and completely immersive atmospherics are as gorgeous as they are unsettling, making for a dystopian take on fantasy-pop where Terra reigns undisputed in limitless intrigue.

Diamonds of Neptune - Open The Door     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 19/07/2019
Diamonds of Neptune are a five-piece band with a unique take on the indie-rock genre. Taking you on a journey from a dream-like state to heavy synth with psych-pop sounds.
“Out the Door” is about heading out on the weekend to let go and forget about any troubles you had during the week.

The Attics - Instant Feed     Pop, Psychedelic 10/07/2019
Hailing from Colac, The Attics craft their own brand of high-contrast indie. Jangly guitars, ear worming bass hooks and percussive layers melt into a blend of dream-pop and psych-rock.
Drawing inspiration from society’s toxic relationship with social media, ‘Instant Feed’ explores the intent behind curating our lives for social media. A very topical concept in the modern age of technology with social media platforms on the rise. The Attics beautifully juxtapose the song’s sentiment with a warm fuzz sound mixed with jubilant vocals blending flawlessly together.

Dana Gehrman - These Days     Folk 28/06/2019
A truly captivating live presence with a charisma like no other, it’s easy to see why artists such as The Teskey Brothers have picked Dana to open their shows.
Another superb track from Brisbane's Dana Gehrman, 'These Days' explores the feeling of being burnt out and letting the daily grind getting you down. Originally the new single was not a contender for the tracklist on Gehrman's up and coming album but the slide guitar courtesy of Danny (Widdicombe) made it irresistible.

Angie McMahon - And I Am A Woman     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/06/2019
Angie McMahon is a musician who loves honest songwriting and romantic melodies. Angie loves to write and perform across the full dynamic spectrum, shifting between gravelly intimacy and pounding rock.
Angie’s intimate and powerful songwriting couples melancholy and solitude with anthemic guts, and truthful storytelling, which is connecting with audiences around the world. Latest single, ‘And I Am A Women’ Angie says “There are all these things that our society teaches us about bodies, spaces, choices, feelings, safety, that we have to question and unlearn and do better with."

Birdsnake Featuring POOKIE, FL-Smiley and N’Fa Jones - Stationary     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, RnB 19/06/2019
Birdsnake is a singular entity made up of 6 diverse musical personalities, coming together to create a blend of jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythmic grooves that infect the mind, body and soul.
Settled atop the act’s signature jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythms, lies the punchy opening hook of Naarm-based MC POOKIE and the smooth, nonchalant verses of rapper FL-Smiley. Alongside the seasoned artist N’Fa Jones, the team-up makes for a sonic blend of R&B, hip-hop and soul. ‘Stationary’ is a mantric groove that delves into self-love, personal growth and spiritual guidance.