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Third Eye Stimuli Records

Third Eye Stimuli Records is a Sydney based independent record label dedicated to discovering, exposing and
supporting emerging bands and artists that we truly believe in.

Founded by Josh Hutchins-Smith and Rick Snowden in 2016, Third Eye Stimuli collaborates with bands/artists
in a personable style, offering our own recording and production services, designing album artwork, releasing
and distributing on vinyl, tape cassette and digital platforms. We love creating timeless and collectible records
that customers will keep forever.

Born from their D.I.Y. work ethic, Third Eye Stimuli’s vision is to cultivate a community of bands, artists,
creatives and fans that influence and work together. In just 3 years the label has established a roster of
artists, providing opportunities for bands that have struggled to be recognised and supported.

Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Youtube // Soundcloud // Tumblr

Third Eye Stimuli Records

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Rosa Maria - Here She Comes     Rock, Psych, Garage, Alternative 12/09/2019
Inspired by the primitive garage rock and strange psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, Rosa Maria create a rock n roll cocktail that’ll possess the hips of any listener.
'Here She Comes' is the 3rd single and title track from Rosa Maria's sophomore album. An ode to La Calavera Catrina (the symbol for the day of the dead). "She comes from the dead to tell me to not fear death, but to celebrate death." - Broc Townsend. This dark and groovy surf tune will hypnotise you.

Noodle House - One Day (I'll See)     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Easy Listening 09/08/2019
Sydney’s Noodle House create tender rock music, drenched in enough vintage authenticity to warm anyone's soul. Think early 1970’s, blended with psychedelic tones and a touch of home-grown charm.
'One Day (I'll See)' is a sweet love song that frontman Jack Kinder best describes as being about "a fictional, dysfunctional relationship. And a one-sided break up, and not realising at the time but knowing in the end, ultimately, it’s for the best.” The song is layered with lush guitar and keyboard tones, and Jack's smooth echoing vocal melodies.

Luke Spook - Small Town     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, World 26/07/2019
Luke Spook is a psychedelic folk-rocker based in Wollongong, NSW. Spook sings songs and tells tales of the past, but they're truly his very own.
As described by Spook, “it’s about the dynamics, rumours, secrets and folklore of small towns everywhere. Each town is unique but I think you’ll find the same social politics universally. Most small towns have a strange and interesting history only known to the townspeople, whether these fables are true or not is up to you”.

Rosa Maria - Tell The Devil     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Blues 09/07/2019
Inspired by the primitive garage rock and strange psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, Rosa Maria create a rock n roll cocktail that’ll possess the hips of any listener.
'Tell The Devil' is a dark groovy number that boasts Rosa Maria's classic taste for surfy hooks and up-tempo vibes. The song is best described by the band's frontman, Broc: "it's about how Rock n Roll won't leave me alone – it continues to show it's face time and time again".

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