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Thinking Loud

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Sampa The Great - OMG     Hip Hop, Rap 12/07/2019
The rise of Sampa the Great has been spectacular to watch, having accumulated over 33 million streams collectively since her 2015 breakout, The Great Mixtape.
“OMG” addresses Sampa’s ideas of home through the exploration of her African heritage. Taking a page from the sounds of her childhood in Botswana, the single proudly showcases Sampa’s culture through vocal aerobics and flexes, clapped to the beat with precision and attitude.

REMI - 5 A.M. feat. Whosane     Hip Hop, Rap 11/07/2019
REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J have become one of Australia’s favourite hip-hop acts since bursting onto the scene in 2014.
Remi’s effortless flow on “5.A.M” sways in precise time to Sensible J’s organic and world class production, the synonymous makings of a REMI release, multi-layered in both meaning and musicality. Crossing between punctuated raps and satin-like vocals from Remi, J follows with rolling percussion that crescendos to old-school R&B choruses featuring Whosane.

Rainbow Chan - Oblivion     Electronic, Pop 28/06/2019
One of Australia’s most innovative multidisciplinary artists, Rainbow Chan has built a unique reputation upon vibrant aesthetics, a deep understanding of pop conventions and continuous celebration of her Chinese heritage
Opening the album “Oblivion” melds slow and tender melodies with sharp and decisive production. Highlighting Rainbow's angelic yet powerful voice with a pitch shifted filter and gentle keys, Oblivion is the perfect midway point between Rainbow's wealth of influences, derived from her mastery of many creative fields.

Other tracks by Rainbow Chan:  Lull
Winston Surfshirt - Make A Move     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Soul 19/06/2019
Sydney's favourite collective Winston Surfshirt have developed a cult following around their mixed bag of R&B/funk/soul/hip hop/jazz sounds and raucous live shows.
The single presents a new, upbeat chapter in the act’s many-hued catalogue. Strong bass flicks set a fresh back beat to their signature hip hop style and soulful horns. Bound to the lower body groove, the vibrant tempo and nods to old-school funk and R&B have already seen approval from thousands of fans across the first leg of their tour.

Sampa The Great - Final Form     Hip Hop 13/06/2019
Sampa The Great hails from Africa, the motherland. A poet and singer-songwriter, she captures you with her thought provoking words, yet keeps you laughing and enjoying the simplicity of creativity.
Straight off the bat with an all consuming sound, “Final Form” is a lesson in hip-hop. An ode to her Zambian heritage, Sampa declares her greatness, with a unique sound that has become synonymous with Sampa The Great. Produced by Silentjay and mixed by Jonwayne, today’s release sees Sampa take final form with her most impactful release to date.

GOLDS - Don't Care     Electronic, Pop, RnB 12/06/2019
GOLDS (aka singer/songwriter/actress Amali Golden) is quickly stepping into the spotlight as a diverse artist to watch in the electronic/pop/R&B space.
“Don’t Care” pairs powerful vocal performance with layered synths and electronic influences, while giving a nod to the women of 90s/00s R&B and Neptunes era production. Co-written and produced by Beau Golden (Ruel, M-Phazes, Daniel Johns, Vera Blue) the track sees GOLDS evolve from the dreamy, introspective “Broken Wing” into impassioned R&B, cementing her as a diverse artist to watch.

Rainbow Chan - Pillar     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 12/06/2019
Veteran of the alt-electronic-pop scene, Rainbow Chan consistently impresses with her creativity and versatility, today praised as one of Australia’s most innovative and daring minds in experimental pop music.
Consistently pulling together her vast array of influences, the single “Pillar” is another successful showcase of Rainbow’s immense talent. Utilising pitch shifted vocals as beats of their own, alongside brassy synths and gliding through angelic falsettos to bellowing self created harmonies, the track really hits home the sheer skill of Rainbow’s experimentally forceful and boundary pushing sound.

Kobie Dee - Jody     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 24/05/2019
Kobie Dee is a 21-year-old Gamilaroi artist Sydney’s South, with an innate gift for story-telling & connecting with young people, as he becomes an emerging voice in Australian hip hop.
At just 21-years-old, Kobie Dee has an innate gift for story-telling and in “Jody” he delivers yet another powerful track. Pairing fiercely tight rhymes with a natural flow, the MC’s honest and effortless lyrical talent is strikingly captivating. Guided by a strong but gentle beat, “Jody” puts the singer/songwriter under his own spotlight.

Wallace - Jane Doe     Funk/Soul, Jazz 21/05/2019
Future soul singer and songwriter Wallace resonated with music at a young age, with a background in traditional jazz and a natural pull towards hip hop and soul.
Produced by Dennis Neuer at the infamous Jazzanova Studios in Berlin, “Jane Doe” is a call to women to unashamedly find their name and claim their place. The captivating lyrics explore both Wallace’s feminist ideals and her love of true crime stories.

Birdz - Black Child feat. Mojo Juju     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 10/05/2019
An advocate and masterful lyricist for positive change, N.T. raised rapper BIRDZ continues to solidify his spot as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian hip-hop scene.
“Black Child” feat. Mojo Juju speaks to a hopeful future for the First Nations experience. Imbued with pride and hope for a better tomorrow for future indigenous generations, Birdz spits his signature rap and smooth singing, with the feature of the ever soulful Mojo Juju on the hook - "oh child, things are gonna get easier".

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World Champion - Heart Of Gold     Electronic, Psychedelic, Funk 10/05/2019
World Champion (Will Campion, Julian Sudek and Reg Harris) thrive in a world of galactic synth pop and technicolour funk, with souled-out vocals and a contemporary take on nostalgia.
The trio’s vibrant synth work doesn’t slow down in “Heart of Gold." Words weave through shimmying beats and quick keys on the site of a swirling sonic blueprint. Building to an invigorating chorus, the track's rhythms are hard to shake off.

Other tracks by World Champion:  Pillow Talk  -  Toucan
World Champion - Skyline     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, Electronic 10/05/2019
World Champion (Will Campion, Julian Sudek and Reg Harris) thrive in a world of galactic synth pop and technicolour funk, with souled-out vocals and a contemporary take on nostalgia.
EP title track “Skyline” sings of longing at a time of loneliness with the gentle chorus line “You’re always on my mind”, drifting high up where Will Campion’s otherworldly vocals belong. This tune speaks true to the trio's psychedelic roots and hazed, dreamy production.

Birdz - My Name     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 03/05/2019
An advocate and masterful lyricist for positive change, N.T. raised rapper BIRDZ continues to solidify his spot as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian hip-hop scene.
“My Name” solidifies Birdz' rap-sing fusion, pairing bolded beats produced by label mate Nooky, with a youthful melody and serious undertones.

Other tracks by Birdz:  Problem  -  Stars feat. Serina Pech
Birdz - Reasons     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 03/05/2019
An advocate and masterful lyricist for positive change, N.T. raised rapper BIRDZ continues to solidify his spot as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian hip-hop scene.
Fuelled by a chorus of his own back up vocals and signature powerful beats, “Reasons” explores everyday motivations.

Hayden James & NAATIONS - Nowhere To Go     Electronic, Pop, Dance 03/05/2019
Hayden James has been producing immense summer house jams with soulful and evocative vocals ever since he burst onto the Australian music scene in 2013.
Driven by an addictive bassline, “Nowhere To Go” is another exceptional creation from Hayden. Mastering moments of softly-focused synths, groove-laden bass and electronic pop melodies, audiences will once again be moved by the Hayden James method. Collaborating with NAATIONS (Nicky Night Time & Nat Dunn), “Nowhere To Go” champions Dunn’s powerful vocals as their own instrumental force, leaving fans hooked.

Kaiit - Miss Shiney     Funk/Soul, Soul, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
Bursting onto the scene in 2017, Kaiit has already weaved her way into the hearts of fans worldwide with her infectious spirit and immeasurable talent as Australia’s destined soul queen.
Inspired by her time away in the homeland, Papua New Guinea, “Miss Shiney” is a labour of self reflection and grounding. Creating a colourful, neo-soul landscape lined with jangly guitar melodies, hearty keys and that undeniable vocal magic the track radiates Kaiit’s aura with each lyric, overcoming self doubt, affirming her unique gifts and transforming those blocks into empowerment.

Paul Mac - Redfern Address (In Memory Of Vision)     Electronic 03/05/2019
As Australian dance music royalty, Paul Mac is no stranger to every facet of the nation’s scene, working as a composer, songwriter, musician, sound designer and producer over his career.
Taking a political sidestep, “Redfern Address (In Memory Of Vision)” features Paul Keating's iconic 1992 speech delivered in Redfern Park. A fierce ally and loyal advocate for social justice, Mac was conscious of not speaking on behalf of Indigenous communities, so edited the speech to only include pertinent moments. Sonically the speech remains untouched and soundtracked to emphasise Keating's powerful words and intentions.

Ella Haber - Responsibility     Jazz, Soul 26/04/2019
Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ella Haber is a rising star in Australian jazz & soul music, turning heads with her incredible voice and raw lyricism.
“Responsibility” speaks to the pain of when heartbreak hits too close to home and betrayal costs both a lover and a friend. At first glance, the track shines with slick basslines, silky keys and funk-filled grooves, all the while veiling a story of anger and deceit beneath in Ella’s striking falsetto.

Other tracks by Ella Haber:  Behind Closed Eyes  -  Puppet
Basenji - Perfect Blue feat. Erthlings     Electronic, Pop 17/04/2019
Young visionary and master of the bright dance floor beats, Basenji is one of Sydney’s most exciting producers on the rise.
A master of electronic pop ballads, “Perfect Blue” continues to solidify Basenji as one of Australia’s rising production stars. Melding tender piano melodies alongside tightly placed percussion, the track emulates a signature Basenji sound of momentous hooks and blissfully smooth drops. Featuring label mates Erthlings, “Perfect Blue” not only showcases Basenji’s soul-stirring production, but also the dreamy vocals of Erthlings.

World Champion - Nevermind     Electronic, Soul, Psychedelic, Funk 17/04/2019
Sydney psych-soul-electronic outfit World Champion (Will Campion, Julian Sudek and Reg Harris) have made a triumphant return after a three-year hiatus with their warm synth-pop ahead of upcoming EP Skyline.
A chugging acoustic beat with tambourine accents reminiscent of 70s psychedelia, “Nevermind” plays out over Campion’s airy falsetto in a colourful anthemic haze and quintessential ode to laid back grooves.