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Thinking Loud

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Touch Sensitive - G.A.L. feat. Daniel Wilson     Electronic, Dance 13/12/2018
Since the release of his 2013 breakout single “Pizza Guy”, Touch Sensitive’s inimitable ear for contemporary grooves fused with classic disco has quenched cravings across the globe.
The track’s infectious rhythms ignite the body for an exhilarating slice of Touch Sensitive at his finest. A modern sonic touch collides with the producer’s signature bass strums and nods to disco-pop co-piloted by soulful vocals from Daniel Wilson, known for his collaborations with The Weeknd and Joe Goddard. “G.A.L” is a worthy soundtrack to any sun-drenched summer dance floor.

Set Mo - Surrender     Electronic, Dance 11/12/2018
Set Mo have this year proven themselves one of Australia's hardest working artists, with a flair for classic house sounds and infectious body-moving beats making for instant dance floor burners.
“Surrender” is the first track to be taken from the mammoth upcoming LP. Featuring a spoken word sample from pioneering English musician Brian Eno (given the nod of approval from Brian himself), the track invokes powerful ideas behind surrendering to one’s art. A climactic pulse of their signature house sound, "Surrender" is another testament to Set Mo's hypnotic sonic design.

Sampa The Great - Energy feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi     Hip Hop 07/12/2018
A singer-songwriter who expresses herself through music, poetry and visual art, Sampa The Great captures listeners with thought provoking words, while encouraging people to enjoy the simplicity of creativity.
“Energy” warms the body with hypnotic chants above a low bass rhythm before unleashing Sampa’s unmistakable rhymes. Inspired by her experience as a Zambian-born woman, Sampa’s empowering words explore the imbalances of our world between reflections on limitations and strength. Spoken word from Nadeem Din Gabisi echoes her sentiments, “the birds and the bees ain’t got nothing on me.”

Birdz - Place of Dreams feat. Ecca Vandal     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 29/11/2018
Bad Apples signee Birdz has is one of the country's most exciting hip hop acts today, delivering honest storytelling and commanding messages with fervent passion and raw rap vocals.
Balancing moments of delicate keys between formidable beats, the track tells a tale of limitations laid down by others and ultimately having the strength to believe in oneself. The track flows with explosive vocals from Ecca Vandal, dynamic production by Trials and Birdz's raw rap to evoke a compelling story, always formed by his heritage.

Australian Athlete - Call Me Up feat. Florian     Electronic, Funk, Pop 29/11/2018
Australian Athlete (aka Harry Sutherland aka "Australia's Answer to Todd Terje" to his really close friends) is Sydney's favourite up and coming, disco synth genius and keyboard wunderkind.
Deep diving into funk-infused nostalgia, 80s synth boogie and contemporary electronic grooves, “Call Me Up” dials on a quintessential 80s femme-pop vibe while maintaining Sutherland’s exceptional ear for contemporary electronic grooves. Florian joins the floor to amplify the 80s technicolour dream with her synth-pop finesse and killer vocals, channeling the spirit of Gwen Guthrie, Melissa Morgan and Janet Jackson.

World Champion - Gun     Electronic, Funk, Psychedelic, Soul 29/11/2018
World Champion (Julian Sudek, Will Campion and Reg Harris) are a psych-soul-electronic outfit with a vibrant signature sound that's as infectious as it is dynamic.
“Gun" kicks off with crisp rolling snare hits, playful bass strums and fuzzy echo-laden synths, deep diving into a body-moving realm you’ll love to lose yourself in. The track re-imagines timeless themes of motown with a modern sonic touch. Completed with velvety vocals, “Gun” will take you beachside in a quintessential Australian summer for a moment of technicolour serenity.

Ninajirachi - Gardenia feat. Oh Boy     Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
Ninajirachi is a young producer based near Sydney with a talent for bright eclectic sounds brought together by crisp and dynamic production.
Dipping into her signature production, “Gardenia” blooms like the flower it is named after. The track shines with the 19 year-old’s eclectic eye for detail, alongside the sonic touch of Sydney based friend Oh Boy. With a range of tones that warp and dart, the exhilarating release proves once again that Nina’s production is well beyond her years.

Kota Banks - I'm It     Pop, Dance, Electronic 09/11/2018
Kota Banks is Australia's new princess of pop, creating infectious tracks that push the boundaries of the genre with fearless production lead by her vocal prowess and confident charisma.
Taken from her wildly successful PRIZE mixtape, Kota's "I'm It" sets the new benchmark for unapologetically loving yourself. Body rolling beats and an infectious attitude oozing with confidence lead the track, interjected by glistening melodies you can't help but sing along with.

Set Mo - Afterglow ft. Thandi Phoenix     Electronic, Dance 09/11/2018
Set Mo have this year proven themselves one of Australia's hardest working artists, with a flair for classic house sounds and infectious body-moving beats making for instant dance floor burners.
Like a delectable 10 course feast, Set Mo’s track-a-month series continues to leave fans wanting more. Written in their hometown studio, “Afterglow” is a club-worthy triumph, electrified via rolling beats that shimmer and dance before the soulful, honeyed vocals of Sydney’s Thandi Phoenix come into play - invigorating with every swirl of synth.

Hayden James - Better Together feat. Running Touch     Electronic 02/11/2018
Since 2013, Hayden James has found worldwide love and acclaim, producing immense summer house jams with evocative and soulful vocals consistently topping both Australian and international tastemaker blogs
Layered with addictive drum patterns and a smooth house bassline, “Better Together” is yet another infectious tune from the powerhouse producer. Featuring vocal stylings from Running Touch, the track combines a driving pop melody with the classic Hayden James twist on vocals to deliver a hook that will stick with you.

Say Lou Lou - All Love To Me     Pop, Rock 30/10/2018
Sibling duo Say Lou Lou have been entering a new era in artistic explorations and musical designs, tapping into issues behind feminine identity while maintaining their signature dream pop sound.
“All Love to Me” showcases the duo's sultry vocals delivering moody lyrics, all contrasted with body-moving beats lending nods to the their signature dark dream pop sound. Utterly infectious melodies and string-driven production electrify the track making it an undeniable hit you can't help but sing along to.

Swick - Send Me The Money ft. Capo Lee     Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop 20/10/2018
A production connoisseur of eclectic sounds, Swick maintains a genre-pushing style with utterly original releases, impeccable precision and a knack for always delivering the unexpected.
“Send Me The Money” feat. Capo Lee bursts with powerful lyrics fuelled by Swick's bouncing house sounds and infectious warped synth work. Reflecting Swick's passion for blending his energetic sound designs with strong hip hop influences and the voices to match, the track is an addictive, fiery and sure-fire club classic.

Set Mo - Stuck     Electronic, Dance, House 09/10/2018
Set Mo is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Australia. Nick Drabble and Stu Turner first came together as a DJ combo in 2012 and soon progressed into producing tunes.
“Stuck” fuses together Set Mo’s addictive pool of signature summer house sound designs, delivering a mammoth testament to their glorious catalogue of quintessential dance tracks. Maintaining shaking beats and featuring the signature bass sounds of Australian disco-funk hero Touch Sensitive, the track warps between pitched vocals that inject a delicious dose of groove into the body.

Physique - Slow Not Fast     Electronic, Funk, Dance 21/09/2018
Physique is Sydney’s favourite purveyor of groove-soaked dance music featuring sophisticated nostalgic yet modern synth production, making him a true hero in mastering body-moving tracks.
The percussion-fuelled sensation is a slowed down delight, luring the body into a slow-moving groove and leaving a sweet taste of chilled out bliss. Complete with Physique's mastery in embracing the classics while also bending and modernising them to his sophisticated funk production, the track is a fitting addition to the producer's collection of colourful body-movers.

Other tracks by Physique:  All-Nite (Extended Instrumental Dub)  -  HSJ
Set Mo - Down The Line feat. AJ Wright     Electronic, Dance, House 12/09/2018
Set Mo is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Australia. Nick Drabble and Stu Turner first came together as a DJ combo in 2012 and soon progressed into producing tunes.
A collaborative masterpiece featuring Sydney-based Cloud Control frontman, AJ Wright, "Down The Line" is an exceptional successor to last month’s summery house delight. Awakening with invigorating chords, soon amplified by blissful harmonies from Wright, Set Mo's signature rolling bass and skipping beats, backed by a catchy melody from Wright, make the track a four-minute triumph to be enjoyed.

Swick - Decisions feat. Kota Banks     Electronic, Dance, Pop 12/09/2018
Melbourne powerhouse Swick's enduring precision in delivering unpredictable club-leaning tracks consistently leaves dance floors spellbound, proving why he is one of the country’s most exciting producers.
“Decisions” dives into addictive bass hits, playful synths and matched with sugar-dipped melodies executed by Banks’ vocal prowess and infectious charisma. The track explores the relatable stages of an on-the-verge relationship, leaving both parties torn about where they stand and what comes next. The lyrics thrive with R&B elements that point to Swick's diverse musical explorations.

Timberwolf - Proud Silence     Folk, Chill, Soul 18/08/2018
Timberwolf is one of Australia's brightest and most engaging artists, with awe-inspiring vocals directed by an otherworldy talent for authentic songwriting and dynamic musical production.
Both produced and recorded by Panousakis himself, the single couples euphoric vocals with emphatic basslines reflecting Timberwolf’s philosophising between a proud, silent exterior and the emotions that lay beneath. Gliding alongside echoing guitar chords, his soulful melodies ooze emotion. Striking keys combined with escalating synths and tender vocals matching the purest lyricism will have you mesmerized from start to finish.

Set Mo - Wish You Were Here     Electronic, Dance 08/08/2018
Described by i-D magazine as “Australia’s most optimistic band” Set Mo, aka Stu Turner and Nick Drabble, are an electronic music production duo from Sydney.
With an infectious top line co-written by Julian Hamilton of The Presets and the vocals of LA’s J.Blynn, “Wish You Were Here” once again testifies to Set Mo’s superb production prowess. With the duo’s very own Stu Turner on backing vocals beneath the feel-good production, the track is certifiably one of their most energetic and electrifying to date.

Nina Las Vegas - I Know How It Goes feat. Vera Blue & Ecca Vandal     Electronic, Dance 03/08/2018
Leading Australia’s electronic scene, Nina Las Vegas has fused her unique club sounds with otherworldly pop vocals and heavy-hitting beats, all while maintaining NLV records and her relentless touring schedule.
Hard hitting as a dance track, with energetic beat work and co-produced with Swick across studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Red Bull London, "I Know How It Goes" is a testament to thumping club tunes and a reminder from Nina that "although elements of the music scene can suck, you can just be tough and roll with it".

Other tracks by Nina Las Vegas:  Zagazig  -  Thursdays feat. Ninajirachi
Swick - 1000 Shots ft. Merky Ace     Electronic 01/08/2018
Swick is one of the most refreshing talents in the dance music scene. Avoiding being placed in one genre, Swick pushes boundaries with each original track, remix and DJ set.
Recorded from the Red Bull Studios in London, “1000 Shots” maintains a thrusting beat married with elements of hip-hop and electronic music, aside sharp vocals from Lewisham based MC Merky Ace. An addictive blend of club-leaning synths, smooth hooks, and a powerful flow from Ace are a testament to Swick’s enduring precision and ability to push sonic boundaries.