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Thinking Loud

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Holiday Sidewinder - Leo     Pop 06/07/2018
Mix Blondie and Madonna with Kylie and you have your new favourite disco-pop star, Sydney's Holiday Sidewinder, here to deliver authentic and boundary pushing pop music.
Holiday Sidewinder’s latest single "Leo" is the sassy Tinder-age anthem you’ve been waiting for.
A disco pop celebration of no-strings-attached sexual conquest, "Leo" heralds a new era of female agency, like a Madonna for the millennial generation. Holiday proves to be a pop visionary, à la Prince, subverting standard narratives with bold sounds and a buoyant call for sexual liberation.

Sampology - Smile     Electronic 06/07/2018
Starting as a producer with an ear for sampling records, Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Sampology has come full circle, finding the perfect balance sampling new sounds, field recordings and live instrumentation.
"Smile" beautifully accentuates the true extent of Sam's multi-instrumental artistry and ability to create landscapes from soundscapes. A rhythmic drum backbone provides a playful canvas where light wind instrumentation, ethereal synths melodies and live recordings merge into one. Effervescent of youthful wonderment and void of inhibitions, "Smile" sonically transports to a dimension of carefree vigour.

Set Mo - See The Light     Electronic, Dance 06/07/2018
Set Mo is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Nick Drabble and Stu Turner, who first came together as a DJ combo in 2012 and soon progressed into producing tunes.
“See The Light” was written at the first session of a month long writing trip around Europe including Berlin, London and Amsterdam. Blending natural and heavily produced elements seamlessly, "See The Light" represents a sharp turn away from light-hearted, dance tunes. Absorbing influences from The Prodigy, Booka Shade and Chemical Brothers, the new direction "See The Light" takes is enticing.

PhysiQue - All-Nite     Funk/Soul, Dance 22/06/2018
PhysiQue is the funk project of Andrew Elston, who reinvents classic boogie funk with lashings of shimmery synths and an undeniable edge.
All-Nite is PhysiQue's disco-funk fusion at it's finest where Chic-meets-PhysiQue. Embracing classic disco movements and progressions while bending and modernising them to his contemporary voc-sample funk, PhysiQue ensures he'll have you rocking on dance floors "All-Nite long".

Kaiit - OG Luv Kush p.2     Funk/Soul, Soul, Hip Hop 15/06/2018
With honeyed vocals, fierce rhymes and a bold eclectic style to match, 20-year-old Papua New Guinea born / Melbourne based Kaiit is alluring audiences to the sweet sound of soul.
The track brings together lush keys, a buttery bassline and smooth guitar licks that give way to Kaiit’s spine-tingling vocals. The track is a down-tempo, jazz-infused dream that displays Kaiit’s lyrical complexities and brilliant songwriting capabilities.

Nina Las Vegas - Lucky Girl feat. Swick     Electronic, Dance 15/06/2018
Nina Las Vegas (Nina Agzarian) is one of the most influential figures & producers in the Australian music scene, dedicating herself to promoting underground dance music from Australia and abroad.
Slowing down on her usual high-hitting club tracks, "Lucky Girl" bares all to give full attention and admiration to Nina's production prowess. Every beat is intricately placed, nestled amongst naturally slower chord progressions and a palette pleasing melody, with added drum production by fellow NLV Records artist, Swick.

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Say Lou Lou - Ana     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2018
Say Lou Lou draw on their magnetic connection to produce dark, dream-pop music showcasing their sensual sonic ingenuity, with their new sound offering fans invigorating tastes of golden-ages gone by.
“Ana” offers music fans a refreshing new sound, encapsulating everything from the old Hollywood golden era, like an early 60’s John Barry soundtrack, to the scratchy beats and strings plucked right from a 90’s triphop classic. The track is nothing short of invigorating and ingenious.

Yù Yī - Peaches feat. Ellen     Electronic, Dance 13/06/2018
Yù Yī is the story of a little astronaut who goes by the name of Mister Hugo. Yù Yī is your connoisseur of fun, refreshing electronic music.
Come on a journey through the wonderful world of Yù Yī and follow him on his quest through the Yù Yī galaxy.“Peaches”, the debut release from Yù Yī is a slinky groove that brings together shining synths and bright percussion. Ellen’s seductive, striking vocals compliment the track's bubbly electronic groove.

Kota Banks - Fiorentina feat. Capo Lee     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Hip Hop 08/06/2018
Kota Banks is one of Australia's fastest rising pop acts, lauded for her genre-pushing style effortlessly cool attitude. Bank's singles are laiden with sugar-dipped melodies, infectious hooks and stunning vocals.
The flavoursome track illustrates Bank's lyrical prowess in turning a cheeky song about playing FIFA towards a celebration of her Italian heritage. Infectious hooks glide across addictive staggering beats, and interject vocals from rapper Capo Lee to create a groove-driven track drenched in laidback vibes with a side of attitude.

Other tracks by Kota Banks:  Fiorentina (Italian Version)
Set Mo - Fault Lines     Electronic, Dance, House 01/06/2018
Set Mo are a Sydney production duo currently taking the country by storm with their catalogue of genre defying club tracks and certified house hits that ooze addictive, body-moving rhythms.
“Fault Lines” is the impressive outcome of a European writing trip the pair took in 2017. The opening piano hook is the genius of the track, with the sublime chords calling out amid lines of smooth vocal. The track remains a feel-great testament to Set Mo’s consistent hard work ethic.

Flight Facilities - All Your Love feat. Dustin Tebbutt     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 31/05/2018
Sydney duo Flight Facilities are wildly-talented collaborators, impeccably coupling diverse musicians with their sublime electronic soundscapes. They've long held the formula for feel-good soundtracks that make people want to dance.
“All Your Love” is proof of Flight Facilities' ability to craft timeless songs. This collaboration with Dustin Tebbutt is a dreamy match, bringing together celestial vocals and weightless synths to transfix in its seamlessly produced landscape. Tebbutt’s voice alongside the undulating bassline and echoing guitar licks maintain a floating momentum.

Sampology - Mt Glorious     Electronic, Dance 26/05/2018
Innovative Brisbane based producer, Sampology (Sam Poggioli) shares his new single “Mt Glorious”, and announces his forthcoming EP with a string of tour dates to celebrate.
“Mt Glorious” provides an ethereal electronic sound from start to finish, finding the perfect balance between new sounds and live instrumentation, accentuating Sam's recordings of piano, percussion, a string quartet and more

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HABITS - SELFIE     Electronic 18/05/2018
Melbourne duo HABITS continue to defy the conventional, channeling their bare-all emotions into writing a fierce catalogue of music that has generated a passionate following.
HABITS’ newest single “Selfie” invites you into the darkest, most vulnerable corners of their minds, confronting complexities in identity and presentation of self. Their signature juxtaposition of droning synths, industrial basslines and goosebump-inducing vocoder elements with angelic vocals, masterfully paint a fervent anthem of visibility and clapback at toxic masculinity.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

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Set Mo - Communicate     Electronic, Dance, House 05/05/2018
Following a stellar year of sold-out shows, Sydney's Set Mo (Nick Drabble & Stu Turner) are back in 2018, preparing to release a stunning eleven-tracks once-a-month via Set Mo Records.
“Communicate” is an adrenaline-pumping track, taking on a darker and explorative mood - seeing thumping house rhythms drive spine-tingling vocal excerpts. Its addictive, sensory undertones mark another impeccable addition to the duo’s jaw-dropping catalogue of genre-defying club tracks and certified house hits - written on an isolated Country NSW property.

REMI - My People feat. Thando     Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, Rap 01/05/2018
Having solidified their place at the top of Australia’s soul and hip-hop spectrum, REMI are well-loved Melbourne duo made up of Remi Kolawole & Sensible J.
Effortlessly smooth and brimming with gusto, “My People” matches Remi Kolawole's free flowing rhymes, and Sensible J's eclectic percussion with Zimbabwean-born songstress Thando’s soulful powerhouse voice, all the while coasting along with an undeniable groove.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

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Hayden James - Just Friends feat. Boy Matthews     Electronic, House, Dance, Pop 01/05/2018
One of Australia's most-prized producers, Hayden James has found worldwide love, with his growing catalogue of releases that top Hype-Machine and tastemaker blogs, alongside remixes for RÜFÜS, ODESZA & more.
An irresistible offering for all occasions, "Just Friends" is an infectious four-minutes of pitched-down soulful harmonies, driving bass lines and direct vocals from Boy Matthews - all wrapped within Hayden's signature twist of alluring momentum and rolling grooves.

Kota Banks - Zoom     Pop 24/03/2018
Hailed as one of Australia’s best new pop acts, Sydney-based singer/songwriter Kota Banks has unveiled her latest genre-pushing pop slice “Zoom” out on the esteemed NLV Records.
With production pioneer Swick behind the desks, “Zoom” sees Banks carve out yet another certified pop banger. Brimming with confidence, the track oozes attitude as Bank’s sugar-dipped melodies tease over Swick’s crystalline beats and thrusting groove.

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The Harpoons - Pressure     Pop, Electronic, Soul 21/03/2018
The Harpoons are a Melbourne-based 4 piece dishing up the best in boundary-pushing, contemporary music.
Driven by lilting drums and the smoky voice of lead singer Bec Rigby, “Pressure” is that soul pop number that will suit any mood. The pulsating beat follows the intensity of Rigby’s vocals as she delivers resonating lows and soul-wrenching highs, backed by rich harmonies.

Flight Facilities - Need You     Electronic, Pop, Dance 07/03/2018
Following a milestone year with climactic releases to match, globally acclaimed duo Flight Facilities have unveiled a stunning new single “Need You” featuring the effortlessly sultry vocals of NZ's NÏKA.
Premiering with triple j’s Gen and Lewis, “Need You” finds the perfect balance of fragile melancholy and determined beat in a seamlessly compiled electronic release. Impeccably polished and fluent as ever, “Need You” is a charming new stride from last year’s highly triumphant and collaborative “Stranded”.

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Set Mo - Unity     Electronic, Dance, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 07/03/2018
Acclaimed sydney-based production duo Set Mo (Nick Drabble & Stu Turner).
Unity" is a euphoric nod to the old school electronic and club scene of the 90s. With its syncopated beat and skipping rhythms, "Unity" enlists a dream-like trance building with anticipation, gradually employing the stabbing pianos of Y2K-era house - guaranteed to set dance floors alight.