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Thinking Loud

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GOLDS - Drip     Pop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
GOLDS arrives as the latest electronic-pop & RnB project from singer-songwriter Amali Golden, showcasing her innate lyrical talents and sheer vocal strength one hit at a time.
Closing out Imprints is another cut of pop perfection in new single “Drip”. Co-produced with Beau Golden, "Drip" is an expansive sound from the get go, empowering audiences to find conviction in one’s own achievements irrespective of outside opinions. Set against a body-moving rhythm and introspective lyricism, GOLDS comes full circle in Imprints final single.

Other tracks by GOLDS:  Borderline
Vetta Borne - R.I.P     Alternative, Pop, R&B 22/11/2019
In her own words, “Vetta Borne is Maribelle; elevated”, with 2019 being the year all elements of Maribelle’s creative capabilities merged into her most authentic project that is Vetta Borne.
Having written, played all the instruments and produced “R.I.P”, Vetta Borne continues to impress with Maribelle’s immeasurable talents. Balancing moments of euphoria within her dreamy falsettos and velvety synths, we are quickly brought back to earth when the down tempo hits, driven by solid bass and jangly guitar that showcases Maribelle’s innate lyrical flow and impeccable vocals front and centre.

Stevan - Warm     R&B, Alternative, Soul 06/11/2019
Young Wollongong singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevan has quickly made a name for himself, with wide industry acclaim behind him and a natural ear for dreamy production.
Folding together all his self-taught assets, Stevan manifests a simple love song elevated in complex production, proving his gift for shaping music that smiles. With a pulled back pace, the track sings of care and devotion before glimmers of guitar take the lead in a dance of lush drum beats, souled out vocal layers and sunny textures between.

GL - Contagious     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative 01/11/2019
Melbourne-based electronic duo GL (Graeme Pogson and Ella Thompson) are known for their cosmic-dream creations that bend between eras and genre and are irresistible to move along with every time.
Taking a turn from the moodier elements of “Night Habit”, GL have dipped the single and signature grooves in a pot of warm textures, hard-hitting percussion and wobbling synths that hook the mind and body. Contagious as its namesake promises, the duo pay homage to their finest assets where movement is a must and vocals rise to a love-struck chorus.

GOLDS - Imprints     Pop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 01/11/2019
Sydney-based singer/songwriter/actress GOLDS has emerged onto the scene in 2019 with impressive melting pot of influences, soulful vocals and an electronic, pop and R&B dynamic.
Building on intricate beats and reverberating harmonies, GOLDS further solidifies her strength in lyrical transparency, balancing moments of delicacy with darkness in "Imprints". Co-written and produced by Beau Golden, “Imprints” is another impressive melting pot of influences, combining soulful vocals with electronic, pop and R&B dynamics, that have come to define the vocalist’s signature sound.

Alice Skye - I Feel Better But I Don't Feel Good     Indie, Folk, Alternative, First Nations 31/10/2019
Naarm-based Wergaia / Wemba Wemba woman, Alice Skye, is an award-winning indie singer/songwriter acclaimed for honest words, esteemed musicianship and striking vocals that have caught the country's attention.
Packed with fire moulded in tender vocals, the track finds its groove in steady percussion and stripped back piano, before taking flight in a crescendo of harmonies embraced in layered production. Emotionally transparent, Alice’s evocative words hold a hand out to those living with anxiety and give voice to the battles fought in the face of mental challenges.

REMI - Brain feat. Lori     Hip Hop, R&B 31/10/2019
A unique pairing, REMI continue to hold reign at the top of Australia’s soul and hip-hop sphere since emerging onto the scene in 2014.
Just shy of four minutes, “Brain” bumps from the get-go, featuring the velvety R&B-led vocals of Melbourne’s Lori (Mandarin Dreams). Remi’s astute verses splay between in a swung rhythm, as delicate high-end keys (courtesy of Simon Mavin from Hiatus Kaiyote) play out over Sensible J’s organic beats, making “Brain” one of the pair’s most poignant, slow-jams yet.

Nooky - Liberty City     Hip Hop, First Nations 30/10/2019
Acclaimed Yuin MC Nooky is a law unto himself, spitting the country grammar and intricate wordplay that has made him one of Australia's most established hip-hop names.
The hard-hitting beats, fired-up lyrics and layered vocals of “Liberty City” pay respect to the cities Nooky has called home and the independence they’ve bestowed (while giving a shout out to classic Grand Theft Auto).

Other tracks by Nooky:  Charged Up  -  PS2
Flight Facilities - Better Than Ever feat. Aloe Blacc     Pop, Dance, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/10/2019
Since emerging with the global anthem “Crave You” in 2010, duo Flight Facilities have consistently defied sonic trends, staying true to crafting feel-good soundtracks that make people want to dance.
Aloe Blacc’s soul lifting vocal opens the three-minute track, as hand-claps and a fuzzy bassline ground contagious gospel harmonies. An organic drum beat propels you to your feet for the chorus, marking uncharted Flight Facilities territory. “Better Than Ever” is the first taste of new music from the duo since 2018, and one of summer’s biggest mood boosting anthems.

Vetta Borne - Hey     R&B, Pop, Soul 18/10/2019
Vetta Borne is a state-of-mind, the process and the journey. She is perfectly imperfect, and she's ready to speak about it. Vetta Borne is Maribelle; elevated
Immediately hooked with a funk-driven bassline, “Hey” soulfully yearns for re-connection to a familiar love. Recorded in her home studio and overlaid with catchy beats & her unmistakable vocals, Vetta Borne arrives as a culmination of Maribelle’s incredible production, impeccable songwriting and full creative control of her artistic identity.

GL - Night Habit (Sui Zhen Remix)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 11/10/2019
Melbourne-based electronic duo GL (Graeme Pogson and Ella Thompson) are known for their cosmic-dream creations that bend between eras and genre and are irresistible to move along with every time.
Sui Zhen now steps to the plate, manipulating the crisp 70s beats, low-driven percussion and 80’s coloured synths of GL's original track to bring forth a host of eerie textures to the table. The steadied movements of the "Night Habit" ease their course between other-worldly sonics that chime, creep and crash throughout, dabbled by Suin Zhen’s experimental hand.

Ngaiire - Shiver     Soul, R&B 04/10/2019
Ngaiire has a career that crosses genre and art form, having become renowned for her impressive vocal force, tight beats, incredible costuming and big pop sounds.
“Shiver” takes Ngaiire to her Papua New Guinean roots, tackling head-on the light and dark of life, death and the spirit world. Layering her unmistakable vocals with a haunting beat spur on a seamlessly crafted release that explores the mysteries of the afterlife and brings comfort from pain in a myriad of ways.

Nooky - CUZN     Hip Hop, First Nations 20/09/2019
Acclaimed Yuin MC Nooky is a law unto himself, spitting the country grammar and intricate wordplay that has made him one of Australia's most established hip-hop names.
“CUZN” sees the proud Yuin man channel his intricate wordplay with a profound expression, highlighting the trials and tribulations of being a young, misunderstood Indigenous Australian. Calling out issues of youth incarceration and injustice, Nooky shines a light on the cultural bonds that stand behind the track’s title term for kinship.

Sampa The Great - Heaven feat. Whosane     Hip Hop 12/09/2019
The rise of Sampa the Great has been spectacular to watch, having accumulated over 33 million streams collectively since her 2015 breakout, The Great Mixtape.
“Heaven” is an amalgamation of Sampa’s perfected influences, driven by her commanding rhymes as they wade through a stream of soulful, hip-hop sounds. Consistently championing her talented peers, the release features the combined angelic vocals from Whosane and Mwanjé, marking “Heaven” as yet another slice of brilliance from the Sampa The Great.

Winston Surfshirt - Smile     R&B, Pop, Hip Hop 12/09/2019
Sydney's favourite collective Winston Surfshirt have developed a cult following around their mixed bag of R&B/funk/soul/hip hop/jazz sounds and raucous live shows.
“Smile” enlists brass hooks folded with shimmying beats, enhanced by Winston’s cocktail of sultry R&B and soul-driven vocals. The release ties a bow on the signature mood loyal fans crave, and is certain to crack grins and stir visions of summertime in listeners as funk-dipped grooves and catchy rhythms point to smiling words of love.

CEEKO - Magic     R&B, Soul 30/08/2019
Melbourne based South African singer/songwriter CEEKO is reintroducing himself to the world of music in 2019, returning with a new R&B and soul sound that will grab your attention.
The soulful notes of “Magic” forge a vibrant portrayal of the world through CEEKO’s eyes. Drawing a charming inspiration from Disney classics, “Magic” presents his depiction of those stories in a modern context, delivered in a technicolour haze of harmonies and smooth cadences moulded over powerful rhythms and a melodic presence to weaken the knees.

Collarbones - Wish Me Luck feat. Banoffee     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Pop 30/08/2019
Boundary-pushing duo Collarbones (aka Sydney’s Marcus Whale and Adelaide’s Travis Cook) have built a name for their interstate collaborative project, tying deep, far-reaching emotion with complex, sinewy electronic pop.
“Wish Me Luck” tackles the messy ending of an ugly romantic entanglement, overlaying Whale’s emotive cries with the angelic vocals of Melbourne-based vocalist, track co-producer and close friend Banoffee. Initially written back in 2016, the ballad stirs melancholy synths against slowed-down and syncopated beats, in a soundscape that shines at the medium between trademark touches from each artist.

GL - Night Habit     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 30/08/2019
Melbourne-based electronic duo GL (Graeme Pogson and Ella Thompson) are known for their cosmic-dream creations that bend between eras and genre and are irresistible to move along with every time.
“Night Habit” blends 70s funky soul beats with sticky low-driven percussion and synths, topped off by singer Ella Thompson’s lofty harmonies to create a spooky, down-tempo throb, worthy of a ceremonious slow-dance. It’s another example of the duo’s thrilling contemporary spin on classic disco, funk, boogie, soul and electronic pop that ensures four minutes of delighted listening.

Genesis Owusu - Good Times     R&B, Hip Hop 27/08/2019
2019 has seen Genesis Owusu truly come into his stardom and capture the attention of the nation with his perfect blend of R&B, rap hip-hop.
Produced by The Free Nationals, "Good Times" matches sharp rhymes with falsetto back ups and every vocal trick in between, marking an undeniably feel good groove impossible not to move along to and a taste of the versatility we have come to expect from a Genesis Owusu release.

Other tracks by Genesis Owusu:  Simmer Down
Sampa The Great - Freedom     Hip Hop, Rap 22/08/2019
The rise of Sampa the Great has been spectacular to watch, having accumulated over 33 million streams collectively since her 2015 breakout, The Great Mixtape.
Premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, “Freedom” is about one of the most important talks you will ever have as an artist in this industry. It’s likely you’ll reach a point in your career where you’ll be given a choice to compromise your artistic expression. How much you’re willing to compromise is a conversation discussed in Freedom.