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The Venom Collective

Branding, Marketing, PR and overall Social Media Release Campaigns for young musicians. Helping young musicians reach their true potential by crafting their release campaigns to be up to date with current release strategies, as well as trialing new techniques.


The Venom Collective

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Wake The Blind - X2     Metal 28/02/2020
Wake The Blind is a Nu-Metalcore band from Melbourne. The band's music can be described as raw/intense, exploring confrontational ideas and motifs in each track, forcing the audience to reflect.
X2 questions the clutch of abusive relationships. Despite a connection being a two-way street, one side will always go with the other in fear of clashing leading into a toxic cycle of clinging until one lashes out. “I let your words poison me” is a representation of resentment in the aggressive stage of grief {the main concept of this track)

Drastic Park - Little Things     Punk, Alternative 18/02/2020
Drastic Park is a Punk-Rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by the early 2000s Punk Rock sound, Drastic Park have positioned themselves perfectly between the Pop-Punk and Hardcore scenes.
Lyrically, the track explores grief, anxiety and loss, while maintaining Drastic Park's classic punk-rock vibes.

“There is nothing worse than feeling completely helpless when it comes to wanting to keep your loved ones safe,” vocalist John Stokes said. “The chorus is optimistic though, suggesting that those close to you are worth fighting for - even at your own expense”

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