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The Same Tune

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Rory Ellis - Another Woman Down     Country, Alternative Country 20/10/2017
Rory Ellis is one of those singer/songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, who makes the hairs on your arms stand up by simply opening his mouth and uttering a few throaty words
Inspired by the experience of someone dear to him, Rory wrote about the behaviour of a man who was aggressive, demeaning, jealous, with an uncontrollable temper and a gambling addiction.

Allan Caswell - No Longer My Best Friend     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 01/11/2017
Allan Caswell arrived in Australia as a migrant in 1966. He has become one of Australia’s most recorded and successful songwriters with over 650 of his songs released worldwide.
No Longer My Best Friend is probably his most autobiographical song ever and is written for his wife Marian. It was co-written and co-produced in Melbourne with Damian Cafarella and is the start of Allan’s classic country album Mexico, which will be released early next year.

Kevin Greaves - Daddy's Radio     Country 16/11/2017
After 15 years living and recording in Nashville TN. Plus performing all over the USA, Kevin is now sharing his time between NZ, USA & Australia.
Co-written by friend and one of Nashville’s most successful songwriters Chris Dubois and Billy Yates.
It’s almost true to life story about a father and sons relationship and the memories created through songs.

Michaela Jenke - Black River     Country 17/11/2017
Hailing from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, Michaela Jenke is a singer/songwriter whoisn’t afraid to push the boundaries of music categorisation.
Michaela co-wrote Black River with one of Australia’s most acclaimed songwriters, Allan Caswell. The song evolved from a writing session the pair had at this year’s Academy of Country Music in Tamworth. The bluegrassy, alt country track echoes a tale of mystery and secrecy.

Shelley Minson & Issi Dye - Frankie & Johnny     Country, Rockabilly 17/11/2017
Shelley has been celebrating the release of her debut album ROCKABILITY with a launch at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend in Las Vegas.
Tamworth Rockabilly singer Shelley Minson and Australian veteran entertainer Issi Dye have recently collaborated on a new version of an old classic - Frankie and Johnny.
The song’s origins can be traced back to the late 1800s.

Carpenter Caswell - Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty     Country, Alternative Country 06/12/2017
2 of Australia's most celebrated and decorated singer/songwriters.
The track discusses the plight of the ‘mature’ performer who inadvertently attracts attention during a gig. Is it real, or make believe? Does it even matter?

Paula Standing - Pity Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 06/12/2017
Classically trained, turned Folkie - Paula Standing
The lyrics tell the story of a dysfunctional relationship bust up. This wasn’t the first time, so she saw it coming and predicted it was probably the last time.

Brent Larkham - Home     Country, Rock 15/12/2017
Award Winning Country Singer/Songwriter Brent Larkham.
HOME is a soulful country rock ballad that tells of the connection between our favourite songs, and the place that is our friends, our family and our favourite memories.

Lucy Parle - Always     Country 15/12/2017
14 Year old, Lucy Parle, has her sights set on a successful career in the country music industry.
‘Always’ was written after I watched the movie Dear John. The song is from John’s perspective about his break up when he went to war. It is about how John felt when he received the final letter from Savannah telling him she had fallen in love with someone else.

Renee Jonas - My Man In Red     Country 15/12/2017
Renee Jonas is a singer/songwriter that grew up listening to the natural sounds of the Australian bush.
My Man in Red is a cheeky, 'naughty but nice' Christmas Carol. This lighthearted, irreverent, playful track is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit (or into the Christmas spirits)...

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The Deadwood Pioneer - Dirty Money     Country, Rock 15/12/2017
Wild western hard rock for hillbillies and country punk for drunks.
Dirty Money is the second single from The Deadwood Pioneer’s self-titled debut EP. For a hard rockin’ hillbilly this is slower and moody, and carries an updated western movie feel in a modern country rock song.

The Redneck Gentlemen - Apple Pie Whisky     Country 19/12/2017
Tamworth Based Country Rock Band!
The song is based around a Whisky called Apple pie Moonshine, the band's beverage of choice.

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Homegrown - Wildflower Bruises     Country, Folk 01/02/2018
Katelyn, Liam and Kasey O'Donoghue – 20, 18 and 15 are brother and sisters raised together on properties in Far North Queensland and have sung together all their lives.
Wildflower Bruises is the hauntingly beautiful first single from Homegrown’s second EP. The title track, written by Kasey and Liam O'Donoghue (with Zoey Mills and Peta Cherae Peters) tells the story of a young boy and girl, whose love can not sustain his jealousy or insecure ways.

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Jarred Taylor - Country Wild Ft. Hurricane Fall     Country, Rock, Pop 01/02/2018
Tamworth's own - Chart topping Singles Maker, Jarred Taylor returns with his second single, ft. New Country Stars, Hurricane Fall.
Country Wild, Is the newest single from New country artist Jarred Taylor teaming up with some new country superstars Hurricane fall who feature on the single country wild was written recorded and produced in Fatrack studios.

Georgie Taylor - Insane     Country, Pop 01/02/2018
Georgie Taylor is a 16 year old award winning vocalist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Thornlands , who has an increasing passion for country music and musical theatre.
Insane is about relationships drifting away, unknowingly and over time, until there are only fragments left of what was once precious! The song covers the journey through the pain, the deep emotional turmoil experienced and the things that really drive you Insane in the process of self-discovery

Deep Creek Road - Crazy Blue     Country 15/02/2018
Deep Creek Road are rocking' country band from Melbourne. Finalists for CMC Music Awards and many more.
Discovered on a Deep Creek Road songwriting trip to Nashville in 2016, a demo of the song was presented to the band and we couldn’t NOT record it. With a stronger dance edge than anything we have previously released, Crazy Blue is the perfect soundtrack for summer.

Smith & Jones - Your Achin' Heart     Country 15/02/2018
Fresh off the back of a hugely successful 2017 for alt-country duo Smith & Jones comes the third single from their debut album: the piano driven ‘Your Achin Heart.’
Featuring lead guitarist Matt Ferry, Your Achin’ Heart is a song about a broken-hearted man, suddenly alone in a world he no longer understands. Adrift and disconnected, entirely taken up by memory and long-forgotten joy, he grapples to grasp on to any small token of reality.

Brett Clarke - Angry Too Long     Country 22/02/2018
Tamworth's Own, Brett Clarke releases the 3rd single from his highly acclaimed, debut album!
"Angry Too Long" is the third single from Brett Clarke's debut album "Standing Back”… a gentle ballad written by Nashville songwriters Dan Bobbitt, Kerry Ford & Mark Carson.

Gina Timms - Men On Pause     Country 22/02/2018
Tasmanian-born songstress Gina Timms launched her 50th birthday single at Wests on day one of the 2018 Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth.
Men On Pause is the New Age, Mature Women's theme from Country darling, Gina Timms. Released on her 50th birthday at a show including some of her Industry friends, Gina kicked off a successful Tamworth Country Music Festival with a bang.

Jodie Crosby - Man Like You     Country 22/02/2018
Golden Guitar Winner, Tamworth's own - Jodie Crosby
Man Like You is a catchy country swing all about losing a love and feeling that even if she “could find a man who looked like you/ and spoke like you/ and smiled like you” it just wouldn’t be the same!