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The Same Tune

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Suz Dorahy - The One     Country, Folk 10/08/2017
Multi-Instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Suz Dorahy.
"’The One" is the story of me since I was too young to really remember,” Dorahy explains. “But the one thing I will always remember is, my next door neighbour was a little bit older than me and we were just the ultimate best friends from such a young age.

Emma Dykes - Two Birds     Country 16/08/2017
Australian Songwriting Competition finalist, Emma Dykes.
Two Birds is about learning that you can fly using your own wings, and sometimes, we deserve that rather than relying on the broken wings of someone else. When we take the leap to fly on our own, we discover strength and courage, and this takes us to unbelievable heights.

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Paul Crowder - Baby Please     Country 16/08/2017
Traditional Country Singer/Songwriter - Paul Crowder.
In a change from the family, life and love themes of previous songs released by Paul Crowder, Baby Please is a fun, toe-tapping, plea of desperation from a man that has been left by his girl and can’t for the life of him understand what he has done wrong.

The April Family - You're Just The Blues     Country, Alternative Country 18/08/2017
Sydney based Alternative Country favourites The April Family.
Whitney’s soulful vocal, weaving around Atkins’ lead electric guitar lines, over a classic country rolling rhythm provided by Carpenter, the story about the difficulties of infidelity and the delegations of guilt and blame around it show a maturity that is typical of the material The April Family continue to develop.

Tyran - When I Listen To The Whiskey     Country, Rock 19/08/2017
TYRAN started out in music years ago performing, writing and recording with the highly successful three-part harmony trio “DTY” performing to capacity venues after being discovered by Ian “Molly” Meldrum.
It’s a story of reminiscing about what went wrong, what’s gone and what could have been done differently, and how after a few drinks, the line between fact and fiction sometimes blurs, with the truth diluting just as quick as the ice in the bottom of that whiskey glass.

Tim Solly - Rest     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 23/08/2017
“Solly’s performance is compelling, and his presence fills the room… his dark heart beats with great passion.” - Cicely Binford, Xpress Mag
A song written about Tim's auntie and her battle with cancer. It's written from the perspective of his uncle as he's watching his wife slip away.

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Other tracks by Tim Solly:  Heart On The Run
Fiona Fields - This Is Music Now     Country 25/08/2017
Fiona is a high school teacher by day. So “Old School” is a fitting title as it encapsulates her love of traditional country music as well working in education.
“This is Music Now”, documents music’s changing format over time, from vinyl records, to cassette tapes, to CDs and now, electronic media.

The Bushwackers Ft. John Williamson & Sara Storer - Waltzing Australia     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 25/08/2017
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2017 The Bushwackers are celebrating their 46 years of performance.
The Bushwackers asked Colin Buchanan to contribute a song to the new album, ‘The Hungry Mile’. He responded by writing ‘Waltzing Australia’ a song about the migrant experience, which has been a powerful narrative for Australia, featuring his friends Manuel and Anne who are migrants from Portugal and Vietnam respectively.

Greg Champion and Johnny Chester - Keep This Old Truck Tickin'     Country 02/09/2017
Two of Australia's most loved Singer/Songwriters. Greg Champion & Johnny Chester.
As Greg Champion was finishing his new album in late May, he wrote a song about not bouncing back quite like you used to: Keep This Old Truck Tickin’. The new tune called for a duet, so Champs called upon one of Country’s favourite sons: Johnny Chester.

Sarah Leete - Safe     Country 02/09/2017
Sarah Leete is a singer/songwriter and full time independent musician from North West NSW.
Safe is the first single off the debut album from Sarah Leete. It explores the vulnerability of love and relationships that manages to stand out from what is currently being played on the radio today.

Carter and Carter - World Full Of Angels     Country 12/09/2017
Carter & Carter have so many runs on the board that there should be no argument about describing them as Australian Independent country music artists of the decade.
World Full Of Angels follows the inspiring hit single Stand Tall.
Another uptempo track, with Carter & Carter's signature melodies, harmonies and songwriting, it deals with life's rollercoaster of ups and downs and the feeling that that mountain ahead is just too much to climb.

Dale Duncan - Just Like Your Dad     Country 15/09/2017
People's Choice, Male Artist of the Year Award Winner - Dale Duncan
Just Like Your Dad' was written by Manfred Vijars and Alan Caswell and when it was sent to me to listen to, It was a must. The story of the song represents strong family values which I absolutely adore.

Gina Timms - Rowdy Deb     Country 22/09/2017
Gina Timms is one of Australia's most highly recognised country singer/songwriters.
Pouring her heart and soul into the title track of her latest album, Thank You, Gina Timms needed to let off a little steam in the songwriting department.
The result of that was Rowdy Deb, the fourth single from Gina’s stunning new release.

Carpenter Caswell + Felicity Urquhart - Want That Back Again     Country 29/09/2017
Carpenter Caswell release their fourth release, “Want That Back Again”, a duet with legendary Australian Country Music personality Felicity Urquhart on Sept 22, 2017.
“Want That Back Again” was another equal collaboration between the two experienced writers. Carpenter and Caswell explored the fleeting nature of enduring love and romance in long term relationships, and the longing of that initial attraction to someone, mixed with the ‘normality’ of familiarity.

Paul Crowder - It's Not Easy     Country 29/09/2017
Paul Crowder is a singer/songwriter, loving father and husband from Lithgow, NSW.
The inspiration for It's Not Easy came to Paul on White Ribbon Day (International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women), but the catalyst for the actual writing came with the news a couple of days afterward of another fatal “1 punch attack” on our streets.

Thomson - Six Feet Tall     Country 04/10/2017
One of Australia's most exciting emerging singer/songwriters, Thomson.
Debut Single from QLD singer/songwriter, Thomson. An honest and open look into the weaknesses of a man in love, feeling Six Feet Tall around his girl who maybe isn't quite as convinced.

The Weeping Willows - Travellin' Man     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 13/10/2017
4 Time Golden Guitar Finalists and CMC Music Award Finalists, The Weeping Willows.
Travellin' Man, Co-written with Golden Guitar Winner, Lachlan Bryan, speaks of the realities of an itinerant musician and the pressures placed on those in these positions, in love. Realities that Andy and Laura manage to avoid in real life.

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Jarred Taylor - Songs We Know     Country, Rock 20/10/2017
Jarred Taylor is a fresh new Singer/Songwriter based in Country Music Capital.
An upbeat party track telling the story from both sides of a night out from a band and from the audience aswell, following a lead singer telling you about what he's use to seeing every weekend and how it all goes down exactly how he says it will.

Jenny Taylor and 'Lipstick and Spurs' - Whistlin' Dixie     Country, Folk 20/10/2017
Jenny Taylor and “Lipstick and Spurs” is a choir of grown up boys and girls, with choralography, costumes and camaraderie.
Jenny and Lipstick and Spurs happily, send out to the world “Whistlin Dixie” a little song of love lost and life found. A great Valentines day song for the disenchanted.

Ray Ryder - Love To Hate Me     Country, Rock 20/10/2017
Ray Ryder and his band have just finished a massive 60+ date national tour, with over 20,000kms travelled on the road.
Love To Hate Me’ tells the story of a break-up and even though it is hard for the person who is left behind, secretly it’s the best thing that happens to them. “Now that I’m thinking life with you wasn’t great I wish we ended and that you didn’t wait”