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The Same Tune

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Fiona Fields - Old School     Country 09/08/2019
With 3 Top 50 Country Music Channel clips as well as Top 10 spots at Toyota Star Maker two years running, Fiona releases the final single from her current album.
Her latest offering and the title track of the album, “Old School”, is a good old, sing along kinda song. So, enjoy the swinging beat and pedal steel and, while you’re at it, check out her independently produced music video below!

The Earl Of Grey - Hollow     Country, Alternative Country 09/08/2019
The Earl Of Grey has spent time in every corner of the wide, brown land and the sense of freedom, adventure and inevitable heart ache is on display.
Hollow was written in an old apartment in the centre of Melbourne, quite literally as the first few lines say, above a restaurant. It’s a reflection of how sometimes, self destruction might help numb the pain of loss, but to blot out the good memories with the bad can leave us feeling empty and hollow.

Tyran - Bang Bang     Country, Rock 18/07/2019
Australian Country Rock singer with a vibrant show
TYRAN’s latest single “Bang Bang” is an infectious outlaw country track infused with a touch of heavy rock!

“Bang Bang” tells the story of a man who is riding the highs and lows... almost daring life to take another shot at him while taking everything that’s thrown at him on the chin... with no regrets!!

Chloe Christine - Direction     Country 25/06/2019
Chloe Christine is one of Australia’s young rising country music artists. She is a 16 year old singer/songwriter that is merging her way into the music industry.
Upbeat and Modern country. Chloe Christine writes a song dedicated to her school life. With everyone separating to live their own lives away from school, she wrote this song to say “we move in our own direction”.

The Weeping Willows - Devil's Road     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 25/06/2019
5 x Golden Guitar Nominated and 4 x CMC Awards Finalists, The Weeping Willows hit the road in support of their new single, ‘Devil’s Road’
'Devil's Road' is the fifth and final single from The Weeping Willows' sophomore album, Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’.

Appropriately, Lachlan Bryan – that most restless of Australian Alt-Country wanderers – co-wrote ‘Devil’s Road’, a tale of a treacherous, infernal highway scored by portentous fiddle and brooding blues guitar…

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Vixens Of Fall - Down By The River     Country, Alternative Country 16/05/2019
A product of Far North Queensland, now living in Brisbane, Kristina, Adrienne and Anneliese Whitehouse have music and performance in their blood.
Down By The River is a tale of forbidden love; Faced with the age-old tale of a forbidden relationship because of the societal pressures of the times. The daughter of an early settler, she knows that falling in love with the indigenous boy who works for her father is forbidden and that only disaster can follow.

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Jasmin Bade - I'm Fine     Country 03/05/2019
Jasmin Bade is a country Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Now Nashville based.
Her first release, “I’m Fine”, tackles the various issues presented in today's society and the connection to mental health that comes along with it. She hopes her single allows listeners to feel that they aren’t alone in their emotions and that mental health is a topic that needs to be discussed; and not romanticised.

Cornell & Carr - A Town Like This     Country 24/04/2019
Cornell & Carr are a DUO made up of Golden Guitar & ARIA winning Michael Carr and Golden Guitar Finalist and crowd favourite, Matt Cornell.
“A Town Like This” tells the story of a young man who drives into an old, run down country town expecting nothing but to fill up the car, grab something to eat, and get back on the road as soon as possible. But then he finds true love, standing right there behind the counter.

Ian Burns - George and Jack     Country 24/04/2019
Ian Burns is an independent singer / songwriter from the Macarthur district of NSW. In January 2015 Ian released his debut EP, “Good Friends” recorded with Doug Bruce.
George And Jack, A country song, with a traditional/ blues feel about a broken heart and how the song’s main character just needs to sit alone, with his thoughts and memories, a few whiskeys and old country music to heal his wounds.

Allan Caswell - Train To Godforsaken     Country 11/04/2019
Multiple Award Winning Country Music Legend - Allan Caswell.
Train To Godforsaken is the first new music from Caswell since his very successful Mexico album and was, once again, produced by Damian Cafarella at EOR studios in Melbourne … Caf played everything on this track. We are recording tracks for what will probably become my next album … I write way too many songs to stop now.”

Anita Tresidder - Bucket List     Country 11/04/2019
With a Positive Attitude and a new lease on life, Anita Tresidder, your average housewife, mother and singer of over 20 years from the Central Coast NSW.
Bucket List is a tribute to Anita's idol, Beccy Cole. Anita has ticked off many of her 'bucket list items' with just one left. To sing with Beccy Cole. Can we make it happen? Only time will tell.

Tammy Moxon - Drives Me So Sane     Country, Alternative Country 11/04/2019
One of Australia's most promising Country Singer/Songwriter's.
The single focuses on the contradictory complexities of loving relationships. In other words, loved ones can drive you so crazy, but you can’t live without them, so therefore, they drive you so sane.

Anita Tresidder - Bucket List     Country 05/04/2019
Your average housewife, mother and singer of over 20 years from the Central Coast NSW with a BIG dream.
Only one box remains to be ticked off Anita's well publicised online Bucket List. That is to sing with her Idol and Golden Guitar Winner, Australia’s very own Beccy Cole. She’s hoping the release of this song may capture Beccy’s attention and that final dream can become a reality.

Mark Lucas - Shopping Town     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 05/04/2019
Mark Lucas is one of Australia's leading Alternative Country Singer/Songwriters, his songs giving wings to important issues / life lessons and emotions.
Taken from the recently released 20-track retrospective CD Prisoners of the Heart,drawn from Lucas’s ten-album output since 1996, ‘Shopping Town’ is a cautionary meditation on commercial enterprise taking on real lives, a release whose timing might be seen as particularly apt with a landmark state election in the offing.

Frecko - Bury Me Deep     Country 20/03/2019
Father and Son duo, formerly The Grinning Bellhops, returning to their origins as 'Frecko'.
Bury Me Deep aims to raise some thought and consideration to what could be an all too true phenomenon if we cannot get more out of the political process to ease the burden on rural Australia.

Oakwood - Bullet From A Barrel     Country 20/03/2019
Oakwood is a Country Rock Melbourne based band, fronted by Jaime Holland, Deep Creek Road's former Female lead singer.
Bullet From A Barrel is Oakwood's debut single. A high energy track written in Nashville and produced by Clive Young.

Michelle Russell - A Cotton Field Away     Country 20/03/2019
An Aboriginal Singer/Songwriter, proud of her heritage and music.
A Cotton Field Away is about breaking down the barriers that exist between black & white. Something symbolically represented in the words of the song by the cotton field. Something that may be akin to black Americans, but this divide between black and white exists also within Australia.

Montgomery Church - Your Troubled Mind     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 20/03/2019
2 x Golden Guitar Finalist DUO
A poignant and moving track, the third single to be lifted from Montgomery Church’s 2 x Golden Guitar nominated album, has quickly become a crowd favourite due to its raw, relatable storyline and classic high-lonesome waltz feel. "Your Troubled Mind gives the pain of loving and leaving a new right of passage through song.

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Darren Colston - I Saw You Smile Today     Country 19/02/2019
Darren Colston is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
A few short months ago, the community Darren works in, experienced tragedy, with the loss of a much-loved friend. It has been a slow recovery process. "One particular kid gave a brief smile after I said something to them, several months after the initial tragedy, but the smile was all too brief. That smile inspired me to write this."

Allan Caswell - Mexico     Country 12/02/2019
Allan Caswell is an Australian, award winning Singer/Songwriter.
The track features the stellar playing of producer Damian Cafarella on Carlos … an early 1970s Takamine that Marian bought for Allan at the Salvation Army shop in Yass for $25.