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The Same Tune

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Joel McKay - Living To Survive     Country, Alternative, Folk 14/03/2020
Joel McKay is an Australian Storyteller and CMAA Graduate. The Real Deal.
Living To Survive is the leading single from the debut EP of rising-star, storyteller, Joel McKay. With experience beyond his years, Joel's songs speak straight to the heart of the listener.

Sarah McAdams - Train Wreck Hearts     Country, Alternative, Roots 14/03/2020
CMAA Senior Academy Graduate - Future rising star of Australian Country Music.
Train Wreck Hearts is the leading single from Debut artist - Sarah McAdams. Train Wreck hearts displays a mature voice and singer/songwriter, definitely on the right track.

Ryan James - Why Me?     Country, Pop 18/02/2020
Ryan James - Debut Single Debut #1 on iTunes, Country Star in the making. Cousin of Golden Guitar Winner, Aleyce Simmonds.
'Michael and I wrote Why Me from two perspectives, the couple who can’t believe how lucky they are to have each other, that “young love” feeling. And the change over time where you become complacent and take it for granted. You don’t realise what you’ve lost until it’s too late??'

Allison Forbes - Broken Radios     Country, Alternative, Folk, Rock 04/02/2020
Allison Forbes - Tamworth local, now lives on the road, travelling this wide brown land, sharing her songs and stories.
The new single release ‘Broken Radios’ by Allison Forbes is a catchy country tune about the rubbish music being fed by radio stations and the money-driven industry selling out art. Allison is not backing down from singing about what she thinks and feels. It’s a dig at the formulaic way a lot of music comes across as much the same.

Aleyce Simmonds & John Williamson - Three Sons     Country, Folk, Alternative 13/12/2019
2018 Golden Guitar winner Aleyce Simmonds today releases a new single and duet with ARIA Hall of Fame member and Australian icon John Williamson.
My dad loved this song and I snuck the home phone away one day when I heard on the local radio station that they had a competition running to win a copy of the single. I tried my luck and asked John Williamson if we would sing a duet with me on his song. To my surprise, he said YES!!!

Andy Nelson - Late Night Letter     Country, Alternative 04/12/2019
Andy Nelson began playing around the local venues in Central West NSW region. It didn’t take long before the troubadour decided he would begin songwriting and has never looked back.
The song is based on the narrative of an adolescent boy growing up in a regional community where there was once a thriving industry, hosting jobs and security. Like many of these communities, once the work is over, or the industry has moved elsewhere, there are still people, real lives and families that have embedded roots in the area.

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Paul Lagendyk & Gina Horswood - What I Needed     Country 22/11/2019
Born and raised in Ontario's Oro/Medonte region, Canadian Country is in Paul Lagendyk's blood. George Jones. Waylon Jennings. Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.
What I Needed, a duet with Australian,, Gina Horswood is about the different perspectives of a break-up.

The man typically goes out and drowns his sorrows. Doesn’t need anything or anyone on the outside. Blames her. His chorus is what he’s really feeling. The hurting and loneliness that he “didn’t need”.

The female perspective is emotional right from the beginning.

Aleyce Simmonds - I Could Dance With You     Country 13/11/2019
2018 Golden Guitar Winner for Female Artist Of The Year releases highly anticipated new single!
Co-written after a first date with Aleyce's partner, Aleyce says, "We spoke about our families and he told me his dad had an aggressive form of Leukaemia. I wanted to write something that would let him know that I would be here for him. For the night to hold him tight and safe, a month, or maybe even forever"

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Smith & Jones - Running From Something     Country, Alternative, Folk 24/10/2019
Smith & Jones are one of the most exciting DUOS in the Australian Country / Americana scene.
Running From Something lets the girls' unique call-and-response style of arrangement and the sweetness of their vocal harmonies take centre stage. Running From Something both pokes fun at, as well as deeply questions the desire for love and companionship, and in the end serves as a reminder that there is joy and strength to be found in remaining solitary.

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Brad Johns - Neath The Blazin' Sun     Country 01/10/2019
Brad Johns was formerly guitarist for artists such as Tania Kernaghan and Mark O'Shea, now stepping out in his own right.
Written by my father, Frankie Johns (who is a Country Music artist in his own right), expressing his love of this country, Australia. He was born and raised in Darwin and the Northern Territory and although he now resides on the Gold Coast, he loves returning to these places which hold a very special place in his heart.

Other tracks by Brad Johns:  Tailgating
Brad Johns - Sleeping On Stone     Country 01/10/2019
Previous guitarist to the stars, James Blundell, Tania Kernaghan and more. Now, stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight!
Nominated for APRA Song Of The Year in the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards (Country Music Awards Of Australia) 'Sleeping On Stone' is a crowd favourite.

Chad Sinclair - Sunday Town     Country 25/09/2019
Chad Sinclair is a traditional Country music singer/songwriter from Tamworth, Country Music Capital.
Sunday Town is inspired by Chad's life experiences and showcases the sounds of Willie, Merle and Don Williams, all Chad's inspirations.

Montgomery Church - I Was Young When I Left Home     Folk, Country, Alternative 03/09/2019
2 x Golden Guitar Finalists - Montgomery Church.
An intimate, stripped back all-acoustic version of one of Bob Dylan's lesser known masterpieces. Recorded live in studio, this is the 4th single from Montgomery Church's 2 x Golden Guitar Award nominated album.

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Fiona Fields - Old School     Country 09/08/2019
With 3 Top 50 Country Music Channel clips as well as Top 10 spots at Toyota Star Maker two years running, Fiona releases the final single from her current album.
Her latest offering and the title track of the album, “Old School”, is a good old, sing along kinda song. So, enjoy the swinging beat and pedal steel and, while you’re at it, check out her independently produced music video below!

The Earl Of Grey - Hollow     Country, Alternative Country 09/08/2019
The Earl Of Grey has spent time in every corner of the wide, brown land and the sense of freedom, adventure and inevitable heart ache is on display.
Hollow was written in an old apartment in the centre of Melbourne, quite literally as the first few lines say, above a restaurant. It’s a reflection of how sometimes, self destruction might help numb the pain of loss, but to blot out the good memories with the bad can leave us feeling empty and hollow.

Tyran - Bang Bang     Country, Rock 18/07/2019
Australian Country Rock singer with a vibrant show
TYRAN’s latest single “Bang Bang” is an infectious outlaw country track infused with a touch of heavy rock!

“Bang Bang” tells the story of a man who is riding the highs and lows... almost daring life to take another shot at him while taking everything that’s thrown at him on the chin... with no regrets!!

Chloe Christine - Direction     Country 25/06/2019
Chloe Christine is one of Australia’s young rising country music artists. She is a 16 year old singer/songwriter that is merging her way into the music industry.
Upbeat and Modern country. Chloe Christine writes a song dedicated to her school life. With everyone separating to live their own lives away from school, she wrote this song to say “we move in our own direction”.

The Weeping Willows - Devil's Road     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 25/06/2019
5 x Golden Guitar Nominated and 4 x CMC Awards Finalists, The Weeping Willows hit the road in support of their new single, ‘Devil’s Road’
'Devil's Road' is the fifth and final single from The Weeping Willows' sophomore album, Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’.

Appropriately, Lachlan Bryan – that most restless of Australian Alt-Country wanderers – co-wrote ‘Devil’s Road’, a tale of a treacherous, infernal highway scored by portentous fiddle and brooding blues guitar…

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Vixens Of Fall - Down By The River     Country, Alternative Country 16/05/2019
A product of Far North Queensland, now living in Brisbane, Kristina, Adrienne and Anneliese Whitehouse have music and performance in their blood.
Down By The River is a tale of forbidden love; Faced with the age-old tale of a forbidden relationship because of the societal pressures of the times. The daughter of an early settler, she knows that falling in love with the indigenous boy who works for her father is forbidden and that only disaster can follow.

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Jasmin Bade - I'm Fine     Country 03/05/2019
Jasmin Bade is a country Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Now Nashville based.
Her first release, “I’m Fine”, tackles the various issues presented in today's society and the connection to mental health that comes along with it. She hopes her single allows listeners to feel that they aren’t alone in their emotions and that mental health is a topic that needs to be discussed; and not romanticised.