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The Same Tune

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Darren Colston - I Saw You Smile Today     Country 19/02/2019
Darren Colston is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
A few short months ago, the community Darren works in, experienced tragedy, with the loss of a much-loved friend. It has been a slow recovery process. "One particular kid gave a brief smile after I said something to them, several months after the initial tragedy, but the smile was all too brief. That smile inspired me to write this."

Allan Caswell - Mexico     Country 12/02/2019
Allan Caswell is an Australian, award winning Singer/Songwriter.
The track features the stellar playing of producer Damian Cafarella on Carlos … an early 1970s Takamine that Marian bought for Allan at the Salvation Army shop in Yass for $25.

Gina Timms - Do You Like What You See?     Country 12/02/2019
Gina Timms is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
This is the 5th single to be released off Gina’s 2017 album, Thank You and Gina has been keeping the best until last to honour the friendship and life of her friend, Nathaniel O’Brien.

Natalie Henry - Apple And Pride     Country 12/02/2019
Natalie Henry is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
The first single and title track from the debut album, Apple & Pride, is one of those super personal songs that you have to write but hesitate to share. It's vulnerable but powerful and sits perfectly alongside the last single.

Smith & Jones - Secondhand Heart     Country 12/02/2019
Smith & Jones are an Australian Duo, comprised of Abby Smith & Sophie Jones.
Secondhand Heart ​deals with the everyday frustrations: the endless search for love and emotional fulfilment, and wanting to escape the everyday but being tied to a form of unsatisfying, mundane contentment. But never does Secondhand Heart ​wallow in sorrow, and it’s this refusal to be taken in by sadness that gives ​Secondhand Heart its intensity, and ultimately its beauty.

Angela Easson - Call The Police     Country 10/01/2019
Angela Easson is a vibrant singer/songwriter. Blitzing Australia’s modern country scene with her reputation for mixing infectious melodies with intensely personal lyrics, Angela is rightly regarded as a rising star.
The first track from the album Call The Police was cowritten with Golden Guitar winner Kevin Bennett. This power alt country tune was written on a songwriting retreat and the lyrics show how this young songwriter has grown immensely.

Shelley Minson - Good News Bad News     Country 10/01/2019
Shelley Minson and her guitar playing husband Lawrie are based in Country Music Capital -Tamworth NSW and they play a fun mix of Rockabilly and Honky Tonk.
The song is a cheeky western swing tune about a man who is being given some good news and some bad news by his former lover.

Anita Spring - Big Crush     Country 13/12/2018
Anita Spring has long been known as a fine vocalist. In 2018, she has re-emerged with a stunning collection of contemporary country songs, achieving the recognition she so richly deserves.
Big Crush is an up-tempo, infectious pop-country tune about meeting someone that takes over your senses! Who you simply can't get enough of!

Allan Caswell - Feeding The Crew     Country 11/12/2018
Allan Caswell’s latest bush ballad Feeding The Crewhas been chosen as a finalist in the 2019 Bush Ballad Golden Guitar.
So, here’s the story: a retired lady in Far North Queensland writes her first ever song… it gets recorded by a veteran country singer and goes on to be a finalist in the Golden Guitars.

Deep Creek Road - Fast As Your Car     Country 11/12/2018
Melbourne Based Country Rockers - heading to Tamworth Country Music Festival in January..
A feel good summer tune, Fast As Your Car relates the feeling of falling in love to the thrill of driving fast down the country backroads.

Harvey Russell - Walking Downtown (Again)     Country, Alternative Country 11/12/2018
Harvey Russell first began treading the boards of Sydney’s pubs and bars as frontman for Harvey Swagger Band in the late 2000’s.
‘Walking Downtown (Again)’, a mid-tempo honky-tonk lament with all the hallmarks of a traditional country classic – themes of regret, temptation and hopelessness, accompanied by colourful pedal steel and lilting fiddle.

Lizzie Steadman - Here We Go Again     Country, Alternative Country 11/12/2018
2019 Toyota Starmaker Top 10 Finalist, Lizzie Steadman, an Aboriginal singer/songwriter has an ability to tell a story through her song writing and empowering vocals.
Here We Go Again was co-written with Shane Nicholson, when Lizzie attended The Dag Sheep Station Songwriters Retreat, in July this year.
The song tells a story of how after a breakup and/or a betrayal, it can be soothing for some to listen to old country love songs, have a drink and reminisce on what once was.

Aaron D'Arcy - Summer Song     Country 08/12/2018
Aaron D’Arcy, the Multi- Instrumentalist and Songwriter behind “Jeanie” had a break- through 2016 with the #1 Radio Hit “This Cannot Be Love” Featuring Aleyce Simmonds.
His Second Solo single is Summer Song. This up-beat song was penned with co-writer Gregory Becker on a recent trip to Nashville and was recorded and produced by Aaron D’Arcy in his own Ripon Studios in Melbourne with a little help on Backing Vocals by Danielle Young and Michael Carpenter.

Rob Imeson - Old Welcome Feeling     Country, Acoustic, Folk 17/11/2018
Rob Imeson is a singer/songwriter from Yamba, on the North Coast of NSW. He has been playing music for the last 8 years solo and with his family band.
“Old Welcome Feeling” is the title track from Rob’s new EP. Written for a friend who left his hometown of Yamba, NSW, and found work as a fly-in-fly-out miner in Western Australia, the song is all about coming home.

Katie Brooke - Home Town Song     Country 09/11/2018
Katie Brooke is a small town country girl with a gypsy spirit. Hailing from the village town of Mummulgum not far from the NSW North Coast.
Debut single, Home Town Song shakes things up with a modern toe tapping beat and celebrates the small town country life that many can relate to.

Katie has named her recent tour, ‘Home Town Tour’, after the song that is growing very popular with her audiences.

Suz Dorahy - Margharita     Country 09/11/2018
Newcastle based Alt. Country Sweetheart, Suz Dorahy.
The new single from Suz Dorahy was inspired by the hardships of the Post World War 2 Generations.
Men were exposed to the traumas of war and women were exposed to the hardships of life and survival during times of recession.

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Sweet Jelly Rolls - I Guess Those Country Songs Are Finally Getting To Me     Country 09/11/2018
Sweet Jelly Rolls - A dynamic DUO of two old souls.
I Guess Those Country Songs Are Finally Getting To Me is a sad country song written in a pit of despair, that follows the journey the mind takes when a relationship is on its last legs.

Aleyce Simmonds - Rejected     Country 02/11/2018
2018 Golden Guitar Winner - Female Artist Of The Year
My brother in law, Michael Cole and I, wrote Rejected. Mikey played me a riff that had been running around in his head for quite some time. The word ‘Rejected’ sprung to mind immediately for some reason.
I’d recently been through a break-up and so drew on all of those associated emotions to help write this song.

Jodie Crosby - History Of Us     Country 18/10/2018
Golden Guitar Winner from Country Music Capital - Jodie Crosby.
‘History Of Us’ is the followup to the international #1 hit ‘Hello’ and top 10 songs ‘What A Shame’ and ‘Man Like You’ from the album that is soaked in the traditional sound of country music and the emotions that follow heartbreak.
The song is laced with the flavours of acoustic instruments – guitar, fiddle and resonator guitar.

Ali Shield - City Of Dreams     Country 16/10/2018
Rising star Ali Shield released her Debut EP 'The Lounge Room Sessions' recently. The EP is inspired by the lounge room performances she did as child to her family.
City Of Dreams is about chasing a dream that seems so far away yet knowing without giving it a shot you would regret it. It’s about hoping that there is a short cut to your city of dreams, realising you have to enjoy the journey & that maybe you’ll have enough ‘fight’ to achieve anything.