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The Right Profile

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Tim Guy - The Rambler     Pop, Country 22/08/2016
Tim has achieved a well earned reputation where each word paints a thousand pictures
This track is about Tim's grandfather a WW2 Veteran.

Other tracks by Tim Guy:  Tarzan  -  Footsteps
Caravana Sun - The Tourist     Blues/Roots, Rock 12/09/2016
Australian surf/dub/rock fusion
“Born beneath the waves, ‘The Tourist’ explores a sense of moment and connection to the ocean” - Ant Beard / Caravana Sun

Hollow States - Go And Be     Pop, Atmospheric 16/09/2016
Stirring indie-pop and marrying catchy pop melodies with raw, relatable emotion.
It's a nice dichotomy they create. The band - comprised of singer Huck, guitarist Joel and keyboardist Hayden - craft songs that are both heartfelt and intelligent; equal parts haunting and jangly. Unmistakable within this sound is the emotive voice of Huck Hastings.

Crystal Cities - Good Life     Pop 16/09/2016
Crystal Cities is a fresh take on the melodic pop. The band is letting the music breath without overplaying and trying to prove their musicality
‘Good Life’ oozes with dreamy vocals and lush, psychedelic textures, that’s reminiscent of 80's Madchester scene

Dubmarine - Solar Flare Fire     Reggae/Dub, Electronic 28/09/2016
Dancehall, Reggae, Dub, DnB
Dub stepping and heavy synth.


Danielle Deckard - Put That Ring Away     Pop 06/10/2016
A New Jersey native who has come to call Australia home.
Danielle's lyrics and exquisite vocals impart dark undertones that act as a counterweight to the brighter pop melodies.

Mental As Anything - Goat Tracks     Rock, Pop, Blues 06/10/2016
Nearly 40 years of recording and non stop touring. 25 top 40 hits in Australia. Martin Plaza and Greedy Smith are always writing songs.
Plaza's demons?: Phantom footprints? Unseen goats drinking all his cans beer? Shades of the Nips perhaps.
Plaza obliquely pays tribute to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys referencing his famous living room sandpit where Brian wrote his songs and faced his personal demons.

Society Of Beggars - An Angel Called Night     Rock 14/10/2016
Rock n Roll band
The track is about the anxieties of night time and using feminine energy to overcome feelings of darkness.

The Ruminaters - Psychopathic Brain Explosion     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Pop 21/10/2016
A good time– surf, swamp, psychedelia, garage, rock n roll band.
Fun and carefree whilst getting their rock n roll ya-ya's out.

Kingfisha - The Gold     Reggae/Dub 03/11/2016
Brisbane roof raisers Kingfisha have been laying down weighty reggae and dub, and in the process cementing themselves as Australia’s premier reggae act.
The Gold is about showing up everyday to a job you despise but finding a reason beyond the money to be there. Mateship and commonality despite your differences.


Why We Run - All You Ever Wanted     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 03/11/2016
One of Sydney’s most distinctive rising indie bands. Immersive and unique
Rolling 6/8 groove with uplifting hooks, Bowie-inspired tremolo piano and a savvy pop sensibility.

Bats - Tarantula     Rock, Psychedelic, Rock 08/11/2016
Bats are made up of members of The Scotch Of Saint James, The Infidels, The Volcanics, Ruby Boots and The Sleepy Jackson
Dirty/melodic swamped out Rock n Roll.

Munro Melano - Move To California     Pop, Electronic, Soul 09/11/2016
Melbourne based artist Munro Melano has been writing/recording and releasing for several years now - soulful grooved based music both solo and within a band dynamic.
It was written over the Melbourne winter. When the sky is grey, and days are short - cocooned in front of the heater. Only months before, I'd farewelled a number of friends who were moving to LA - one friend had just fallen in love, another was chasing the dream.

Rob Hirst & Sean Sennett feat. Deniz Tek - Call To Arms     Rock 03/12/2016
Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil teams up with Sean Sennett whilst Deniz Tek from Radio Birdman shreds on guitar.
This track is urgent and sweaty with 60's rock n roll grit.

I Am Apollo - Northern Lights     Rock, Pop 11/01/2017
Their sound combines their love of analogue recording gear, 70's pop rock and the 90’s rock that they grew up with.
The 'Northern Lights' feel is ethereal and emotive whilst making you wonder about the potential big picture of everything.

Elegant Shiva - Can't Get Enough     Rock, Grunge 20/01/2017
Elegant Shiva. Explosive. Subsonic. Grunge.
They weave thunderous bass riffs with mad-man drumming.

Future Creature - They Say     Electronic, Atmospheric 13/02/2017
Future Creature appreciates alienation, confusion, non-conformity. Future Creature mends fences. Future Creature employs commercial articulation toward the attractions of escapism. Future Creature rejects the cult of personality.Future Creature appreciates cats.
Slinky and sexy electronic groove with a nod to classic Trip Hop

Crystal Cities - Who's Gonna Save Us Now     Rock, Pop 16/02/2017
Emotive alt rock band that plays with feeling
Opening the garage doors and letting the music go free

Hollow States - I'm Not Going Anywhere     Pop 02/03/2017
Sophisticated indie pop
The exhilarating euphoria is peppered with hints of melancholy and the result is a bold and assured EP from the Sydney trio

Gypsy Scholars - 1960's     Rock, Folk, Pop 10/03/2017
The Canberra boys emanate a joyful goodtime vibe
Even with the serious subject matter the Canberra boys emanate a joyful goodtime vibe and the best way to experience these fine players is live.