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The Right Profile

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The Indians - Unsatisfied     Rock, Britpop 20/10/2015
Edgy guitar rock/ pop band with a love of the English sound
Heavy Pop that's played with urgency

The Cairos - Love Don't Feel Right     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 29/10/2015
Hailing from Brisbane, The Cairos may be a name you are familiar with. Last year saw the trio releasing their debut album Dream Of Reason to wide acclaim.
Jacob (Drums) gives us some insight - “…the new single is a little bit different from what we have done before, it’s more pop inspired. With 100% creative control, this is the work that we have been wanting to produce.“

The Snowdroppers - Maryanne     Rock, Blues 18/11/2015
Unpredictable fusion of everything from classic soul and r’n’b, fuzzed-out stoner riff-rock to distorted country.
Third single from the album ‘Maryanne’ is out now and it is a return to the hard rocking four-to-the-floor beat Snowdroppers fans know and love.

Other tracks by The Snowdroppers:  Devil Child
Dan Kelly - Everything's Amazing     Pop, Electronic, Electronic 09/02/2016
He's Dan Kelly the singer and songwriter
Sounding like an indie electro Morrissey lost on the beaches of Saturn, ‘Everything's Amazing!

Other tracks by Dan Kelly:  Never Stop The Rot
Slumberhaze - Run as Fast As You Can, Kids.     Funk/Soul, Rock, Electronic 13/02/2016
Slumberhaze's music combo is about beats, soul, edgy guitar and cinemascope into one gnarly melting pot
Guitars, synth, soul with a dense driving beat

Rod Ladgrove - Looks     Electronic, Chill, House 15/02/2016
Ladgrove joins the likes of Milky Chance and Asgeir with soothing, impeccably produced house..." - Pilerats
Chill Banger

Gordi - Avant Gardener     Folk, Atmospheric, Pop 17/02/2016
Gordi shot to popularity in 2015 with ‘Can We Work It Out’ and ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’ which gave her plenty of radio action and admiration.
Gordi reworks Courtney Barnett's Avant Gardener and turns it into totally different song.

The Ruminaters - Mr Bubbles     Rock, Garage, Pop 23/02/2016
They are a good-time garage band
it's a feel good tale about underwater adventure. Happy happy joy joy

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Funkchunk     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Funk 24/02/2016
They are the world famous Melbourne Ska Orchestra. They bring it to the people so the people can dance!
Its funky and its chunky and its dance music!

Other tracks by Melbourne Ska Orchestra:  Sly Boots
The Strums - Bare Hands     Rock, Punk 23/03/2016
Goodtime Punks from Brisbane
Its punchy, powerful and to the point.

Caravana Sun - Eye Of The Storm     Blues/Roots, Dub, Rock, Reggae 29/03/2016
Caravana Sun are an eclectic surf/dub/rock fusion outfit. Good vibes and good times
Big fat looping grooves with an upvibe beat

Split Seconds - Relocation Blues     Pop 30/03/2016
A perennial favourite for lovers of literate indie pop.
A lyrically honest and refreshing song about moving from Perth to Melbourne. You'll want to turn it up and smile.

Gypsy Scholars - Daydream Author     Folk, Rock 13/04/2016
Unique blend of Aussie folk and indie influences
Its upbeat with dual vocals. Booming barratone and a good time feel

Slumberhaze - Neon Demon     Electronic, Soul, Pop, Funk 05/05/2016
‘Neon Demon’ is the new single to be taken from the upcoming EP and immediately launches the listener into an illuminated scene after sundown where like-minded humans would come to connect. The song explores letting go of any inner doubts and thought patterns, freeing one to escape to the calling of the bright lights and the dreams we refrain from exploring due to fear.
Darkly soulful and captivating

Brayden Sibbald - Maybe I Was Small     Pop, Acoustic 18/05/2016
Brayden Sibbald is a 20 year old singer/songwriter who hails from the coastal town of Dunsborough in Western Australia’s South West
Maybe I Was Small is an inspired ballad; a slow build filled with layered harmonies. It delivers a transformed emotional range to its listeners taking them on this journey with him

Bears With Guns - Let Go     Folk, Pop, Rock 27/05/2016
Straight to the heart pop/rock/ folk tunes
A dash of both melancholy and warmth with a positive outlook.

Caravana Sun - Open Up     Rock, Electronic 28/07/2016
Caravana Sun's sound is an electic mix of surf/rock/dub/synth and horns
“Open Up” is a song about longing for connection to country and opening up to Indigenous culture.

This song washed upon the shores of our creative consciences whilst in Western Australia and continued to find its stride on stages around the world.

Ant Aggs - Lighthouse (feat. Roman MC)     Hip Hop 11/08/2016
Ant played keys with the much-respected Brisbane Hip Hop outfit of the Resin Dogs and has collaborated with Spikey T (Rae & Christian) and Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious)
“Lighthouse is the tune I always wanted to produce.. It’s relaxed, has an infectious hook, and a crushing beat. Roman’s rap is the perfect combination of rhythm n rhyme” Ant Aggs.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Kingfisha - Left It     Reggae/Dub 17/08/2016
Kingfisha are back with a new single & album. Bringing the party back home for a run of shows bound to knock the socks right off your feet.
Pumping Roots Rock Reggae

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

The Ruminaters - Bad Bad Things     Rock, Punk, Pop 17/08/2016
The Ruminaters are a bunch of punks with your dads old hair cut who don’t mind doing bad, bad, things.
A little bit surfy, a little bit psychedelic, but the very essences of rock ‘n’ roll.