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The Right Profile

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The Invincible Summer - To The Sky     Pop 28/02/2013
Runaway and To the Sky drew significant attention on the blogosphere in Australia and US with comparisons to Foster the People, Passion Pit, MGMT, Tears for Fears and more.
Australian Indie Pop. Play it in the car when you’re cruising the highway with the windows down.

Other tracks by The Invincible Summer:  Runaway
Sons Of Rico - I’m Not Thinkin’ About You     Rock, Pop 06/03/2013
a band with a knack for marrying complex rock to simple pop melodies
Glam tinged and loads of fun. its for a goodtime

Rif Raf - Always Home     Hip Hop 20/03/2013
Pays homage to his roots & all the opportunities that have been presented to him throughout his life. His parents migrated from Palestine & Lebanon, Rif was born in Sydney
“The message I want to relay in this song is that we are one and I will always pay homage to where I come from” says Rif Raf.

The Given Things - Red Sky     Rock, Metal 01/06/2013
Rollicking, sexy, dirty rock songs featuring big riffs layered with big vocals. Queen meets Queens of the Stone Age if you will.
Red Sky oozes Stoner Rock with a big fat guitar groove driving it.

Karnivool - We Are     Metal/Punk, Rock 18/06/2013
Karnivool are big, heavy and thunderous. If you like your music played with complexity this is for you.
Its a huge monster track and very heavy, not for the faint of heart

Timothy Nelson & The Infidels - Born In The 90's     Rock, Pop 09/08/2013
This Perth outfit is recording their follow up album and 'Born In The 90's' has got that Pop/ Rock goodtime feel in abundance
Born In The 90's has a fun upbeat feel with a tounge in cheek view on how things used to be, enjoy!

The Hello Morning - The Tie That Binds     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 14/08/2013
This EP takes The Hello Morning to a whole new level. Featuring three brand which includes a haunting duet of the Johnny Cash classic ‘Jackson’ sung with Ali Barter
It's trademark Hello Morning with their rich textured mix of Alt country Soul Rock driven by impeccable musicality

Myles Mayo & The Modern Heart - A Love Like A Crucifix     Rock 09/09/2013
Myles was in Special Patrol and its the first single following his debut solo album “How you done me Wrong” in 2011. Its a bitter sweet tune, it rocks.
It’s an edgy punchy track with all the hallmarks of great song writing

Karnivool - Eidolon     Rock, Metal 15/10/2013
The new single from Karnivool’s latest album Asymmetry. Its heavy, melodic and brooding
Few bands in this country can create and harness such sonic power and soundscape like Karnivool. No wonder they are playing Europe’s biggest festivals.

Usurper of Modern Medicine - Motorolla Borealis     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental, Rock 18/10/2013
Usurper of Modern Medicine is an experiment with signal processing, resampling/ looping technology combined with a heavy acoustic rhythm section.
Kind of kraut-rock thing with an electronic flavour and psych stuff also

Crosson - All About The Music     Metal/Punk, Rock 29/11/2013
Reminiscent of The Darkness, Steel Panther and Kiss, Crosson’s brand of catchy rock anthems is enticing on their new EP "Spreading The Rock n Roll Disease".
Fusing melodic heavy rock and big harmonies with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue,)

Gypsy Brown - Jungle Strut     Funk/Soul, Dance, Reggae 11/12/2013
Gypsy Brown is the creation and brain child of Elvis Aljus a renowned producer, drummer, percussionist and recording artist. Elvis is currently a member of the Melbourne Ska Orchestra
World musical genres come together and explode to create a fusion of sounds, that take influence from funk, Latin, reggae and all bits in-between

The Spitfires - Spooky Do     Rock, Punk, Garage 27/01/2014
Formed in 2009 by singer/guitarist Sean Regan and bassist Paul Bovenkerk. A mix of British rock sensibilities and garage thrash snarl
This track has energy and fun and good times to burn.

Greenthief - Utopia     Rock, Psychedelic 04/02/2014
Alternative rockers Greenthief have crashed the indie party with their unique blend of psychedelia, with a growing reputation attributed to the confidence and tightness of their wildly passionate live show.
Utopia is best describes as a majestic rock anthem. The track features many distinct qualities of the ‘Greenthief sound’. Between the big riffs and a catchy chorus, Utopia describes a man's quest to find utopia but gets lost along the way.

Other tracks by Greenthief:  Rainbow  -  Gypsy
Little Bastard - High For You     Blues/Roots, Folk, Rock 19/03/2014
A mighty 7 piece punk-string band incorporating guitars, bass, fiddle, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, beats, a load of voices and memorable tunes that will suck you into their good time jangle.
Raucous. Energetic. Uninhibited.

Split Seconds - Halfway There     Pop 21/03/2014
Smart Indie Pop that hits the sweet spot between heart and head.
Halfway There is perfect indie Pop interlaced with male and female vocals. Its one of those instant tracks.

Vauxhall Outlaws - She's Appeared Before     Rock, Pop 24/03/2014
The band aims to take the listener on an expansive musical journey.Drawing comparisons to the likes of Tame Impala and Cloud Control
From soothing vocals and absorbing synths to walls of fuzz and hypnotic basslines, all painted over driving grooves.

Brian El Dorado - Red Hot     Rock, Funk 02/04/2014
Brian's been playing, writing and performing around Melbourne since his high school days. That's when he was doing Beastie Boys covers. Now its more on the Rock/ Funk tip.
Its a slap of Rock/Funk groove

Jackson McLaren - Here's A Memory     Blues/Roots, Folk, Roots 15/04/2014
Folk-infected- Roots singer songwriter
Warm and engaging

Little Bastard - Be My Kind     Folk, Punk, Blues 16/05/2014
Sydney's Little Bastard. A mighty 7 piece punk-string band incorporating guitars, bass, fiddle, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, a load of voices and memorable tunes that’ll suck you into their good time
Raucous. Energetic. Uninhibited."High For You’ is a track about being reckless for the one you love and the crazy repercussions that come of it"