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The Right Profile

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Rod Ladgrove - Looks     Electronic, Chill, House 15/02/2016
Ladgrove joins the likes of Milky Chance and Asgeir with soothing, impeccably produced house..." - Pilerats
Chill Banger

Slumberhaze - Run as Fast As You Can, Kids.     Funk/Soul, Rock, Electronic 13/02/2016
Slumberhaze's music combo is about beats, soul, edgy guitar and cinemascope into one gnarly melting pot
Guitars, synth, soul with a dense driving beat

Dan Kelly - Everything's Amazing     Pop, Electronic, Electronic 09/02/2016
He's Dan Kelly the singer and songwriter
Sounding like an indie electro Morrissey lost on the beaches of Saturn, ‘Everything's Amazing!

Other tracks by Dan Kelly:  Never Stop The Rot
The Snowdroppers - Maryanne     Rock, Blues 18/11/2015
Unpredictable fusion of everything from classic soul and r’n’b, fuzzed-out stoner riff-rock to distorted country.
Third single from the album ‘Maryanne’ is out now and it is a return to the hard rocking four-to-the-floor beat Snowdroppers fans know and love.

Other tracks by The Snowdroppers:  Devil Child
The Cairos - Love Don't Feel Right     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 29/10/2015
Hailing from Brisbane, The Cairos may be a name you are familiar with. Last year saw the trio releasing their debut album Dream Of Reason to wide acclaim.
Jacob (Drums) gives us some insight - “…the new single is a little bit different from what we have done before, it’s more pop inspired. With 100% creative control, this is the work that we have been wanting to produce.“

The Indians - Unsatisfied     Rock, Britpop 20/10/2015
Edgy guitar rock/ pop band with a love of the English sound
Heavy Pop that's played with urgency

Rob Hirst & Sean Sennett - Beautiful Girl (She Sleeps On Her Breath)     Rock, Garage 16/10/2015
Rob Hirst Midnight Oils drummer teams up with Sean Sennett and they've made a instant feel Garage Rock album.
Its immediate and hooky. You can hear Rob's trademark (Oils) vocal melody. Killer track

Other tracks by Rob Hirst & Sean Sennett:  When Darkness Comes
The Lazys - Black Rebel     Rock 08/10/2015
No nonsense high energy Rock n Roll
It's a hip/head shakin - fist in the air - old school Rock n Roll ripper!

Little Death - Hotel Tokyo     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 24/09/2015
Little Death, the brainchild of enigmatic Perth based singer-songwriter Ryan Carson. This track was produced by critically acclaimed producer Dimitri Tikovoi who also produced Placebo's Meds.
Richly textured production sets the foundation for stunning guitar parts, outstanding instrumentalism

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Satellite     Reggae/Dub, Ska 16/09/2015
‘Satellite’ is a sonic joyride with dynamic horns, crystal vocals, classic driving Ska rhythm and an infectious hook. A nod to the bands Ska roots.
‘Riding on a Satellite’ is a metaphor for flying high when the balance is right, a little like ‘Walking on Sunshine’ with a cosmic twist!


Aerials - Restless     Rock, Electronic, Pop 31/08/2015
These three Brisbane natives have built fast on the back of a live show that is a blistering reminder that rock is still alive in this country.
'Restless' is a seductively sinister story packaged as a blinding-bright assault to the dancefloor. The David Lynch inspired clip delves into an underground world of fetish, obsession and surrealism.

The Stiffys - King Of The Internet     Rock, Punk 17/08/2015
King Of The Internet is our heaviest song yet. It's the result of us experimenting with our art rock sound and also experimenting with pre-mixed energy drinks.
A pounding beat and a hook guaranteed to burn into your brain for hours.


Rod Ladgrove - Two Hearts     Electronic, Chill, House, Pop 11/08/2015
Port Pirie. The friendly city. Site of the world's biggest lead smelter. And home for fast-emerging producer/ songwriter Rod Ladgrove.
Chilled, sexy and laid back

Empra - Rebecca     Rock, Pop 05/08/2015
Empra is a rock band from Melbourne that creates uplifting music filled with good vibes and euphoric sing-a-longs that will supercharge your heart and electrify your soul
The song was inspired by a night out with a drop dead gorgeous woman who surprisingly has low self-esteem. So you’re trying to be the nice guy while being careful not to mess it up by falling into the friend zone

Verticoli - Astronaut     Rock 01/08/2015
Heavy rock groove merchants from Tassie
Fun, fierce and flat-out rock music.

Busy Kingdom - Woman     Rock 17/07/2015
The Melbourne rock four piece are quickly gaining a reputation as an act with standout stage presence and catchy memorable songs.
Their music is super catchy, with really strong and simple vocal melodies providing the perfect opportunity to sing along to, solid guitar and bass riffs.

Other tracks by Busy Kingdom:  Good For You
Eddie Boyd & The Phatapillars - A Lover and a Fool     Blues/Roots, Rock 15/07/2015
Rootsy indie rock 3-piece from the Blue Mountians
A brooding Roots Rock track. You can feel the tension escaping from the speakers. Order this and enjoy!

Other tracks by Eddie Boyd & The Phatapillars:  Bad Timing
Hollow States - Damage I've Done     Pop 13/07/2015
The band craft songs that are both heartfelt and intelligent; equal parts haunting and jangly. Damage I've Done, which even from the title is emotionally weighted, typifies this approach
Hypnotic rhythms, almost eerie pop guitars and bitter-sweet melodic hooks.

Bears With Guns - The Deep End     Pop, Folk, Rock 10/07/2015
Their live performance is always a highlight, with a blend of delicate acoustic ballads, screaming guitar solos, and a drive of worldly rhythms sending any audience into a frolicking frenzy.
An enthralling mix of blissed-out pop/rock/folk tunes

Gordi - Can We Work It Out     Electronic, Folk, Atmospheric 10/07/2015
Sydney folktronica songstress
A daydreamy kind of song