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The Right Profile

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Gordi - Can We Work It Out     Electronic, Folk, Atmospheric 10/07/2015
Sydney folktronica songstress
A daydreamy kind of song

Gordi - Avant Gardener     Folk, Atmospheric, Pop 17/02/2016
Gordi shot to popularity in 2015 with ‘Can We Work It Out’ and ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’ which gave her plenty of radio action and admiration.
Gordi reworks Courtney Barnett's Avant Gardener and turns it into totally different song.

Gordi - Taken Blame     Folk, Atmospheric, Pop 14/02/2015
21 year-old indie folk act Gordi evokes a kind of nostalgia that lingers long after her strumming stops.
Combining vintage vocal layering and earthy guitar textures with delicate modern electronic production, Gordi’s sonic palette is one she can call her own.

Gordi - Nothing's As It Seems     Pop, Folk, Electronic 07/10/2014
Indie-folk from Sydney-based songstress with a touch of Electronic and Dreamscape
An upbeat, playful, haunting and dreamy earnest track.

Future Creature - They Say     Electronic, Atmospheric 13/02/2017
Future Creature appreciates alienation, confusion, non-conformity. Future Creature mends fences. Future Creature employs commercial articulation toward the attractions of escapism. Future Creature rejects the cult of personality.Future Creature appreciates cats.
Slinky and sexy electronic groove with a nod to classic Trip Hop

Fripps & Fripps - Pest Control     Rock 20/03/2018
Fripps & Fripps are a rock 'n' roll band
Pest Control is a song about passion. It bleeds raw energy and attempts to make you want to get up and take action. The song is rooted in the idea of standing up for what you believe in and tries to balance feelings of anger, happiness, and fun

Fresco Kyoto - Fool Me Once     Pop, Rock 10/05/2017
A meeting of electronic, soul, pop, rock and indie
Emotive and brooding

Fonke Knomaads - Aint Love Proud     Hip Hop, Funk 29/11/2018
Pioneers from the city of Sydney,
Fun, upbeat oozing their own unique blend of raw funk based hip hop

Final Gambit - You Sold Our City     Rock, Punk 16/11/2018
A Rock n Roll band
A hard hitting anti-establishment song railing against the NSW lock out laws

Figurehead - Teachers Pet     Rock 01/07/2017
Figurehead are in their last year of high school and love Rock n Roll.
Figurehead dish out the dirt about classroom dynamics with the brand new single ‘Teachers Pet’. It’s a subject matter we can all relate to.

Figurehead - Suits     Pop, Rock 24/03/2017
This teenage indie pop rock outfit have been making music since pre teens.
“Suits is a fun up beat pop track about the fact that everyone has this outer shell or “suit” that they put on to impress people and prove to people that you are worth having around.

Figurehead - 106     Rock, Pop, Punk 09/03/2018
Figurehead are a 4 piece alternative rock/pop band from Fremantle
It's a protest song. Eulogy to the beloved but now defunct 106 Bus

FØRD - Shadows feat. Samsaruh     Electronic 18/07/2017
Self taught producer and multi instrumentalist.
A towering walls of electronics and Samsaruh's sublime vocals keep's this tune on repeat in your head.

FANGZ - Voices     Rock, Punk 02/07/2019
Punk Rock. See ya in the pit
Fast and fun. Come and have a real good time!

Empra - Rebecca     Rock, Pop 05/08/2015
Empra is a rock band from Melbourne that creates uplifting music filled with good vibes and euphoric sing-a-longs that will supercharge your heart and electrify your soul
The song was inspired by a night out with a drop dead gorgeous woman who surprisingly has low self-esteem. So you’re trying to be the nice guy while being careful not to mess it up by falling into the friend zone

Emperors - Shooting From The Bell Tower     Rock 30/06/2014
Shooting From The Bell Tower is the first taste of Emperors’ forthcoming sophomore album, and is the first new release since their highly acclaimed debut from 2012, Stay Frosty.
Rock/power-pop anthem rich in fuzzy guitars and vocal melodies.

Emperors - Green Head     Rock 13/03/2015
Rock and roll. Emperors; keep it simple, loud and catchy
Rich in walls of overdriven guitars and 90’s flavoured power pop goodness.

Emperors - Automatic Sigh     Rock 15/11/2014
Emperors are a Rock n Roll band from Perth with hooks galore.
A very hooky Rock track with Pop smarts.

Ella Fence - Hollow Drum     Pop, Electronic 06/10/2017
Singer, songwriter, performer.
A deep slice of Electro Pop.

Elegant Shiva - Take What You Want     Rock, Grunge 04/07/2017
They love Rock n Roll
It's head down and full steam ahead.