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The Right Profile

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Busy Kingdom - Woman     Rock 17/07/2015
The Melbourne rock four piece are quickly gaining a reputation as an act with standout stage presence and catchy memorable songs.
Their music is super catchy, with really strong and simple vocal melodies providing the perfect opportunity to sing along to, solid guitar and bass riffs.

Other tracks by Busy Kingdom:  Good For You
Brian El Dorado - Red Hot     Rock, Funk 02/04/2014
Brian's been playing, writing and performing around Melbourne since his high school days. That's when he was doing Beastie Boys covers. Now its more on the Rock/ Funk tip.
Its a slap of Rock/Funk groove

Brayden Sibbald - Maybe I Was Small     Pop, Acoustic 18/05/2016
Brayden Sibbald is a 20 year old singer/songwriter who hails from the coastal town of Dunsborough in Western Australia’s South West
Maybe I Was Small is an inspired ballad; a slow build filled with layered harmonies. It delivers a transformed emotional range to its listeners taking them on this journey with him

Born Lion - Sunshine     Rock, Punk 16/05/2019
Frenetic Punk rockers
High energy Rock and Roll

Born Lion - Bigger Than Jesus     Rock, Punk 08/01/2019
The Punk Rock Stalwarts are back with their big hitting trade mark melodic sounds
‘Born Lion’ get their good-time on and swing hard with the new single ‘Bigger Than Jesus’

Beast Machine - Time Slowed Down     Rock 16/08/2019
The debut single from this hard rock band
Hard hitting

Bears With Guns - The Deep End     Pop, Folk, Rock 10/07/2015
Their live performance is always a highlight, with a blend of delicate acoustic ballads, screaming guitar solos, and a drive of worldly rhythms sending any audience into a frolicking frenzy.
An enthralling mix of blissed-out pop/rock/folk tunes

Bears With Guns - Let Go     Folk, Pop, Rock 27/05/2016
Straight to the heart pop/rock/ folk tunes
A dash of both melancholy and warmth with a positive outlook.

Bats - Truthless     Rock, Psychedelic 15/09/2017
BATS make music that they ‘feel’ and must make
Truthless is an unrelenting and unhinged guitar/dance driven track

Bats - Tarantula     Rock, Psychedelic, Rock 08/11/2016
Bats are made up of members of The Scotch Of Saint James, The Infidels, The Volcanics, Ruby Boots and The Sleepy Jackson
Dirty/melodic swamped out Rock n Roll.

Bats - Beirut     Rock 02/04/2018
Pure rock'n'roll
Melodic and meaningful Rock n Roll

BATS - 24 Hours     Rock 10/05/2017
A swirling vortex of neo-psychedelic rock riffs
Hard and emotive undertones

Aurelia - Are We Losing     Pop, Atmospheric 03/05/2017
The enigmatic songwriter finally release's a demo as her own debut single the with a title that resembles the question we’ve all been asking ourselves Are We Losing
A hypnotic and occasionally flirtatious debut

Aurelia - America     Pop, Atmospheric 22/06/2018
Scoring a Grammy nominations and U.S. Top 10 Billboard releases from her songwriting for other artists, it’s no mystery that her own work is quickly becoming required listening
This record is all heart, and no chains… With a gospel choir break down nod to Madonna that sings “Cherish Life”, and a Golden Era Hollywood string outro, ‘America’ is a 4 minute and 34-second hyper speed journey through a lifetime of wonder

Aurelia - Chest     Pop, Atmospheric 31/01/2018
Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter Aurelia steps forward with her sophomore release, the coquettishly masterful ‘Chest’.
‘Chest’ draws a line between organic instrumentation and ethereal lush deliciousness, effortlessly combining pure musicianship with 20’s-esque cinematic dreamscape to create the perfect canvas for Aurelia to reminisce the magic of an old love, and the freedom that comes from breaking the heavy chains of heartbeat.

Aurelia - Battleground II     Pop, Electronic 20/02/2019
Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield
Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield for a collaboration that sounds like the slow-mo cinematic soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic Pulp Fiction… In a world seemingly obsessed with building walls, ‘Battleground II’ seeks to break them down. A futuristically nostalgic record filled with visceral emotional grit, a remedial call to unity.

Aurelia - Are We Losing (Sensible J Remix)     Pop, Jazz, Atmospheric 03/10/2017
Grammy nominated, wide-screen, dream pop artist.
Sensible J’s smokey new remix of Aurelia’s ‘Are We Losing’ is Lounge inspired and Jazz tingled. Very cool and very chilled

Attonbitus - Next Time Around     Rock, Reggae 23/05/2018
Progressive and experimental Rock band
The song communicates the familiar feeling of frustration when attempting to get an honest word from someone who has abruptly turned cold on you. The realization that the silent treatment is not worth anybody's time, That it's better to not waste your energy with someone who is not forthcoming

Attonbitus - A Time In June     Reggae/Dub, Rock 02/08/2018
Attonbitus are of the free form art rock reggae tip
A meandering laidback Reggae Rock track. It's one of the first love songs that the lead singer Michael Brigante composed in his early days writing music

Ant Aggs - Lighthouse (feat. Roman MC)     Hip Hop 11/08/2016
Ant played keys with the much-respected Brisbane Hip Hop outfit of the Resin Dogs and has collaborated with Spikey T (Rae & Christian) and Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious)
“Lighthouse is the tune I always wanted to produce.. It’s relaxed, has an infectious hook, and a crushing beat. Roman’s rap is the perfect combination of rhythm n rhyme” Ant Aggs.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)