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The Right Profile

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Duxie Franklin - It's Time     Pop, Jazz 23/01/2020
Melbourne’s Duxie Franklin was once described by an audience member as ‘the musical lovechild of Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa’.
It's got a deep, earthy sound with several low oscillating synths and gritty textures to convey a sense of gravitas and foreboding. There are also the lighter, cheekier elements that I always love to include in my music like the 1950s-UFO vibe created by a wailing theremin and the ghostly backing vocals in the chorus. Duxie

Munro Melano - If You Don't Believe     Alternative, Indie 13/11/2019
Munro Melano is a multiple instrumentalist who has composed the music for feature documentaries
Deep warm and textured

Anna Smyrk - Bones     Folk, Roots 06/11/2019
Indie folk songsmith
‘Bones’ is steeped in longing for the ocean.

Crystal Cities - If I Don’t Make the Morning     Pop, Rock 30/10/2019
Sydney-based Dream Rock band
Lush orchestral musicianship coupled with singalong choruses

Nate Scholes - The Fear     Folk, Alternative 30/10/2019
Haunting Alt Folk duo Nate Scholes
This is a song about the unknown. Not knowing where your going and where you’ve been. This track has a brooding quality about it

Port Royal - That’s How You Want It To Be     Rock 24/10/2019
Port Royal are a Rock n Roll band
‘That’s How You Want It To Be inspires the attitude of playing it your own way, not buying into the fickle social games we all play. Turn this song up and dance.

Munro Melano - Cannonballs     Pop 23/10/2019
Munro Melano writes emotive soundscape songs and has composed the music for feature film documentaries.
Cannonballs floats though space. It was originally tracked with Munro’s live band, and then layered with additional synthesizers, samples, and a four-piece horn section

Anna Smyrk - Alight     Folk, Indie 11/10/2019
Indie-folk songsmith
“I wanted to write a song that conveyed the feeling this book gave me,” says Anna. “It talks about how hope can be an axe we can use to break down doors.

The Great Emu War Casualties - Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy     Pop, Indie 10/10/2019
Kind of like a collision between Talking Heads and Prefab Sprout
Quirky, eclectic and eccentric

Jess Spahr - Bring Me Down To My Knees     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/09/2019
Electro Pop groove
This track is full go hooks and grooves

Miles Recommends - Keep It Warm     Folk, Rock, Blues 20/09/2019
A Folk Rocking odd ball collective
This track is a brooding slow burner until it kicks into another unexpected rocking gear.

Parkville - Come Around     Pop, Folk 03/09/2019
Melodic Pop Folk
Parkville's new single Come Around is a hung-over-phoneless-anecdote for anyone that has had to call in sick to work.

The Florets - Gentrify     Psych, Rock, Pop 03/09/2019
Psych Rock n Rollers
Lo Fi spaced out Psych

Beast Machine - Time Slowed Down     Rock 16/08/2019
The debut single from this hard rock band
Hard hitting

The Florets - Five Foot Vice     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 13/08/2019
Skuzzy psych Rock n Roll
It'll make you float away

River Lane - Ghost Of A Girl     Country, Alternative Country 12/07/2019
Hailing from the regional South Australian town of Mannum, River Lane isn’t your run of the mill musician. River started working life on the tools as a tradie.
‘Ghost of a girl to me is about growing up and leaving my innocence behind. It's about accepting who I am now and the decisions I have made whether right or wrong but never forgetting where I've come from’ - River Lane

Libby Steel - Miss Me     Pop, Blues, Soul 03/07/2019
Libby channels Pop/Soul and Blues via her other worldly vocals
Libby muses and showcases her stylistic range and vocals on this new track

FANGZ - Voices     Rock, Punk 02/07/2019
Punk Rock. See ya in the pit
Fast and fun. Come and have a real good time!

The Rockefeller Frequency - The Rift     Rock 13/06/2019
Rock n Roll band channeling a 90's flavour
With true punk rock ethos, the single has been a full DIY journey, from inception, through to its release. The recording process took place in the band’s own Basement Studios in Brisbane

Jess Spahr - Tensions     Pop, Electronic 24/05/2019
Electro Pop-tastic
Pop with an electro groove