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The PR Files

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Zoe A'Dore - Galaxy     Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
Melbourne artist Zoe A’dore begun her musical journey in classical violin. After some time Zoe went on to learn the electric drums and recognised a penchant for songwriting.
When you find someone and everything seems to make sense. It’s the profound feeling that you can be completely yourself and there’s no limitations with them. You’re now part of this whole new world and it’s a safe space. It’s not that you can’t obtain that happiness as an individual, but more so there’s another person enhancing your amazing qualities.

Ziggy Alberts - Intentions     Folk, Chill 23/08/2019
Singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts creates honest and personal music that explore his relationships both with others and the planet.
This track marks a new point in Ziggy's repertoire; it feels fresh, yet unmistakably Ziggy in style. The track is lyrically honest and frank, as he discusses his truths about maintaining relationships and mental health whilst living a demanding life on the road. The melodious pop-rap beat layered with his percussive acoustic guitar rhythms makes for an undeniable ‘stuck-in-your-head’ track.

Zefereli - Withdrawals     Pop, Downbeat, Electronic 06/07/2015
Zefereli is the solo project from The Carios lead singer, Ailstar Richardson. With a name inspired by past joys and his fathers story telling, Zefereli is enjoyment and dreamy soundscapes.
Surfer rock meets dream pop. Easy listening consistent beat matched with slower vocals and chiming guitar sounds.

Other tracks by Zefereli:  Once In A While  -  54321
Zefereli - Satisfied     Pop, Chill, Folk, Easy Listening 25/08/2016
Since releasing “Stupid Goodbye” earlier this year, Zefereli has quickly followed this up with new single “Satisfied”. Recorded and mixed personally by Zefereli, and mastered by William Bowden (Gotye, Hermitude).
“Satisfied” is a powerful, melodically jubilant and harmonically blissful number

Yoste - Blue     Electronic, Ambience 09/11/2018
Yoste is the solo project of Brisbane based ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines.
"Blue" is the second single from Brisbane ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines debut EP, TRY TO BE OKAY due out early 2019 on Akira Records.

"Blue" sees Yoste confidently combine his signature dreamy electronica with modern pop sensibilities as he takes his introspection further.

Wes Carr - Home     Pop, Country, Folk, Chill 24/06/2016
Think Passenger meets The Lumineers, and you’ll have a pretty good gauge of the sounds coming out of Wes Carr’s Hummingbird Studios.
Written and produced by Carr “Home” pursue an upbeat folk sound, filled with beautiful harmonies and rhythmic instrumentals, reminiscent of works produced under an earlier side project, The Buffalo Tales.

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Vinny Lunar - Maria     Electronic, RnB, Easy Listening, Chill 17/11/2017
"Maria" is the latest single from RnB/electronic Vinny Lunar out Friday, 16th November 2017. The new song is a taster of Vinny Lunar's upcoming EP, due out in early 2018.
‘Maria’is dark brooding electronic R&B track with a luscious blend of synths, samples, a driving beat releasing Vinny’s soulful voice. The track fuses hypnotic rap with seduction and the allure of darkness. The song draws from undeniable melodies of90s-era Usher, Banks and the atmospheric production of the Weeknd and PartyNextDoor.

Viera Motel - Take Heart     Pop, Rock, Dance 04/07/2019
Fashioned from pink neon, flickers in the shadows of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne under the eyes of Jay Pollock, Matthew Ferguson, Dane Sorensen and Matt Colvin.
'Take Heart’ is the glossy debut single from Melbourne four-piece Viera Motel. The objective was to incorporate their bold presence, festival/arena potential and high energy live performances into a radio ready colossus.

‘Take Heart’ opens with a 90’s euro dance inspired piano riff which carries the listener from arousing verses to infectious pre-choruses, building the foundation for a towering chorus.

Viera Motel - Take Heart     Rock 04/07/2019
Established in 2017, Viera Motel accommodate dark but honest stories, confessed alongside imposing choruses and ear-worm riffs the likes of 90’s/00’s outfits Joy Division, The Killers, The Strokes and Oasis.
‘Take Heart’ is the glossy debut single from Melbourne four-piece Viera Motel. Recorded with producer Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party House, City Calm Down) and mastered by Steve Smart (Ocean Alley), ‘Take Heart’ opens with a 90’s eurodance inspired piano riff, which carries the listener through arousing verses and infectious pre-choruses, building the foundation for a towering chorus to conclude.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Silver Linings     Pop, RnB, Chill, Easy Listening 26/05/2018
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of a band from Australia led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.
"Silver Lining is about watching someone become too good for you. I’ve lost people I care about to the limelight before, and while you’re trying to be happy for them, sometimes you just miss the days when everything was so simple."

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Mercy feat. Ebhoni     Hip Hop, RnB, Electronic, Easy Listening 21/09/2018
Multi-talented Brisbane based producer Vancouver Sleep Clinic aka Tim Bettinson's is back and has teamed up with Canadian singer Ebhoni for a sultry and mood R&B track.
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is stepping in with a bold guest appearance from Toronto singer and rapper Ebhoni who gives the track a burst of energy to contrast against VSC's ghostly vocals. One of his more upbeat releases, The track is a great addition which still showcases his downbeat but euphoric signature sounds.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - In The End     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Easy Listening 24/03/2018
Collaborative Brisbane based project Vancouver Sleep Clinic (Tim Bettinson) independently releases latest single “In The End” following successful single “Closure” from sophomore EP THERAPY PHASE 01.
"In The End" is Vancouver Sleep Clinics second single from upcoming EP Therapy Phase 01. An amalgamation of tracks that reflect on breaking ties from record industry induced purgatory.

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Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Fever     Indie, Pop, Easy Listening 17/09/2019
Australia's Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter Tim Bettinson. He is currently working on his third full length album "Onwards to Zion".
A spirit of perseverance imbues the track “Fever,” a sweetly encouraging, acoustic-guitar-laced missive.

"Even though it’s got some darkness, and it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times, the album is very much coming from a place of love. I’d love for it to leave people feeling re-energized, and ready to just keep pressing on in their own lives.”

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Closure (Acoustic)     Hip Hop, Acoustic, RnB, Chill 30/05/2018
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of a band from Australia led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.
Tied together by Drew Love’s distinctive flow “Closure”(Acoustic) presents, icy vocals and the driving lead lyric “I don’t want to be over you,” exploring Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinics’ vulnerabilities. Appropriately titled, the track was created during a particularly tumultuous moment in the life of Bettinson.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Bad Dream     Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic, Atmospheric 23/07/2019
Australia's  Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter  Tim Bettinson.
Director Max Galassi states, "Bad Dream" conveys a journey into the unknown - playing with ideas from the subconscious; symbols and images that we only experience in our dreams. All this, under the pretense of a strange 'Sleep Clinic’."

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - “Trippin' feat. IDK"     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill, Instrumental 18/06/2018
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of a band from Australia led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.
With lead track "Silver Lining" already released, the "Trippin'" is ahead of THERAPY PHASE 02 the second piece of work from Tim Bettinson aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Summer 09     Pop, Ambience, Electronic 27/08/2019
Australia's Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter Tim Bettinson, has existed at the forefront of indie pop music worldwide since debut EP ‘Winter’ in 2014.
"Summer '09" takes an intensely earnest approach, combining Tim Bettinson’s signature nimble vocals with loving acoustic caresses. The single was written about the tragic passing of a close friend to Tim. The heartbreak of losing someone is palpable in the song and the music video, with an immersive collection of nostalgic shots that draw the viewer completely into its world.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Closure Feat. Drew Love     Electronic, Hip Hop, Ambience, Chill 02/03/2018
Australia's Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient, electronic singer/songwriter Tim Bettinson inspired by classic's Fleetwood Mac and Eagles, and modern artists Bon Iver and Sigur Ros.
"Closure" is a stellar collaboration with Drew Love from LA based Grunge & R&B duo, THEY. The track, showcasing the icy vocals of Bettinson and now distinctive flow of Drew Love, is appropriately titled as it was created during a particularly tumultuous moment in the life of Bettinson.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Bad Dreams     Pop, RnB, Folk 23/07/2019
Brisbane solo act Vancouver Sleep Clinic continues to make waves in the world of ambient and indie pop music, with ethereal vocals and a new direction with an acoustic undertone.
Infused with the signature moody production and ethereal vocals that have garnered Vancouver Sleep Clinic success so far, “Bad Dream” also hints at a new, more acoustic direction taken with the upcoming album. The single is accompanied by a beautiful music video. Filled with warm colours, contrasts of light and shade, trippy visuals and eerie settings.

Valentina Brave - Wildflower     Rock, Soul 08/02/2019
Valentina Brave’s vintage rock, murder ballads and soul anthems come directly from the underworld. Brave has delivered a huge debut showcasing herself as a profoundly deep and multi-dimensional artist.
Wildflower is reminiscent of the tortured country tales of old. A soulful, cinematic portrayal of love gone wrong, this song is a masterpiece in the art of storytelling and introduces us to the depth of stunning new artist Valentina Brave. Beautifully produced by Aria nominated artist Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) Wildflower is the title track from Valentina Brave's Debut EP.