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The PR Files

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Joe Mungovan - Steppin' Outta Line     Rock, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 09/08/2017
Indie-folk singer/songwriter, Joe Mungovan is set to release his first track "Steppin Outta Line" since the release of his sophomore EP WAY DOWN SOUTH in March 2016.
'Steppin Outta Line' is a song about continuing to do whatever you want without letting the view of others get in the way.

Gang of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Acoustic 18/08/2017
Gang of Youths release "The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows" ahead of their upcoming second studio album GO FARTHER IN LIGHTNESS out via Mossy recordings via Sony Music Australia.
I have an opportunity to invent my own meaning. We all do. We can ascribe meaning and value to our own lives and in a way, attribute great esteem and value to each other. So the song is about becoming more human, more aware and in a way, more alive.”

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Group Nominees, Best Australian Live Act, Best Rock Album 'Go Farther In Lightness', Apple Music Album of the Year, Best Video

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (National Awards) - David Le'aupepe, Live Voice of the Year (NSW Awards) - David Le'aupepe, Live Act of the Year (presented by APRA AMCOS - National Awards), Live Act of the Year (presented by The Music Network - People's Choice Awards), Live Act of the Year (NSW Awards), Live Guitarist of the Year (National Awards) - Joji Malani

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Future Jr. - Suburbia Blue     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 23/08/2017
Future Jr. is the sonic tapestry forged by Brisbane based artist, Matthew Nainby. The first cut, of his soon to be released debut EP, ‘Vacancy’, "Suburbia Blue' out September 8th.
‘Suburbia Blue’ is the debut release from Future Jr. Immersive, ambient-pop, from the depths of his parents house, this track is about “coming of age”. "It's all about feeling out of place, figuring out who you really are, and learning to deal with the dreams that feel bigger than you”

Lupa J - Keep Back     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 26/08/2017
Sydney's Lupa J releases her single "Keep Back" Friday, 25th August ahead of her EP release A HOUSE I DON'T REMEMBER due out in October.
Driving electronic bass and drums, and exhilarating swirling vocals and strings takes Lupa J’s trademark sound deeper into clubland as she explores the ties that bind her to a needy friend.

Joe Mungovan - Shoot Me Down     Rock, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 22/09/2017
Kiama native Joe Mungovan is set to release his second single "Shoot Me Down" from his untitled EP out November 2017 incorporating his unique sound of introspective indie folk music
“Shoot Me Down" articulates lyrics revolving around the constant battle of rekindling a romance that causes heartbreak.
This multi layered track expresses Joe's emotive songwriting through ambient rhythms, echoing vocals and smooth guitar, a unique sound present throughout his upcoming EP

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Lime Cordiale - Risky Love     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 22/09/2017
Sydney brothers Oli & Louis Leimbach create their own Motown rock sound along with nostalgic songwriting that is echoed throughout their upcoming album PERMANENT VACATION out via Chugg Music/MGM
Risky Love places sweet vocal harmonies and smooth guitars atop flitting percussion, while strings add an emotional swell to the fabled tale of dating a girl behind her “super alpha male” boyfriend’s back.

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Silver Linings - It's Not Me     Funk/Soul, RnB, Easy Listening, Chill 22/09/2017
Neo-boogie three piece Silver Linings present single "It's Not Me" from their funk driven LP DON'T MAKE TRACKS via Gulf Point Records (Digital)/Wax Museum Records (Vinyl) releasing 17th November 2017.
"It's Not Me" is an ode to life's 'sliding door' moments and the solace found in uncovering one's inner strength. Sounding equal parts of Minneapolis Funk and Northern Soul, this ferocious track gives us a second insight into what the band have been working on.

Easy Street - Made 22     Rock, Easy Listening, Pop, Chill 23/09/2017
Combine guitar solos, vintage synthesizer, harmonies and jazz coated rhythm sections and you have Sydney's 5 piece Easy Street. Self proclaimed Mumpop the boys produce "Made 22" out September 22nd.
Made 22 touches on themes from lost love to dooms-day preppers to living in a car. The cycling song builds with each revolution, culminating in a peak of saturated nostalgic tone. It is a snapshot of a young man's life in a uniquely Australian moment.

Landings - Everybody Wants     Rock, Easy Listening, Pop, Funk 23/09/2017
Brisbane three-piece Landings latest single “Everybody Wants" exudes the energetic indie rock sounds that is a constant theme found throughout their upcoming EP to be released later this year.
Everybody Wants is about letting ‘the night take control and romanticising those unexpected moments’.
"From a musical perspective with this track we were really trying to find the space between rock music and dance music, probably the most we've ever experimented throughout the writing and recording process." - Liam


Matt Boylan-Smith - We Can Be Together     Pop, Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 23/09/2017
Matt Boylan-Smith's latest single "We Can Be Together" showcases his story-telling abilities through his unique blend of folk, roots and pop. His upcoming EP will be independently released via MGM.
Written when Matt was playing guitar at University “We Can Be Together showcased how the marrying of my thoughts with music acted in a cathartic way. A recent personal experience inspired me to show Jeff Martin and the song was born into the creature that's always been in my mind.”

Full Flower Moon Band - Street Love     Rock, Acoustic, Chill, Experimental 26/09/2017
Melbourne's, Full Flower Moon Band, have release the single “Street Love” and its accompanying music video from their mysteriously chic audio visual album, CHINATOWN ALBUM.
This recording of Street is re-imagined from the band's 2014 audio visual EP Chinatown. Street is the opening song and video from the band's CHIANTOWN ALBUM, a 14-track concept album accompanied by a science fiction movie

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

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Other tracks by Full Flower Moon Band:  Floating
Lupa J - Moth     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 04/10/2017
Sydney electronic artist Lupa J is set to release her upcoming single 'Moth' on September 27th ahead of the release of her third EP 'A HOUSE I DON'T REMEMBER'.
Moth shows subtlety of darkness and light and draws the listener in before rising to a cathartic and chilling climax which sends shivers down the spine.

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North Arm - I'm Awake     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 06/10/2017
Sydney based North Arm exudes upbeat melancholy in his latest single "I'm Awake", ahead of his upcoming sophomore LP 'LET LOVE THROUGH' out 17 November via Inertia.
"I'm Awake" is upbeat with a tinge of melancholia, the track taking its cues from the more danceable moments of The Whitest Boy Alive. The song is about "…reflecting on times when I could have been a better human and wishing beyond anything that I could have done things differently."

Sayah - Bad Drug     Pop, Electronic, RnB, Soul 06/10/2017
Sydney singer/songwriter SAYAH incorporates her signature soul-drenched vocals in "Bad Drug" out October, 20th 2017 via Volkanik. Her latest single from her upcoming EP is testament of what's to come.
The song is an admission of weakness in the face of love and lust. Her songwriting is heavily awash with the struggle of finding her identity in the world. SAYAH's story is about admitting her flaws and accepting herself as a youthful spirit caught on the wrong side of romance.

Tenderfoot - The Balance     Rock, Chill, Easy Listening, Pop 25/10/2017
Tenderfoot return with new single “The Balance”, lead single from their upcoming debut album TO BE YOUNG. “The Balance” is out Tuesday, October 24th via international music company Audio Network
“The Balance” is hauntingly catchy; led by a deep groove, ambient arrangement and Vella's lilting falsetto. It takes the listener into a new world, one that simmers from the past through to the present. A narrative that takes you back to the streets; littered with ambience, tension, anticipation and unresolve.

Blondebears - Crystalline     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Easy Listening 03/11/2017
Sydney duo, Blondebears release new single "Crystalline", Friday, 10th November 2017. "Crystalline" is really about saying how you feel, not living vicariously, and questioning what really matters in our lives".
"Crystalline" is really about saying how you feel, not living vicariously, and questioning what really matters in our lives".

Vinny Lunar - Maria     Electronic, RnB, Easy Listening, Chill 17/11/2017
"Maria" is the latest single from RnB/electronic Vinny Lunar out Friday, 16th November 2017. The new song is a taster of Vinny Lunar's upcoming EP, due out in early 2018.
‘Maria’is dark brooding electronic R&B track with a luscious blend of synths, samples, a driving beat releasing Vinny’s soulful voice. The track fuses hypnotic rap with seduction and the allure of darkness. The song draws from undeniable melodies of90s-era Usher, Banks and the atmospheric production of the Weeknd and PartyNextDoor.

Lyon Apprentice - Starlight     Pop, Easy Listening 14/02/2018
From folk dirges to sparkling dream-pop ballads, the brother duo distils recollections of past homes, old friends and lost loves into a back catalogue of songs that are instantly relatable.
A collection of different ideas that we had floating around for quite some time. We tried not to limit ourselves to a particular genre and let the song naturally come together. It's lyrically reflects on past experiences that we feel everyone can relate to in some way.

Scarlet Kill - Nights Get Cold     Rock, Pop, Punk, Grunge 14/02/2018
The young trio of brothers Will, Matt and Mitch hailing from the Gold Coast combine their individual unique skills to create a tight dynamic sound that's born from being family.
Reinventing their sound whilst staying true their personal experiences of love, life, loss, and having a good time, Scarlet Kill have created their new single Nights Get Cold. The track showcases combined powerful vocals by the trio of brothers, including punchy bass lines, unique guitar work and energetic rhythms.

Spit Syndicate - Errands     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Chill 02/03/2018
Spit Syndicate release their menacing new single ‘Errands’. Produced by longtime collaborator Jono Graham with co-production by Horrorshow’s Adit, promises to be a massive 2018 for the Sydney duo.
What’ve you been up to? Where’ve you been? What’s been going on? Spit Syndicate answer all the above with their menacing new single ‘Errands’. Produced by longtime collaborator Jono Graham with co-production by Horrorshow’s Adit, it promises to be a massive 2018 for the Sydney duo.