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The PR Files

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Phebe Starr - This Time     Pop, Easy Listening, Cover Version, RnB 04/05/2016
Over the past twelve months, rising pop-sensation Phebe Starr has been dividing her time between Australia and LA.Aussie artist Phebe Starr has released a beautiful rendition of Jarryd James’ heart wrenching single “This Time”.
Aussie artist Phebe Starr has released a beautiful rendition of Jarryd James’ single “This Time” filmed inside of a small church in Pasadena, California. The stunning vocals coupled with the imagery of the church makes for one hauntingly beautiful video for a song about love lost and tried again.

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Smitty & B. Goode - She Said     Rock, Punk, Easy Listening, Rock 04/05/2016
Mix a little Bruce Springsteen with a healthy dash of Motörhead and you get Smitty & B. Goode - a loud, good times, rock ‘n’ roll three-piece from Sydney.
A song about love, breaking up, learning lessons & moving on with life.

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Kelly Dance - All That's Gained     Folk, Easy Listening, Atmospheric, World 06/05/2016
Born in Australia based in Hong Kong, Kelly Dance releases her Sci-fi inspired single "All Thats Gained".
"All That's Gained" reflects on the gridlock between kids coming of age in China pushing the boundaries of personal expression and optimistic about future possibilities and the ever-present Leviathan state maintaining peace, economic growth and stability through control.

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Sarah Belkner - Time     Folk, Electronic, Pop, Soul 03/06/2016
Sydney based artist, Sarah Belkner brings us the stunning first single “Time” from her debut album to be released later this year.
Belkner is back with her signature sound of emotional lyrical depth and vocal ear candy for days to a rich beautifully strange world of subtle, layered arrangements. The backing vocal includes the 'Banshee Chorus' made up of Elana Stone, NGAIIRE, Billie McCarthy and a guest croon from Brendan Maclean.

NAKATOMI - Alive     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Dance 24/06/2016
Since forming in 2014, Nakatomi have developed a strong following on the back of their hugely energetic shows and unique sound that pairs pop hooks with lush, indietronic synth-pop arrangements.
Taking influences from 80s dark wave pop, modern EDM, Sci-fi, Madonna and Pizza, Nakatomi combine pop hooks with dark electro dance, punchy synths, lush arrangements and fully-charged vocals that are not to be missed.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Wes Carr - Home     Pop, Country, Folk, Chill 24/06/2016
Think Passenger meets The Lumineers, and you’ll have a pretty good gauge of the sounds coming out of Wes Carr’s Hummingbird Studios.
Written and produced by Carr “Home” pursue an upbeat folk sound, filled with beautiful harmonies and rhythmic instrumentals, reminiscent of works produced under an earlier side project, The Buffalo Tales.

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Tenderfoot - The Balcony Tale     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Folk 06/07/2016
Tenderfoot believe that great music speaks for itself and their EP does just that. With a nod to acts like Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams; Tenderfoot create a sound that is unaffected.
Based on a true story, "The Balcony Tale" reflects the reality of life and the motions that a relationship goes through including ups and downs and everything in between.

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Dallas Frasca - Wasting Time     Rock, Roots, Punk, Easy Listening 12/08/2016
Melbourne trio Dallas Frasca have been together for 10 years now!"Wasting Time" is the first taste of the EP Dirt Buzz, due out September 12th.
Dallas-“The song for me is facing sh*t I probably wouldn’t talk to anyone about which is weird, because now I’m sharing with people I’ve never met before. I suppose that’s what music is for me; making sense of my internal battles. I need music in my life for that balance.”

North Arm - The Lights     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 15/08/2016
Originally from Newcastle now based in SYD, Roderick Smith is the brainchild of North Arm project. Smith enthusiastically embraces the collaborative process and what it brings to North Arm’s music.
“The Lights” brings a dreamy yet intense soundscape. In this single, you get a taste of exactly what North Arm is about. Punchy riffs and melodies coupled with intelligent lyrics make this track a must for music lovers.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

The Griswolds - Out Of My Head     Pop, Easy Listening 16/08/2016
Sydney party-starters The Griswolds partner with producer Andrew Dawson to bring you their new single "Out Of My Head". An explosive introduction to The Griswolds sophomore effort. The Griswolds are announcing an album Friday November 11th.
Channelling those inspirations and energy, ‘Out Of My Head’ is an explosive introduction to The Griswolds sophomore effort. An upbeat and upfront breakup song.

The Griswolds are announcing an album Friday November 11th.

Zefereli - Satisfied     Pop, Chill, Folk, Easy Listening 25/08/2016
Since releasing “Stupid Goodbye” earlier this year, Zefereli has quickly followed this up with new single “Satisfied”. Recorded and mixed personally by Zefereli, and mastered by William Bowden (Gotye, Hermitude).
“Satisfied” is a powerful, melodically jubilant and harmonically blissful number

Ryland Rose - Almost Famous & Broke     Hip Hop, Pop, Chill, RnB 25/08/2016
Melbourne hip-hop artist Ryland Rose releases new single “Almost Famous & Broke”. Following on from his debut EP, Ivory Coast, which reached #4 on the Australian iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts.
“Almost Famous & Broke” is an apology, complaint and joke all in one. “Almost Famous & Broke” shows the truths behind being a struggling artist, and how the people surrounding you, although they may grow impatient, are the ones who help you get to where you want to be.

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Angharad Drake - Baby     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 16/09/2016
Indie-folk artist, Angharad Drake is about to make waves in the Australian folk music scene. Hailing from Australia’s Sunshine Coast, the young songwriter is on her way to big things.
“Baby” is an illustrious preview to her upcoming debut full length album. “Baby” has a hauntingly beautiful melody which is paired back with emotive lyrics to create one stunning tune.


MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Nick Rodwell, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio (NSW)

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Goldielocks - Liquify     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Psychedelic 16/09/2016
Goldielocks’ use of cosmic synths, combined with ethereal vocals and slow grooves, creates a sound that nestles itself somewhere between Flying lotus, Jamie XX and Caribou.
Liquify is about escapism, and surrendering to it. When you escape you have complete control of what happens, unlike the real world around you - so it's about embracing that and turning the world that you escape to, into whatever you want.

Emma Swift & Robyn Hitchcock - Love Is A Drag     Folk, Alternative Country, Psychedelic, Britpop 21/09/2016
Emma Swift and Robyn Hitchcock release their second 7 inch single “Love Is A Drag”. The single will be released on the duo's own label, Tiny Ghost Records-Monday 3rd October.
“Love Is A Drag” was written “in the middle of a desolate winter on the Isle of Wight” says Swift. “Hitchcock planted the seed and I finessed lyrics, structure and thematic ideas. It was a depressing, grey time and the songs reflect that.”

Matt Gresham - Survive On Love     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Folk 21/09/2016
After recently relocating to Berlin and signing with Warner Germany for Europe, WA born Matt Gresham is delving into a new chapter of creativity.
I grew up in a spiritually conscious environment and instead of looking outward to find solutions and healing, i was taught to first look within…” In a time where the power of love is often at odds with the love of power, Matt Gresham has taken up arms.

Tenderfoot - Stranger's Love     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 21/10/2016
Tenderfoot are currently in the iconic London Abbey Rd Studios to work on completing their first full length record with producer Julian Emery (Nothing But Thieves).
Strangers love is a blissful tale of figuring out what we really want from it all. Trying to make reality your path, and everything in between.

North Arm - Let Love Through     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 03/11/2016
After his 2015 critically self-titled album, Roderick Smith is set to release his record, ‘Let Love Through’ that shows him evolving and refining his sound.
"Let Love Through” is the second single and title track from North Arm’s upcoming sophomore release due in 2017. Densely melodic, the track fizzes and springs its way draws towards a string rich epiphany.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Bel - Own Home     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Easy Listening 05/11/2016
Melbourne's Bel releases her new single 'Own Home' from upcoming EP Melancholia out early 2017. The single is a thought-provoking track showcasing her ethereal vocals and emotionally-charged lyrics.
Co-produced by John Castle (Vance Joy, Megan Washington), Bel pursues the thought of what would happen if we embraced the darkness similarly to how we embrace the light, that there is a beauty in sadness that we ignore.

J Motor - Jungle Daze (Luke Million Remix)     Pop, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Electronic 08/11/2016
Jonathan Vassallo aka J Motor's released single “Jungle Daze” remixed by the synth mastermind, Luke Million. The track is a perfect concoction of chilled grooves and party breakdowns.
'Jungle Daze' lyrically mixes humans and elephants in the same context through subtle storytelling technique and a hypnotic sonic landscape. Mix that with the synth mastermind of Luke Million and you have the perfect concoction of chilled grooves and party breakdowns.

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