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The PR Files

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Lavrence - Radio Man     Pop, Electronic 17/09/2019
Sydney LGBTQI+ artist Lavrence burst onto the scene in a big way in 2019, prompting every listener to shine from within, with hit single "My Space" and through every show.
Sydney LGBTQI+ artist Lavrence has returned with the follow up to his hit single from earlier this year, “My Space” with the equally joyous and life-affirming track, “Radio Man”. A song about self-image and identity, it explores the idea of ‘success’ and the notion that it can be cultivated, felt and even experienced from within – regardless of outside perception.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Fever     Indie, Pop, Easy Listening 17/09/2019
Australia's Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter Tim Bettinson. He is currently working on his third full length album "Onwards to Zion".
A spirit of perseverance imbues the track “Fever,” a sweetly encouraging, acoustic-guitar-laced missive.

"Even though it’s got some darkness, and it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times, the album is very much coming from a place of love. I’d love for it to leave people feeling re-energized, and ready to just keep pressing on in their own lives.”

Hollow Coves - Borderlines     Folk, Indie, Roots, Pop 20/09/2019
Blending an earthy folk sound, acoustic melodies & vocal harmonies; Hollow Coves Matt and Ryan take turns delivering lyrics of reflection and frequently harmonising as their voices blend together.
Hollow Coves are known to have a strong love for travelling and exploring the world, and “Borderlines” pays homage to that; the track comes with an inviting sense of adventure, driven by its lyrics and bright sound. the track is complete with warm and tonal guitar, a steady drum beat, perfect harmonies, and a poetic approach to their writing.