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The PR Files

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Viera Motel - Take Heart     Rock 04/07/2019
Established in 2017, Viera Motel accommodate dark but honest stories, confessed alongside imposing choruses and ear-worm riffs the likes of 90’s/00’s outfits Joy Division, The Killers, The Strokes and Oasis.
‘Take Heart’ is the glossy debut single from Melbourne four-piece Viera Motel. Recorded with producer Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party House, City Calm Down) and mastered by Steve Smart (Ocean Alley), ‘Take Heart’ opens with a 90’s eurodance inspired piano riff, which carries the listener through arousing verses and infectious pre-choruses, building the foundation for a towering chorus to conclude.

Street Pieces - Cthulhu     Rock 12/07/2019
Biography Heavy riffs, soaring vocals and relentless grooves rain over you as Street Pieces deliver a hard -hitting rock overload infused with blues and swagger.
With a sound as massive as the godlike sea creature it’s written about, Street Pieces unleash a relentless rock anthem that swells and breaks over you, swallowing you like ferocious ocean wave. Drawing from the eternally dark riffs of Sabbath, core shaking drums of Zeppelin and chronicled by soaring vocals comes a perennial anthem fit for the halls of rock.

Street Pieces - Cthulhu     Rock, Grunge, Hardcore 12/07/2019
Heavy riffs, soaring vocals and relentless grooves - Street Pieces deliver a hard-hitting rock overload infused with blues and swagger.
With a sound as massive as the godlike sea creature it’s written about, Street Pieces unleash a relentless rock anthem that swells and breaks over you, swallowing you like ferocious ocean waves.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Bad Dreams     Pop, RnB, Folk 23/07/2019
Brisbane solo act Vancouver Sleep Clinic continues to make waves in the world of ambient and indie pop music, with ethereal vocals and a new direction with an acoustic undertone.
Infused with the signature moody production and ethereal vocals that have garnered Vancouver Sleep Clinic success so far, “Bad Dream” also hints at a new, more acoustic direction taken with the upcoming album. The single is accompanied by a beautiful music video. Filled with warm colours, contrasts of light and shade, trippy visuals and eerie settings.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Bad Dream     Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic, Atmospheric 23/07/2019
Australia's  Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter  Tim Bettinson.
Director Max Galassi states, "Bad Dream" conveys a journey into the unknown - playing with ideas from the subconscious; symbols and images that we only experience in our dreams. All this, under the pretense of a strange 'Sleep Clinic’."

Mijo - You've Got Your Life     Rock 30/07/2019
As a solo artist, Mijo toured 13 countries of Europe and featured as a support act to Goyte,  Missy  Higgins,  Clare Bowditch and Tommy Emmanuel, both in Australia and abroad.
This song charts a sombre journey of facing the harshest reality of all, our mortality, through to the sudden enlivening realisation that we are here, now, alive, but certainly not forever. Life is precious. Life is precarious. There is a chasm between being merely alive, and fully living a life. This song implores you to seek the latter.

Dande and The Lion - Twilight Highway     Pop 02/08/2019
“Twilight Highway” is the follow up to their single “Stardust”, accompanied by an innovative animated music video. These tracks precede their EP, recorded and produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels).
We wrote Twilight Highway with the intention of creating something lively and basically just wanting to dance! Nick wrote it with Thelma and Louise in mind, two girls having fun, flirting, driving with no real destination. The video has a 90s vibe to it with a computer game feel, leaving the viewer to question the reality of the story.

Pacific Avenue - Something Good     Rock, Garage 09/08/2019
In 2017, on the coastal town of Kiama on Pacific Avenue, a four-piece garage rock band was born, blending authentic rock & roll with today’s modern sound.
Overflowing with rock’n’roll energy harkening back to the glory days of surf rock, "Something Good" strikes a literal chord to the very core of these South-Coast legends.

The Great Emu War Casualties - Welcome and Good Luck     Pop, Rock, Britpop 09/08/2019
Quirky, eclectic and eccentric; The Great Emu War Casualties are Melbourne's answer to the current Britpop/ indie-pop drought, having produced a unique revamp of the genre's sound.
'Welcome and Good Luck' is your classic bright, indie pop track, reminiscent of The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club. It is the perfect hark back to summer that we all need right about now and is the band's answer to the current Britpop/ indie-pop drought.

The Great Emu War Casualties - Welcome and Good Luck     Pop, Rock 09/08/2019
The band's tracks are described as quirky, eclectic and eccentric, and are a pop group who cite Talking Heads, The Killers, Everything Everything and John Grant among their main influences.
The track is your classic bright, indie pop/rock, reminiscent of The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club, and is the perfect hark back to summer.

Hollow Coves - When We Were Young     Folk, Chill 16/08/2019
A dynamic indie folk group brimming with the band’s passion for travel and observing different shades of the world, Hollow Coves is the project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins.
When we first started writing When We Were Young the melodies lead us to reflect on times from our youth. Missing the simplicity of life back then. As you get older there are so many new and exciting adventures that weren’t available in previous seasons of life. Even just having that change of perspective can make such a difference.

Moreton - See Yourself     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 16/08/2019
Finding light and hope from within powerful, sometimes haunting songs, Moreton, a rock band with a folk heart, challenging darkness with a mission to find the beauty and humanity inside.
See Yourself tackles a heavy but universal question, letting a new love witness your flaws for the first time, and asking if they'll stay by you. A bad habit, an addiction, a vice, or more specifically the battle with depression. "It's a common story, that our loved ones are the last to know when we're at our worst."

Pinkish Blu - Superstar     Pop, Electronic 23/08/2019
Formed in 2017, sad-pop group Pinkish Blu have been able to develop their sound by taking influence from Post-Punk, 80s New-Wave and Synth-Pop.
Musically, the song was inspired by a few different areas including overall genres like the 80s/90s ie. the snare and guitar tones, but also takes consideration from current pop music. The art of modern pop is an appeal none of us can oppose, but the art of combining period genres with modern pop is an exciting world to explore.

Ziggy Alberts - Intentions     Folk, Chill 23/08/2019
Singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts creates honest and personal music that explore his relationships both with others and the planet.
This track marks a new point in Ziggy's repertoire; it feels fresh, yet unmistakably Ziggy in style. The track is lyrically honest and frank, as he discusses his truths about maintaining relationships and mental health whilst living a demanding life on the road. The melodious pop-rap beat layered with his percussive acoustic guitar rhythms makes for an undeniable ‘stuck-in-your-head’ track.

Mijo Biscan - That's So Pretty     Folk, Chill, Pop 27/08/2019
A prolific songwriter, creative mindset coach, sunny optimist usually seen sporting a bright yellow t-shirt, Mijo is determined to find the golden thread running through the mess of life.
In That’s So Pretty, Mijo explores the scar of a painful break-up with the benefit of hindsight, some distance and a new perspective. The tension mounts in the song when one lover isn’t ready to let go and must come to terms with a situation that is beyond their control.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Summer 09     Pop, Ambience, Electronic 27/08/2019
Australia's Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter Tim Bettinson, has existed at the forefront of indie pop music worldwide since debut EP ‘Winter’ in 2014.
"Summer '09" takes an intensely earnest approach, combining Tim Bettinson’s signature nimble vocals with loving acoustic caresses. The single was written about the tragic passing of a close friend to Tim. The heartbreak of losing someone is palpable in the song and the music video, with an immersive collection of nostalgic shots that draw the viewer completely into its world.

Beau Lightning - Smoke In Your Lungs     Rock, Roots, Pop 30/08/2019
Inspired by California daze, desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, moon landing and the alter ego in which BEAU LIGHTNING resides. Rock'n roll is the name of the game.
It’s a break up song essentially, there’s been millions of them, but it’s an impossible topic to avoid as a song writer or an artist when you have recently gone through one.

Other tracks by Beau Lightning:  Last Night  -  In My Hands
Sarah Wolfe - Devil U Know     Pop, Dance 30/08/2019
‘Devil U Know’ is the debut single from the Sydney-born 22-year-old, collaboratively written and produced by real-life partner Xavier Dunn (Jack River, CXLOE, Graace, Carmada, Peking Duk). 
Devil U Know revolves around the intricacies and vulnerabilities that surface during the first few weeks of seeing someone. It's based off the quote ‘Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t’, which in the track represents how love and relationships are terrifying, but shutting yourself off from them because you’ve been burned before isn’t the best option.

Glass Tides - Crawling     Rock, Pop 06/09/2019
Glass Tides are a four-piece Emo/Rock group from Adelaide. Wasting no time establishing themselves nation-wide, supporting artists such as Thrice, Circa Survive, Spiderbait, Body Jar, Young Lions & plenty more.
With a dark and emotional feeling travelling through the track, Crawling explodes into its massive chorus, with catchy, pop like melodies sung with angst and aggression. This Dynamic and Powerful track truly reflects on a dark time in your life when you think there is no way out.

Blue Velvet - It's All Gravy     Indie, Pop 17/09/2019
Sydney’s jubilant Indie scoundrels Blue Velvet have made a name for themselves amongst the lighthearted. The three piece shape a unique, rambunctious sound, cementing them as an unmissable act.
Blue Velvet's new single, “It’s All Gravy” is an unashamedly joyful anthem sporting the lax lyrical nostalgia of 90s punk rock, paired with undeniably 80s sonics. Featuring a groovy synth riff and lead singer Samuel Bauermeister’s trademark sunny vocals, “It’s All Gravy” (at face value) encourages the listener to let go of life’s mundane problems.