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The PR Files

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Old Man River - One Step     Pop, Ska 10/03/2015
Old Man River is back, the Australian/Israeli singer-songwriter and set to release a new single and video titled "One Step".
The feel-good song is flavoured by a surprising roots-ska sound and reminiscent of early Studio One works and Paul Simon's 'Mother and child reunion'.

"The whole idea for this track came about because I've always really wanted to make music that gets people dancing!" Rein says.

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Sarah Belkner - Humans     Pop, Dance 10/03/2015
Sarah Belkner new single "Humans" The track is brought to life by haunting vocal arrangement and soul-drenched lyrics over an exquisite bed of indie-pop, downtempo, electronic rhythms.
“Humans” marks a stunning return from Sarah Belkner. The track is brought to life by haunting vocal arrangement and soul-drenched lyrics over an exquisite bed of indie-pop, downtempo, electronic rhythms.

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Courtney Act - Ugly     Pop, Dance 06/07/2015
Courtney Act (real name: Shane Jenek) is an insanely talented, gender bending pop artist who is taking gender diversity, glamour and sexuality to the mainstream.
Ugly is a high energy pop song. Courtney describes the track as, "a little bit Kylie, a bit Tove Lo, a bit Robyn, and a good dollop of Vegemite. I recommend listening to it while jumping on your bed in your pyjamas."

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Katie Wighton - Little Doves     Pop, Acoustic, Electronic 06/07/2015
Katie Wighton (All My Exes Live In Texas) solo project is fragile, compelling and moving. Her fourth coming EP, 'oh-dark-hours' finds truth in the darkness.
Traditionally layers vocals and pianos, however, producer Chris Port encouraged Wighton to experiment with sound giving the track a more electronic feel to it. A certain intensity in her lyrics with each track having a beautiful pop hook.

Zefereli - Withdrawals     Pop, Downbeat, Electronic 06/07/2015
Zefereli is the solo project from The Carios lead singer, Ailstar Richardson. With a name inspired by past joys and his fathers story telling, Zefereli is enjoyment and dreamy soundscapes.
Surfer rock meets dream pop. Easy listening consistent beat matched with slower vocals and chiming guitar sounds.

Other tracks by Zefereli:  Once In A While  -  54321
J Motor - Jungle Daze     Pop, Rock, African 08/08/2015
Sydney musician Jonathan Vassallo has his fingers in many pies. For the last ten years, he’s worn many hats as a writer, performer, storyteller, creative consultant and video director.
Jungle Daze is bouncy and tropical with trance, electronic undertones and a heavy bass line. There are indie pop elements in the instrumental arrangment with lyrics that are somber and impossible to not sing along to.

Jordan Skinner - Burning The Bridge     Folk, Acoustic 22/08/2015
Jordan Skinner, singer songwriter and race car driver from South Australia. At age 24, Skinner is honest and profound as he bounds acoustic melodies with powerful lyrics of heartbreak.
Burning The Bridge highlights Jordan's intimate, soulful vocals, guitar craftsmanship, and poignant songwriting. Lyrically, Jordan explains, “It’s quite dark, and it’s about being with someone in a scenario when you’ve said something so truthful but also so hurtful, that you’re really unable to salvage the relationship.”

Jinja Safari - Accident     Pop, African, Rock 24/08/2015
Jinja Safari is one of Australia’s most endearing indie-pop acts, most notably known for their multicultural musical aesthetic influenced by adventures abroad; Their new single 'Accident' is no exception!
True to form, 'Accident' is layers of afro-pop and dreamy island guitar rock at its finest. With a mix of influences including reggae and dance, the track has energy and lift bound with melodic vocals and amidst indie rock stylings.

Sophie Lowe - Understand     Electronic, Pop 02/09/2015
Sophie Lowe is singer/songwriter based in Sydney. An already established actress, Sophie's renewed focus on her music comes after honing her craft as a singer songwriter for 15 years.
'Understand' joins fractured pop and electronic melodies together to create defused beats that have beauty and power. Lyrically Lowe sings about frustration and anger, a relatable feeling, that she dramatically executes in allusive lyrics matched with comforting melodies.

Thirsty Merc - The Good Life     Rock, Acoustic, Pop 02/09/2015
The boys are back and better than ever with their infectious new single “The Good Life” from their upcoming album “Shifting Gears,” out 4th September.
For the first time in 5 years, fans will be treated to all new material, which sees Thirsty Merc return to their trademark sound. “It's fun, it's got a southern kinda groove, and it’s got those guitar figures gronking away", says Rai Thistlethwayte.

2017 APRA MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - Rock Work of the Year

Jordan Skinner - Helium     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 23/09/2015
Jordan Skinner, singer songwriter and race car driver from South Australia. At age 24, Skinner is honest and profound as he bounds acoustic melodies with powerful lyrics of heartbreak.
'Helium' is an intimate, playful track that has emotion and feeling. The second single off Jordan Skinner's self titled E.P. provides a catchy, guitar heavy melody that effortlessly combines the lyrics together to give you a classic, feel good track.

The Basics - A Coward's Prayer     Rock, Acoustic, Alternative Country 30/09/2015
Melbourne band The Basics were once famously described as, "45 years behind, but a million years ahead", a phrase that's followed the band for many years.
A twisted hope of a lover who wishes to move on, "A Coward's Prayer" exposes the ugly side of relationships, and a selfish cowardice that wishes to manifest as 'letting you down easy'. As angelic as the voices of Schroeder, De Backer and Heath rise up in the chorus.

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Other tracks by The Basics:  Roundabout
AKA BAZ - LAA     Jazz, Downbeat, Electronic 03/10/2015
AKA BAZ has been around since 2005 with two albums to date. The latest being Memento Mori, a collaborative effort by Aaron and artists from the Yum Yum Tree collective.
Far from traditional, AKA BAZ takes jazz to new dimensions.“LAA” opens with an edgy melodic guitar riff, which is consistent throughout the song complementing, the harmonious layered vocals of Brian, Elana and James.

Tenderfoot - The Scenery     Rock, Pop, Folk 29/10/2015
Tenderfoot are set to make their debut with a new sound. The group is comprised of long time friends and collaborators John Vella, Joel Burton and Anthony Donlon.
I have to attribute part of that song to my early exposure to Dylan’s ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’. On piano Dylan gravitates to playing a lot of black keys. I’ve always loved that sound. Stumbling across something like it got me excited and the rest pretty much wrote itself.

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Ry - Torn Denim     Hip Hop 11/11/2015
Ry new single “Gimme That” "Gimme That" is a breezy homage to late 90s East Coast hip hop, it’s jam packed with lyrical wit and a killer chorus.
A laid back urban soundscape of catchy beats with a compelling musical story.

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Other tracks by Ry:  Gimme That
Grandsister - Headlights feat. Sarah Belkner     Electronic, Dance, Pop 13/11/2015
Sydney indie-electronic producer best known for being the frontman in post-punk band Hedge Fund. Grandsister merges classic electronic music with a darker indie-pop sound reminiscent of Digitalism and New Order.
A collaboration between Grandsister and New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Sarah Belkner. Belkner's lyrics, with their talk of "violent intimacy", carry suggestions of hitchhiker murder or the sci-fi ambiguity of films like Lost Highway & Under The Skin, but float above a more driven electronic beat provided by Colvin's arrangement.

Jinja Safari - Kilimanjaro     Blues/Roots 13/11/2015
Jinja Safari is two equal halves: harmonizing frontmen & multi-instrumentalists Marcus Azon and Pepa Knight.
The lyrics reference the moment when you stop to look at where you are, and you can't see where you came from, or where you want to go.

Gabriella Cohen - Sever The Walls     Pop, Rock, Blues, Garage 08/03/2016
You may know her as the front woman of rock ‘n’ roll band, The Furrs, but Cohen has recently emerged with two striking singles off her self-produced 10 track album.
Sever The Walls, illustrates a all-girl take down. This lo-fi track presents the nostalgic view of a past relationship, and a chorus that takes you back to the 70's.

Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)
Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

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Other tracks by Gabriella Cohen:  Alien Anthem  -  Yesterday
Amistat - Parley     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 09/03/2016
Acoustic twin duo Josef and Jan Prasil, who together form Amistat recently moved to Aus from Germany in 2013. The Melbourne brothers release their album full of honest storytelling, "Parley".
A song about realising that a person very close to you (Friend, Family, Partner etc.) has two different sides. A good and a bad one. And you either start to accept and tolerate both sides or you simply have to walk away from that person.

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Phebe Starr - Feel My Love     Pop, Electronic 09/03/2016
Australian born- LA based Phebe Starr's unique style of music has begun to make waves in the music scene. With comparisons to Florence + the Machine, and fellow Aussie Sia.
Co­produced by Rob Ellmore (Selena Gomez, The Veronicas, Zedd) and Starr herself,the track builds delicate harp arrangements to an anthemic, roaring peak. Led by a militant beat, “Feel My Love” is highlighted by radiating synthesizers and experimental pop.