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The PR Files

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Mijo - You've Got Your Life     Rock 30/07/2019
As a solo artist, Mijo toured 13 countries of Europe and featured as a support act to Goyte,  Missy  Higgins,  Clare Bowditch and Tommy Emmanuel, both in Australia and abroad.
This song charts a sombre journey of facing the harshest reality of all, our mortality, through to the sudden enlivening realisation that we are here, now, alive, but certainly not forever. Life is precious. Life is precarious. There is a chasm between being merely alive, and fully living a life. This song implores you to seek the latter.

Matt Gresham - Survive On Love     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Folk 21/09/2016
After recently relocating to Berlin and signing with Warner Germany for Europe, WA born Matt Gresham is delving into a new chapter of creativity.
I grew up in a spiritually conscious environment and instead of looking outward to find solutions and healing, i was taught to first look within…” In a time where the power of love is often at odds with the love of power, Matt Gresham has taken up arms.

Matt Boylan-Smith - We Can Be Together     Pop, Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 23/09/2017
Matt Boylan-Smith's latest single "We Can Be Together" showcases his story-telling abilities through his unique blend of folk, roots and pop. His upcoming EP will be independently released via MGM.
Written when Matt was playing guitar at University “We Can Be Together showcased how the marrying of my thoughts with music acted in a cathartic way. A recent personal experience inspired me to show Jeff Martin and the song was born into the creature that's always been in my mind.”

Marét - Vertigo     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Funk 21/05/2018
Infectious, playful and bold, Vertigo is the debut single from new Canberra creative maverick Marét.
Her percolating, funky first single ‘Vertigo’ is upbeat and adventurous, and a call to arms to “keep going, even when you want to give up.”says Marét. It amplifies that feeling of climbing the mountain and taking it one step at a time, trusting whatever it is taking you there.

Marét - Perfectly Imperfect     Electronic, Pop 16/11/2018
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick: this is Marét. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette while being fearless yet vulnerable, grounded but ambitious.
The anthemic, joyful and track was inspired by a strong reaction to being overwhelmed at the thought of having to be ‘perfect’. She laughs, “Being imperfect is the one thing we can all nail, so why not embrace it? It’s important to keep focused on striving to be great, but it’s time to openly celebrate the struggles and unexpected bumps."

Marét - I Am The Wind     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 04/03/2019
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette, Marét understands her vision is ambitious. However, she’s ready to deliver.
This is the boldest song on the upcoming EP, smacking you in the face with it’s unflinching honesty, unrelenting beat and huge vocals. Rich with passion and energy, this song is about claiming your power. Marét was very inspired by current artists Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Janelle Monae when she wrote this track.

Mammals - Chase Your Bliss     Electronic, Chill, Acoustic, Pop 22/02/2017
Sydney's Guy Brown (AKA) Mammals. Mammals gives us the first taste of the upcoming 6-track EP with lead single “Chase Your Bliss. Mammals is also touring as support with Vera Blue.
'Chase Your Bliss' is exactly what the title tells really. Do what makes you happy and don't get caught up it the fiction.

Mammals - Breathe     Electronic, Atmospheric, Easy Listening, Cover Version 10/02/2017
Guy Brown is Mammals. Hailing from Sydney's northern beaches, Guy began writing and recording as Mammals in 2011, producing music that walks effortlessly through folk, electronica and indie rock.
Mammals covers electronic outfit Telepopmusik's, 'Breathe'.

Lyon Apprentice - Starlight     Pop, Easy Listening 14/02/2018
From folk dirges to sparkling dream-pop ballads, the brother duo distils recollections of past homes, old friends and lost loves into a back catalogue of songs that are instantly relatable.
A collection of different ideas that we had floating around for quite some time. We tried not to limit ourselves to a particular genre and let the song naturally come together. It's lyrically reflects on past experiences that we feel everyone can relate to in some way.

Lupa J - Moth     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 04/10/2017
Sydney electronic artist Lupa J is set to release her upcoming single 'Moth' on September 27th ahead of the release of her third EP 'A HOUSE I DON'T REMEMBER'.
Moth shows subtlety of darkness and light and draws the listener in before rising to a cathartic and chilling climax which sends shivers down the spine.

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Lupa J - Keep Back     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 26/08/2017
Sydney's Lupa J releases her single "Keep Back" Friday, 25th August ahead of her EP release A HOUSE I DON'T REMEMBER due out in October.
Driving electronic bass and drums, and exhilarating swirling vocals and strings takes Lupa J’s trademark sound deeper into clubland as she explores the ties that bind her to a needy friend.

Lupa J - Drift     Pop, Electronic, Techno, Industrial 24/09/2018
Lupa J was first introduced to music as a classically trained violinist. She discovered her love for electronic music through artists such as Grimes, FKA Twigs and Bjork.
Sonically brighter & glitzier than Lupa’s past releases, “Drift” is heart grabbing piece of synth pop. The single is the first taste of her largest body of work to date, a disarmingly candid account of coming to terms with identity & change. “Drift” is written and produced by Lupa J, and featuring her compelling vocals and analogue synth sounds.

Luke D'Arth - The Chase     Hip Hop 02/08/2018
Melbourne local Luke D'arth is back with his new single "The Chase". With a Macklemore-esque vibe, D'arth has evolved his sound since releasing his debut single "Star Crossed".
Replacing 808’s for a live band, the upbeat and incredibly catchy single "The Chase" explores fame, love and everything that comes along with it.

Lola Scott - Hush     Pop, Electronic 13/03/2018
Emerging from Wollongong, NSW, Lola Scott is a multi-instrumentalist with a degree in guitar, a love for synth, and raw but ethereal vocals that will draw you in.
Recorded and co-produced by Dave Hammer (Washington, Nicole Millar) with drums by Miles Thomas (Montaigne) and with all other instruments played by Lola Scott herself, this song is about a girl who wants to salvage love but also can’t be with someone who is jealous and untrusting.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

LIV LI - Bloom (James Yammouni Remix Radio Edit)     Pop, Electronic, Dance 01/03/2019
Amidst the crisp, layered production, the off-kilter electronica and the surprising hooks, there’s one common denominator: LIV LI’s unmistakable voice. Pure and powerful, it’s the sound of an assured artist.
We grow up thinking anything is possible. Our dreams are big and uncensored. But then we grow up. And things look a little different to what we planned. Bloom is about still reaching for those things. Knowing that anything great in life is worth fighting for. That it takes bravery, sacrifice and heart to Bloom.

Little Green - Sweet Pain     Pop, Roots, Easy Listening 28/03/2019
Little Green is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, aiming to uplift the human spirit and bring the world closer together through music.
A poignant, melodic reflection on pain, all its subtle complexities, and how, with a shift in consciousness, we can make things better. "Since writing this song, it has continued to uplift me through different stages in my life, and I hope it can do the same for others".

Lime Cordiale - Temper Temper     Rock, Chill, Easy Listening, Pop 05/08/2017
“Temper Temper” is the lead track from Lime Cordiale's forthcoming debut album, to be released later in the year via Chugg Music/MGM.
“Temper Temper” is bright and crisp, anchored by rich saxophones and horns. The lyrics are about the kind of relationship that thrives on drama, one that’s “a bit rough around the edges, but that’s why you like it,” says Oli.

Lime Cordiale - Risky Love     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 22/09/2017
Sydney brothers Oli & Louis Leimbach create their own Motown rock sound along with nostalgic songwriting that is echoed throughout their upcoming album PERMANENT VACATION out via Chugg Music/MGM
Risky Love places sweet vocal harmonies and smooth guitars atop flitting percussion, while strings add an emotional swell to the fabled tale of dating a girl behind her “super alpha male” boyfriend’s back.

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Lime Cordiale - Following Fools     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Brothers, Oli Leimbach and Louis Leimbach, centre Lime Cordiale, but tour with a larger backing ensemble. The sibling duo from Sydney's beaches make rambunctious, '70s-style soul, funk, and rock-influenced pop.
“Following Fools” was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. Winton talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. Young boys are constantly rehearsing their talk, searching for gratification and acceptance. It’s up to the older men to steer them in the right direction.
Honesty, Love and Acceptance.

Lime Cordiale - Following Fools     Rock 09/10/2018
Lime Cordiale are a Sydney based alternative-indie duo.
Following Fools was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. He talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. This song is about the responsibility of these older males. Honesty, Love and Acceptance.