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The PR Files

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Dear Seattle - Daytime TV     Rock, Punk 07/12/2018
Dear Seattle are the melodic, sing along, beer-in-the-air, headbanging-with-heart punk rock band you’ve been waiting for, who have created a truly unique and powerful style of song writing.
Daytime TV is all about the struggle when you find the person you love but you’ve got absolutely no idea how to go about letting them know. Everything is amazing every time you’re together, but is it best friends? Is it lovers? You’ve got no idea until you take the plunge and let them in on it.

Royston Vasie - Wild Life     Rock, Psychedelic 30/11/2018
Royston Vasie are a psych-rock quartet based in Melbourne.
“Wild Life” was penned as the band navigated the harsh realities of heading over to the U.S of A. and coming back to the routine of home. Lots of things were happening around them at the time and it felt like the band's luck was going through a dry spell.

Valentina Brave - I Met A Man     Rock 23/11/2018
Valentina Brave’s vintage rock, murder ballads and soul anthems come directly from the underworld.
Unapologetic and unforgiving, this vintage rock bomb, reminiscent of a 70’s Betty Davis style anthem, is a heavy soul war-cry against the status quo. Valentina Brave holds nothing back on a full force performance where her epic voice wails a warning to ‘the man’ that ‘you can only wash yourself clean as your darkest sin’.

Sinclaire - Headspace     Rock 17/11/2018
Sinclaire are a brand new indie-outfit based in Sydney.
Crafting a new and unique sound, Sinclaire have made an impressive debut with their indie-rock anthem. "Headspace" discusses the impact that excessive self-critique can have on your personality, creativity, and mental health.

Marét - Perfectly Imperfect     Electronic, Pop 16/11/2018
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick: this is Marét. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette while being fearless yet vulnerable, grounded but ambitious.
The anthemic, joyful and track was inspired by a strong reaction to being overwhelmed at the thought of having to be ‘perfect’. She laughs, “Being imperfect is the one thing we can all nail, so why not embrace it? It’s important to keep focused on striving to be great, but it’s time to openly celebrate the struggles and unexpected bumps."

Yoste - Blue     Electronic, Ambience 09/11/2018
Yoste is the solo project of Brisbane based ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines.
"Blue" is the second single from Brisbane ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines debut EP, TRY TO BE OKAY due out early 2019 on Akira Records.

"Blue" sees Yoste confidently combine his signature dreamy electronica with modern pop sensibilities as he takes his introspection further.

She's My You - Gross     Pop, Dance 07/11/2018
Hovering somewhere between synth-pop and alternative RnB, Sydney’s She’s My You are passionate about making music that they love. The band have spent 18 months meticulously crafting their debut EP.
Gross is about wealth exposing people’s vices. In a city like Sydney, People get up earlier and go to bed later. They spend more time looking at screens and less time looking at family. It’s almost impossible to avoid stepping on the ‘wealth-accumulation needle’ and getting hooked. We all ride the wave to some degree.

Lime Cordiale - Dirt Cheap     Rock, Chill 02/11/2018
Lime Cordiale are an alternative/indie band comprised of brothers Louis and Oli Lembach who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
This song, which was written in between shows in Byron Bay and is a track that many can relate to. "Dirt Cheap" explores the situation of being with someone who is completely out of your league and what you can do to sell yourself to them.

Lavrence - Shine     Pop, Dance, Retro 01/11/2018
Lavrence has arrived! Posing the question, Why exist quietly when your true self is just waiting to shine? The singer-songwriter is ecstatic to share what he has lovingly created.
“Shine” the upbeat track is nothing short of a party anthem that is guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat. Stemming from a desire to fulfil his own purpose, Lavrence has graced our speakers with a shameless exploration of self love and empowerment. Captivating synths and power vocals accompany an up-beat pop rhythm.

Tashka - Vacant     Electronic, House, Pop 01/11/2018
Sydney artist/producer Tashka first came to public attention with her feature vocals on Donatachi’s future garage break-out single "Gold". Soon after, she followed up with her self produced single "Taken".
“Vacant” is an exploration of two people finding themselves at the end of a relationship that has been fought for. Featuring elements of dance and house, the vulnerable track discusses the notion of love and loss. This eclectic track showcases Tashka in a new light, demonstrating to her audiences intense personal themes of emotion.

Korky Buchek - Wanna Know     Electronic, Dance, House 29/10/2018
Korky Buchek is made up of two top blokes, Tom & Peter, who one day downloaded a pirated version of Ableton and had a bit of a muck around.
Wanna Know is a collaborative number, coming together through various sit downs over tea and biscuits. At first we didn’t know what would become this track, then we chatted to Dillion (Dofu) about it and decided it was too good to archive. Now it’s a groovy and soulful number that we’re all super stoked with.

Bec Stevens - The Don't Build Cars Like This Anymore     Rock, Folk 17/10/2018
Effortless storytelling abilities of Bec Stevens soar between raw guitar riffs, bass lines and upbeat rhythm. Reflective of her signature indie/rock sound, Stevens’ writes a catchy melody through emotive lyrics.
The effortless storytelling abilities of Bec Stevens soar between raw guitar riffs, deep bass lines and an upbeat rhythm. Reflective of her signature indie/rock sound, Stevens’ writes a catchy, well-defined melody through emotive, pensive lyrics.

The track’s anthemic qualities challenge the boundaries of indie/rock, and redefines Bec as a dynamic artist set to achieve greater heights in time to come.

The Sea Gypsies - Be A Man     Rock, Reggae 15/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
“Be A Man” evokes strong emotion and passion as the indie band sing about his journey from adolescence to manhood.

The single starts with a soft bass accompanied by vocals,then interrupted by an intense drum solo full of emotion. “Be A Man” features energetic bass and guitar solos as well as heartfelt vocalist Luke Marlin guiding listeners through his life.

The Sea Gypsies - Dreams     Rock, Reggae 11/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
“Dreams” is a laid-back single full of chilled vibes. The Central Coast boys describe putting thoughts into action and working together to achieve their goals. “Dreams” communicates working hard and striving towards goals. This single is upbeat and catchy, channelling frustration and energy into words, through their riveting instruments.

Lime Cordiale - Following Fools     Rock 09/10/2018
Lime Cordiale are a Sydney based alternative-indie duo.
Following Fools was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. He talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. This song is about the responsibility of these older males. Honesty, Love and Acceptance.

Cosmo Thundercat - My Friend     Rock 06/10/2018
Cosmo Thundercat make music with a raw and honest personality. Lead vocalist and guitarist Anthony, bassist Sammy, and drummer David͛s friendship lays the creative foundation for the Adelaide alt-rock outfit.
“My Friend” is a captivating track with an underlining depth. The essence of the song was inspired by the overwhelming emotions felt when someone in particular consumes your every thought. “My Friend” depicts a certain sense of desperation, felt through layers of evocative rock sounds and explosive rhythms.

Gang of Youths - Fear and Trembling (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne)     Rock 06/10/2018
Gang of Youth's are a four piece from Sydney’s inner city and motivated primarily by a set of ongoing tragic circumstances in the life of one of the members.
Earlier this year it was announced that MTV Australia will produce all-new episodes of the Grammy and Emmy award-winning series MTV Unplugged, featuring Gang Of Youths as it’s first feature artist. Filmed in front of a live audience at Melbourne’s Cobblestone Pavilion at Meat Market, the band performed a stripped-back version of their track "Fear And Trembling".

Lime Cordiale - Following Fools     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Brothers, Oli Leimbach and Louis Leimbach, centre Lime Cordiale, but tour with a larger backing ensemble. The sibling duo from Sydney's beaches make rambunctious, '70s-style soul, funk, and rock-influenced pop.
“Following Fools” was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. Winton talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. Young boys are constantly rehearsing their talk, searching for gratification and acceptance. It’s up to the older men to steer them in the right direction.
Honesty, Love and Acceptance.

Royston Vasie - Leaver     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 06/10/2018
Melbourne psych-pop band Royston Vasie release their latest single “Leaver”. The melodic track is the second single taken from their forthcoming LP COLOUR SPRINGS FROM ALL THE GLOOMY THINGS.
The four-piece have released, “Leaver” a rousingly uplifting and eloquently relaxed track which is a perfect backdrop for our approaching summer. The song implores the listener’s attention via its breathtaking harmonies, daring rhythms and altered state instrumentals. “Leaver” is Chris Isaak’s surf-psych Wicked Games of 2018 - sans the romance and world class voice.

The Sea Gypsies - Be Bold     Rock 06/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
A testament to its name, "Be Bold" demands the attention of the listener right from its introduction. Acting as the feature of the song, the riff is like a rush of fresh air, juxtaposed by the warm grooves of the verses and choruses.