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The PR Files

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Brad Jordan - Come Down     Electronic, Techno, Dance 14/06/2019
A 20 year old rapper/producer/university student/financial advisor from Sydney’s south, Brad Jordan is versatile artist that takes inspiration from a variety of genres.
The inspiration for the track came from reminiscing on nights as a high school student, sneaking out the house, hiding beers from mum and dad to go to underage parties that friends hosted when their parents were away (Brad Jordan definitely does not condone this behaviour, children). It's about breaking your parents rules for a thrill as a kid.

Kayex - Warrior Games     Electronic, Dance, Pop 24/05/2019
KAYEX’s members Palassi Kailis and Tom Derickx combine both electronic samples and live instrumentation in a way that speaks to the broadening tastes of today’s pop scene.
When people listen to "Warrior Games" we want them to feel as if they have no fear but complete confidence in their path, whatever that may be. Trust the process and have faith in the work you've put in. "Warrior Games: contains an uplifting message about facing your fears head on.

The Bamboos - I Never     Funk/Soul, Pop 24/05/2019
After 2018’s acclaimed ‘Night Time People’, the next album from The Bamboos, one of Australia’s most important ever soul/funk acts, had to be something totally different.
"I have wanted to work with Dan Sultan for many years now" says Lance Ferguson, "There is definitely something unique about his artistry and i regard him as one of this country's finest vocalists. His take on " I Never" is astonishing - there's an emotional intensity to the performance that totally floored everyone listening in the studio that day.

Karmel - Trafalgar Square     Pop, Dance, Electronic 17/05/2019
Sydney electronic producer, DJ and songwriter Karmel started her musical journey on the violin at age 5. After teaching herself piano and studying viola, she discovered classical singing at 16.
An evocative deep house tune lined with a sultry longing for time and place past, building to a frenetic final of chopped vocals reminiscent of the dancing flames of a forgotten but once great fire.

Beau Lightning - Rock N' Roll Life     Rock, Roots, Pop 13/05/2019
Inspired by California daze, desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, the moon landing and the alter ego in which BEAU LIGHTNING resides. Rock'nRoll is the name of the game.
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Life” was written from the perspective of the Beau Lightning alter ego, a character created by the artist, Eli, to allow him the freedom to say and do things that are egotistical and full of bravado. The track plays with the classic old folk tales of successful people selling their soul to the rock’n’roll devil.

Guard - I'm Calling The Cops     Electronic, Pop, Dance 10/05/2019
As a lifelong songwriter, Guard’s mission to embrace self-acceptance starts within his innate desire to create.
Produced by LA producer notfamous and Charli XCX’s producer Umru, Guard describes the song as an emo electronic pop song with elements of PC music, about letting go of unhealthy patterns in his life and becoming content with who he is as a person. “im calling the cops on you bcoz u broke my heart
Landings - I Believe The Dark     Pop, Dance, Rock 10/05/2019
Brisbane indie-dance duo Landings are preparing to release their latest single “I Believe The Dark” - a stirring and danceable anthem released via Audio Network.
Written and performed by Aidan Hogg and Liam Quinn, this is a punchy indie track - sandwiching infectious rhythms with a yearning vocal and emotive bass that keeps you hooked in.

"The track is about dark thoughts and lost love. A different side of you that takes over when you’re left alone.”

Zoe A'Dore - Galaxy     Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
Melbourne artist Zoe A’dore begun her musical journey in classical violin. After some time Zoe went on to learn the electric drums and recognised a penchant for songwriting.
When you find someone and everything seems to make sense. It’s the profound feeling that you can be completely yourself and there’s no limitations with them. You’re now part of this whole new world and it’s a safe space. It’s not that you can’t obtain that happiness as an individual, but more so there’s another person enhancing your amazing qualities.

Sarah Belkner - Animal     Pop, Dance, Electronic 29/04/2019
Sarah Belkner is a strange and persistent musical beast. There is nothing about her career that ticks any sort of industry ‘how to’ boxes, as she builds her musicalised empire.
A jungle tinged alternative croon about a primal full blown almost obsessive love being taken on by the very mundane practicalities of life. In Belkner's case being physically away from your partner whilst touring - a lot.

Moreton - Circles     Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 11/04/2019
There is an intoxicating interplay between the serene and the melancholic which underpins the music of Brisbane/Byron Bay 3 piece Moreton.
Circles was written about Georgia's experience through the 2017 Northern NSW floods, which flooded her property and that of her peers. It explores universal themes of hardship and bad luck, particularly when disaster and adversity strikes those already living on the fringes of society.

The Beamish Brothers - Kills Me Every Time     Pop, Folk, Soul 05/04/2019
The Beamish Brothers are two brothers from Toowoomba, Australia whose passion for music has taken them from jamming in their garage, to working with artists and labels around the globe.
Kills Me Every Time combines a lot of our favourite musical techniques-intricateguitar, fast percussive lyrics, layers of vocal parts and funky production. Kills Me Every Time is about being lead astray by your emotions and caught up in a relationship or something that may feel good in the moment, but is actually toxic.

DIET. - What To Do     Pop, Rock, Dance 29/03/2019
DIET. five mates from Melbourne who whip up a unique blend of driving guitar pop for all to enjoy. Their sound receives strong comparisons to The Smiths and The Cure.
The track is about feeling as though you have it all sorted, but then life throws you a swift reminder saying “Hey, don’t get so cocky mate, there’s still a fair bit to sort out here”. It’s also about being back to ‘square one’, and realising that now the process of figuring out how to move forward begins.

Little Green - Sweet Pain     Pop, Roots, Easy Listening 28/03/2019
Little Green is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, aiming to uplift the human spirit and bring the world closer together through music.
A poignant, melodic reflection on pain, all its subtle complexities, and how, with a shift in consciousness, we can make things better. "Since writing this song, it has continued to uplift me through different stages in my life, and I hope it can do the same for others".

Beau Lightning - Don't Get Bit     Rock, Pop, Dance 22/03/2019
Inspired by California daze, desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, the moon landing and the alter ego in which BEAU LIGHTNING resides. Rock'nRoll is the name of the game.
Don’t Get Bit is somewhat a fantasy about unrealistically rekindling a relationship you know was unhealthy and hurt you in the past, but still having the desire to see where it could go. In a more general sense, the song is saying be careful, don’t jump into another relationship that will essentially be the same as the last one.

Dande and The Lion - Stardust     Rock, Easy Listening, Live Performance 20/03/2019
Dande and The Lion is a 5 piece female-fronted indie-rock band from Sydney. The band have been charming the music scene with captivating harmonies and powerful rhythms since their debut.
The track is inspired by Professor Brian Cox’s quote “we are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.” Begging the listener to question their place in life and the universe at a larger scale, “Stardust” explores our ability to learn, adapt and evolve through life.

Dande And The Lion - Stardust     Pop, Electronic, Live Performance 20/03/2019
Dande and The Lion are captivating the local music scene with their unique harmonies and powerful melodies. Fronted by the engaging Bianca, Abbey and Tass, with Nick and Chris.
Humans constantly question our place within the universe. Stardustexplores the notion that our significance lies in our ability and desire to learn, adapt and evolve, appreciate and reflect, live with joy and die without fear, and through all of this, to connect with each other.

Sinclaire - Torn In Two     Pop, Rock, Live Performance 12/03/2019
Sinclaire are a new alternative outfit from Sydney, Australia. Vocalist Michael Cross, drummer Lachlan Mcdonald, guitarists Aiden Turner and Joshua Gonzalez & keyboardist Jake Sheath founded the band.
Torn in Two is about constantly comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you always have something to prove. Not because you are looking to impress others but because you have an overwhelming feeling to be the best at everything you do. I treated it like an open letter to myself.

Sam J - Friends     Pop, Electronic, Dance 08/03/2019
Sam J is a 27-year old singer, songwriter & graphic designer. Her genre-bending songs leave you torn between feeling love, lust, loss or all of the above.
Friends is an alternative R&B H.E.R-esque slow jam inspired by the soulful beat of Kiana Lede’s EX and the electronic-pop touches of Charlotte Lawrence’sSleep Talking. This sensual and emotional tune encapsulates the feeling of one-sided romance and the disappointment that comes with expectations not quite meeting reality but also recognising one’s self-worth and walking away from a toxic situation.

Old Sault - Melbourne     Folk, Rock, Easy Listening 07/03/2019
Following on from the release of her debut EP MOSTLY WORRIED in 2017 Old Sault has grown into a more prepossessing indie-rock sound from her folk roots.
“Melbourne” serves as the first stepping stone into the release of what will be a more emotionally charged and vulnerable release HIGHER HARM.“filled with unique sounds and deeply powerful lyrics which target issues such as breakups and mental health in a way that lays Farr bare for the world to see with all the past imperfections and demons on display.

Marét - I Am The Wind     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 04/03/2019
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette, Marét understands her vision is ambitious. However, she’s ready to deliver.
This is the boldest song on the upcoming EP, smacking you in the face with it’s unflinching honesty, unrelenting beat and huge vocals. Rich with passion and energy, this song is about claiming your power. Marét was very inspired by current artists Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Janelle Monae when she wrote this track.