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The Country Journo

The Country Journo offers news and media services with a personal and caring
country style. If you’re a music artist and need a new bio or running a business
and need a press release, we can cater to your needs. We also offer proofreading
and a suite of writing services.

Based in Tamworth, we focus on personal service and ensure our clients are
satisfied with their products before the end of each project. We don’t just cater
to country people’s needs; we have clients across Australia and overseas.

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The Country Journo

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The Cartwheels - Kookaburra Calling     Country, Folk, Roots 27/03/2020
The Cartwheels' Dave and Wendy met in the 1990s when they were in The Happening Thang and The Sparnetts, respectively. Their new self-titled album, their fifth, was recorded in Nashville.
The Cartwheels’ recorded their self-titled album in Nashville and Kookaburra Calling took on an Aussie-Cajun feel.

Wendy Phypers and Dave Patterson bring the sights and sounds of the Australian bush to life in the new song, Kookaburra Calling, inspired by their frequent camping trips by the iconic river.

Aaron Jurd - If You Were Mine     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 20/03/2020
FROM playing major music festivals to winning a top songwriting award, to writing with Golden Guitar winners and releasing chart topping singles, Aaron Jurd has achieved it all.
If You Were Mine was a collaboration at the 2018 CMAA Academy of Country Music between award-winning songwriters Aaron Jurd and Kevin Bennett, with Aaron's fellow students Ainslie Allen and Maddi Collier.

The single is a fun take on when you see that person who might be unreachable, but you envision what life with them would be like.

Rachael Dee - Little Eyes     Country, Folk 28/02/2020
Rachael Dee is a singer songwriter from Central Queensland, Australia. She is passionate about connecting with people with her bold sound and bubbly personality.
The debut single from Rachael Dee looks at the world through the eyes of children.

Little Eyes celebrates the innocence of and lessons that children can teach us and encourages listeners to live in the moment.

The collaboration with award-winning writer Matt Scullion was born at the 2018 CMAA Academy of Country Music and completed within an hour.

Michelle Cashman - Guys Like You     Country, Folk, Rock 21/02/2020
Michelle Cashman is a singer-songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is raw, real and down to earth and has stories to sing from a life truly lived.
Finding strength to leave a toxic relationship is at the heart of Michelle Cashman’s rocking new single, Guys Like You. This is no man-hating song, Michelle hopes that anyone stuck in a terrible relationship can hear this song and leave. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, this song offers hope and encouragement.

Benny Allen - Places I've Never Been     Country, Rock 31/01/2020
Benny Allen is a multi-award winning artist, adding to his award tally at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, in preparation for the release of his single, Places I’ve Never Been.
Award-winning singer-songwriter Benny Allen is taking listeners on the road with him on his new country rock single, Places I’ve Never Been.

Benny wrote the road tripping song after thinking about the places he'd seen through playing music.

The song has listeners wanting to jump in their cars and head to places they’ve never been accompanied by the driving beat.

Voodoo Town - Cool Karma     Country, Pop 15/01/2020
Fronted by Tamworth’s Brent W. Larkham, Voodoo Town, comprises Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig, who collaborated on an AC/DC Bon Scott tribute album in Germany and have worked together since.
Cool Karma continues Voodoo Town's Eurocountry theme with the harmony and banjo-driven single. This song has an uplifting and fun vibe to it that is sure to resonate with listeners wanting fun, summery songs.

Recorded between Germany and Tamworth, the European and Australian influences are evident. This is a track that will appeal to fans of various genres.

The Bushwackers - Marijuana Australiana Rehashed     Folk, Country 13/12/2019
Formed in 1971, The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. They play proudly Australian music incorporating early 20th century traditional folk and working songs, Celtic and contemporary original songs.
The Bushwackers first released Marijuana Australiana in 1981 as an anarchic piece about the recreational drug which was frequently smoked at the time. Attitudes have changed, so Roger Corbett, Dobe Newton and Allan Caswell rewrote Marijuana Australiana (Rehashed) to reflect the current political/pharma climate and built on the existing song written by Brendan Hanley (who passed away in 2018).

Genni Kane - Dust & Bones     Folk, Country, Indie 15/11/2019
ARIA award winning Genni Kane has been performing her original songs for over 40 years. Her latest release, Songs From the Kitchen Table, is a celebration of an ordinary life.
Dust & Bones is a love song to the small, historic village of Millthorpe in Central West NSW, but it could be any small village anywhere...or wherever you call home. This is the place I want to be buried. On the hill overlooking the village, beside the bluestone church. This beautiful place has stolen my heart.

Benny Allen featuring Renee Jonas - When I'm With You Tonight     Country, Easy Listening, Folk 19/09/2019
With a piano strapped to the back of his ute, Benny Allen isn't your typical country singer. The name of his debut album, Never Knew I Was Country, is fitting.
Multi-instrumentalist Benny Allen has joined forces with fellow singer-songwriter Renee Jonas on When I’m With You Tonight.

The duet will have listeners getting in touch with their romantic side and When I’m With You Tonight could become a wedding song favourite.

Allen said he knew he was onto something special because the song poured out in about 15 minutes.

Melanie Gray - Drive Slow     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 13/09/2019
With a heart filled with adventure, a soul inspired by the Australian landscape and a voice that soars, Melanie Gray is putting a modern spin on Australiana music.
Put together with some of Australia's leading music experts, Drive Slow will have you chomping at the bit to escape to the great outdoors for a romantic adventure!

"...I know a little place where we can go..."

Being heavily influenced by the NT, Drive Slow has a summery, laidback feel that will bring warmth to listeners no matter the season.

Jack McDougall - Let Me Out     Country, Indie, Pop, Rock 06/09/2019
Jack McDougall has established himself in the music industry as a singer-songwriter with an alt-country feel and has been co-writing with various artists, ahead of his debut single release.
Let Me Out covers the issues of mental and physical health and unable to communicate with people about how you’re feeling. You’re screaming for help, but no one can hear you because you won’t let it out. Let Me Out encourages people to see support and surround themselves with people they love and trust and respect each other.

Emma Dykes - The Riddle of Life     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 22/08/2019
Emma Dykes sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
The Riddle of Life is about Emma Dykes's friend, Ric, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour which she continues to battle. Ric, a fellow nurse, along with her family, moved into the house across the road from Emma when she was 13. Unfortunately, Ric has few options left and her husband and three children are dealing with the consequences.

Kelly Winning - The Real Deal     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 09/08/2019
Kelly Winning is a Sydney-based singer, songwriter and adventurer at heart with a passion for people and this beautiful land. Kelly has a unique Aussie country/folk/gospel style.
The Real Deal has become a springboard for open discussion and expression with people coming together to share stories and heal together through the creative arts. It is a response to the increasing rate of suicide across Australia and the need for us to talk about what’s really going on.

The song is a heartbeat for connection and community.

Kylie Gale - Push Back     Country 09/08/2019
From Coonamble to Caves Beach, singer-songwriter Kylie Gale is chasing down her musical goals, releasing Push Back - the realisation of a dream since she began singing as a teenager.
From adversity comes strength and new songs, as is the case with the debut single from singer-songwriter Kylie Gale. After a particularly tough day at work teaching, she turned it into a positive, writing Push Back.

The song is about feeling that even though you’re a good person you get used and sometimes you have to push back.

Aaron Jurd - Changed     Country, Easy Listening 02/08/2019
Aaron Jurd is a top 5 iTunes charting country artist who has performed at the Golden Guitars and official opening of the Tamworth festival, and written with award-winning artists.
Changed has Lake Macquarie singer-songwriter Aaron Jurd reflecting on some of the worst times of his life, from a new and much happier perspective. The single shows a change in mindset and the silver lining that is a reminder that even though you have rough days, they give you a different outlook and appreciation of life.

Lizzie Steadman - This Could Be     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 26/07/2019
Lizzie Steadman grew up in a small town, near Tamworth NSW and performs her originals in a traditional country style after her dad introduced her to the genre.
This Could Be is a song about new love and falling in love really quickly, but knowing that this could be the happy ending you’ve been waiting for. After everything that happens, you have to have faith that there are still good people left out there in the world. Lizzie co-wrote this song with her partner, Daniel.

Kim Wright - Forever & Eternity     Country, Easy Listening 22/07/2019
Kim Wright gives listeners pure, traditional country music through his originals, written in the style of artists including George Strait and Alan Jackson.
Forever & Eternity is a traditional country song about the wife leaving.

‘I hear the car door slam, my baby’s leaving me’ is the first line of this country heartbreak song with commercial appeal for country radio. Liam Kennedy-Clark and Luke Marriott feature on backing vocals with just the right amount of instrumentation behind it.

Other tracks by Kim Wright:  Educated X-Rated
Benny Allen - Never Knew I Was Country     Country, Alternative Country 28/06/2019
The name of his album, Never Knew I Was Country, is fitting - with a piano strapped to the back of his ute, Benny Allen isn't your typical country singer.
Finding your tribe is often life-changing, and so it was the case for singer-songwriter Benny Allen, resulting in his latest single, Never Knew I Was Country. Allen wrote the autobiographical track after returning from his first Tamworth Country Music Festival and graduating from The Academy in 2018.

He'd found his people even though he never knew he was country.

Voodoo Town - Glory Dayz     Country, Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Fronted by Tamworth’s Brent Larkham, Voodoo Town, comprises Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig, who collaborated on an AC/DC Bon Scott tribute album in Germany and have worked together since.
Glory Dayz is a retrospective glance into former lives and how things once were. A man runs into a former girlfriend and they begin a game of ‘remember when’ and they reminisce about how things once were. The song is written from an older person’s point of view looking at the crazy things they did as kids.

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The Pigs - Olive, Call Me     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Comedy 31/05/2019
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
From chicken bones and freak cyclones to evil clones and seductive mermaid queens, The Pigs cover 19 ways to die in their latest single, Olive, Call Me.

The tongue-in-cheek, wicked love song tells of a man who is bleeding unrequited love, and will do anything for the love of Olive, who is already taken, performed in perfect Pigs style.

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