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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Rock :: The Braves - Behind Closed Doors

The Braves - Behind Closed Doors

The Braves  - Behind Closed Doors
The Braves
Shell shock therapists, warlords of rhythm, disciples of Samurai,
a sight to see, with something to say and a sound of their own.
The Braves have gained notoriety gigging every corner of the music capital of Melbourne, from the art scene to the pub scene and everywhere in between.
Solidifying a spot on 3PBS's Top 12 Bands of 2014, The Braves have carved out an identity that cannot be substituted.
Tired of the consumer ideals that surround us, the 'me me me' attitude of the music scene and the regurgitated sounds on the radio,
The Braves set out to do something apart from the crowd.
Crafted for the people, by the people and in touch with the people.
With their debut album South Paw Product launching at Yah Yahs on Saturday 25th October, The Braves are set to take these coming summer nights by storm and continue to gather the youth who look past the bullshit and want something that reflects their world.
Drawing comparisons to The Fall, The Saints, The Stooges and many more,The Braves are a band that cannot be pinned down and ultimately remain their own raw brand of rock n roll.
South Paw Product....

About this track...

Behind Closed Doors is about cross dressing nazis. The grotesque Gestapo and they're fetishist past times. Its absurdist by nature and is a dark comedy/comment on the rich and powerful and they're sordid evils and vices behind closed doors.

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Number Of People In Act 3 Piece
State/Territory Artist Is Based In VIC
City/Town/Region Artist Is Based In The Hills Melbourne
Taken From The Release Titled South Paw Product
Copyright Holder's Name The Braves Music
Media Servicing Date 2015-03-10
Main Genre Rock
Genre 2 Punk
Genre 3 Psychedelic
Genre 4 Garage
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners Yes
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