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Opia - One Minute Ago     Rock 18/04/2014
Perth based progressive rock trio Opia are just about to release their first single for 2014.
Opia’s One Minute Ago is a stunningly balanced journey into music that can be as ethereal and light as it can be earthy and heavy. And while bands will often sacrifice their tone in pursuit of such heaviness, Opia’s tone is their heaviness.

Dead Eyed Suburbanites - Diamonds On The Moon     Pop 30/04/2014
Dead Eyed Suburbanites are a six-piece band drawing on influences from 60’s Pop to 90’s Alt Rock to produce classic Australian rock.
Diamonds On The Moon was originally composed by Shane Punch at home on an acoustic guitar. Recorded in early 2014 at Ears The Hear Studios and engineered by Greg Pigot, this song has an up-tempo and melodic classic rock vibe with over-driven lead guitar and vocal harmonies sung in canon.

Michael Buining - Even Though Paul Kelly (after "To Her Door")     Country, Rock 30/04/2014
Michael Buining is a Sydney based singer/songwriter who has just finished recording his latest album “Third”
“Even though Paul Kelly” is the backstory to Paul Kelly’s most famous song—“To Her Door”. “…then he wrote a letter…she thought he sounded better…she sent him up the fare”. Something in that letter changed everything. This song is what that letter might have been.

Russo - Out Of Time     Pop, Electronic, Blues 30/04/2014
While she may be petite in size, Russo is fierce in presence and sound. Her sound is eclectic and unique - pop as it’s never been heard before.
Russo’s single ‘Out Of Time’ fuses an edgy hip hop beat, with contemporary soul. The haunting choir and strong vocals generate musical electricity.

The Cherry Dolls - Wasted Pearls     Rock 30/04/2014
Hailing from a city where reinvention is all but inevitable, The Cherry Dolls is Melbourne’s latest rock n’ roll enthusiasts
Underneath the recurrent riff you might find an immensely satisfying statement about the inability to be satisfied, a giant ‘f you’, to lovers who can’t make up their damn mind. However, lead singer, Aubry, would like it to be known that, ‘whatever you think it is. It’s the complete opposite.’

EEO - Dead Love     Folk 14/05/2014
EEO is a young ambitious singer/songwriter who creates a blend of indie/folk to leave catchy melodies stuck inside your head for days.
“Dead Love” is a dark tale of a man (in spirit), who is unable to pass over due to a burden from his former lover. With a driving drum beat, smooth melody and a flowing lead guitar, the song explores the highs and lows of being unsure in love.

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Elstow - Turning Images     Folk, Psychedelic, Pop 14/05/2014
Elstow is a five-piece band from Sydney’s Inner West, founded on songwriters Jared Shaw and Chel Browne’s mutual appreciation of the melodic folk and psychedelic sounds of the late sixties.
With a relatively low-fi approach, Elstow’s debut single, Turning Images, is a Jefferson Airplane meets The Mamas & The Papas number. Not merely a revisionist effort, the track pays homage to the spirit of the late sixties Haight-Ashbury period whilst maintaining a modern aura, striving for relevance in its universality.

Busy Kingdom - Stranger Than Fiction     Rock 15/05/2014
Strong vocals and guitars from the fronting brothers combined with solid bass lines and effective drumbeats that combine to form raw rock music.
The song is themed around a mysterious character and was written and recorded live at Naked Molerat Studios, Melbourne. The lads were aiming to tell a story throughout the song and capture a spontaneous vibe and energy similar to The Libertines or The Clash.

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Domino - Caravan     Rock, Metal 15/05/2014
"Explosive… immense talent… seduction and mystique. Belting powerhouse vocals… Layers, textures, spice and silk… intense and powerful. Ancient and modern, clean and dirty guitars… seductive…. cathartic.”
A thundering pulse-raiser - tribal drums, a pummelling guitar riff and addictive vocal hooks. One moment you’re leading a camel train over sand hills searching for hidden treasure and exotic women, the next you’re tearing across the Kandahar driving a Winnebago packed full of homemade C-4 plastic explosives.

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Em George - Truth     Folk, Acoustic 29/05/2014
Em George is a Sydney based singer-songwriter, with an introspective, thought-provoking style, influenced by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen.
“Truth” is the second single release for Em George. The song is about our own inner most desires and the realization that situations sometimes prevent us from achieving those desires. It is also about the process of embracing life for what is, a process of growth and learning.

Polarheart - Paralyse     Electronic 29/05/2014
Polarheart are Sydney based duo, comprising of Mary Rose and Chris Chidiac. Their dreamy vocals and abstract soundscapes makes for a captivating listening experience.
Paralyse embodies the Polarheart sound; dreamy, minimalist soundscapes, layered vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. It describes the paralytic love you experience that makes it feel impossible to move on. It captures the feeling of having lost everything and being left stranded and alone.

Raseth - Lost In The World     Hip Hop 29/05/2014
"Raseth" is the type of triple threat producer, singer and rapper that is rare in the Aussie hip hop scene. This is thinking music for thinking people.
Raseth's first official single, "Lost In The World" is a unique hip hop piece, with tinges of rnb, indie rock and old school boom bap rap all blended into one glossy melancholic piano-tinged package. Catchy yet deeply introspective and relatable; this is what the Aussie scene is lacking.

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Siren Lines - Feed The Fire     Rock, Garage 29/05/2014
Siren Lines effortlessly fuse eclectic sonic ideas into a cohesive soundscape you will find hard to not connect with.
‘Feed The Fire’ fuses delay driven guitar work with pounding drums and dancing bass lines. Lyrically ‘Feed the Fire’ tackles the issue of depression and finding solace through doing what you love. Recorded and produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels) and mixed and Mastered by Mike Watts.

Lavista - Freedom     Rock, Pop 30/05/2014
Lavista’s style is a combination of heavily layered soundscapes, strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Atmospheric guitars and pulsing drums bring their colourful stories to a broader audience.
Freedom is a journey - a universal theme of confronting fears, having the ability to voice your beliefs and overcome oppression. The track was inspired by the idea that even in times of uncertainty, we have the power to bring about change and freedom if we stand together.

King Colour - Show It To Me!     Rock, Pop 11/06/2014
King Colour, cleft from the Sydney streets, sexy rock pop with some old school beats.
Rollercoastin’ city anthem exploding with flavour, carelessly swingin’ hook to hook through a candy shop to turn that frown upside down, spinning vibes from all sides with a taste for your headspace.

The Money Go Round - Velvet Sky     Rock, Psychedelic 11/06/2014
The Money Go Round are two brothers that put their own spin on 60's garage and psychedelia.
Velvet Sky was recorded and produced by the boys in their home studio in Sydney's East.
"Velvet Sky is a little escape song, something simple to let your imagination wander to".

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The White Light Orchestra - The Happy Song     Folk 11/06/2014
The White Light Orchestra are a folk Brother sister duo from the Blue Mountains, Australia. Phillip, a classically trained musician and his singer song-writer sister Justine.
Mixed and mastered by Simon Todkill and Steve Smart of Studio 301, “The Happy Song” was filmed in rural NSW and blends folk instrumentation with melodic vocal lines and thoughtful lyrics.

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Dayneo - Switzerland     Pop 24/06/2014
Define; Dayneo: music maker, beer, gold, dinosaurs, guitars, hip hop, rock, electronic, vocoders, robots, partying and passion pop. Ready to frontier in Australia with his simple, trashy music.
‘Switzerland’ is about taking sides in an argument between a group of friends. The chick (aka bitch) I wrote this about was horrible to me but what made it worse was that one of our mutual friends wouldn’t take my side, even though I was in the right!

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Winters End - Walls     Electronic, Garage 24/06/2014
There is nothing like the chemistry of a brother and sister combination. Together Winters End have an emotive, artistic, powerful and captivating sound. Definitely worth a listen.
A high-energy track, Walls tells a tale of unrequited love expressing that where there is an iron-will, there is not always a way. The song describes the struggle faced when you fall in love with someone you will never have, only to be met with walls that block the way.

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Delta Edge and The Hounds - Rising Water     Rock, Blues, Rockabilly 03/07/2014
Delta Edge And The Hounds are three guys who like to make their own style of rockabilly garage music.
Rising Water is a driving song that pushes you back and forth. It carries you direct to your destination. It moves you. It’s raw, it’s a fan of the 70s and it taps your feet for you.