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Thyrsday - Skin     Folk 12/11/2013
Four-piece band hailing from Sydney. Sounds like Joni Mitchell’s and Dracula’s love child. Thyrsday delivers a brand of folk, uniquely sullen and charmingly potent.
Skin is a tale of disappointment and the promise of triumph. Blending vocal harmonies with understated instrumentation, this is a haunting folk tune that soars in its sparseness.

Foxsmith - Wake Up     Pop 20/11/2013
Foxsmith are an all-girl outfit from Brisbane; from jangly, garage pop tunes through to darker shimmering soundscapes, Foxsmith combine smooth-talkin’ vocals and catchy riffs for their first single ‘Wake Up’.
'Wake Up’ is the first offering from Brisbane all-girl band Foxsmith. Recorded at Blackbox Studios in April 2013 with engineers/whiz kids Meisha Stevens and Jeff Lovejoy, ‘Wake Up’ is is a breath of fresh air, where fantasy is breathed in deeply and dreamy lust is sighed out.

King Colour - Break The Ice     Rock 20/11/2013
Explosively catchy and irresistibly charming, King Colour are bringing fresh, summer-splashed, 60’s infused indie-pop vibes to the Sydney scene with an intense live show that always has the crowd moving.
Recorded at the Grove Studios with producer John Romeo, ‘Break The Ice’ perfectly encapsulates the summer-splashed, 60’s infused indie-pop dance vibes that King Colour is renowned for. Bursting at the seams with infectious hooks, punchy rhythms and romper solos, you’ll have no choice but to move your hips.

Red Oxygen - Ignore The Faceless     Rock 20/11/2013
Red Oxygen is a progressive rock outfit from Sydney who explore deep, emotive electronics, heavy rock riffs, melodic arpeggiated synths, soaring string arrangements, with triumphant horn sections.
"Ignore The Faceless" is a riff rock demon that is a searing look at today’s media and social environment.

The Night - Like This     Rock 20/11/2013
"When you place “Like This” alongside the digital Medicate Me EP the band put out last year, the group’s sonic diversity within their own musical identity is evident."
As with the whole EP, ‘Like This’ is an introspection into the human mind. Things that are thought are not always said, and these songs combine the two, which is why the words sometimes move between comprehendible and nonsensical.

Victor Steele - Be This Way     Pop 20/11/2013
Jack Johnson meets the Chili Peppers. They get on very nicely. Smooth, but catchy indie/alternative music with personal, heartfelt lyrics.
'"Never trust a girl from Wollongong" Actually, that's not quite true - I just happened to meet a bad one. Way to mess someone around.'

The track has a very simple, but deep, driving rhythm, drawing comparisons with Jack Johnson and David Gray, complimented by sincere, heartfelt lyrics.

The Occupants - Wonderland (Radio Edit)     Electronic, Rock 21/12/2013
After releasing their debut single “I’ve Been Thinking” earlier this year, the ex Cog and Gower brothers are back to fill your ears with a new track entitled “Wonderland”.
"It’s just another piece of the puzzle in this jigsaw we call life. What’s still the most important consideration is that it makes people feel good." The song questions and ponders the ever increasing amount of time being spent by people in this brave new digital world. Welcome to Wonderland!

Western Front - Town To Town     Rock, Folk 15/01/2014
Western Front is a five-piece Brisbane band that infuse rock and singer songwriter elements together to produce a unique sounds that has hit the local Brisbane music scene by storm.
Town to Town is a song about love, loss, and isolation. If Bon Iver and Half Moon Run had a love child it would sound like Western Front’s single ‘Town to Town’.

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Ramos - I Thought I Told Ya     Pop, Dance, RnB 17/01/2014
Ramos is a Sydney based singer/songwriter/dancer who has quickly become recognised for his innovative urban presentations, allowing the mannerisms of hip hop to influence his sound and stride.
‘I Thought I Told Ya’ is a track written and recorded by Ramos and produced by Divy Pota. It is an up-tempo, urban/hip hop/ track with a little bit of a Dancehall twist to it. The song was written as a tribute to the ‘Old Skool’ urban musical eras.

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LaryKan - Sweet     Hip Hop 18/01/2014
Being transparent and speaking from the heart is sometimes very confronting, but it is The Truth! This is LaryKan.
There is an eager audience awaiting to experience the energy that is LaryKan and the release of his debut single “Sweet” is creating an even bigger impact on his growing fan base reaching over 350,000 hits on Youtube so far.

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Two Dark Eyes - Sleepless     Rock, Psychedelic 18/01/2014
Two Dark Eyes are pushing electronica into a new and exciting territory, not afraid to get hold of a loop and drive it into the ground.
The Two Dark Eyes have recorded a single called Sleepless. The song is about Stallard’s insomnia and anxiety brought about by a marriage break up. Stallard writes music and words while the world is sleeping, Robertson then takes his words and cuts them up, adding vocal melodies.

Er Among The Ether - Some People Are Better Left Alone     Rock 04/02/2014
Mixing experimental song structures with heavy rocking grooves and psychedelic layers – Er Among the Ether continually thrive on pushing musical boundaries.
"Some People Are Better Left Alone" is a quintessential alternative rock tune which entices nasty riffs that lapse between luring grooves and instruments that churn and spit like raging machines. It’s a song about coming in contact with the wrong person in the right way.

Red on Red - Yesterday     Rock, Pop 04/02/2014
Red on Red spend half their time in their home town of Brisbane Australia and the rest in their home away from home, Los Angeles.
Yesterday is a song about moving forward while still remembering where it all began. The single was recorded at Helliport studios and mastered by Don Bartley (Silverchair, Midnight oil, Powderfinger and John Farnham).

The Zoo City Lads - Throw It Away     Rock 04/02/2014
The Zoo City Lads are an Alternative Rock band from Sydney who have emerged to deliver short bursts of rock coated in a healthy dose of gutter sludge.
“Throw It Away,” is the explosive first single from The Zoo City Lads. It’s the fight between those voices in your head that lead you down into oblivion or lifts you up from the depths. A damn fine rock n roll song from an emerging force in the scene.

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Ayla - Wish I Was     Folk 07/02/2014
Singer-songwriter Ayla has jazzy tones, folky lyrics and a unique sound. Ayla will soon release her debut single and can’t wait to share it!
Ayla’s debut single Wish I Was began as a poem written when she had hidden in the forest, on the property where she grew up, to escape the world. It developed into a song expressing feelings of wanting to escape your mind and to no longer exist there.

Blood Brothers - Aetha     Electronic, Experimental, Ambience 15/02/2014
Blood Brothers are an electronic duo from Sydney, who aim to create fresh music that has no boundaries.
“Aetha” was written, recorded and produced by Johnny Boyd. It was mixed by Jack Prest and mastered by Ben Feggans at Studio 301. It is written from the perspective of one’s higher self. It incorporates a mixture of percussive beats, ambient synths, wobbly bass and bluesy guitar.

Magic Bones - Round The Block     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Punk 15/02/2014
Melbourne four-piece Magic Bones play scuzzy, garage, psych rock. Everything from 60s garage, 70s rock to 80s new wave punk.
‘Round The Block’ is an ode to Aussie punk rock and good summer lovin’. Flashback to another decade and give into the insistent sound of scuzzy garage punk! The song was recorded by Richard Bowers in Northcote, November 2013. Mixed by Ryan Miller.

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The Controllers - Regression     Rock 15/02/2014
The long-established musical genre of rock has been revisited in 2013 with the formation of Melbourne rock band, ‘The Controllers’.
Regression is a song about fighting with mixed feelings and having to make the decision of whether to go back to how things used to be or staying unsatisfied in the current circumstances.

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Willowy - Waiting On You     Folk 15/02/2014
Willowy is the creative aspect of 21-year-old singer/songwriter Brittany Green’s personality that delves into the darker issues of life.
‘Waiting On You’ is a song about longing. That desperate desire that only distance and time can draw, slowly and unwillingly from you. It is the longing that can bring you closer or pull you further and the contradiction that hangs uneasily in the space between them.

Wish - Pictures     Rock, Pop 15/02/2014
Wish is what happens when the evolution of melody and lyric stays true through the heart of the ages.
The song "Pictures" is written about a sweet tale of bitter romance.