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Rocco Bene - Thunder     Pop, Electronic 20/09/2013
Rocco is an Australian rock/pop/electro singer/songwriter.
Rocco Benne’s debut track Thunder is about waiting and searching for that moment to change your life. It describes the dreams that you've been hoping for becoming a reality.

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Shezbot - Bethena     Rock, Rock 20/09/2013
Shezbot are a female-fronted, piano-driven power prog/rock quartet from Sydney, Australia. Their songs combine the best elements of pop and rock with stadium-worthy guitar solos, heavy drums and endless energy.
Shezbot are a female-fronted, piano-driven power prog/rock quartet from Sydney, Australia. Their songs combine the best elements of pop and rock with stadium-worthy guitar solos, heavy drums and endless energy.

Beautiful Fools - Small Town     Rock 01/10/2013
Beautiful Fools is a 3 piece Indie Rock outfit from Adelaide South Australia. Forming in late 2011 they write and play with passion and love playing live.
Smalltown is about being stuck in a time of life or situation that you need to get out of but can’t quite find your way. Whether a job, a relationship or for me it was the small town I lived in with no way of fulfilling what I wanted.

Disco Is Dead - The Feeling's Gone     Rock, Punk 01/10/2013
Disco Is Dead can be described as driving indie rock with overtones of glam, new wave and punk.
‘The Feeling’s Gone’ is an expansive take on the band’s sound, its ebb and flow punctuated by soaring choruses of rising intensity that swell towards a frenzied climax. All the while, the underpinning guitar riff emulates a pulse coming back to life after cardiac arrest.

Lia Maja - Twinkle Twinkle Super star     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 01/10/2013
Lia Maja has also developed a reputation supporting some of the biggest names in international hip-hop.
‘Twinkle Twinkle Superstar’ induces a visual image of freedom and a young at heart attitude, reminiscing of everyone’s favourite childhood nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with a fresh pop feel.

Direwolf - Goodbye     Folk 03/10/2013
“Think Tallest Man on Earth meets Bon Iver artist who lives for the moments you take away with you afterwards”
“Comparatively speaking with my other songs it’s not so much a story song ....but more of a recount. It’s the recount of a very drunken me stumbling down to where something very horrible happened to someone I once knew wanting some justification.”

Fiig - Bass Drum     Pop, Folk 03/10/2013
These Pop/Folk boys and girls mixed with Hannah Petocz's unnervingly beautiful voice will suddenly make you want to shake your bum.
'Bass Drum' is a pop sing-a-long-song, about seeing yourself out of your comfort zone and laughing at how silly you look and feel.

Leura - Drifter     Folk 03/10/2013
Saturated lyrics and multi-layered guitars weaving heartbreak folk prog.
“Sins give their knees, for you, for me.” Upcoming single, ‘Drifter’ is an openly emotional exploration that bleeds through the themes of guilt and regret, with an intensity that transcends beyond melancholy and into cathartic release.

Major Tom - On the Avenue     Pop, Folk 03/10/2013
Major Tom are a piano-pop three piece from Sydney. The band consists of Chelsea Reed (piano, vocals), Neel Shukla (drums) and Eddie Delos Reyes (bass, synth).
‘On the Avenue’ is a song for those who have ever felt like they don’t belong. Also, for those who don’t wanna get a “real” job. All disguised in playful melody, of course.

Marley Castagnet - Wifey     Hip Hop, Rap 03/10/2013
Marley is a Rapper/Singer/Producer/Songwriter from Sydney
: It sounds like something new but feels like it’s been there forever.
The song was written after a break up with a girlfriend who Marley was in a 10 year relationship with. So there’s emotion behind it, a struggle and subsequent redemption.

Tia - Stranded     Pop, Dance 22/10/2013
Tia is a Sydney-based dance/pop artist. She combines her skill in singing, dancing, piano and composition to bring a unique sound to this genre.
Stranded is a song about moving out from the shackles of control and empowering oneself. Stranded is a feel good song. They deep lyrics, strong melodies and powerful beats make you want to sing along or get up and dance.

Readable Graffiti - Happy To Be     Pop, Electronic 23/10/2013
Readable Graffiti play energetic and melodic electro-pop music, fusing live instruments and synthesizers to create an exciting unique sound.
“Happy to Be” is a melodic and energetic indie electro-pop tune about memories, friendship and saying “auf wiedersehn”. The music is full of joyful melodies, rich harmonies, bumping beats, stacks of synths and a plaintive piano riff, while the lyrics are a heart-felt shout out to old and new friends.

Homes - Best Disguise     Pop, Soul 25/10/2013
With irresistible groove and impeccable execution, Homes weave a bold and colourful musical patchwork that is sure not only to turn heads, but to break necks.
Best Disguise pits traditional hooks and grooves picked straight from the crates of soul records against the ordered chaos of experimental electronic music, resulting in an innovative blend of old and new. All of which is delivered with an attitude that demands your attention.

Weathered - Coast     Folk, Acoustic 28/10/2013
Weathered's ethereal sounds featured in his songs are both intimate and developed; boasting his incredible craftmanship and songwriting ability that goes far beyond his age. These songs shouldn't be missed.
Coast is an intimate performance delivered with elegancy from start to finish. Emotive in all forms, this song is retelling the stories of the passing of Upile’s father and previous girlfriend’s suicide.
This track features intricately plucked acoustic rhythms with subtle percussion taking it to a complete different realm.

Harts - Leavn It All Behind     Electronic, Pop 01/11/2013
Darren Hart's electro-pop meets Hendrix ...
'Leavn It' is essentially written about change and moving on. An uneasy but positive message on just walking away from broken promises, propaganda and people leading you on.

Emily Eden - No Tomorrow     Pop, Dance 06/11/2013
Emily Eden is a vivacious 20 year old singer-songwriter, based in Sydney, Australia. She combines big soulful eyes with smooth and clear delivery of Pop, R&B and Soul.
This track sends out a definite party vibe and has a punchy, upbeat dance-pop style, where interesting harmonies combine with a contagious and irresistible melody. In the song's own words, it makes you want to "live for the moment and party like there's no tomorrow".

Enerate - I Think I Love     Pop, Electronic 06/11/2013
The boys and girl of Enerate tinker with a glorious array of synthetic electro sounds, and fuse them with lively organic rhythms and a knack for pop song writing.
“I Think I Love” is Enerate’s vibrant electro pop follow-up single to “Unstoppable”. Driving jungle rhythms and colourful synths pepper the song, with an infectious chorus that is impossible not to sing along to. This track is sure to become an underground indie anthem.

Other tracks by Enerate:  I Think I Love (Clean Version)
j.m.j.m. - Dark Image     Electronic 06/11/2013
j.m.j.m. is the electronic music project of Sydney teen James Malone.
Dark Image pulls from an actual image seen inside James’ imagination as he wrote the song. Featuring grand pounding drums, crowd calls and lush synth pads, James ties in his smooth reverberated vocals to give the song the meaning that was intended when he wrote it.

Will And The Indians - Welcome To My Place     Rock 06/11/2013
Will and The Indians are four guys from Sydney blending driving rhythm and edgy guitars with dreamy pop melodies.
Welcome To My Place is a three and a half minute Rock n Roll master class. From the opening drum roll through a stream of melodic gold and into the aggressive chorus, Welcome To My Place brings you on a musical journey that you never want to end.

Battleships - Take your Rest     Rock, Atmospheric 08/11/2013
After the success of their well-received first effort ‘To You’, Battleships have emerged again with an exciting new release
‘Take Your Rest’ features the haunting vocals, innovative drumbeats and sweeping tones that have become synonymous with Battleships' work so far. This new track covers themes of longing and sacrifice and is another advance on the music coming from this Sydney-based four-piece.

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