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Battleships - As you'd Begun     Rock, Atmospheric 02/05/2013
Battleships have started 2013 – only their second year as a band – with plenty of energy, high hopes and much success already under their belt.
‘As You’d Begun’ combines their typical energetic and emotive sound with catchy hooks and infectious beats, showcasing the bands creative musically, as well as their song writing prowess with both delicacy and emotional depth. The self produced, self recorded single typifies the Battleships sound.

Other tracks by Battleships:  Coming Back to You
Crossing Red Lines - Wake Up     Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae 06/05/2013
Crossing Red Lines are an exciting young Sydney indie Rock band who play their own unique brand of music with a taste of Aussie hip hop and reggae.
Wake up is a sing about the life and death of postman pat (L.A.D.O.P.P) which tells the story of how “Pat” lost his day job as a postal contract worker

The Money Go Round - Endless Sun     Rock, Pop 06/05/2013
The Money Go Round put a modern spin on 60s and 70s psychedelic and surf rock, it gets a little swampy and punky but they always keep it catchy.
Endless Sun is loosely about water under the bridge and rekindling something that was once thought lost. Feels like the 60's with a modern spit and polish…extra spit.

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The Occupants - I've Been Thinking     Rock 18/05/2013
After their mysterious disappearance of their former band Cog. The Gower brothers have resurfaced with a new track and a brand new project called The Occupants.
It’s funny how you can almost hear the journey, the changes and the progression within the track itself like some abstract yet succinct communication is taking place while listening.

SAFIA - Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues     Electronic, Soul 28/05/2013
After recently taking out the triple j unearthed spot for Groovin’ The Moo Canberra, 3-piece live electro act SAFIA are back with their unique take on glitchy electronic soul.
‘Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues’ is a humble soul tune that builds to become an epic electronic jam. With a stand out vocal, emotive melody, intricate production and big synths ‘Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues’ has been likened by many as somewhere between James Blake and Skrillex.

Shadows at Play - Into the Sun     Folk, RnB 28/05/2013
Shadows At Play are a multi instrumental four piece with guitars, ukulele, harmonica, trumpet, piano, and drums, which shape their folk/rock sound.
'Into the Sun' is an upbeat, ethereal folk song for the modern ears - a primal sound drives a lyrical journey, alluding to the Greek mythological story of Icarus, exploring the notion that a man is free only once he is defeated.

Barnzy - Sole Destroyers     Hip Hop 07/06/2013
Barnzy (Producer/MC)Hip Hop artist makes music with "an innate sense of groove
Someone once said that I was "skilled in a number of instruments and styles" and that my "sound knowledge of musical theory and broad musical appetite are evident in the subtle instrumental layers" built into my music.

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Go /No-Go - Desperate Romantics     Rock 07/06/2013
Atmospheric indie-rock-with-keyboards, based in Sydney. Ref: Cut Copy, The Cure, Icehouse, The Klaxons.
New single Desperate Romantics - capturing the dingy social intensity of a city at night - was one of the first songs tracked for the new album. The song was self-produced in a rehearsal room, shared musician space in Sydney's inner-west, crowded with drums and guitars and grime.

Argy Rakis - Let it Go     Rock, Atmospheric 17/06/2013
Argy~Rakis…Singer/Songwriter from Jamberoo on the NSW South Coast.
"Let it Go" is the first single off "Songs from the End of TIme", the debut album from Argy~Rakis. It was recorded with "The Dirty Band of Mexicans" in Mexico City and Puerto Escondido, Mexico by Mexican producer Picotropico.

Garrett Kato - Hipster Kids     Pop 21/06/2013
Garrett Kato is a Canadian born singer songwriter from Byron Bay.
"Hipster Kids" - recorded in Kato's home studio - is a far cry from pervious folk releases. A haunting yet grungy vocal appears reverberating through a thickness of bass and spacious beats, it's dark and satirical lyric themes, "Hipster Kids" questions an over grown suburban pop culture in mesmerising simplicity.

Mantis and the Prayer - Comfort Me     Rock 12/07/2013
Mantis and the Prayer is a musical blend of retro sounds and sexy, evocative rock. Drawing upon subject matter such as sex, the supernatural, and heartbreak.
Comfort Me has a seductive tone in both melody and verse. It reaches out to the listener to unleash their sexual desires in a personal and intimate manner.

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Twin Lakes - Glacier     Folk, Rock 12/07/2013
Good music grasps your attention. But incredible, timeless music pulls you inside it. The songs of Twin Lakes are an absorbing volume of emotional depth.
This kinetic, wintery song with its crystalline sting is the first taste of Twin Lakes. It’s your chance to submerge. It’s like a stalactite to the heart. It invites you into an immersive sonic landscape.

Craig Hansen and the Missendens - Today is the Day     Rock 23/07/2013
Music made by people who have it in their DNA, who live and breath it, and who are empowered by it's magic and intoxicating effect over the human spirit.
'Today Is The Day' has a soon to be instantly recognized signature riff and a warm but anthemic chorus. Written about unconditional love getting you through hard times even when you don't deserve it. Liquid drums and thumping bass drive the point home. Stuck in the head by listen 2

Sports Fan - Shallow water feat Jen Boyce     Pop, Atmospheric 23/07/2013
Sports Fan are three nerds who don’t believe you need guitars to be rock stars, playing intelligent, ultra-catchy power-pop with piano, bass, drums and close vocal harmonies.
An upbeat piano-pop love song to four different girls but with no happy endings. Shallow Water explores the small things that can destroy a crush, from height differences to pumpkin soup, religion and inappropriate make-outs. Features Ball Park Music’s Jen Boyce as a guest vocalist.

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Andrew Mann and Mantra - Open Minds     Rock, Pop 19/08/2013
Andrew Mann was raised in Papua Niu Guinea. From the moment I could strum my first chord I was drawn to the possibilities of sound and the words they evoked.
'Open Minds' is about disability awareness, non-judgement, to be open minded in your thinking, with an Open Heart to reach your full potential regardless of nationality, colour, sex, religion, or physical being.

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Magic Bones - Fire Song     Rock, Garage, Punk 19/08/2013
Melbourne four-piece Magic Bones are a psychotic melting pot of 60s garage, 70s rock and 80s new wave punk.
‘Fire Song’ is a blisteringly raw, driving, 70s rock duet. It was recorded at Jim Moginie's studio, Sydney in May 2013. Mixed by Ryan Miller (The Money Go Round, Battleships) at Studio 301 and produced by the band and Matt O’Connor (Magic Dirt, Shihad, Sparkadia, COG)

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Liam Gale and the Ponytails - Antipodean Honour     Blues/Roots, Folk, Rock 21/08/2013
Liam Gale & the Ponytails have a sound many find hard to describe.
With Liam Gale’s blend of blues, country-folk and elements of psychedelic rock, the Ponytails hue ‘Antipodean Honour’ with a percussive and string based ensemble: some soaring brass lines, and a drum and bass combo that walks a strange line between old country and early 70’s rock.

The Getaway Plan - Mirrors     Rock 03/09/2013
The Getaway Plan has forged a reputation as one of the most exciting bands in the country.
'Mirrors' by The Getaway Plan

Other tracks by The Getaway Plan:  Lovesick
Now or Never - Evacuate     Pop, Punk 18/09/2013
Now or Never is a three piece Sydney pop punk band who through their diverse background and their wealth of talent have wowed crowds with their explosive tunes.
Evacuate offers an explosive escape, which is driven by the band’s personal teenage experiences. The single features the front man’s Jeff Pope (Popey) with his explosive lyrics and catchy guitar riffs.

Missing Children - The Core     Rock, Pop 20/09/2013
Missing Children are an atmospheric indie/dream rock 6 piece from the inner west of Sydney. Their music will echo in your memory for days...and days...
'The Core' is an atmospheric indie/rock song with a rhythmic and anthemic vibe, reminiscent of The National with a Karen Elson influence. 'The Core' was recorded by producer/engineer Michael Morgan and is the band's second single.

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