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Enerate - Unstoppable     Pop, Acoustic 01/02/2013
Pioneering the new genre of acoustic synthpop, Enerate have a unique sound.. Call it The Temper Trap meets Metronomy. The band are catchy, wilful, and sure to take your fancy.
Enerate's new single "Unstoppable" is a whimsical little ditty about chasing your daydreams in the throes of youth, running fast for the hell of it, and just having an ace time.

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The Velvets - Shoot You Down     Rock, Blues 01/02/2013
Driving guitar riffs, howlin’ vocals and beastly drums; this is what The Velvets are all about. It’s rock and roll for the soul
‘Shoot You Down’ encapsulates the big and dirty sound The Velvets are known for. Recorded at Colour Sound Studios and produced by Alex Markwell of The Delta Riggs, this track demonstrates the unique dirty-blues-rock vibe The Velvets exhibit in their live performances.

Disco is Dead - Vents     Rock, Garage 04/02/2013
Disco Is Dead can be best described as driving indie rock with subtle pop and electronic overtones and an aural explosion of epic proportions.
Vents’ twists and turns through the darker side of the band’s sonic palette. Frantic cascading guitars are seamlessly interwoven with catchy vocal melodies that reel off a tale of lies and betrayal.

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Meg Mac - Known Better     Pop, Soul 20/02/2013
Meg Mac is the soul sound coming from the new pop songstress from Sydney. Her first single has had her featured on Triple J Unearthed and the Best of ABC.
First single from Meg Mac is a soulful pop delight. Stamped with unique sincerity, this song is fresh and unexpected. Meg Mac’s beseeching voice delivers in this Motown inspired tune.

The Ruminaters - One Girl One Knife     Rock, Garage 08/03/2013
The Ruminaters play "Beatnik, barn yard, hillbilly swamp rock.
One girl, one knife tells a tail of a mixed up creep who has a weird obsession with a girl. This obsession eventually turns ugly and ends with "One girl and one knife".

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Sexy On Fridays - Essential     Pop, Electronic 08/03/2013
Sexy on Fridays are a three-piece indie electro band from Sydney.
Essential is a song exploring what happens when the noise stops - the noise of life and the noise in our heads. What's left? Stillness; truth; the essential nature of all things.Love and beauty, expanding and contracting.

Other tracks by Sexy On Fridays:  Pitch Black
Broken Royale - Sin City     Rock, Punk 09/03/2013
Broken Royale are an electo indie rock duo hailing from Perth, Western Australia.
'Sin City', a high energy sub synth rock with indi punk undertones which features Adam Weston (Birds of Tokyo) on drums.

Co-Produced by Lance Robinson and Matt O Connor (Magic Dirt, Cog, Shihad, Sparkadia) the track was recorded at Airlock studio's (QLD) and Club Garage studios (WA).

The Sun and the Sky - Already One     Rock, Garage 12/03/2013
The Sun and the Sky is a 4-piece indie synth rock band founded in Adelaide in 2011. Attitude Magazine describe them as “the rock’n’roll version of The Presets”.
“Already One” sounds like Joy Division playing M83’s synths on a starry night. It’s got an intense mix of synth and indie rock chaos with dark-edged pop melodies. The song is about finding that connection with people we love in spite of all the hurt that we inevitably face.

Caper - Bright Lights     Hip Hop 14/03/2013
Caper has a unique and uplifting sound to deliver to the hip hop scene. Rapping insightful lyrics inspired by the highs and lows of life
Bright Lights tells a story of Caper’s journey working towards for filling his dreams of making it rapping. Bright Lights is an infectious up-beat sounding introduction to Caper’s lyrical style that will have you on your feet and dancing.

JudahCall - Seasons     Electronic, Pop 14/03/2013
JudahCall is a 4-piece electro/rock/pop group. With their brew of driving beats and atypical sound combinations, they want to challenge you and make you like it too.
The song Seasons conveys the message of having that one person you can always rely on no matter how much everything around you changes. Someone that makes you feel secure and confident despite the ups and downs.

Fever Pitch - It's In My Veins     Rock 16/03/2013
Fever Pitch is an amalgamation of Poetic Lyrics, Catchy Riffs, Melodic bass and a drummer to rival Travis Barker or Matt Helders....
"It's In My Veins" is a grungy, indie/rock song showing off our best side. It’s full of huge riffs, intense drumming, with vocals similar to Julian Casablancas.

The Hungry Mile - The Faceless Man     Rock 26/03/2013
The Hungry Mile are a four piece Alternative Rock band from Sydney Australia..
‘Faceless Man’ is a song about a man whose life has been destroyed through whispers and hearsay. Whilst documenting the demise of the protagonist, the track raises questions of the role that the media plays in the creation of turning rumours into truth, through inference ans selective filtering of information.

Ry - Ride for Me     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 02/04/2013
In Melbourne there is a twenty-something creating New-Wave Rap Music that has a refreshing sound and organic feel. He goes by the name of simply ‘Ry’.
"Ride For Me’ – Is the perfect finish to an endless summer. Featuring Synth-Pop Artist Shadow Kitsuné, the two mesh perfectly on this song that channels a young Jay-Z and Mariah Carey.

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Lovers Jump Creek - Dig you Dogs     Rock, Blues 05/04/2013
Lovers Jump Creek are a four piece rock band from Sydney Australia. They passionately deliver their own unique sound taking aspects from blues, rock and pop.
“Dig You Dogs” features big, rolling riffs that take the best of the blues and kick it up the arse. With bluesy melodramatic phrases that drip with untold feeling, the vague story of the lyrics seem more concerned with painting a picture from which one’s own meaning can be drawn.

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Blaq Carrie - Let There be Hope ( feat Adam George)     Hip Hop, Rap 15/04/2013
Blaq Carrie Rapper/Singer, set to make a massive impact on the music scene. Hailing from Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe.Now residing in Brisbane.
The track is about working hard fighting for our dreams when no else believes in you.

Earthquake Weather - This December     Rock 17/04/2013
An Indie based rock band from Adelaide who are looking to set themselves apart in an industry where reproduction of a manufactured product is so prominent.
This December is the bands newly refined indie sound which includes influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Cloud Nothing, Emperors etc. All in all, the song has a unique sound and simply speaks for itself.

Em George - Murders on the inside     Folk, Electronic 17/04/2013
Em George is a Sydney based singer-songwriter, with an introspective, thought-provoking style, with influences from Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen to writers such as Truman Capote and Arthur Miller.
“Murderers On The Inside” is typical of Em’s style-insightful, honest lyrics with a haunting melody. Through perspective of an observer, the song explores the effects of abuse and the ignorance of those observing it. It is also about those who are lost and attempt to find themselves through empty relationships.

Vangate - The Cliffs     Rock 17/04/2013
Vangate drive home an emotive indie rock landscape, backed by a compelling, honest vision that brings together spacious melodies and vast rhythmical depth
‘The Cliffs’ is a melody driven song, which begins with sparse electric piano, and slowly introduces vocals and glitchy rhythm sections. As the song builds, the backbone of drums and harmonies becomes apparent.Lyrically, ‘The Cliffs’ is an honest portrayal of decision making, and how those decisions affect other people.

Preston Pierce - 'C'est la vie'     Hip Hop, Rap 18/04/2013
Singer/Rapper/Producer, Pierce is known for his chameleon-like quality of blending into various styles and genres, through his artistic versatility, he effortlessly manages to combine his many personas.
A crisp, unsettling, and at times melancholy track that captures his darker side, Pierce mixes soulful vocals while paying tribute to his lesser known hip-hop roots. 'C'est la vie' delivers largely observational insights with a disarming honesty ranging from complex production, to passionate bare-boned life reflections.

Mirva - One     Pop 01/05/2013
From the home of ABBA, singer/ songwriter Mirva enters the Australian music scene. Produced with ARIA award-winner Braddon Williams (Pink, Delta Goodrem) Mirva delivers catchy pop music with delicious vocals.
“One” is an upbeat, uplifting pop song layered with rich vocal harmonies and bold arrangements. It's a song about oneness and the importance of living in harmony whilst seeing through the illusions of the materialistic society. “One” is the first single off the forthcoming EP by the same name.

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