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Brufield - Goodbye     Rock, Pop 03/10/2016
Australian based pop rockers Brufield have had a busy 3 years cementing their reputation as one of Perth’s must see bands.
The band are excited to release their much anticipated new single, ‘Goodbye’. The track is being launched through The A&R Department and is being backed by a national tour and a short tour run in the UK and Ireland.

Droplet - Powerful Mind     Electronic, Pop 03/10/2016
Inspired by a diverse palette of sound growing up, Demi Papazoglou is the brainchild behind Droplet, whose self-titled and self-produced debut release is a tirade of minimalist electronica.
The talented Papazoglou paints a picture of a troubled past, interwoven with splashes of minimalist electronica and soaring vocals, evoking passion and drive from an artist that is committed to success. A change in tone from verse to chorus signals personal strength and assertiveness, that literally jumps out at listeners.

Alpha Pi - Think About Me     Pop, Rock, Electronic 07/10/2016
Life can be a fickle thing, driven by raw emotions and sinful lust. Capturing these powerful and elusive moments and shaping them into art is what Brisbane band, Alpha Pi do.
The song is a story of love unattained. Two lives, traveling the same path, an arm’s length part yet never touching. Elements of Amy Winehouse and Frank Ocean can be heard. Powerful lead vocals coupled with honest lyrics, grants a voice and a unique perspective to mishaps and heart breaks.

Lossy - You Who's Guiding Me     Pop, Folk, Rock 10/10/2016
Lossy Thompson, a new songwriter writing folk and indie-pop tunes, hails from Lord Howe Island. Music in the mould of Feist, Ingrid Michealson, Laura Marling, and Regina Spector.
‘You Who’s Guiding Me’ shows a different side to Lossy’s boundless potential, crafting melodies and lyrics into undeniably catchy and affecting music, highlighted in a chorus that skips along to the perfect beat. Lossy has created some “honey for the soul" with this track.

Brandish - Airport Song     Pop, Rock, Comedy 11/10/2016
Two years after Brandish registered a momentary blip on the radar with ‘The Ellyse Perry Song’, the Launceston comedy band has returned - with slightly more attitude and sexy activewear.
Brandish shows its true heart in Airport Song, offering a heartfelt apology to a grumpy airport staff member. Asking for nothing more than “a domestic flight, not a domestic fight”, this bluesy ballad is sure to get you jiggin’ in your aisle seat.

Other tracks by Brandish:  The Ellyse Perry Song
The Coconut Kids - Un De Plus     Folk, Pop 17/10/2016
An Adelaide based French-inspired indie-folk four-piece producing global music. The Coconut Kids defy genres using ukulele, brass, bass, keys, violin, mandolin, percussion and powerful vocals.
Sung about last year’s French Paris attacks, “Un De Plus” exudes romance, melancholy & hope with its gentle mix of brass, baritone ukulele and French vocals.

The Last Exposure - Human     Rock, Pop 18/10/2016
The Last Exposure are a punchy four piece alternative rock band from Sydney, who believe in making things bigger and louder.
Human is an uplifting song about not feeling as though one belongs in their body and/or does not in fact feel human. It’s a song about getting to the bottom, feeling that low and really hating yourself for it.

Peyton - Shatter     Electronic, Pop 21/10/2016
Peyton is a singer songwriter from Perth, Western Australia whose smooth and dynamic vocal tone can be likened to Lana Del Ray and Florence and the Machine.
“Shatter” is the second single off the debut EP, written and assembled in collaboration with Perth producer Lance Robinson, due for release December 2016. The track features Peyton's smooth soulful vocals and earnest lyrics with a blend of delicate guitar chords, synths and electronic beats.

Chris Rose - We're Here To Party     Country, Rock, Pop 24/10/2016
Chris Rose is a classic Australian singer-songwriter. At only 25, his distinctive voice and passion for music has fueled his success to-date, having supported legends like IceHouse and Richard Clapton.
Chris Rose’s new tune We’re Here to Party is an upbeat party track best described as coastal-country, indie-pop that would make even the worst dancer want to get up and move their feet. It’s the lead single off his soon to be released debut EP titled Nowhere Land.

Howlite - Storm Chaser     Pop, Electronic 24/10/2016
Howlite is the moniker of musician and visual artist Alison Thom. She plays dark pop with layered vocals and synthetic sounds.
The track contains, elements from Scandinavian pop artists like The Knife and Aurora, the dreamy guitar fuzz and soft harmonies of Daughter and a homage to the grand scale drumming patterns of Florence and the Machine. The goal was to create something bittersweet – uplifting and emotional. \u2028\u2028

Mary Handsome - Mirrors & Sounds     Rock, Garage 24/10/2016
Mary Handsome are an eclectic 4 piece hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Blending twangy guitar riffs with punchy bass lines and vocals.
‘Mirrors & Sounds’ is a track that has a slight sarcastic sentiment. Lyrically, the track sees a person talking to their friend/partner regarding their partying habits. Musically, the song is an upbeat, fuzzed out, guitar driven piece.

The Montreals - Indigo Club     Rock, Garage 24/10/2016
A South Australian Indie-rock outfit, splicing subtle jazz and Brit-rock influences over catchy guitar work and melodic vocals.
Lyrically, ‘Indigo Club’ was triggered by a professedly drunken night in a swanky bar; I was swiftly kicked out and hit the sidewalk for some quality me time. The Indigo Club EP upon our fumbling early twenties; wrestling with the glamorous and ill-sighted aspects of youth and regret.

The Swamp Stompers - All My Loving (Feat. Holly Tapp)     Blues/Roots, Rock 24/10/2016
The Swamp Stompers play funky rock and blues with heavy grooves.
‘All My Loving’ is a heavy, brooding, heart-felt track that shines a light on the issue of male depression. The song, which features Luke Ligtenberg and Holly Tapp on vocals (‘The Voice’ finalist 2014), is a mature new direction for The Swamp Stompers. Sounds like Sticky Fingers meets John Butler.

Other tracks by The Swamp Stompers:  Sweet November  -  February
Brunette Drive - Girlfriend     Rock, Pop 31/10/2016
Brunette Drive are an Australian Rock/Pop band from Sydney. The group is comprised of Josh Byron (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Liam Del Prete (Lead Guitar), Golds (Bass) and Sam Harper (Drums).
The concept behind ‘Girlfriend’ was to capture a specific moment in time. A moment of heart break, self-discovery, teenage ideologies and the coping mechanisms that are a by-product of the irrational methodology that define your teenage years that listeners could derive their own story and meaning from.

Songbird - Street Walker     Folk, Funk, Soul 31/10/2016
Steph Jolly, Songbird, is an emerging Singer-Songwriter based in Adelaide, South Australia. Songbird creates music that is an eclectic mix of soul, folk and funk.
‘Street Walker,’ is an energetic, upbeat track, with plenty of sass and funk. Steph's honest and raw lyrics come straight from the heart and draw on past experiences and innermost thoughts and feelings. They express personal observations of a world sometimes cruel, sometimes beautiful.

Adrian J - The Heartbreaker     Pop, Rock 01/11/2016
Indie/Electronic Pop artist Adrian J is a 23 year old musician, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
“This track proves the diversity and creativity of Adrian J, with a fusion of his unique style of Pop, and blending Rock in the mix.”

The Girl Folder - I'm Not Talking About Love Again     Rock, Pop 01/11/2016
Newcastle’s The Girl Folder create brilliant original songs with killer hooks. Single heavy with a huge sound, they are a stadium band ready to take the stage.
An epic, guitar driven pop song with synth lines from an 80s Korg, layers of vocal harmonies and a killer chorus. A lovesong tinged with regret for those who’s life and lovelife can sometimes become overwhelming.

James Parry - Every Weekend     Rock, Folk, Pop 02/11/2016
James Parry’s searing vocals are laid over sparkling guitars, cool organ and supple drums. Echoes of Tasmania can be heard in his stories of lives intertwining and sometimes colliding.
James uses his story-telling prowess and songwriting abilities to create this emotional tale. A driving backbeat to his acoustic guitar gives the base for this song longing for escape. Female harmonies add another element to the ballad.

Other tracks by James Parry:  Pleading Amelia
Shelle - Dance With You     Electronic, Dance 02/11/2016
Shelle is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ from Perth, Australia. She blends a variety of genres of music from pop, r&b, and dance to create infectious and catchy songs.
“Dance With You” is a mid-tempo dance-pop song. It uses a classical style piano riff, funk guitar and bass line and four on the floor drum pattern. The hook of the song is in the line “dance with me” which is heard in the choruses.

Pink Tea - Send Me A Letter     Rock, Pop, Garage 03/11/2016
Bedroom indie-rock project from Brisbane artist, Tom Murphy.
‘Send Me A Letter’ is a hearty rock song, addressing the heartache that comes with losing contact with close friends, family and relations. A chugging bass line and pumping rhythm guitars create the chemistry of the song, and express the frustrations inherent in the lyrics.