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The Goldhearts - Rise And Fall     Rock, Pop 13/05/2016
The Goldhearts draw inspiration from the female led indie bands of the 90’s, and the melodic traditions of Australian music.
"Hear the Call to Stand up Tall” and sing this sweet anthem of redemption and triumph that brings back the drum roll. It goes out to the broken, broken hearted and broken up. Try not to cry in the bridge or grab a tissue for this uplifting hanky-wringer.

Other tracks by The Goldhearts:  That Line  -  Already Gone
The Last Exposure - Echo     Rock, Pop 23/05/2016
The Last Exposure are a punchy four piece alternative rock band from Sydney, who believe in equality and making things bigger and louder.
Echo is about the acknowledgment, acceptance and understanding of one’s sexuality because of their love for another and their growth as a young adult. A personal song about the singer’s life. It’s about her experiences learning about who she is and her sexuality.

Young Vincent - Run     Folk, Rock 23/05/2016
Melbourne trio, Young Vincent, have been on the scene since 2014. Finishing a recent tour, their new release ‘Run’ is their fourth single, expanding on their unique, alternative folk sound.
‘Run’ uncovers a story about a relationship that is slowly falling into feelings of stale love and confusion.

The Marlenes - My Blue Eyes     Rock, Pop 06/06/2016
The Marlenes are a garage/indie/surf pop band from the Mornington peninsula.
“My Blue Eyes” is the first single from the new album.

Recorded and produced by The Marlenes, the song is a garage pop tune reminiscent of the early Strokes except with a surf vibe thanks to reverb drenched lead guitars, organs and harmonicas.

Other tracks by The Marlenes:  Lay Back Wendy  -  Last Glass Of Port
The Talentless - Mr Losemore     Rock, Pop 06/06/2016
The Talentless’ is a Melbourne based music project started and lead by Rob Bennett.
Alternative Rock with sprinkles of Pop, contains theatrical piano lines, intricate guitars and a powerful chorus.

JP Klipspringer - Can't Be     Folk, Rock, Pop 20/06/2016
Melbourne songwriter Jack Poulson writes songs that are "a gorgeous cross between the Postal Service and Elliott Smith." - Indie Shuffle
Partially inspired by the first season of cult US television series True Detective, and written after backpacking through America’s southern states in 2014, “Can’t Be” is equal parts sugar and melancholy; a story of lust and malevolent intentions set in the overbearing heat of New Orleans, Louisiana.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

The Attics - Bluffing     Rock, Pop, Garage 23/06/2016
The Attics make dance ready psych-pop; a clash of infectious melody and club sensibility.
The Attics once again embracing electronic elements bringing to mind future pop and 80s synth-driven ballads. Guitars jangle over infectious bass hooks while programmed electronica sounds and hip-hop style beats are blended into pop music that’s informed by the past, yet forward thinking.

Tak-Un-Da - Sex So Good     Hip Hop 25/06/2016
Tak-Un-Da. Meaning: We have conquered, we are victorious. His lyrical presence is enforced by his eclectic style, put together through exposure to a legion of different cultures. 
"Sex So Good" is a love song with a touch of darkness channeling the Washington GO GO sound. A representation of the toxic relationships that our generation succumb to, in a world where sex is so common, the meaning of relationships has been diluted and the fabric of companionship, unraveled.

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Polarheart - Forward     Electronic, Pop 27/06/2016
Hailing from Sydney, Mary and Chris are Polarheart. The duo began writing together in early 2013. They found a strong chemistry, and a year later Polarheart was born.
On showcase is Polarheart’s vast songwriting ability, the duo show off their Pop sensibilities in the playful “Forward”, a track that’s captivating from the first beat through to the last unforgettable build.

Other tracks by Polarheart:  Porcelain  -  Universe
Destrends - Papa     Rock, Punk, Goth 04/07/2016
Destrends are a Melbourne post-punk three piece reminiscent of the new wave sound of the late 70’s and early 80s, with a gentle touch of gothic hysteria.
‘Papa’ is loud, fast paced and aggressive whilst maintaining pop sensibilities. The track is characterised by a jagged and catchy guitar hook, and the listener is confronted with deep and compelling vocals. The song narrates an honest and desperate plea for a father’s forgiveness.

Kuosa - One Night (feat. HAYLEY)     Electronic, Pop 04/07/2016
Kuosa's music and shows infuse melodic sounds with a chilled party vibe, intent on creating an energy capable of uplifting any audience and getting the good times rolling.
Speaking on the creation of the song, Kuosa says, “I write most of my music on guitar, jam it out on piano, and move it into Ableton. I wanted ‘One Night’ to have the melodic sound I love and incorporate my spin on the R&B I grew up listening to."

Georgia Reed - Helen     Pop, Rock 18/07/2016
The alluring, smoky vocals of Georgia Reed are at home on Perth’s stages delivering her fierce and brooding signature sound.
‘Helen’, the intense, dark and immersive new single tells the story of a young girl spiraling headlong into hopeless despair.

Written from an outsider’s perspective, the song’s lyrics “I can’t save you tonight” pave the way for its thundering climax, and further showcase her fierce and brooding signature sound.

Velvet Bow - Lily Fuzz     Rock, Garage 18/07/2016
Velvet Bow are a Melbourne-based, coastal-born group of five, fostering tunes of surf-pop with gusto.
Victorian coastal outfit Velvet Bow present ‘Lily Fuzz’ - A layered and complex piece that highlights the progression of the young five piece band now based out of Melbourne. Front man Ben Wade describes the track as a look into the “ever-present, but not always so apparent optimism of adolescence.”

Vorsen - Take Your Mark     Rock, Blues, Pop 18/07/2016
From elegantly smooth acoustic tones to powerful blues-soaked choruses, its no surprise Vorsen is turning heads across the country with their diverse yet distinguished sound.
“’Take Your Mark’ is an important song for us to release. Previously our recordings have been quite raw/stripped back whereas this track had a lot of emphasis on production while still maintaining an organic feel," says the band on the track.

CJ Hooper - Need To Know     Folk, Acoustic 22/07/2016
The music of CJ Hooper takes you on a journey of strong motive melodies that connect with everyday life.
'Need To Know' mixes elements of John Lennon's take on Pop-Rock with CJ Hooper's own lush harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. Piano accompanies a delicate acoustic guitar, guiding the slow build of the track through reflective verses into a captivating chorus bound to absorb the listener.

Glider Pilots - Simple Things     Pop, Folk, Rock 22/07/2016
Glider Pilots is an indie-rock/folk duo formed by brother and sister Benjamin and Samantha Hope.
Their upcoming single ‘Simple Things’ was recorded in their own studio and produced by the band.

“‘Simple Things’ tells the story of how you get caught in the push and pull of where and who you are and where and who you want to be,” - Glider Pilots.

Kinsky - Po-Gangstas     Reggae/Dub 22/07/2016
After their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album Sunset On The Good Fight, Sydney soul roots reggae band Kinsky offer up a new 6 track EP.
The biggest gang in town are looking to stir some trouble. Sniffer dogs at the train station mashing up kids lives. Cops looking like combat troops walk into small bar to shake shit up. Agenda? You bet. 

Other tracks by Kinsky:  Bad For Business  -  Night To Day
Phoenix Day - Stronger     Rock 22/07/2016
Fusing penetrating melodies with big choruses, layered guitars and an understated rhythmic complexity, Phoenix Day is ready to make its mark on the Australian rock scene.
The initial concept for ‘Stronger’ began as a response to the 2015 European refugee crisis, as well as the many ongoing intra-state conflicts happening throughout the world. Musically, the track fuses penetrating melodies with big choruses, layered guitars and an understated rhythmic complexity.

Hayden Buchanan - Lovers in the Midnight     Pop, Easy Listening, Jazz 30/07/2016
Hayden Buchanan is a Sydney based Jazz-Pop Singer/Songwriter. His works are a cocktail of classic jazz and RnB stylings brought to life through his use of Modern music production techniques.
“Lovers in the Moonlight” tells the story of two people who are in the early stages of dating and how people can be drawn to each other and the small details that you can find in new love.

At The Space Jam - Hold On     Rock, Punk, Ska 01/08/2016
A combination of diverse influences wrapped up like a juicy burrito. Ska and punk with sprinklings of funk, dub and hardcore result in the hyperactive blend of sound and colour.
Hold On is a break-neck serving of brass-ladened punk, which tackles the setbacks and the sometimes seemingly fruitless vine which is the music industry. The music provides the perfect platform for this commentary, being the band's most relentless and hard-hitting songs.