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Hemingway - Unified     Reggae/Dub, Rock 11/04/2016
Hemingway is a Brisbane four-piece with a tasty blend of Indie, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic, Roots, and Reggae.
“Unified” is signature Hemingway with grooving bass lines, stunning guitar tones, and raw vocals. The track is a bold new release with a strong political message questioning propaganda being fed to the public through the media and encouraging listeners to unite against negativity with compassion.

The Desert Sea - Elevator     Rock 11/04/2016
The Desert Sea Draws influences from blues, hard rock and grunge and has been described as “The Love Child of The Black Keys and Soundgarden”.
Fast paced, hook laden rock n’ roll served up with a twist. ‘Elevator’ hits the accelerator from the opening riff and never takes its foot off setting you up for a big finale that’ll leave you salivating for more. Sure to get your head moving and your feet stomping!

The Midnight Mules - Still Here     Rock 11/04/2016
The Midnight Mules are an indie-rock four-piece hailing from P-Town Western Australia
The Midnight Mules have been described by Xpress Magazine as sounding like 'the illegitimate offspring of The Hives & Weezer'.

Wilder Lee - Into The Wild     Folk, Rock 11/04/2016
Wilder Lee is a 28-year-old artist who commands the rare ability to bare his soul through raw, stripped back acoustics.
“'Into the Wild' is an intrinsic and very intimate look into the wars I have with my own heart - shows you how not all battles can be won.” - Wilder Lee

Kim Girdlestone - When You Fall     Blues/Roots, Folk, Soul, Rock 15/04/2016
With a voice rich, distinct and emotive, Kim Girdlestone hits the crossroads of Soul, Blues and Folk. Her music alternates between highlights of daisy-chain yellows and lowlights of battlefield blues.
“When You fall” is the focus track from the EP, with a neo-soul infusion it hits you from the first drumbeat. The feature of the track is Kim’s vocals, channeling the spirited message of the lyrics into a voice that traverses from soothing to robust and powerful.

Other tracks by Kim Girdlestone:  Sex Is In  -  Soulful Whisper
Nelipot - Coming Coast     Rock, Soul 15/04/2016
Nelipot are an ardent musical trio from the Central Coast, NSW. Splicing together tones and grooves from rock, soul, and blues genres to produce tunes that anyone can boogie along.
Coming Coast is about cyclic monotony, particularly pertaining to the social lives of people from the Central Coast. The song is somewhat of a lament about the Coasts’ unchanging and droning nature.

Youngsmith - Red     Folk, Rock 15/04/2016
Brisbane troubadour and accomplished songwriter Dan Smith performs under the moniker Youngsmith.
The toe tapping and heartfelt track sees the somewhat stale singer-songwriter sound in a new and powerful direction, aided by a rare change of song structure. A powerful multilayered and surprising ending you’ll want to hear again.

Desert Bones - Hard Life     Rock 22/04/2016
Desert bones is an Australian band playing prog rock folk pop. Band members are Mat Evans and Bracken Blake.
After spending more than two years fine-tuning their material Desert Bones come out swinging with the release of “Hard Life”. The acoustic driven intro manages to lull the listener into a false sense of security before it explodes with some mighty progressions and intelligent song writing.

Dear Thieves - My Street     Rock, Garage 25/04/2016
Dear Thieves are trying to break away from the stereotypical two piece sounds, whilst maintaining and preserving originality. All we do is music, and anything and everything surrounding its existence.
The song is about inebriation, debauchery and late nights. However is telling the tale of one’s inability and lack of regard to listen to your gut.

Former Angels - Shadow By The Sun     Rock, Garage 25/04/2016
In the spirit of the classics, Former Angels are an all-out rock band, tried and true. Crunching riffs, blazing solos, decadent four-part vocal harmonies and a constant rhythmic swagger.
An instant rock classic, ‘Shadow by the Sun’ will imbed itself into your ears; from the blistering riffs to the surf rock-indebted singalong chorus, this is a song that will have you humming along from the first listen.

Linki - Demonise     Rock 25/04/2016
Linki is a spirited, playful and intriguing singer/songwriter who tells her story through the fiery, seduction of rock. Her music is primal and her live shows are an hallucinatory experience.
Demonise is typical Linki rock. A contemporary take on the ancient form. Bursting with raw guitars, primal drums and heavy bass, it gets the blood pumping and immediately draws you in.

Lyrically, the themes are dark and personal and while the delivery is sweet, it conveys angst and underlying desperation.

Citizen of the World - Embers     Rock, Folk 27/04/2016
Citizen of the World has built on the success of the foot stomping Folk-Rock genre
“Embers” features strong melodic saxophone lines that sit on top of uplifting choruses that will make you want to get up, light a fire, and dance around it. In the verses, the saxophone makes room for subtle piano melodies that accompany the vocals.

Like A Thief - Sirens     Rock, Pop 29/04/2016
Like A Thief will carry you through several emotional states in a song with a genre bending mix of funk-rock, dance-pop and experimental electronica.
Their incredible depth of sound from orchestral to explosive to driven to diverse is delightfully unique and yet at the same time comfortably familiar. Luscious bass sequences and rhythmic percussion accentuate the solid melodic concepts that flow from the synth and electric guitar.

Other tracks by Like A Thief:  Escape  -  Discord
Rumours - Shadows     Metal/Punk 29/04/2016
5 piece Metalcore band from Wagga Wagga, Australia. EP titled "The View From Here" available @
Shadows' influences are drawn from the amazing home-grown talent throughout Australia, such as Parkway Drive, Northlane, In Hearts Wake and The Amity Affliction.

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Other tracks by Rumours:  Preach
Polarheart - Enigma     Pop, Electronic 02/05/2016
Hailing from Sydney, Mary and Chris are Polarheart. The duo began writing together in early 2013. They found a strong chemistry, and a year later Polarheart was born.
This song is about that moment when you’re trying to move on from someone, but you can’t, because you realize you never fully knew them. They were always holding back, and its that wondering, its that knowing you couldn’t quite solve the puzzle that keeps you fixated on them.

Big Smack - Garage     Rock, Pop 09/05/2016
Big Smack is a 3-piece Indie Rock/Pop band from Sydney Australia. Anthony Charlton (Guitars/Vocals) Immij (Bass) Johnny Hayes (Drums) have pulled together forces to that Big Smack sound!
The single “Garage “ is a catchy Rock/Pop song full of melody and a great hook.

The music vibe is upbeat bright and punchy Pop/Rock with the lyrical content representing a positive change that is optimistic inviting a new day!

We hope your station and it's listeners enjoy Garage.

Em George - Blues Lady     Folk, Pop 09/05/2016
Em George is a Sydney based alternative folk, singer-songwriter with an introspective, thought-provoking style, influenced by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen.
Blues Lady follows Paper Hearts from Em’s debut self-titled EP. The song was written about Billie Holiday and was selected as a semi-finalist for the International Songwriting Competition 2015.

A haunting ballad on the blues songstress, Em's delicate vocals deliver a powerful meditation on her memorable qualities.

Other tracks by Em George:  Judas  -  Run
James Beng Lee - Hope And Dreams     Hip Hop, RnB, Folk 09/05/2016
Hip Hop Soul, Charismatic, Christian artist with Cross over potential. James lyrics are inspirational and thought provoking.
The Hopes and Dreams track fuses a hip hop and acoustic pop flavor held together by lyrics that touch the soul. In this 3min dose of hope power packed track, James hopes you will be inspired to look at your life in a positive, different way.

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Other tracks by James Beng Lee:  Hey God  -  Finding The Words
Josh Rawiri - My Call     Rock, Blues, Soul 09/05/2016
Josh Rawiri is a contemporary Australian singer songwriter recognized for his heartfelt and potent live genre-fusion of pop, folk, deep roots rock and soulful blues.
Rawiri’s new single ‘My Call’ is an alluring blend of sultry vocals and soulful rock sounds– tackling the brooding themes of temptation, trust, infidelity, touring and long-distance relationships.

Elk + Mammoth - Shiver     Rock, Pop 13/05/2016
Migrating between art-rock and moody pop, Elk + Mammoth are a dynamic four-piece outfit from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Driving and frantic indie rock. A soliloquy about the protagonists disintegrating state of mind.

Other tracks by Elk + Mammoth:  Culprit  -  Faded