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Harts - Peculiar     Rock, Funk, Pop, RnB 02/03/2016
Darren Hart, known as Harts, is a musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Melbourne. He writes everything, plays all the instruments, records and produces all his music single-handedly.
The new single showcases Harts’ soaring melodies to match his guitar artistry. He blends RnB influences with his signature riffs and sparkling synths, settling into a laid back groove and an unforgettable chorus.

Little Coyote - Neverending     Rock, Pop 02/03/2016
Your personal guide down the rabbit hole, Little Coyote is the cheeky cosmic canine providing psychedelic journeys from the natural world to astral plane, divulging stories of madness and adventure.
Neverending combines a wailing and wandering 6-string volatility with a funky walkabout resonance, united by hat-heavy driving beats with an delightful abundance of cow bell and peppered with a the psychedelic ramblings of a mighty raconteur.

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Manalion - Dirty Roots     Reggae/Dub, Rock 02/03/2016
Between all three members comes a combination of musical influences from Soul to Roots, Funk to DnB, Gangsta Rap to Hardcore Punk and everything in between.
Out forth-coming single ‘Dirty Roots’ is no more than a feel good track, which embodies our sound and what we represent through story lining a house party. We like house parties (who doesn’t) and we like them roots you know. Dig.” - vocalist Duan & Only.

Queen of Darts - Can You Get Enough     Rock 02/03/2016
Queen of Darts are a four-piece alternative rock band from Adelaide, Australia. Our hard hitting, energetic and highly entertaining sound is delivered by two electric guitarists, bass, drums and vocals.
“Can You Get Enough?” is a song ultimately inspired by playing live. Queen of Darts originally wrote it as a set opener, with punchy riffs and a big chorus, but the song slowly developed into a great lead single.

Rustee - Complicated     Rock, Electronic 02/03/2016
Rustee’s music career has grown, his musical style has developed with him. There are no typical comparisons to his music but could best be described as rhythmic, electric and raw.
The song “Complicated” is the second single off his debut upcoming album A+E. Recorded at The Grove and produced by Rakz Mather from Signacion Music, “Complicated” is a sober reflection of love in the 21st Century.

The High Learys - Cabinet     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 02/03/2016
The High Learys are a four piece inspired rock band from Perth Western Australia. Forming in 2011 they have released multiple records and have two European Tours under their belt.
Cabinet explores the insecurities of a young mind. Someone who feels lost in their ways, but at the same time shares the burdens of adolescents with their other half.

Wolfie - New Horizons     Folk, Rock, World 02/03/2016
Wolfie is Lisa McNaughton, a Blue Mountains multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter. Her music can only be described as an eclectic smash up of roots, grunge, folk and african rhythms.
New Horizons, a song describing the struggle with self discovery and awareness in a world that is so disconnected with reality and the true meaning of being human. African Drummers playing traditional west African Rhythms add a great feel and spice to the song.

Elia Fell - Silent Sober     Rock 04/03/2016
NSW South Coast Modern Alternative Rock Band
The follow up single “Silent Sober” is a punchy, melodic track that focuses on the struggles of addiction and it's consequences.

Other tracks by Elia Fell:  Roads  -  Me & Mine
Nathan Flint - Sharbat Gula     Folk, Acoustic 04/03/2016
Nathan Flint is a solo Acoustic-Folk Singer/Songwriter. Nathan was born and grew up on the the South Coast of NSW in the coastal town of Wollongong.
Nathan Flint is looking forward to his second release off his debut album Stay Here, his new single “Sharbat Gula” is Nathan’s favourite track off the record. The title of the track takes inspiration from photographer and journalist Steve McCurry’s portrait called “The Afghan Girl”.

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Other tracks by Nathan Flint:  Wanted  -  Let's Take A Drive
Victor Steele - Gonna Be There     Pop, Soul, Rock 04/03/2016
Soulful rock music is probably the best way to describe it.
A song is an emotional photograph of you at a particular moment in time. Seize the moment. The truth flows better than any fiction (or lies) ever could, so write what's in your heart. I grew up singing rock music, so that's how my emotions come through.

Day of the Dead - Heartbreak Island     Rock, Rockabilly 14/03/2016
Day of the Dead is an instrumental 3 piece band formed in 2005. Taking the haunting tremolo sounds of vintage spy movies, and the twisted feel of spaghetti western soundtracks.
The latest release is Heartbreak Island EP. This release truly captures the band at their absolute best and is the most “epic” sound scape the band have produced to date. This release includes a title track written by Frichot and guest vocalist, West Coast Rockabilly legend, Caleb Merry.

Other tracks by Day of the Dead:  44 Deluxe  -  The Last Stand
Georgia Reed - Waiting For You To Run     Pop, Rock 14/03/2016
The alluring smoky vocals of Georgia Reed are at home on Perth’s stages delivering her fierce and brooding signature sound.
‘Waiting For You To Run’ tells the story of a relationships looming demise, two people denying the inevitable. It’s like they say, “When you say it out loud, it becomes real.” They are both waiting on each other to run.

Matt Neilsen - It Happens     Rock 14/03/2016
Matty the effervescent lad from Brisbane playing HappyRock/DirtyPop. A recent review described it Chuck Berry was jamming with 'Dirt' era Alice in chains.
The release of his first single “It Happens” from his debut LP The Devil I Know, is something to sit up and pay attention to. Matt has taken this opportunity to collaborate with a broad range of talented musicians, as he navigates the listener through uncharted waters.

Mellie - Reach Out For You     Pop, Rock 14/03/2016
Australian singer/songwriter is from Newcastle. Mellie is a former songwriter for Shock Records and The Saddle Club and she is also an honorary ambassador for Lifeline Hunter Central Coast. 
Reach Out for You is powerful and inspiring. It’s about finding light in darkness—knowing you're not alone in depression and reaching out to people and organisations who can help. Fifty percent of profits from the single are going to Lifeline Hunter Central Coast. 

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Oh White Mare - Outsiders     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 14/03/2016
Oh White Mare are a three-piece band from Perth, Western Australia who play beat-based garage rock with a psych edge.
Anchored by a driving kick drum throughout, the sparseness of the riff in the opening verse, transcends into the melodic vocal hooks of the chorus – before the true garage guitar fuzz hits you down the middle. Continuing to build, song’s crescendo peaks into a frantic lyric-spitting finale’.

Crystal Cities - Talking To Myself     Rock, Pop 18/03/2016
Crystal Cities is an empyrean vision, a glimpse into the future. Three piece band from Sydney deliver melodic phrases that land softly onto a driving backbone of drums and bass.
Delicate, refined guitar-pop that floats in space.

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LAMA - Wolf     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 28/03/2016
LAMA are the enigmatic 7-piece originating from Melbourne (AUS), whose unorthodox line-up dips its toe in the orchestral pool.
“Wolf started off as a political rant…now it’s just a rant” – Dave Adams (singer)

Tongue-in-cheek and candid, the song, well it struts. It showcases filthy guitar riffs, punchy horns and a ballsy vocal performance, with a cheeky Hammond organ solo that comes out of nowhere. Feet will be stomped.

Lamalo - Cablecars     Electronic, Pop 01/04/2016
Lamalo are an electronic/indie duo hailing from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
The piece showcases Lamalo’s sophisticated dance style with complex polyrhythms, spatial eerie sounds and a driving beat. “Cablecars” will appeal to fans of Australian bands Rüfüs and SAFIA with it’s spatial delays and chilled drops.

Other tracks by Lamalo:  Sunrise  -  Come Over
Rigasaurus - Swim     Rock 01/04/2016
Rigasaurus set out to create a fresh new sound of heavy, spaced rock ’n’ roll.
'Swim' showcases driving rhythms, huge guitars and distinct vocal melodies that twist and turn throughout an exciting and unique recording that sees the band drawing on its influences to create an original vision for their music.

Adrian J - Beautiful     Electronic, Pop 11/04/2016
Indie/Electronic Pop artist Adrian J is a 23 year old musician, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
“With the tracks soulful electronic elements, light percussion, and fusing R&B and Pop with that Indie feel….you have the perfect mix.” Adrian J