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Twin Ages - Outlaws     Rock, Blues 04/01/2016
Formed in Melbourne’s inner South East, Twin Ages is a blues rock band, playing new and original rock 'n' roll
Outlaws was inspired by the turbulent series of events from the beginning of the year. From Angus bringing a child into the world, Rob with the black dog and a loss of a great friend to suicide as we continued to tattoo a name for ourselves gig after gig.

CJ Hooper - Life Feels Good     Folk, Pop 06/01/2016
Indie-folk singer songwriter, CJ Hooper is a multi-instrumentalist looking to release his emotive and catchy music throughout Australia.
Life Feels Good is a foot stomping, feel good indie folk song with catchy laid back acoustic melody and sweet choral harmonies. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano accordion and smooth vocals, it’s the second independent release from Australian independent singer-songwriter CJ Hooper.

Southern End - Lost Girl     Rock 06/01/2016
Newcastle band Southern End take an atmospheric pop approach to blues.
“We had heaps of originals to go in with, but after we finished it at rehearsal we all knew it was the right song to use” says Southern End.

The finished product was a track that took an atmospheric pop approach to blues.

Vander - Shine     Rock 06/01/2016
William Vandermade is a solo musician from Sydney who works under the name, Vander. He merges catchy melodies, retro guitars and modern dance elements to create unique contemporary sound.
A followup single to previous release, 'Back to the Sun', Vander wanted to recreate a stadium-sized sound synonymous to that of 80’s stadium bands like U2 and Simple Minds. 'Shine' is a pulsing track with a huge, vibrant chorus

Figures - Filter     Rock 18/01/2016
Figures is a 5 piece Heavy Melodic Rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
‘Filter’ is a heavy melodic-rock song about a sort of mass neglect that the first world current generation has on much larger, potentially dangerous issues.

Opia - Still Standing     Rock 18/01/2016
Opia are writing music to move mountains. Sonically and philosophically. Rich tones and multi-dimensional songs - intelligent writing. EON is an impressive monument to what the band can accomplish.
Progressive rock trio Opia are a rare treat - a band that keeps on evolving.

Rich tones and multi-dimensional songs, intelligent writing. Beautifully woven together and presented with such attention to detail, pushing the boundaries of alternative rock music. With two epic songs now released, EON can't come soon enough!

Other tracks by Opia:  One By One  -  Undone
Peoples Palace - Runaways     Rock, Punk, Pop 18/01/2016
Peoples Palace music has been called “melodic” with the boys endlessly examining their feelings as inspiration towards creating tracks that can resonate with fans.
The latest single from Peoples Palace is Runaways. An Indie Rock track with a funk vibe, which really draws you in from the get go.
A mellow, catchy verse to a powerhouse chorus with a Fall Out Boy vibe.

The Attics - Not Like     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 18/01/2016
The Attics create dance ready psych-pop; a clash of melody and club sensibility. Jangly guitars, addictive bass hooks and programmed electronica beats come together in a fresh representation of pop.
An introspective, quirky and sarcastic exploration of what a hometown means to you and how it can shape you. The beat is minimal and the choruses show careful restraint before the song dips into a twisted psych-dance breakdown. “Not Like” is pop music standing on the sidelines of a dancefloor.

Tinted Sun - Only One     Rock 22/01/2016
Tinted Sun perform a mixture of indie-punk rock with influences by greats such as Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Bon Jovi and Paramore.
“Only One” showcases the maturity of this young band, not only in the music, but the subject as well. The song explores the post-traumatic stress associated with major life changes and upheaval. The military beating of the drum provides a background for the rock guitar and lyrics.

Crossroad Y - Comfort Me     Pop, Rock 28/01/2016
Crossroad Y are Sydney based band. Their sound is middle-of-the-road pop, folk and soft rock. They captivate audiences with catchy melodies and lyrics that spark emotion and promote reflection.
Comfort Me is a thought provoking song that’s about a couple in a long-distance relationship with shared feelings of insecurity, uncertainty and an ever growing long for reunion. It is a story of ups and downs so true of many if not all relationships.

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Other tracks by Crossroad Y:  Isolated  -  Shout It Out
Reuben Gore - Live Your Life     Rock, Britpop, Pop 02/02/2016
Adelaide Hills artist Reuben Gore produces beat oriented alt-pop music filled with dark edgy hooks.
Live Your Life explores the theme of narcissism and the thriving ambition to do whatever it takes to appear better than others, as well as the inability to live in and enjoy the present due to obsessing over the future.

Chambers - Yeagin Shone     Rock, Psychedelic 03/02/2016
Hailing from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Chambers are a 4-piece indie psych-pop band that have been slowly but steadily making their presence felt.
‘Yeagin Shone’ (Yee-gin) is the new single from the Melbourne quartet, Chambers. It oozes with big hooks and harmonies, summery chords, dancey drum grooves and explodes out of the speakers towards the end with a Hendrix inspired guitar solo.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Harry Marshall - Epilogue     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 03/02/2016
Harry Marshall is an Australian songwriter, recently relocated to France. The last year has seen Harry solidify his sound to a fascination in 80’s styled synths and electric guitar.
‘Epilogue’ encapsulates being at the end of whatever it is you have with someone, still loving them but no longer being able to. The small period of time when it’s not completely over but is coming to an end.

Em George - The Grind     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 10/02/2016
Em George is a Sydney based alternative folk, singer-songwriter with an introspective, thought-provoking style, influenced by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen.
“The Grind” is a song which explores the moment you realise who you are and what you want despite the world’s ambivalence towards the individual. With a stripped back and raw production, it features raw vocals which were recorded in one take and resonating, wistful lyrics.

The Plaidians - Lights Out     Rock 12/02/2016
Melbourne-based songwriters Gary Thackrah and Justin Penkethman have arrived in the form of The Plaidians. "Lights Out for the Boy" is their debut album.
Initially sweet and engaging, “Lights Out” takes you down a melodic path that switches to a dark and pulsing groove with an eerie, infectious chant. It tells the story of a mother who medicates her over-active son; reflecting on the guilt, selfishness and the effects of psychotropic drugs on children.

Other tracks by The Plaidians:  Intoxicate  -  The Contender
KIT - How Hard     Funk/Soul, Pop, Rock 13/02/2016
KIT is a mixture of Adele and Aretha Franklin in a soul infused fire of honest pop.
“How Hard” being released this February via Marshmallow Pavement Records is a R&B-infused, pulsing track, characterised by the undeniable strength of Kate Watt’s vocals. Finding inspiration to create the song through retelling the experiences of those closest to her, Kate found catharsis of her own.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Hayden Buchanan - Lovers in the Midnight     Pop, Easy Listening, Jazz 15/02/2016
Hayden Buchanan is a Sydney based Jazz-Pop Singer/Songwriter. His works are a cocktail of classic jazz and RnB stylings brought to life through his use of Modern music production techniques.
“Lovers in the Moonlight” tells the story of two people who are in the early stages of dating and how people can be drawn to each other and the small details that you can find in new love.

Herman The African - Jessica     Rock, Pop, Electronic 15/02/2016
Indie lo-fi artist Herman The African provides catchy ditties with a self-coined ‘mellow-wave’ sound.
A near miss at summer love, a girl who looks like Jessica Alba, and three years difference in birth-years, those were the ingredients that inspired the song Jessica. Jessica was recorded by Martin Koleczko in a university studio at the Australian National University.

Jake Berry - Spinning Top     Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Jazz 15/02/2016
Jake Berry is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Sydney’s North. His style of songwriting mixes ornate electronic and acoustic arrangements with dulcet vocals and intricate folk guitar.
On March 11th Jake Berry will release his new single titled ‘Spinning Top’. This blissful track brings a new tone of sophistication to indie-folk, with a cross-pollination of intricate folk and indie-jazz. Inspired by working in the city, and written in summer, ‘Spinning Top’ is a delicate and colorful hit.

19-Twenty - Sailor Jerry     Folk, Rock 02/03/2016
19-Twenty are an infectious riff and groove based blue-billy-grass-rockin'-roots band. 
Imagine walking into a bar a little bit cut and a little bent sideways. You look to the stage, lights are turned down, amps cranked up. You hear one part Gary Clark Jr., one part Black Keys, and a whole lot of drunken sailor. This is what the latest single “Sailor Jerry” conjures.