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Sally King - I Feel Like A Fool     Blues/Roots 14/02/2012
Singer/songwriter Sally King is a respected vocalist and musician renowned for her soulful vocals, strong compositions and stirring stage performances.
“I Feel like a Fool” delivers a message that the grass is not always greener, laid down with a foot stomping beat and catchy lyrics. It features Sally’s raunchy big mama vocals, stirring blues guitar licks and a hot live band sound provided by some of Australia’s best musicians.

Broken Royale - The Swallow     Electronic, Rock, Grunge, Garage 06/03/2012
Broken Royal create a unique sound which they loosely describe as 'electro garage rock with a twist of saw tooth'.
Their debut single 'The Swallow' features an explosion chorus of electro rock regression. The track was written and recorded DIY style in house lounge rooms and kitchens to the final destination of 'Club Garage'.

The Ruminaters - Timmy     Rock, Garage 06/03/2012
The Ruminaters are a collaborative four piece that play "beatnik, barnyard, hillbilly swamp rock". With varied influences from The White Stripes and Modest mouse to The Strokes and the Libertines,.
Timmy tells the tale of a misunderstood character who is chased out of town due to his necrophilic actions.

Edens March - Stay     Pop, Rock 13/03/2012
Edens March is a four-piece alternative rock band. Lead by a Zimbabwean born front man the band has come together to produce a vast, upbeat indie-pop-rock.
The new single 'Stay' is a slice of retro Indie pop with 60's overtones and a touch of Modern Simplicity.

Harts - Back To The Shore     Electronic, Rock 13/03/2012
Harts music bridges the gaps between Indie rock, Soul and electronica forging himself a genre of his own.
The track, “Back to the Shore” is an energetic Indie Rock track with elements of Dance and Funk. From the extremely catchy opening guitar hook through the soulful pads, pounding drums and exploding choruses, the track is bound to kick you into party mode.

Nieko - Changeling     Rock, Electronic, Roots, Experimental 17/04/2012
Lending moods of alt country and melodic folk with the darker undertones of indie rock, Nieko plays a unique brand of music that trembles with emotion.
Changeling is a song about falling in love when you least expect it. It is about how love can transform you”
With it's grinding synth bass and space delays, Changeling has a rich sonic pallet. A dense indie pop aesthetic.

Bell Weather Department - Asterisk     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 23/04/2012
Sydney indie rock/psych pop group. Catchy yet intellectual.
A pulsating, catchy indie rock track with a progressive, driving beat

Cuervo - Inertia     Rock 30/04/2012
4-piece alternative rock band
Cuervo’s debut single ‘Inertia’ is all about frenetic riffs and drum beats coupled with angst-ridden vocals.

Lanrae - Dancer     Electronic, Pop 01/05/2012
Lanrae - a new name and a fresh beginning. The singer songwriter Lanrae grew up around Bondi, and ran away from Sydney as soon she finished school!
Dancer is about moving beyond the thoughts we have about ourselves that keep us from being as amazing and complete and fabulous as we can be. It was borne from the end of a time when the artist was battling with depression.

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Viorre - Weekends     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 18/05/2012
Sitting comfortably between Post Brit-Pop & Electronica, Viorre blend powerful vocal melodies and layered guitars with ambient piano & synths.
Weekends is the first official single release from Viorre. Written earlier on, Weekends has proven itself to be the core to the duo’s sound and direction. Weekends represents boundless youth and young love, capturing the many moments of being young, free and in love.

Vulpes Vulpes - Mirrorvine     Rock, Punk, Britpop 12/06/2012
A solid fix of punchy British post-punk/indie, with an arid American dirty rock and roll.
Vulpes Vulpes have wrapped up their live show energy, punchy rhythms and gritty guitar riffs into one explosive package. The vocals haul the listener into a new psychological landscape for a shaky emotional trip and a good kick in the head. 'Mirrorvine' marks the stamping down of Vulpes Vulpes'.

Battleships - Your Words     Rock, Britpop, Atmospheric, Experimental 15/06/2012
Battleships’ music tips its hat to the differing influences of the band’s individual members, blending indie rock sensibilities with the aesthetics of Post-Britpop, to create a sound entirely their own.
Battleships' new single 'Your Words' delivers with evocative melodies and captivating instrumental arrangements. Having being dubbed “intelligent indie”, Battleships doesn't disappoint with 'Your Words'.

Sexy On Fridays - Come Undone     Electronic, Pop 03/07/2012
Come Undone is a song about growing up and realising you can’t hide behind partying forever. Once you take away the excesses, you’re left with yourself, and that’s actually OK.
Sexy on Fridays are a three-piece indie electro band based in Sydney. Their first album, entitled “Everything is Normal”, will be released in August. Come Undone is their second single.

Lenox - Over Rated     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 03/07/2012
Lenox bring individual influences together to deliver a unique style of Blues Psych Rock. They've captured hearts and imaginations with their fun, charismatic and energetic live shows.
Over Rated has a spooky and ambient intro with smooth vocals that ease into what is quickly becoming their trademark sound of thick base lines airy guitars and progressive drum beats.

Craig Freeman - Hookers And Thieves     Rock, Roots 03/07/2012
‘Hookers and Thieves’ a pretty dark, emotional song that tells the story of someone struggling to stay on the straight and narrow and not give into the temptations around them.
‘Hookers and Thieves’ pretty dark, emotional song that tells the story of someone struggling to stay on the straight and narrow and not give into the temptations around them. We really tried to build that emotion through the music and create the feeling of a real release at the choruses.

The Jones Rival - Mind Of A Dreamer     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 30/07/2012
The Jones Rival will transport you to well known place, a place of warped, distorted tranquillity. It’s a place you feel you have been before, but with all new surroundings.
“Recorded at our drummer Shaun’s studio in Petersham, mind of a dreamer is almost neurotic and spooky at times. It will take you through the rise and fall of a fragmented mind ensnaring you into what is The Jones Rival.

The Nectars - Do You Want Me To Possess You     Pop, Punk 01/08/2012
The Nectars are a Jangle Punk Collective, renowned in the Sydney music scene for their tight, aggressive, catchy tunes and energetic, frenetic Live shows.
‘Do You Want Me To Possess You’ is a riff heavy tune, with catchy counter melodies, driving bass lines and assertive drums. On closer enquiry one can recognise the notions of control being mused over and asserted through the descriptive and evocative lyrics…

Jep and Dep - The Fall of the Leaves Never Cease     Folk, Alternative Country 14/08/2012
Hailing from what is left of the audacious inner west of Sydney ,areJep and Dep , echoing a 60's inspired folk/country sound set against a neu folk feel attitude.
The Fall of The Leaves Never Cease has a very vintage cinematic feel to it, almost a Hazlewood/Sinatra meets Cash and Cohen struggle about it, but the story set in the present day… the soaring sadness of the cellos, the country style sound of the acoustic guitar.

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Dead Heads - When I'm Dead     Rock, Garage, Punk 14/08/2012
The Dead Heads are a mid-fi band from the southern Highlands. They play an eclectic mix of 60’s hippie flip to 90’s scrungy grungy pop grunge, quite loud at gigs.
When I’m Dead is an upbeat spaced out pop rock grunge song. It was recorded in a bedroom, with nothing but the dead heads lacklustre recording know-how and enthusiasm. It’s an experimental raw song that with killer melody, guitar riffs and minimal drums.

Caper - Freedom Writer     Hip Hop 23/08/2012
Up & coming Hip Hop artist Caper’s new single titled ‘Freedom Writer’. Caper has been nominated for ‘Most promising Talent in Music ‘award at the ‘2012 Deadly Awards’
Freedom Writer is a soulful and catchy introduction to Caper’s style and lyrical intentions. Caper writes poetry to free himself of pain, Freedom Writer encapsulates the process Caper goes through when writing and creating music. It is delivered in an aggressive, razor sharp pace.